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Last Updated: February 2022

This SodaStream review will come as a surprise to anyone who grew up in the 70s or 80s. Back then, a soda stream was the equivalent of a kitchen sink for a magic show with the Swap Shop and E.T. as a reference of pop culture for the time.

At that time, the coveted “soft drink maker” proudly appeared in 40% of British kitchen counters, amazing attention that an espiralista could only dream of today.

It was an easier time for consumers and SodaStream today faces heightened competition for the nation’s attention.

In this article, I take a look at the best sources of soft drinks available online. As many of you know, these are ideal for making mineral water.

However, they are much more useful than that. You can take modest tap water, carbonize it, and in a few seconds you have mineral water.

This is of course better value for money than buying bottled water in supermarkets. Water will also be much healthier and therefore better for you.

The best part? Children also prefer it a lot and this means they are more likely to drink more water.

Sodastream Reviews

Before giving you SodaStream reviews let us cover the basics. What are soda streams and what do you need to know as a consumer before you buy?

There are lots of different types of SodaStreams for you to choose from. However, understanding the basics of how they function will help you choose the right SodaStream for your needs.

What Are Soda Streams?

Heart WaterThey are in their simplest form, a water container machine the creates sparkling water or soda (if you add flavors).

The container has and uses small gas bottles, the machine then lets the gas through to a carbonation bottle.

When that happens, you’ll have mineral water in seconds. A big part of the fun is deciding which flavors you want. There is no doubt that there is a wide choice.

It is certainly worth mentioning that it will also help the environment. SodaStreams do their part to free the world of plastic bottles.

It is estimated that the average household that owns a soda stream saves the environment of 1,000 plastic bottles a year.

Sodastream Review Consumer Reports

The SodaStream uses water directly from the faucet and turns it into soda.

SodaStream machines make sparkling water. The water is carbonated by connecting the bottle to the Soda Stream and pressing a button several times until a loud click is heard.

This click means that you now have your bottle of carbonated water.

Today, manufacturers continue to value quality, economy and comfort, but they also seem to use the green argument to convince people to buy a soda making machine.

One of the best things about using a SodaStream is that its sort of a green product because it allows consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

This is because each time you make soda water or sparkling bottled water at home instead of buying it at the store you save a plastic bottle going to the landfill.

Dashed LineSoda Stream Reviews

The Soda Stream system means you do not need to buy traditional sparkling water bottles from the shop, meaning that less plastic is produced.

Less plastic waste is generated, and fewer bottled drinks are transported from the manufacturers to the distributors from stores to homes.

Sodastream Fizzi Review

If you want to track the amount of CO2 you use and just want your drinks to be slightly carbonated, choose the Fizzy model.

SodaStream Fizzy comes with a “fizz chip” that records your CO2 consumption and allows you to better control the carbonated form of your drink. The pack includes: i) The fizzi sparkling water maker and (ii) 1 liter BPA-free reusable source carbonating bottle.

SodaStream Spirit Review

Are you a true lover of sparkling water? Can you imagine your day without a glass of mineral water or a cocktail with gas?

With the SodaStream Spirit Machine you can enjoy your favorite drinks anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are planning a weekend in your summer house by the lake or a picnic in the nearby park, you can easily carry this compact and lightweight handheld unit.

SodaStream Power Review

To end this SodaStream source review, I’m going to list all the best benefits and specifications that you should know before you buy.

  • Make sparking water at the push of a button soda water linked to your tap faucet.
  • SodaStream Power enhances the automatic carbonation experience for drinks to your liking.
  • Features a quick release mechanism to secure the carbonation bottle in one quick movement.
  • Present the elegant and minimalist design of the award-winning SodaStream Source.
  • It contains a 60 liter CO2 cylinder and a 1 liter BPA free carbonated bottle to save up to 2,000 bottles and cans per year.

See SodaStream UK Prices – – >

What SodaStream Flavours are Available?

The best way to try new flavors is buying the full mixed package, they are called Mixed package SodaStream Classics.

In this way you can try different flavors. If you find those you like, you can also buy them again and use them again in the future.

There are many flavors to choose from and I have listed them below:

There is another set of these flavors that are diet versions for most of the flavors listed above. This means that you have lots of choices.

What is a Soda Maker Used for?​

The mechanics of a SodaStream are pretty simple. Basically you take ordinary tap water and add CO2 to it.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThis creates bubbles or effervescence, as most people refer to it.

The machine essentially consists of a stand that looks good and sits in your kitchen.

The CO2 tank is then connected to the back of the soda stream, usually by screwing it in for a secure fit.

Then turn it back on and you only have to replace the cartridge when it’s empty. A typical SodaStream machine can carbonize about 60 liters of water.

