Which Bottled Water Come From TAP WATER?

Bottled Water: Which One Comes From Tap Water?

The list below includes the biggest bottled water brands and let’s you know which one comes from tap water:


The Aquafina Drinking Water originally comes from tap water but actually tastes really pure and refreshing. Their water goes through the reverse osmosis (RO) process as well as a combination of other purification and filtering methods. It removes traces of chlorine and all the trace compounds such as nitrates, sulphates, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese and so on.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red CrossMost likely, YES.

Red Cross

Original water source is sometimes from PWS (Public Water Sources) aka the same source as tap water.

The Good

Green Plus Arrow Reverse osmosis (RO) process and combination of various purification and filtering methods.

Green Plus ArrowRemoves traces of chlorine,  sulphates, calcium, magnesium, sodium, nitrates, iron, manganese and so on.

Green Plus ArrowTastes pure and refreshing, encourages you to drink more and stay hydrated.

The main sources of water for the Aquafina Drinking Water are the various public water sources (i.e. tap water). This water is then taken through a process of purification. The process involves methods such as reverse osmosis (RO) along with a combination of other purification as well as filtering methods. The various purification steps help to remove all traces of contaminants and impurities. In addition, they also remove traces of chlorine that is responsible for giving the distinct strong taste and smell to tap water.

Along with chlorine, these steps also help to remove any substances or salts that could alter the taste or the purity of the water. Their water purification system is designed in such a way that it will remove all the trace compounds. Such as manganese, nitrates, magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulphates, iron and so on.

Even though a small amount of these compounds may be beneficial for your health, the amount present in drinking water does not make any difference. And hence bottled water brands aim to remove them completely.


Dasani is a brand of mineral water launched in 1999. It comes from Coca Cola, which has launched several bottled water brands over the years. The Dasani brand of bottled water uses tap water that has been filtered through various filtering techniques. It comes mainly from local sources and contains traces of minerals.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

Most likely, YES.

Red Cross

Originally from PWS – the same public water sources used for tap water.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowBased on reverse osmosis (RO) technology, which removes contaminants and impurities.

Green Plus ArrowBottles made of 30% vegetable materials.

Green Plus ArrowAdditional minerals for various health benefits.

Green Plus ArrowThe regular tasting water will be delicious and crunchy.

Green Plus Arrow100% recyclable bottles reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Green Plus ArrowBPA free.

Dasani Water Review

Dasani water uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology to remove impurities and contaminants that may occur in normal drinking water. RO technology helps transform normal-tasting water into delicious, crunchy water. The taste you will get will be unbeatable and will encourage you to drink more water to hydrate and keep fit. Special minerals are added to the water, which not only improve the flavor but also provide various health benefits.

One of the best features of the Dasani bottle from Dasani is that it is 100 percent recyclable, resulting in less waste and reduced CO2 emissions. Almost 30% of the materials used in the production of Dasani pure water bottles consist exclusively of plants. These bottles are also free of BPA, which means it will not mix toxic ingredients into the water.


The Essentia Ionized Alkaline 9.5 pH Bottled Water gives you purified drinking water that is super charged with various ions. This is what makes it better at keeping you hydrated.

As compared to drinking other purified bottled water. It removes the acidic ions from the water, which helps to take away the bitter taste that water often has.

This unique ionization process of Essentia helps to increase the pH level of the water to 9.5, making it highly alkaline. Their bottles are completely recyclable and do not contain any BPA, chlorine, chromium or fluoride. This means that there is no risk of toxic chemicals seeping into your drinking water even as they are stored in the bottle.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

NO – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowWater is super charged with various ions.

Green Plus ArrowHigher pH level of 9.5.

Green Plus ArrowRemoves acidic ions from the water and this helps remove the bitter taste.

Green Plus ArrowRecyclable bottles that do not contain any BPA, chlorine, fluoride or chromium.

Green Plus ArrowThe taste of alkaline water can take some getting used to for some people but it tastes delicious for most.

One of the main aims of the brand Essentia is to use water from any source and turn it into pure and filtered drinking water. Essentia uses a proprietary ionization method that helps to create alkaline water that is super charged with ions. Many people consider this water better than other types of water for drinking purposes. Essentia also add trace amounts of electrolytes to the water once it is purified. This not only enhances the taste and makes it taste more crisp and pure, but is also good for the natural mix of electrolytes required in the body.

