Healthy Water Brands

Healthy water brands are now more and more popular than ever. Some people argue that "designer water" is just another trend in the ever growing health conscious market. Part of this is because the biggest soda / soft drinks companies need to cash in on the public's desire for healthier alternatives. This results in a renewed focus on buying and drinking more of the earth’s natural water. As well as picking mineral-enriched options. Today there are lots of mineral-rich nourished reversed-osmosis bottled water brands that want you to believe that they are the best. However, the truth is that a lot of these bottled water brands with designer style packs can sometimes be no better than the water the comes out of your tap. But you can expect the trend of healthy water brands to grow. Especially flavoured water like HINT. This is especially the case as soda is now one of the top culprits and possible leading contributor to diabetes. However, this is another place to be careful too. Sometimes lightly sweetened water can be just as bad as drinking soda. This is in terms of sugar content. If this is a concern then you should always read the label and opt for “fruit infused waters” that are made with REAL fruit. Or ones that are sweetened with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is sweeter than sugar with fewer calories. There are now lots of new types of "healthy water brands" on the market. Many of them make all sorts of promises. The most popular include brands like Blk, Hint Water, LifeWtr. The articles below will review them all. I will let you know which one is actually worth buying.