Do NOT Buy! Here Is Why Core Water Might Not Be Worth It


Yes and no.

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No it is NOT a SCAM

This is in the sense that the product actually contains everything it says it does.

Core Water Perfectly BalancedThere are lots of online videos of people performing a water test and verifying that it is in fact 7.4 pH, the TDS is around where they say it is and it is full of the electrolytes that they promise.

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Only in the sense that some of the claims are too far reaching and slightly over the top.

For instance, the human body does NOT need alkaline water to maintain its neutral pH state. The body will always strive to reach 7.4 pH all by itself and drinking CORE will have very little impact on this (if any at all).

Similarly, electrolytes have negligible benefits for the vast majority of people.

Simply drinking clean filtered water will provide you with pretty much all the minerals and hydration that you need.

This Review is From a REAL Personal Experience of Drinking CORE

I have personally purchased and drank CORE hydration several times over the years starting in 2019. This informs my overall perspective of whether or not this product is worth it after I have provided all the objective facts that you need to know.

What is the Biggest Selling Point of CORE Hydration?

The marketing promotes it as being an “ultra-purified” type of water that has a “pure crisp taste”. Mixed with just the right amount of minerals and electrolytes set to the pH of 7.4.

They chose to make the pH 7.4 because this is the neutral pH alkaline level for your body. It is also the set point that the human body always tries to achieve when it becomes unbalanced.

The body being too acidic or too alkaline can be very bad for you and it’s always best to have a body that is pH neutral. CORE water claims that it will help you achieve this ph neutrality while also being very hydrating.

What is CORE Hydration Water?

CORE hydration is “ultra-purified” water that is full of minerals, electrolytes and has a pH of 7.4. This pH level tries to mimic the optimum pH level of the human body. The idea is that being 7.4 means it will better work in harmony with your body.

CORE Hydration Water Ingredients

  • Reverse osmosis water. Core Water
  • Calcium chloride.
  • Potassium bicarbonate (from mineral and electrolyte sources).
  • Magnesium chloride.

It is important to note that magnesium, potassium and calcium are minerals typically present in alkaline water. In fact they are essential minerals that will typically appear in most water sources. These minerals also happen to be alkaline.

Although some other alkaline water brands do not include “chloride” minerals, chloride is not harmful to health.

Electrolyte based minerals are particularly a good feature of CORE. Especially for people who are very physically active and sweat a lot.

Core Water Benefits

Green Plus ArrowIt is free from fluoride.

Green Plus ArrowBy far one of the best things about CORE hydration is its purity. Its 7-stage filtration is incredibly thorough and goes further than almost all other alkaline water brands.

Green Plus ArrowThe 7 stages of filtration include things like UV (ultraviolet), reverse osmosis and ozonation.

Green Plus ArrowComes with bottles that are BPA-free. This is just as well because you can use the cap as a cup to drink the water from.

Green Plus ArrowThe bottles actually look good and look like a premium product.

Green Plus ArrowComes with a good blend of electrolytes and minerals that include calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Green Plus ArrowCORE’s water quality report shows that the TDS (total dissolved solids) is 82. But note that 82 is within the acceptable range as regular tap water is well over 400.

Green Plus ArrowThere are lots of different variations of bottle designs and they also feature a wide-mouth sports cap.

CORE Water vs Fiji

CORE WaterFiji Water
Core Water Bottle
Filter methods: 7 stage proprietary purification process that includes reverse osmosis, micron and carbon filtration, ozonation, and ultra-violet.UV treated drinking water.
Source Water: Not specified.Source Water: Tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock.
Nutrient-enhanced water with electrolytes.Nothing added, only contains natural minerals.
BPA free bottle.BPA free bottle.
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Is CORE Better The Regular Water?

The short answer is no.

Drinking regular water will provide you with all the hydration and most of the nutrients that you need. If you want water that is particularly mineral-rich then you can choose natural spring water like Fiji (which is also much cheaper).

Core Water Bottle DimensionsNatural spring water is full of minerals like potassium and magnesium, which can also function as electrolytes. CORE does not have these nutrients naturally and therefore needs to synthetically add it back in to the treated water.

However, be prepared to see more and more “better than water” products on the market. US drinks manufacturers are bending over backwards to present differentiated products to keep revenues up.

CORE is just another product that comes in the vein of similar products like the ever successful “Smartwater”.  Smartwater is the so called “better than nature” water that is full of added electrolytes. Meanwhile other brands like Essentia has some of the highest alkaline ph levels and claim to have “perfected hydration”.

CORE Water Review: Is It WORTH It?

