The Biggest ISSUES With BLK Water (Do NOT Buy!)

Published: February 6, 2018

Last Updated: December 2023

Issues With Blk Water

The issues with Blk water are best laid out by Dr Christine Gerbstadt, M.D. She is a a registered dietitian and the author of the popular book “Doctors Detox Diet”. Her arguments against Blk water as are follows:

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A herbal diet provides the same phytonutrients that the black water supposedly has, along with the added soluble and insoluble fiber. In addition, herbal foods fill you up and help you lose pounds.

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There is no quick fix to a bad diet. And nothing transports nutrients better into the cells of your body than real food. On the positive side, blk water will not hurt you and it looks good. But you can get the same from water that is from your filtered faucet.

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The addition of these two acids to water in no way improves the nutritional benefits of water.

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The company boasts that the water contains humus and fulvic acid (in the soil, in sediments and waters). But humans, do not need either fulvic or humic acid.

…And The Biggest Issue of Them All

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Here lies the biggest issue with what my blk water review centers around: the human body does not require humic acid or fulvic acid. So buying this water to simply consume these two acids will in no way enhance the nutritional benefits of drinking it.

What Is Blk Water?

Blk water stand for black water and includes enhanced acids that make the water appear black in color. It looks more like coke or Pepsi but the people behind it promise us that it is in fact water but much better. This ‘black’ color comes from the fulvic and humic acid that it contains. Humic acid is typically found in soil, aquatic and sediment environments. lazy placeholder

It is the creation from the members of the Manzo family.

If the name Manzo sounds familiar, it’s because they are a reality TV show celebrity family. This is because they were part of the original Real Housewives of New Jersey cast.

lazy placeholderThe Manzo creation called “Blk”, stands for black water and so far has many celebrity fans. In fact, it’s reportedly made an appearance in the Emmy Prize gift bag.

Most “new” water offerings are usually slightly sweetened water, for instance, HINT. But Blk is not promoted as a revamp on “boring” water, it is instead supposed to be a “healthier” version of water.

“Healthier” because it has more minerals and nutrients than regular water. So healthy in fact that it’s black instead of the regular transparent looking water.

There are some experts who argue that Blk is more of a trick than a gift from heaven. This is because water does a pretty excellent job of hydrating and giving the body everything it needs all my itself.

Everything from its minimalist design to celebrity creators screams gimmick. But is this really the case?

Blk Water Wiki

Heart WaterAlthough Blk looks like muddy water, it isn’t. The dark color comes from the humic acid and fulvic acid that it contains.

These acids come from things like biodegradation of organic matter that is dead. They are also the result of things like extra electrolytes and antioxidants.

According to the water brands own site, the Blk water offering is “an innovation of nature and science”.

It is very popular with health conscious people and celebrities. Especially as its owners are celebrities themselves from the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So the bottom line is that even though it looks like soy sauce, it is water. Water that is enriched with supposedly healthy acids for your body.

Blk Water pH Test

Is Blk water alkaline ?

Yes it is.

This is also why it’s able to call itself alkaline water.

lazy placeholderAs has already been mentioned in this Blk water review so far, the dark color of the water comes from the extra acids added. These acids are the result from things like bio degradation of dead organic matter (hmm doesn’t that just sound yummy?).

The claim is that this product provides your body with large amount of electrolytes and minerals. This means that it helps to balance the pH of the human body.

Although this is widely disputed by experts.

The owners also claim that it’s a great handover cure it’s able to quickly deliver nutrients to the cells in your body. This claims is also disputed as will be discussed in the following section.

Blk Water Price

Buying the Blk premium alkaline water infused with fulvic trace miners 16.9 ounce in a pack of 24 will set you back round $40.

While a single 16.9 ounce bottle is around $4 (in stores) and $7 (if purchased online).

Blk Water Taste

When it comes to taste, the vast majority of people say that it tastes just like water.

This is judging by the hundreds of reviews online. Most people love it, others hate it and a significant proportion think it is downright funny.

One Blk water customer says, “It tastes just like water, but it has a dirty aftertaste and it has a really very warm taste.” While many others talk about a “Clean taste”.

The best way to know what Blk water tastes like? Buy it and judge for yourself as we all have different tastes.

