6 SOLID Reasons Why The Alkaline Water Benefit Is REAL

Article Last Updated: September 2022

Let’s not waste any time and get straight to it. Here are 6 solid benefits of alkaline water in the human body that show why the ‘alkaline water benefit’ is a real thing!

Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water

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1. Alkaline Water is Full of Antioxidants

Why do you need antioxidants?

Tyent UCE 11Because they help our bodies protect themselves from things called free radicals.

Free radicals are small clusters of atoms that can hurt our immune system.

A compromised immune system can lead to everything from different illnesses to infections. You can get free radicals from different sources like pollution, cigarette smoke and even some household products.

Your body is able to fight free radicals with the help of antioxidants. This is where alkaline water comes in.

It provides you with an easy way to get extra antioxidants into your diet. Ingesting it through water also means that it is more soluble and easy for your body to absorb.

Green Plus Arrow2. Alkaline Helps The pH Levels In Your Body

Make no mistake, the body does a pretty good job of trying to maintain the alkaline-acid balance in your blood. However, there are times when your body is overwhelmingly acidic. Perhaps at times when you’re stressed or eating fast foods with high acidity?

UCE 11Sadly all the things you enjoy in the average modern diet tend to increase the acidity in your body.

Fatty meats, processed sugar, coffee, cheese, soft drinks, smoking and alcohol will make your body overly acidic.

A high pH level in your body can lead to your cells not being able to function at optimum levels. Also, your body will be working over time to restore the alkaline-acid balance.

Diseases and infections thrive in high acid bodies.

The best cure is always prevention by eating less of the bad stuff and reducing stress. However, regularly sipping on alkaline water can also help restore your pH balance.

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3. Alkaline Water = Better Hydration

When it comes to hydration, drinking plain water does a pretty good job.

However, alkaline water brings some added benefits too.

This is because it has a smaller molecular content, which makes it that much easier for your body to absorb.

Alkaline water hydrates but also adds extra neutralising compounds into the mix. The different types of naturally ionized minerals are also able to help with blood circulation.

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4. Boosts The Immune System

One great way to both maintain an boost your immune system is to keep your body in an alkaline state. You can typically do this by improving your diet and eating alkaline rich foods like avocados.

Drinking alkaline water will also help with this body neutralizing effect. Maintaining a neutral state will create a hostile environment for free radicals, which is very good for your immune system.

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5. Alkaline Water & Weight Loss?

Let me just start by saying there is very good evidence to suggest drinking more water helps you lose weight. (Read: The TRUTH Behind The 30 Day Water Challenge For Weight Loss)

Heart WaterSome studies show that drinking water 30 minutes before a meal is enough to make you lose a few extra pounds. This is without changing what you eat, doing extra exercise or even reducing your portion size.

You can multiply these results by increasing your alkaline water intake.

This is because the alkaline water benefit means your body stops creating fat cells in order to neutralize the acid.

Especially the acid generated by the bad junk foods you eat. In other words, keeping your body neutral will help you lose weight because it also reduces your ‘fat storage space’.

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6. Alkaline Water Benefits By Detoxing The Body

A primary benefit of drinking plain water is that it helps you flush out toxins. Toxins that can eventually become the origins of illnesses and diseases down the line.

Tyent UCE-11 Close UpThis is why almost every detox programme requires you to drink plenty of water.

Of course, improving your diet by consuming plenty more fruits and vegetables is also important. But nothing flushes toxins quite like water.

The alkaline water benefit means that you aren’t just flushing toxins but also helping to alkalise your body at the same time.

This is why many detox programs suggest you buy an alkaline water machine to make sure you can add this to your regimen.

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Bonus Point: How To Get The Best Natural Alkaline Water

It is possible to buy natural alkaline water in a bottle. However, what happens when you run out? Also, endless trips to the store is both inconvenient and expensive in the long run.

You could even make alkaline water yourself but this can take several hours and you’re never quite sure of the quality of what you’re producing.

The only way to guarantee you can always drink alkaline water and ensure its quality is to get a alkaline water machine.Tyent UCE 11

Yes, it is very expensive upfront but it is a one-time purchase and a small price to pay for a lifetime access to natural alkaline water full of antioxidants.

I have reviewed many alkaline water machines but my favourites are the ACE-13 and UCE-13 PLUS.They let you:

  • Select the exact level of alkalinity you want.
  • Have powerful water filters (unlike most alkaline machines which have none).
  • Give you total peace of mind with a Forever Lifetime Warranty!

Red Cross Alkaline Water Benefit – Cancer?

This post has so far given some solid reasons why the alkaline water benefit is true.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingHowever, the claims that alkaline water helps to cure cancer is one step too far.

For a start, I can NOT find any hard scientific evidence or research data to support these claims.

UCE 11 Fuacet with 11 PlatesYes, it is true that cancer thrives in a high acidity environments.

But the conclusion that alkaline water and food products will cure this are unfounded.

I personally drink alkaline water everyday because its benefits are numerous.

Also, it tastes significantly better than tap water.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsBut it does not reduce the need to continue living a healthy lifestyle full of exercise and eating well.


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