Some Unexpected Expert Tips On How To Drink Water

Around 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated according to doctors…

This shocking statistic is one of the biggest reasons why I started writing this blog in the first place. Although it is possible to drink too much water, the truth is that most of us are dehydrated.

One reason why many people don’t drink enough water is it’s boring. Let’s face it, water is not as interesting as a drink that sparkles and is full of delicious sweet flavours right?

But calculating the correct daily water intake amount and making sure you drink enough has so many health benefits. Getting enough water helps with everything from headaches, digestion to weight loss.

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Question: How Do You Drink Your Water?

Sometimes the hardest part about drinking water is getting over how boring it is. We all need ideas and inspiration when it comes to drinking more (myself included). Rather than just giving you a list of text book ways to drink more water, I thought I’d go one step further…

I contacted all the top influencers, bloggers and brands to answer one simple question: how do you drink your water? Here are their answers:

Answers From Top Health & Fitness Experts….

Timea @ Train Strong, Live Strong

“I have to admit I’m one of those people who has to constantly remind herself to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially during hotter months. I try to aim for 2 litres of plain water every datrainstrongtolivestrong-logoy (plus the occasional cup of tea and coffee). The only way I have succeeded so far was by keeping a giant, colourful 2 litre water bottle on my desk at work, with the aim to empty it by the time I finish work. My giant bottle is much ‘in your face’ and also a great conversation starter with my colleagues that I simply can’t allow myself to leave it full for very long! I’m happy to say I’ve been much more consistent drinking my 2 litres of water since I got myself this bottle – I can totally recommend this trick to anyone struggling with the same issues! 

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Laura London 

Laura London Fitness

Laura London Logo

“Honestly I just have a glass bottle that’s about a litre I keep by my desk at all times. When its empty I take a break and go fill it up, stretch for a bit and get back to work 5 minutes later. I’ve never had a problem with drinking enough but when you are working from a desk all day I think its important to stretch too so this is a win win situation.

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Tom @ Ghost Fitness

Ghost Fitness Logo

“My favorite way to drink water is to make what I call “Hydration Creations” I add different combinations of fresh & frozen fruits and herbs to my water.  The combinations are endless and they taste delicious.  My favorite combination are raspberries, lemon and basil.”

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Becky Stafferton

The Art of Healthy Living

Art Of Healthy Living Logo

“Here at The Art of Healthy Living we like to make drinking water fun, and seeing as we’re a competitive bunch we turn it into a bit of a game. We each have a 1 litre water bottle with markers. If you hit each marker by a certain time you earn yourself a water droplet. The person with the most water droplets at the end of the week gets a prize – usually something like leaving half an hour early on Friday, or they’re bought a free drink at the pub etc. It definitely means we’re all drinking more than enough water!

Dashed LineRob Farrington

Live Work Train

Live Work Train Logo

“A couple of litres a day. From a filtered water tap. I have a bottle on my desk.

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Jim White RDN, ACSM EX-P

Owner of Jim White Fitness Studios

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios Logo“Just a 2-3 percent dehydration in the body can impact athletic performance. I always recommend my clients to drink 16 oz of water before they start exercising, sip on 4-8 oz every 15 minutes during exercise and another 16 oz after exercise to stay hydrated”

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PJ Glassey

CEO of X Gyms

PJ Glassey Gym Logo“I tell them that NOT drinking enough eater poses MANY risks and side effects to health, but drinking enough water only poses one side effect: going to the bathroom more frequently.”

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Soul Nutrition Consulting LogoSara Brunner

Soul Nutrition Consulting

“Here is my most recommended way for those who need to shift from pop and juice to water. Add fruit.”

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First Step Nutrition LogoJennifer House
First Step Nutrition

“My most practical tip to increase water intake, is to buy a beautiful water bottle. One that keeps your water cold and that you will love carrying with you all day long, wherever you go!”

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Cheryl Strachan
Sweet Spot Nutrition

“This might sound crazy, Sweet Spot Nutrition Logobut I won’t buy a bag now unless it has two external water bottle holders, so I can bring two full insulated bottles wherever I go — one for coffee or tea and the other pre-filled with ice and carbonated water from the Soda Stream.”

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Julia Buckley

Julia Buckley Fitness

Julia Buckley Fitness Logo

“Consume around 4 pints of #water a day to do away with the negative effects of dehydration.”

Quote used with permission. Source –

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Katie Dunlop
Love Sweat Fitness

“I drink 3 litres of water per day using my “Day Drinking” water bottle from my brand Love Sweat Fitness. It has little motivational sayings that help remind me to keep drinking all day!”

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Michelle Spadafora

Faithful Workouts

Faithful Workouts“If I add cut up fresh fruit into my water I drink so much more. Lemon, lime, orange, strawberry…. all of these make it taste so much better and I drink more!” 

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Kayla @ Kayla In The City Kayla In The City Logo

Kayla in the City

Uh, I truthfully drink my water as is, usually bottled or tap if I’m at a restaurant.” 

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Selena Devries, RD

Healthbean Nutrition

Healthbean Nutrition Logo

“My most practical tip is to buy a water bottle in which you can see the actual amount of water being consumed (such as a glass water bottle). This helps people to better track their intake and encourages more hydration throughout the day.”

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