My Blk Water Review – Is Black Water Drink Worth It?


Well not really but worth trying if you are curious and have some spare cash.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

For something that most of us can get for free by simply going to the kitchen tap, the market for bottled water is huge.

In 2013, Choice reported that the industry for bottled water has the value of $500 million a year.

And this number only seems to be growing every year with new brands appearing on the shelves of supermarkets.

Blk is just an example of one of the latest water brands popping up to take advantage of the new health craze surrounding water.

lazy placeholderHowever, there is no doubt in my mind that Blk water is a legitimate artesian natural alkaline mineral water that is fully loaded with humic and fulvic acids.

The health claims by the owners behind it maybe spurious but it does not contain any calories, sugars, sweeteners, carbohydrates or anything artificial. So it will do you no harm health-wise.

If you have extra money and want to invest in something that is guaranteed to hydrate you and may have some extra health benefits then you should try Blk water.

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  1. It is weird to look at however, it has no smell or real flavor. Oddly enough, I like it. I’ve only tried one bottle so far. It has a clean taste a little different from those pricey bottled waters. My go to is Kirklands alkaline so I had alkaline to compare this to…blk holds up. So far no complaints here.

  2. My roommate got some and gave me one. It really has no taste or after taste. It just feels wet. Even water has a bit of a taste but when I tried this it was like drinking air but wet if that makes sense.

  3. This water was first recommended to me by a friend that had gout. I was very skeptical about drinking it until he recommended it. As a diabetic I need as much fluids as I can get. So his experience where it helped him and his condition made me say I’ll try it. I like to drink water that has no sugar but is enjoyable to drink. Electrolyte water as frustrating as using plastic water bottles is does make a difference in my health. When I drink blk water it helps my hydration in that I can drink and feel much better. I understand that’s not everyone’s experience but this is mine. I got the drops so I can put in my water bottle and take a few plastic bottles out of my carbon footprint.

  4. I tried it, I love it. I don’t drink it all day, but I do try to drink at least 1 a day. I haven’t run across anything in it, I have drank it without shaking it, mostly because I forgot.

  5. This is one of those products that claim to benefit almost everything that’s wrong with you. (that should be clue number one). Fulvic is still found everywhere although the adverts for BLK say otherwise. Fulvic acid is nothing more than rot. That all being said, there are safety concerns about how much you should drink, its reactions to medications you may be taking. I bought this and drank it for 3 days and found nothing amazing about it except that it tasted ok. Some research shows the human body does not need fulvic acid in the first place. I believe fulvic acid water products are just a gimmick, like activated charcoal toothpaste.

  6. I had purchased a bottle of the bell I was very happy with the taste and hoping that this will be beneficial but as I got down towards the bottom there was a very slimy creepy looking thing that I had to instantly spit out I have read from some of the other reviews that it is a mineral I need to call the company because it’s very gross but overall the taste was very good

  7. I have never tried blk water but I have been taking fulvic and humic acid liquid from a 1 ml dropper for about two years daily. This acid does amazing things for me. At first, I noticed my teeth had this sheen to them and two teeth in particular tightened up. I was shocked by that. The other thing I noticed is when I have a glass of wine or any alcoholic beverage, i don’t get sick like I usually do. I just get a nauseated feeling. I’ve never been able to drink so when I want to, I keep it to one drink only but I will still feel some sick feeling. Two drinks, impossible. Will end up in bed and feeling miserable. Since taking these acids I can actually drink and enjoy the nice feeling alcohol gives without any sickness whatsoever. And I even can have 2 drinks. I haven’t tried 3 yet. So these acids do something to improve weak areas of your body. It fortified my blood and made my teeth, gums, bones also much healthier, along with my regular routine of flossing, brushing and waterpicking. These acids did something my regular routine doesn’t do. Might save you some dental bills. I recommend trying out the acids. Just search for fulvic and humic acid and you’ll find a myriad of liquid options. Just drops not bottles of water with fulvic and humic acid in it.