If you like sparkling bottled water then this will save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

Many people, however, prefer a refreshing drink by adding flavors or natural fruit to be an alternative to sugary sodas.

**2020 SodaStream Review Update**

HINT PomegranetSince writing this review I’ve been inundated with lots of negative feedback and bad experiences. mrwatergeek winner badge

This is why I am no longer recommending people buy SodaStream.

If you want to drink sparkling water that’s sweet and also zero calories you should perhaps try HINT fizz?

I have an extensive HINT water review that looks at why this may be a better alternative to sugary soda drinks.

HINT Subscribe and Save


  1. In the past, I have been very pleased with this product and the discounted refills–it’s a no-brainer consumer savings business model. In December, the button on my screw-in model broke–I proceeded to Bed Bath to purchase a new one, however, they only sell the pink disconnect models. Went ahead with it. This is the same on the SS website, as well as Target stores. Three months later, I have come to find that you cannot exchange the empties for refills, at least in the state of Hawaii. Called SS customer svc–worthless exercise. Either the supply chain is extremely slow, which no one seems able to explain, or the company ethics are going down in a hurry in exchange for profit–do they expect people to purchase new cartridges, at least here, and then toss them in the rubbish? Going back to San Pelegrino.

  2. I did some cost calculations. First of all, a full Sodastream C02 canister will only make about 35 liters for the average person (info gleaned from many reviews elsewhere) instead of the 60 liters promised. At $15 per C02 canister (exchange, new full canisters are $60.00!) and $5.99 per bottle of flavor syrup, making soda with a SodaStream costs about twice as much buying two-liter bottles of soda! A Friend used to buy $4.00 worth of dry ice (basically the solid (frozen) form of C02), crush it, and fill his 4 SodaStream canisters (using a scale and fulling by weight). Thats 4 canisters filled for $4.00 and about 1/2 an hours work instead of $60.00!

  3. when I bought my Soda Stream I was not happy with it because of the lack of bubbles, I changed the CO2 canister thinking that maybe it was out of date or a dud, still not as bubbly as I would like or as my sister’s machine works. I am very diappointed with this product

    1. I just got my soda stream last week and had the same problem….not fizzy at all. I called and explained to customer service, who said possibly it was a bad co2 cartridge and sent a new one…in 2 days (gotta return the old one). Then I asked her if the spigot was supposed to be submerged or level with the water line…the answer? Should be about 1/2 inch above the waterline, With an air gap, which means the fill mark on side is too high. Works perfectly now!

  4. Does a soda stream gas cylinder have a ‘use by’ date and then the cylinder needs to be checked, at a cost to the owner? I have a gas bottle fir my stove top, and this is what happens. Then I can refill the bottle fir X number of years.
    So, I’ve just purchased a spare, new gas cylinder for my soda stream. I understand that the system is ‘refills only’. Ie, you’re unable to use your newly purchased gas bottle again, in fact, it seems that someone else will get the benefit of it.
    To alleviate this sense of ‘deprivation’ does it cost the customer $ on top of the normal refill price to get a cylinder ‘in date’? Or does this safety feature get recognised’in the background? I’m from New Zealand

  5. For refills, the least expensive–by far– is to refill the CO2 cartidgeyourself: buy a 20 pound CO2 tank at beer maker store or a store that sells food grade gasses (nitro for coffee, CO2 for water, etc.

    Use it and a converter like this to refill?your soda stream CO2 cartridges: (or search for “G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter with Hose, CO2 Tank Bottle Connector Kit for Soda Maker Filling Sodastream Tank(24inch-With Gauge)”)
    It costs about 20 dollars to refill a 20 pound tank, and that tank full of CO2 will last a heavy user about a year. No more wasted plastic … or money!!

  6. When adding fizz to any container, the container needs to be soap / detergent free (I learnt this working at a bar with mixers, the fizz would die very quickly).

    Always rinse the bottle out before filling and it will solve the problems and happy fizzing!!

  7. Anyone who can’t get fizz out of this is doing it wrong. Having said that, I rate the instructions with this product a measly 1 out of 10. The best part is that it is made in Israel. Excellent!!! Next to U.S. of course.
    Thanks to all who give help here.
    Make sure you fill bottle only to fill line! And consider mixing flavours just before you consume. (ya I’m Canadian – sorry about “flavours”)
    We use this for adult drink fizz so it works really well. The bottle can be stored in the fridge.
    Love this product so far.

    1. So far I love this product. Not really sure it saves $ but it does help with the planet. The machine is kind of cheaply made, thought it was from China not Israel. The BBB stores in my part of NJ have mostly closed so I use SodaStream to replace my cartridges. Effective way to go.