As with all bottled water brands, Essentia claim to want to encourage people to drink more water, stay hydrated and be healthy, so that you can achieve more from life.


Kirkland Signature purified drinking water uses a combination of different cleaning techniques, such as reverse osmosis (RO) technology, ionization and even advanced filtration. This helps eliminate impurities that may be present in drinking water.

All these cleaning processes give your normal drinking water a delicious and crunchy taste. You will want to feel the difference with each sip and you want to drink more. It will also help you stay fit and improve your overall health. Purified drinking water comes with special minerals that can offer you various health benefits.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowIt uses a combination of cleaning processes such as reverse osmosis (RO) technology, ionization and advanced filtration.

Green Plus ArrowGives regular drinking water a delicious and crunchy taste.

Green Plus ArrowSpecial aggregate minerals provide various health benefits.

Green Plus ArrowEliminates all impurities.

Kirkland Signature is the private brand of the Costco brand from 1992. It is available on the official website of Costco and its warehouses and is a registered trademark of the company. Kirkland’s name dates back to the original headquarters of Costco’s corporate headquarters from 1987 to 1996, when the company’s headquarters were in Kirkland, Washington.


The cleaning and filtering process of LIFEWTR adds electrolytes to the water. This helps the pH of the water to be more neutral and stay in the range of 6.4 and 7.4.

It also helps to improve the taste of the water and make it tastier. It has a “best taste date” on its label that comes direct from the company.

This is done to help consumers get the best taste of the water when it is most refreshing. LIFEWTR bottles are 100% recyclable. The water is purified to such an extent that there are no traces of minerals.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowIncludes electrolytes to make the pH of the water more neutral, improve the flavor and makes it clearer.

Green Plus ArrowIt comes with a “best taste date” on its label to help you know when the water is at its most refreshing.

Green Plus Arrow100% recyclable bottles.

The LIFEWTR brand comes from PepsiCo and is more premium than some of the other bottled water brands on this list. It is high quality water that is in balance with electrolytes for flavor.

This drinking water has a balanced pH and electrolytes are added to give it a refreshing taste like no other drinking water.

To ensure that you can enjoy the water when it has its best and most refreshing flavor, the label indicates a “best taste date”. This date comes directly from the brand (not supermarket or retailer). It helps ensure that you can still consume the water with its most refreshing flavor intact.

The brand, in collaboration with several artists launches design bottles as part of its art series. This is in the hope of encouraging and inspiring more people to try these unusual looking water bottles and a successful marketing ploy.


Niagara drinking water is of very high quality. The water undergoes a very rigorous test procedure where it is subjected to different levels of purification.

Even the smallest microorganisms are taken out from drinking water before you can drink it. The bottles are 100% recyclable and you can use and re-use them for a long time to avoid waste. In addition, its water comes with a very fresh and clean taste. T

his is responsible for making it among the most popular bottled water brands in families over generations. This is a great way to drink more water, and it is good for maintaining overall health.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowHigh quality and light to carry water bottles.

Green Plus ArrowRigorous tests of reverse osmosis (RO), micron filtration and ionizer technologies.

Green Plus ArrowIts extensive filtering process eliminates the smallest microorganisms.

Green Plus ArrowThe bottles are 100% recyclable and help reduce waste.

Niagara drinking water comes from the eponymous brand – Niagara. The brand developed Niagara Water in 1963 to provide consumers with high quality drinking water at a low and affordable cost.

In Niagara, water must undergo several stages of purification tests, such as reverse osmosis (RO), micron filtration and ionizer technologies. These steps help eliminate even the smallest impurities and microorganisms in the water which could affect the quality. It is also responsible for obtaining water that has a crispy and delicious flavor. The water is subjected to automated digital inspection and regular third party and FDA audits to ensure the standards are at the highest level.

The brand believes in the constant hard work of providing consumers with the purest form of drinking water at affordable prices.

Nursery Water

This is for people who don’t want any trace of fluoride in their water. Nursery Water is designed to meet the needs of small babies, but anyone can drink it. The water passes through a triple purification system that includes filtrationdistillation and ionization.

It can be used in different ways for babies. You can easily add it to the formula of the baby or dilute juice. You can also add it to baby food. As the water goes through several filtering stages, babies can drink this water immediately after the first six months.

The delicious taste of the purified water will encourage babies to drink more and keep the digestive system healthy, along with health benefits in general.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowTriple purification system for filtration, distillation and ionization.

Green Plus ArrowIt can be added to baby formula or to dilute juices and baby foods.

