Salt Water

Is salt water good or bad for you? Everyone knows that seawater contains a lot of salt and drinking it will kill you. This is because the salt content of seawater is too much for the human body to process. The human kidney can only process urine if the water content is not too salty. However, the sodium content level of seawater is far above what kidneys can cope with. This means that you need to urinate more seawater than you drink. As this is the only way to get rid of all the excess salt taken in from drinking seawater. Since this is impossible, you will eventually die because you keep on getting dehydrated even though you continue getting thirstier.

However, it is important to know that people can still safely ingest small amounts of salt in water. In the same way that you can consume small amounts of salt in your food. Remember that you will also eat and drink other things. Doing this dilutes any salt you consume in your water. It’s also important to know that living cells need a certain amount of sodium chloride (salt). 

A small amount of sodium is also an essential mineral. This is because it can help the body regulate fluid balance. It also helps with nerve function, muscle and helps to control blood pressure.

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