  8. I love my soda stream. I use it daily. Most of the time I have plain sparkling water with ice and take it to work with me. Like soda without the calories and chemicals …Once in a while I’ll have the orange syrup in it. It’s easy to use and saves me a fortune… Plus less plastics here in the US. A refill here costs about $15 With a coupon. A flat of Perrier cost 20 something dollars and I don’t have to schlep anything.

    One thing I do recommend is not getting the model where you have to screw the bottle on. What a headache. I have the one that you just push the bottle in, push it inside the machine, then push the head down until it lights up all the way and it’s ready to go …simple! Super easy money saving planet saving… It rocks!

  9. I bought three refills from a Kroger in Houston yesterday. Not all Kroger stores have them; I called one of the newer/bigger ones, found out when the next truck arrived, and called that morning to confirm canisters were on the truck. As Laura Biggar said in her excellent post, $15 each for the gas in the canister.

    The last time I ran out, I ordered from SodaStream – but I checked just now, and they are sold out. Apparently they restock every day 9 a.m. EST but sell out soon after. I believe you can only get two refills which means $7.99 shipping unless you add something else to the order.

    Next time I need refills, I will try Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon as Laura suggested.

  10. the system works very well if you can get refills. I have tried to get the empty tank refilled for months now, the only, none of the stores have refills and can’t tell you when they will get any in. If you try to get refills directly from soda systems, you have to buy a new one and then they will send you refills for your old ones. I now have 3 empty tanks and the only way they will fill them is if I buy a 4th tank that is full. None of the stores have the refills and will not tell you when they will be restocking them. This seems like a scam to get you to buy more cylinders.

  11. Laura Biggar, which soda stream do you own? I’ve read the fizzi is not very fizzy, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting reviews about which is, simply, the best model or best value (that still works very well).

  12. I feel like everyone is confused on the refill exchange program…? I am not sure why it appears to be so confusing for some, but it is very simple:

    1. Take your empty canister to bed bath and beyond. (Call ahead you should make sure they have refill/exchanges available. Apparently, they have been flying out the door because of everyone being bored at home with covid lol)
    2. Walk up to cashier at the customer service register.
    3. Speak these words “hello, I would like to do a soda stream co2 refill/exchange”
    4. Hand said lady your empty canister.
    5. Pay for the new FULL canister ($15) that she has likely already handed to you with a smile on her underpaid face!
    6. Say “thank you, have a nice day kind register lady”
    7. Wave and walk out the door and attempt to not trip on your untied shoelaces.

    Now, for some Bonus Points:
    The $15 You are paying is not purchasing the canister and the CO2 gas. It is paying for the gas inside the new bottle. The canisters are NOT filled at bed bath And beyond by some magical Nymph in a back room perfectly folding 10,000 towels a day and exhaling into your “outright owned” exact bottle that apparently you have the serial number tattooed on your rib cage like a “meat tag” on a Marine. They are shipped away! So this whole “they took my bottle that I owned outright” ahhh… it is a canister that cost $45 brand new in a box full of CO2, it’s not a car, a house, or your priceless family photo album! (Oh wait, that shit is all online now… maybe that is part of the problem here?) You can purchase these full canisters right off the shelf, if you want to have spares. So if you hand your empty bottle to the lady and do NOT say you want to do a “refill/exchange” then I would assume she would think you just handed her an empty canister because you did NOT want it anymore and at least she could have it sent back to Soda Stream for reuse or recycling … and clearly you did not understand that you just gave away an empty canister worth $30. (Full brand new canister $45 – $15 “refill/exchange“ program where you are paying for the gas inside a canister= $30 value for an empty canister)

    So… with all of that out of the way, for those of you that have made it to the end of my rant/explanation, “Rantplation”… if you have your extra canisters because you hate to run out of bubbles like I do, and you … have expanded your “owed outright” (lol-not given away) canisters to…. the magical number of 3!!!? …stay with me here… you can always ensure you have a canister in action and take TWO empty canisters to bed bath and beyond when you are blessed with a $10 off $30 purchase coupon and bring your cost to “refill/exchange” to $10 per canister. Please don’t Fork this up for me lol… I have been doing this for years! So pleeeease pleeease please stick to the script I provided above and never forget the please and thank you with a smile!

    Every BestBuy (Customer service counter) location does the refill/exchanges, but they do NOT have the coupon deal. Some Walmart’s to the refill/exchange, but NOT all! (Also customer service counter, if they participate) If you have any rich friends… ask them if they have a soda stream. Many of those that are blessed with extra zeros in their bank accounts don’t care about the refill/exchange program and they simply throw the empty canister away …. and have a new one delivered to their door by that towel folding nymph for $45 a piece! Heck maybe they even go through the effort of placing the empty canister in their recycle bin, thinking they are doing a “Solid” for Planet Earth, but items like that can NOT be recycled by a standard curb side recycling program and they will very likely end up in the landfill. When in doubt give it to bestbuy or B^3!