Green Plus ArrowBabies older than six months can drink this water safely.

Nursery Water (1948) is from the DS Services of America brand. The Nursery brand is to address the concerns from then director of the Chicago Department of Health, Dr. Herman Bundesen.

The concern about the quality of municipal drinking water used to mix baby food. The brand uses methods such as steam distillation to eliminate any form of water contaminants. With Nursery, the brand targets the health and well-being of babies.

Cleaning and filling techniques:

The nursery water goes through a triple purification system that includes filtration, distillation and ionization. They are the only national brand of purified water that is distilled to eliminate traces of impurities.

After the filtration and steam distillation process, the recommended amount of fluoride is added to the purified water. This helps eliminate any remaining bacteria in the water. In addition, the amount of added fluoride is sized to meet the daily requirements of a baby. Nursery purified water takes sufficient care to ensure that all its procedures follow the highest standards of safety and quality. It strives to deliver the safest purified baby water for you to give to your baby without worry.


Penta Ultra bottled water goes through a patented cleaning process that consists of 13 strict steps.

These help eliminate all traces of impurities from the water and give you pure drinking water that is almost 100 times cleaner than any other bottled water.

The rigorous cleaning process helps eliminate all traces of chloride, BPA, arsenic, pesticides, lead, fluoride and other impurities.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowGoes through a patented filtering process of 13 stages.

Green Plus ArrowLess than 1 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS).

Green Plus ArrowAlmost 100 times more pure than any other bottle water.

Green Plus ArrowEliminates all traces of arsenic, chloride, lead, pesticides and other impurities.

Green Plus ArrowIt does not use chemicals to change the pH.

Green Plus ArrowThe bottles do not contain BPA, fluoride, BPS or paint and are 100% recyclable.

Penta Water is a brand of bottled water from United Beverage in 1999. The brand claims to produce Penta Water through a patented filteration process.

It is currently available in several natural food stores, as well as in normal retail stores. Penta Water is by Bill Holloway. In 1996, he conducted several experiments with water to purify it with the help of the energy generated by cavitation. Bill suffers from fibromyalgia, but claims that drinking this water makes him feel better.

It comes with additional oxygen. The claim is that this helps make the water clearer, cleaner and more refreshing than any other bottled water brands.

Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life water undergoes a 12-step quality process. It does not contain flavors or artificial colors, and its fresh taste is due to the rigorous standards of quality control.

The water does not contain sweeteners or calories. After the initial quality process, a special mixture of minerals is added to the water so that its flavor is even better.

This is also good for your overall health, as it helps to balance the mineral requirements of your body.

Is It From Tap Water?

Red Cross

No – very unlikely.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowQuality process of 12 step filtration including distillation and reverse osmosis (RO).

Green Plus ArrowNo sweeteners or calories.

Green Plus ArrowNo flavors or artificial colors.

Green Plus ArrowAdditional minerals to improve the taste of water.

Green Plus ArrowMicrofiltration process to eliminate the smallest amount of microorganisms.

Green Plus ArrowUse of UV light disinfection and ionizer disinfection techniques.

Nestle Pure Life water is from Nestlé Waters North America brand. Whereas previously it was sold under a different name and produced by another brand, it became Nestle Pure Life in 2002.

Water for Nestlé Pure Life comes from several urban sources, springs and wells. This water arrives at the Nestlé plant through special stainless steel pipes.

The goal of the Nestlé brand is to prioritize hydration for families, which contributes to improving overall health.

What Is Purified Bottled Water?

Nowadays, bottle water is one of the largest segments of the bottled drinking water market. One of the main reasons for this is that it is the purest form of drinking water you can get.

Here are some facts about bottled drinking water that will help you understand more.

There are strict standards to legally comply with this definition.

When a brand identifies a drinking water product as “purified”, it must meet certain very strict standards that meet a specific legal definition. In order for water to be legally labeled as “pure”, all traces of water impurities must be completely eliminated or reduced in such a way that the few remaining traces do not in any way affect the health of the consumer.

Significant purity.

Drinking water that is labeled “purified” must have a high degree of purity.

Purified is not the same as filtered water.

Many people confuse purified water with filtered water. Although both types of water are filtered and cleaner than other types of water, they are different.

Multiple stages of cleaning and filtration processes.

Purified drinking water goes through a much higher process of purification and filtration. In addition, it undergoes several processes such as reverse osmosis (RO), distillation, carbon filtration and even deionization.