Yes but only in the sense that it’s a good quality product that will hydrate you.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingHowever, as far as I can tell, all the added minerals and electrolytes are pretty much there for taste and not so much for health.

Another thing to note is that although CORE describe having a perfect pH of 7.4,  this is with an asterisk.

When you read the small print, the label confirms that this number is actually an approximation.

HINT FruitIt is true that a diet that is high in acid is not great for the body.

High acid foods include things like sugar, grains, sodas, processed foods, certain dairy products etc.

And yes a diet high in alkaline food products (e.g. tofu, fruits, soybeans, vegetables, some seeds, nuts, legumes etc) are much better for you.

But drinking alkaline water does *NOT* have as big an impact on your health as focusing on a alkaline rich healthy diet.

The bottom line is that drinking CORE hydration or any other type of alkaline water will NEVER repair a bad diet or lifestyle.

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  1. The water is great. I love the taste and though it is expensive, I buy it anyway. I am in love with the bottles. Can’t find my lemon yet.

  2. I really like it as it’s inexpensive, hold a nice amount of water, and has no after taste like tap water.

  3. I drink Core because it has no fluoride. I suffer from Hashimoto thyroiditis and fluoride blocks thyroid hormones from entering cells. I like the taste and probably drink more water now than I use to.

  4. Is core safe for me I have stage 4 kidney disease and have been told not to eat or drink anything that’s has phos name in the ingredients?

  5. I love the way it tastes, and because i have high blood pressure and taking water pills, i believe it helps me.

    1. Sherri,
      I agree! After drinking a variety of bottled waters, CORE has the best flavor because it has zero flavor. By having no aftertaste, I drink it more often each day and with daily vitamins.

  6. Myself type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar was always elevated. It’s been 4 months now and blood sugar has always been lower than the lowest number on the scale. Now I have tried other water or none at all. All elevated above the lowest number on the scale by 15-20 points. Next night core water, next reading below the lowest number. Of course A1c is at 5.6. Let’s put it this way, it works.

  7. I love this water I have started drinking only water some time ago once you do this you can really tell what’s what with water. From personal experience with my health out to research and taste this water checks the boxes. Amazon is the place to go for quantity. I wish they would sell 5 gallon jugs for water machines 🤔

  8. I’m simply looking for water that doesn’t have flouride in it, nor BPA. This checks those boxes. Looks like 9 bucks for six 30 oz. at target. Buck fifty a quart…I’ll give it a try. 97% of western europe doesn’t put flouride in their water…because they use flouride toothpaste…why do WE need both ? (look on the back of a toothpaste tube;if you swallow more than a toothbrush full, call poison control…??…(I think I want to cut down flouride intake…and rinse really well.))

  9. I am NOT a big water drinker. Let me start with that. However, since discovering THIS water, I am drinking 30oz. per day and I don’t have to mask the taste with lemon.

  10. I used to love this water, I had significantly increased my water consumption; however the last few bottles that I purchased seem to have a almost chlorine taste (purchased at 3 different times from 3 different stores). I think I’ve bought my last bottle

  11. I’ve been drinking Core water for about a month now, and thirst drink I fell for it. Now, that taste of water is always different, but this one has to be my favorite. I bring this when I’m doing weights, I drink this if I’m having a rough morning, it hydrates me to start/end the day. I’ve heard many say it’s a scam which is what led me to this website, my sister told me “All big water brands are scams” but I have to strongly disagree. If you haven’t drunk it before, then don’t say it’s a scam because you haven’t had the effects of this miraculous water.

  12. I recently discovered Core Hydration and I am very pleased. I enjoy the taste as all water drinkers know not all water tastes the same. Either I was super dehydrated or the thirst is real. 🙂 My local gas station had them on sale so I bought 2 and was at my local Kroger buying more by the days end. Although, Smart water was my go to I am glad that I tried Core Hydration. Now my first option and enjoying the benefits of a product as simple but so helpful to my body.

  13. I actually love this water, and bought a real PH test strip kit, and tested the balance. It is exactly a 7.4! My body craves this water now. Fiji as you mention in this review isn’t cheaper, by the way! I like it too, but not it’s price. If you want to hydrate even more get some Liquid I.V. you add it to the water. I got off all sodas drinking CORE and my health has improved!

  14. are these replies actually from real people? just wandering lol. i have been looking for reviews on core water and this is the only site i feel that really goes in detail.

  15. This water is my favorite water in the whole world. I can’t live without it. It’s addictive actually. I would say of you want this water BUY OFF AMAZON. 😏😉

  16. Try Eternal Spring Water – naturally alkaline water sourced from springs in the US. Clean label, no FDA label required, no processing, nothing added or removed.. Amazing fresh and great tasting.