    PS: I LOVE my Sodastream and I could never go back to not having it, hence my 3 canister rotation system! So if you are having instant issues or magically you have “zero” bubbles, clearly there is a problem with your machine… or with the driver.

  13. Can I what happens to the cylinders after they are empty? Are these thrown onto landfill? If so, I can recycle the plastic bottles I get from the supermarket.

    1. Actually, Catherine, the cylinders are reusable, and some stores offer to replace the bottles or refill them.

  14. Don’t bother, what a disappointment sodastream has turned out to be, no refills, no syrup anywhere to be found. Going back to regular soda. What a waste.

  15. I owned two of my own CO2 cylinders. I purchased (this was not an exchange) another full cylinder from Soda-Stream itself.When that was empty I returned it and one of the two cylinders I owned outright (a Soda-Stream cylinder purchased fromBed, Bath and Beyond) and started to get regular exchanges. Recently Soda-Stream has indicated that they are unable tosupply refilled cylinders so I had to exchange my (emphasis on my!) cylinders for full ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Keep inmind these were cylinders I owned outright! Now they are trying to charge me $15.00 a cylinder because I did not return twocylinders I owned and which they were unable to fill anyway.That’s a neat CATCH-22!! or fraud.Your choice. Absolutely insane!!!!

  16. Buyer beware don’t purchase this from Amazon! We purchased two CO2 canisters from Amazon with the intention of participating in the gas exchange program that Sodastream offers through Amazon. Don’t waste your time or money!!! We followed all of the accompanying instructions that came with the canisters in order to exchange and get a measly $15 credit for 2 canisters. Note: If you go to Bed Bath and Beyond for the gas exchange it only costs you $15 for each gas exchange, and you can exchange the canisters immediately. Here on Amazon it costs you $64 for two which took 10 days to get here and then the gas exchange to get the $15 credit, is clunky and frankly never happened for us even though we followed all of the directions that came with the canisters. So if you like to pay $32 per canister as opposed to $15 at Bed Bath and Beyond for an exchange that may or may not happen… then this is the place! Oh! To top it off they kept the two canisters that we bought, now we have to purchase 2 more to exchange!!!

  17. Hello all,
    I recently purchased a a soda stream fizz. After a little under a fortnight- the C02 is empty. In order to get my sparkling water to my desired carbonation level, I had to press the button upwards of 8 times. However, my roommate and I were previously buying at least two 24 can packs of coca-cola or so a month. The soda stream saves a lot of room in our recycling bin and has the added bonus of being much better for the planet. So I think the trade off is worth it, although individuals are not ultimately responsible for climate change. Still feels good to do my part. I think I’ll try the fizzi for a while longer before I make any lasting indictments.

  18. Hello Sir,

    I received a Drinkmate as a gift some time ago. As a SodaStream competitor, I was interested in how it would perform. So far, it has been an excellent hydration companion. SS seems to have a very wide range of complaints against it for everything from dud CO2 cylinders to bad batches of syrups. I can say that I will likely stay with the Drinkmate for the foreseeable future….

  19. I was bought one as a present and thought it was brilliant. I also thought it would save me money on buying bottles of water but we’re nearly at the end of the gas bottle and I’ve just looked at the price of the refills and they’re £22. There is no way I have ever spent 22 quid a month on fizzy water. Back to the glass bottles at £5.99 a month I think.

    1. Hi Carole

      Yeah I seem to be getting lots of negative feedback on this product. I’m going to have to update my review accordingly.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      Stay hydrated,

  20. I was excited to give this a try….
    Well, I’m sorry that I bought this, followed the instructions pressing the button two or three times. Took a drink and zip no change in the water. Then went crazy and hit the button 10-15=20 times no change whatsoever.
    I would suggest to pass on this, it simply DOES NOT MAKE SPARKLING WATER!
    Actually, it made the water nasty, and I used filtered water from the get-go.

    1. Hi BDD

      Oh man that sucks! Thanks for sharing your experience, this is good information to know and I’ll probably update this article to reflect some of the feedback I am receiving.

      Stay hydrated,

      1. Maybe the cylinder was a dud….empty?
        I am considering getting one.
        Only thing I wish the bottle was glass.

      2. I purchased a Soda Stream unit 14 years ago and I have used it every day to charge either 1 or 2 bottles . It has served me vey well. I need a new one now because it will not hold the bottle ( must be the seal is not reselient any more) Looking forward to another 14 years of carbonated water.

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