It can be taken from any source.

The purified water can originally come from any source. But it is the final filtering and purification process that makes it pure.

Because the steps are so rigorous throughout the cleaning process, the original source of water has very little effect on health benefits, hazards, taste or other factors.

However, it remains important, regardless of where the original water comes from, to comply with EPA standards, which are established as a minimum directive for drinking water.

Rigorous cleaning process.

Bottle mineral water can come from any source and still give you the purest, cleanest and freshest water. But this is not the case with distilled water, spring water or even filtered or tap water.

Minerals are sometimes re-added.

This is because the many filtration steps sometimes completely eliminates any minerals in the water. This means that your drinking water may lack the minerals necessary for your overall health.

However, in the case of bottle drinking water, these essential minerals are added back to the water. Providing clean, clear and healthy water that is good for the body and good taste.

5 Why Is Bottled Water So Popular

While opening a bottle of water and drinking may seem like a natural thing, here are the top 5 reasons why most people prefer to drink bottled water instead of ordinary tap water.

Green Plus Arrow1. Bottled Water Is Available Everywhere

With the great popularity and demand for bottled water, retailers, both online and in traditional stores, have a large supply of it. Purified mineral water is available everywhere.

This means that even if you are only used to a particular brand, you can get it easily while traveling. Even if you can not find it in a store, you can always order it online.

The easy availability of purified drinking water means that you can now travel easily and carry all the other important things you need, instead of carrying extra load of drinking water.

The best part is that you have a great list of bottled water brands to choose from, and you’ll be sure to find something no matter where you are.

Green Plus Arrow2. People Can Tell The Difference Between Tap And Bottled Water

Tap water can contain many minerals that give the water a different flavor. Although it does not necessarily mean that the water is not clean or has impurities, the taste may not be as pleasant or attractive. In some areas, fluoride is added regularly to tap water for a variety of reasons. This can also give the water a distinctive and very strong smell and taste.

Bottle water definitely tastes much better than ordinary tap water. After extensive filtration processes, the water has a very clean taste and, in some cases, even sweet.

In most cases, all traces of minerals are removed from the water, and then some are added again. This elimination of all minerals and the re-addition of necessary nutrients helps to give bottled water a sense of freshness. This also helps to improve the taste significantly, especially when compared to normal tap water.

Green Plus Arrow3. Bottled Water Seems Safer Than Tap Water

One of the most common reasons for drinking purified bottled water is that it is safer to drink than tap water. In many areas, drinking water from the tap is considered to be absolutely safe and the authorities certify that it is safe and hygienic.

However, this does not apply to all places.

Drinking mineral water means you are convinced of the quality. While you maybe sure of the quality of the tap water in your home, you have no way to verify the safety standards of a place you visit. In such a scenario, it is better to avoid tap water and drink bottled water.

Green Plus Arrow4. Bottled Water Has The Right Water Mineral Levels

While a high mineral content can make your drinking water taste or smell different, it is actually good to have some minerals. In some cases, the cleaning process first removes all minerals from the water to ensure there are no contaminants or hazardous materials. Once this is done, the essential minerals are added back in the required amount. This can help give the water its refreshing and crunchy taste.

In most cases, the pH of the water is 7.

Water that has a pH of less than 7 is considered acidic, while water that has a higher pH is considered standard. For an ideal consumption, the pH of the water should be between 6 and 8.5. Drinking water at high pH can help alleviate acid reflux problems. This is because higher pH levels in the water can kill an enzyme called pepsin. This is the enzyme that helps break down proteins in your diet, and that is why you may suffer from acid reflux.

Green Plus Arrow5. Bottled Water Is Safe For Babies To Drink

When traveling with babies or children, you should always make sure to give them only the purest and safest form of water. In the case of small babies, you may also need water to help prepare the formula or add to some baby food. Babies have very sensitive digestive systems and their immune system is not fully developed. This makes them susceptible to various infections and health conditions. And a very common infection is a waterborne infection.

While the tap water you receive may be suitable for drinking, the bottle drinking water will completely guarantee the quality and taste of the water for your baby. Because it is a sealed bottle, you can be sure it has not been tampered with.

In addition, the label of the bottle will have different types of information on quality, cleaning process, BPA-free, etc. All this will help you choose the best, safest and most refreshing drinking water for your baby or child.

Is Purified Bottled Water Really Safe And Pure?

