Aquasana Water Reviews

This section represents the most comprehensive list of Aquasana water reviews anywhere on the Internet. Aquasana is a brand that creates different types of filters for the home. Their drinking water filters are able to remove over 99% of things like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides cysts, lead and industrial solvents. The claim is that their filters are able to do this while also preserving the healthiest minerals. These minerals include potassium, magnesium and calcium. This is unlike other filters that remove everything from your water including healthy minerals. Another benefit of using Aquasana is that their filters do not use chemicals to purify water. A lot of what they use is patented technology filters. These come with external awards and accreditations that certify their claims. However, one of the best parts of buying directly from Aquasana (instead of buying from third party sites like Amazon) are the guarantees. One of them being the 90-day guarantee that come with all sales. The articles below provide you with all Aquasana product reviews. This includes the most popular Aquasana products including the Whole House Rhino, shower filter and OptimH2O (lead filter). Please note that Aquasana is *NOT* a sponsor of this site (so I can be as honest as I like), however, the company does provides a special offer to all my readers.