I have been you.

Trying to find a good quality water treatment solution but finding it challenging.

So many product choices, without unbiased information helping me choose the best fit for my needs. Also, what should my needs be? Do I really need to care about my water?

Screenshot of me presenting the first ‘smart’ undersink ultra-filtration system launched in North America at CES 2020 – the Kohler Aquifer Refine. I was very proud :-).

My name is Shashank Varma and I’m a mechanical engineer who learned just how unsafe our water is and just how little I knew about it when two major life decisions crossed my path nearly simultaneously.

In the summer of 2017, my wife and I decided to try to start a family. At the same time, I had been selected by my multinational employer Kohler Co. to start a brand new business around water filtration.

Our decision to grow our family had motivated me to improve our health habits and provide the best nutrition for my wife. While I was initially focused on healthy food and healthy drinks, once I started discussing water quality for my job with water regulatory bodies like the NSF, EPA, IAPMO, and the WQA, manufacturers, universities and startups working on water quality solutions to detect and treat contaminants, it didn’t take long to learn the following:

– Water Treatment Municipalities responsible for our drinking water supply mostly only focus on treating bacteria and viruses.
– Some municipals do treat for pharmaceuticals and chemicals. However, the main incentive for municipals to do a good job day after day – enforced regulation – is shockingly haphazard.
– Medications that people take – everything from asprin and Aleve for pain to birth control pills, to metformin for diabetes to Zoloft and ZZQuil for depression and sleep all enter our drinking water supply through our waste. And if you read the above bullets, you already know most municipalities that treat our water sewage and drinking water supplies do not generally treat for these pharmaceuticals.

Knowing this, it became very important for me to provide the best water to my family.

Given my engineering and business background, the number of products I’ve launched plus the number of water filters and softeners I have taken apart for my job I have developed a deep understanding of the industry. I took over MrWaterGeek.com after realizing I can add value in this space when friends, colleagues, and acquaintances would reach out asking about their water at home and what kinds of products I recommend.

Because, sadly, it’s still very difficult to find information that is: Detailed. Clear. Unbiased. And based on real personal experience or genuine in-depth research and study.

As you will be able to tell from reading the articles on this site, I have a big personal passion for all things to do with safe, clean, efficient water treatment.

But let’s face it, the water industry is full of difficult to understand gobbledygook. I know how hard it is to know which is the right product when looking for a water treatment solution.

As a result, I now see it as my purpose to help others by simplifying the complexities of the water industry so the average person easily understands not just the products they may be interested in but also their own needs so they can easily make the right choices.

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Did you know that around 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated according to doctors?

The other aspect of this blog is to help you take control of your well-being and health by understanding the true importance of water and sufficient hydration. It always amazes me how much people take hydration for granted when aside from the air we breathe, water is the only other natural resource we literally cannot live without.

Whatever you do, please drink more water! I have written about the dangers of drinking too much water but chances are you’re dehydrated not over-hydrated. Start by learning how to calculate the daily water intake that is right for you.


Your friend,
Mr Water Geek
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, NYU, Class of 2011