There are lots of concerns about whether bottled water brands can be trusted to provide you with safe water. This is especially the case given recent scandals with companies selling tap water. For instance, Aquafina recently admitted that their bottled water is filtered tap water. Drinking bottle mineral water has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some potential issues to look out for:

1. Bottled water may or may not contain fluoride.

Some bottled water brands eliminate all traces of fluoride while others can add or leave traces of fluoride. Fluoride is considered good for your oral health when taken in small amounts. But even if it is completely eliminated from drinking water, that’s fine, since the amount present in drinking water does not make a big difference.

If the brand re-adds some fluoride to drinking water, it will only do so after checking the recommended amount of fluoride that should be in the water.

That said, whether you have fluoride in the water or not, it does not have a negative impact on your health.

2. Bottled Water Meets Water Quality Standards.

The law requires that bottled water brands comply with several regulations that meet safety and hygiene standards. This is not just a marketing or commercial requirement, but a legal requirement for bottled water brands that want to be promoted as “purified” bottled water.

According to the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, several standards have been established for bottle water developed by the EPA. Only if a brand meets all these standards, water is considered safe for human consumption. The water brand must follow all rules and guidelines set forth in the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for processing and bottling drinking water as “purified” bottled drinking water.

3. Avoid Water Leaks In Bottles.

Although not very common, there have been cases of outbreaks of water contamination in the past. Therefore, all manufacturers are careful to avoid them and take certain measures that guarantee the safety and hygiene standards of their drinking water. Some of the measures taken by bottled water brands include the following:

  • Make sure the water passes through the right channel from the source to the plant.
  • Keep it protected from additional contaminants and treat it in all steps before it enters the bottling phase.
  • Ensure that the manufacturing process complies with all safety and hygiene standards.
  • Keep the bottle safe and protected during the filling process and during the shipping and storage stages.
  • Ensure there is no chance for contamination even if the bottle is already at its destination (either at the store or at the consumer).
  • Also make sure that the bottle contains a reference to the date when the water is consumed best. Many brands have a “best taste date”, which refers to the date when the water tastes most delicious and purest.

6 Health Benefits Drinking Water.

Even though you already know that drinking purified bottled water is good for you, here are some more reasons why you should choose it:

Green Plus ArrowGood for those with a weak immune system. If you ever had weak immunity, it is important to make sure that the water you drink is of the purest quality.

Cryptosporidium is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in healthy people. But in people with weakened immune systems, this can cause serious health problems and, in some cases, even death.

Bottle water goes through a series of cleaning and filtering processes that help eliminate all traces of this particular parasite. When you buy your bottle, read the label to look for terms such as distillation, reverse osmosis (RO) and filtration with an absolute filter of 1 micron.

Green Plus ArrowIt contains essential minerals. Bottle water contains the essential minerals that your body needs to maintain its general health.

Green Plus ArrowWhile some minerals are removed during the cleaning process, those that are important are added back.

Green Plus ArrowDrinking water helps your kidney function properly and filter out toxins.

Green Plus ArrowEliminates toxins. When you drink water that tastes good, it not only keeps you hydrated, but also helps eliminate toxins from your body.

Green Plus ArrowThis helps your cells eliminate and remove waste in your body. It also helps the body obtain the necessary nutrients.

Bottled Water Sales 2017 (in million U.S. dollars)

Ignore all the reports claiming the bottled water industry, which once flourished, has lost its edge. Not to mention the current negative ecological reaction against plastic bottles.

It seems that the practice of buying a bottle of water is still very popular. Whether for fashion or health reasons it’s as popular as ever. In fact, “aquanomia” (i.e. being a  water connoisseur) seems to be a growing trend.

Bottled Water Sales

Image © Statista 2018

The Most Popular Bottled Water Brands That Come From The Tap Water?

Mr Water Geek Thinking

Red Cross1. Dasani

Red Cross2. Aquafina 

Although it is important to note that it does not matter where the water comes from so long as it is properly treated.

mrwatergeek winner badgeAlso, remember that some of the other bottled water brands on this list may also come from PWS (Public Water Sources) aka the same source as tap water but I could not find hard evidence to confirm this when compiling this report.

With hundreds of bottled brands on the market, each claiming to be the purest, it is difficult to distinguish one shiny bottle from the next.

However, I have taken a lot of time to look at the merits behind the most popular brands of bottled H2O.

This extensive analysis should help you make an informed choice when you’re next deciding between bottled water brands.

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