  17. water use to be great: but the recycle bottles leave a test in my mouth after
    I take a swallow so sad to say you lost a couple customer

  18. My granddaughter kept the sniffles drinking core water with zinc has eliminated the runny nose.

  19. I started drinking core water about 4 months ago. I was having leg cramps, feet cramps. Also when I went to have blood work they couldn’t get any. My Doctor recommended Core Water she says I am dehydrated. Once I began drinking it no more cramps and I learned an hr before my blood work drink a bottle.

  20. As soon as I started drinking Core water, my acne improved. I’m not sure how or why. I drink less water now than before due how expensive Core is. But even drinking less, my acne is so much better.

  21. Wow! Thank you! This review was amazing since I have been looking for a review that will actually break to the product like this.

  22. I have a bladder condition called Interstitial cystitis, long story short the acid in the food and drinks bother my bladder. Every since I started drinking core water I have noticed my bladder don’t bother me as much. My only problem is I have to drink atleast 100oz of water a day and I have a hard time finding the core water in cases, my local water only sells the single 30.4oz bottles and the bjs by me dont even sell the core water in the 15 pack I have to drive 1.5 hours to get it so once a month I take a trip and get 9 cases of water because it helps me so much.

    1. You should buy a Kangen machine and then you would have your own ionized alkaline water w/ o having to purchase bottles.

  23. I am not a usual water drinker. I hate water. I’ve struggled my entire life to drink fluids period let alone water. I hate tap water and almost every water ive tried tastes terrible. I have a hard time staying hydrated without drinking body armor or gatorade, which contain a lot of sugar. I recently tried this water because of its sippy cup spout and I am hooked. This water is very refreshing. It doesnt taste like minerals. Its so good. The spout makes it very easy for me to chug easily as regular bottles I have a hard time drinking fast enough so I never finish a bottle. I highly recommend this water to nonwater drinkers.

  24. Does a Water filter remove all the harmful ingredients from tap water? Is this true? I read this information in this blog. Kindly share your experience with me.

  25. I have Colitis in my large intestines. After being diagnosed with this disease I could no longer drink just any water drinking the core water is good for me because it will not cause me diarrhea like other name brands would do. To the lady that mouth went dry after she drink the core water there is a protective seal on there you can hear it pop when you open the bottle you can tell I think someone had just open your bottle but anyway I give core water all the times up👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. I’ve been drinking Core for about a year now and I do have some factual analysis.
    I’m a competitive swimmer.
    Now, Versus straight RO water or some of the 16.9 oz bottles of “Other” when I am in dire need of something because my thirst will not quench; this hits the tab.
    I reckon it is because of the Potassium or magnesium replenishment but who knows.

    What I do know for sure, as you’ve mentioned; for the athlete it does do what is says. Now for average sit down Joe; I wouldn’t bother unless you simply want good tasting water. Which is exactly what this is!

    Last: I’ve spent 2.5 years studying water directly because I am a brewer and wanted to fully understand certain minerals in water. The Maker of CORE certainly knows what they are doing. if Magnesium is good for yeast (As the body has some too) then it most certainly is for humans too.

  27. I bought a bottle of core water today, took a drink and realized there was no protective seal, just flipped the top and took a drink shortly my mouth went very dry and felt nauseous, should I be concerned

    1. Hi Maggie

      I don’t think so but you should contact the store you purchased it from and complain.

      If, however, you are really concerned that your health is effected in anyway then speak to a healthcare professional immediately.

      Best Regards,

  28. You’re also aware look of all of the *extras that are included in our wonderful tap water and bottled tap water, yes? I’ll go ahead and splurge the couple dollars on something a bit less poisonous. 😘

    1. Hi Michael

      I’m not a doctor or nutritionist but magnesium chloride can be given as medication so it should be safe for human consumption.

      The generic advice seems to be that you should take it with food if it upsets your stomach or causes diarrhea.

      Stay hydrated,

  29. My daughter has been drinking core water for the last few months and in addition to being really hydrated(she drinks three bottles a day) she has lost thirty pounds in the last four months. She loves it!!

  30. This brand Core, has helped me. A LOT! I get fever blisters from eating / drinking things that have the preservative citric acid or ascorbic acid. As much as I try to restrict the diet, there are so many things that have those as a preservative, my body has a hard time balancing. Within a day of drinking just one bottle of Core. The blisters have reduced to almost nothing. And it is not expensive.

    1. Hi Jennifer

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Sincere question: how do you know if Core is responsible for resolving some of your health issues? I mean that genuinely as I’m really intrigued.

      But whatever did it, I’m glad your fever blisters have reduced 🙂

      Stay hydrated,

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