  8. I heard about this years ago and thought it was a hoax. Yesterday, it was the only water available at the coffee shop so I bought it and thought the bottle, not the water, was black. I drank it on the way to work while still pitch dark outside. SO I didn’t realize until later in the day that the water was actually black so there was zero placebo for color affecting taste initially. My immediate reaction was WOW. I felt energized or something and it kinda tasted delicious and smooth to me. I hate water usually. After I noticed the color, I immediately reacted negatively but again even a few seconds after drinking, I felt it being absorbed by my body in the most positive way. I returned this morning for more. Maybe my body just needed the specific qualities this water contains ( I have been having stomach problems the last week). I craved it all night. My usual water just didn’t cut it in comparison. The label does say that if at any point the water was frozen, it needs to be shaken so that might be why some people report floating debris. It also states that it should only be consumes up to three days after opening. I brought some for my boss, she guzzled it and loved it right away. I only like to sip it throughout the day. It is definitely hydrating.

  9. I bought it from Costco. This is the stuff I found in just one bottle. Can you say DISGUSTING? Further when I called the company in horror they acted very unresponsive. I could hear the fingernail clicks. When I mentioned that I was not pleased and further insulted by the non-reactive response. I was horrified as I had actually swallowed a piece of the chunk on the napkin SERIOUSLY. The picture of the liquid with what looks like worms was the other stuff from the same bottle. The second person that I spoke to from BLk later told me that they had some solidified minerals that would show up. I then asked her what the minerals that solidified looked like she could not come up with a description?
    None of the stuff we found resembled the other stuff. It was 3 totally different samples. Costco was responsive but to be honest when I sent the whole box back for testing of what we had ingested (we had already drank 2 or 3 of the bottles) they informed me they had sent it to blk water for testing. It has been over 5 weeks and still have not received any word of what was in the bottles.

  10. I bought a 12 pack of the Dirty Lemonade…. Well yes it is dirty. I shook up the bottle some but not like I was mixing paint. I was drinking it directly out of the bottle. I noticed “something” floating on the top of the liquid. It was nasty looking. I poured it out into a bowl and then fished the substance out of the liquid. I put it onto a paper towel to dry it. It looked like a very thin plant root/stem. When I fished it out it was slimy. I called BLK. and customer service said “Thats why we say to shake it vigorously, so all the fulvic stuff will disperse. It will be kinda slimy and look sort of like a root” If I had actually got that nasty, slimy stuff in my mouth I would have yakked. When I told her that she said “Sometimes I strain my so I don’t have to deal with that”. WOW no thank you! I should not have to strain my drink before ingesting it!
    I would rather drink plain water.

  11. I asked the company what is the flavoring of the “natural flavor” they have listed on their ingredients list on the bottle. I’m curious because they list everything else but what they use to flavor the drinks. My question: On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 7:36 PM UTC, Kathy W wrote:
    On your favored waters I see that they are sweetened with stevia/monk fruit. Then it says natural favor but contains no juice. From what source dose the natural favor come from?


    Kathy This was their response: Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. There are no calories or carbs in the blk. flavors. We use stevia/monk fruit as better for you ingredients which we get from an organic producer.

    We appreciate your interest! -blk.

    balance. love. kindness

    Jen Customer Support

    1. mostly, only upon significant medical procedures is detox successful (such may be used in cases of addictive substance withdrawal). you don’t need this in order to detoxify your body; this is because you have a liver. the liver’s job is to filter toxins out of the blood.

  12. I just ordered my second 12 pack & I really like it. It gives me clean energy & the positive research along with the benefits of fulvic, make it worth the splurge. Besides, a coupon code can be found by a simple Google search, majority of the time.

    1. I’m experiencing nausea and acid reflux and I suspect it may be from these drops as I never get these symptoms.

  13. it looks like shit but taste suprisingly rich and smooth exactly like water but even better.

  14. Hard to believe it tastes so pure, yet looks like hell! Bought it on discount, the only water in the cold section that wasn’t carbonated or a huge bottle. It was quite refreshing as water is supposed to be.

  15. I’ve tried it just to get a more alkaline water to drink. And because I was intrigued by the color! It does have a “smooth” taste to it, much smoother than other bottled waters. And I have to agree that it does taste ‘warmer’ as well. Both of which I absolutely LOVE!!! I do not often drink refrigerated water, so this was very pleasant!!!

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