Where to Buy Ionized Water & What’s The Best Ionizer Brand?

Article Last Updated: November 2021

What is and where to buy ionized water?

Ionized water has never been more popular but it’s not always the easiest thing to find in store.

Tyent UCE 11 FaucetThe horrible truth is that you can’t buy it.

Well not technically.

You CAN buy alkaline water because alkaline water can appear and emerge from natural sources.

However ionized water is something that is produced by a water ionizer. It is water that goes through a water ionizer and changes its pH as a result.

So instead of asking “where to buy ionized water?” you should be asking “where can I get a water ionizer machine to make me free ionized water at home?”

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is usually water that has a natural pH level that is above 7.

Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Top Water IonizerFun fact, the letter pH actually means “potential of hydrogen.”

This makes sense when you consider that pH is essentially a means of measuring hydrogen ions in any substance.

What is Ionized Water?

It is alkaline water that you get from a ionizer machine.

But if the water that you get from the ionizer machine is high in ph then you can still call it alkaline water.

The truth is that there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that alkaline water does anything close to what a lot of the advertisers claim.

However, there is some emerging promising research that makes alkaline worth looking into. Especially in the area of treating acid reflux and the fact that it’s full of enriching anti-oxidants.

How To Choose The Best Ionized Water Brand?

Alkaline water is safe to drink and may unlock many health benefits. But as with anything, not all ionized water are equal.

Some brands are far better than others and here is how to spot them.

What’s The Water Source?

If it is labelled as “alkaline water” where does it come from or was it artificially made? You need to know this because if the brand or information on the label claims that it’s pure then it’s good to know.

ACE 11 Countertop Water IonizerAlso, it’s good to know if there is no mention of filtration or purification because it may indicate that the water you are about to buy might not be safe.

A quick short cut to knowing if it’s good quality is to check for any external accreditations.

Check The Facts

There are many alkaline ionizer brands that make outrageous claims, can they be proven? Step away from alkaline or ionizer water brands that have wondrous properties that can not be proven. If you don’t see any proof to back it up, don’t buy.

Read The Warning Labels

Always seek out any contraindications or warnings on the label. Alkaline or ionized water is generally safe to drink but it is not necessarily for everyone.

Read Customer Feedback

If a water ionizer brand needs to be avoided or just generally sucks, the Internet will tell you. If you’re worried that the customer reviews are not genuine check the companies’ reputation on the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Where To Buy Ionized Water?

The best place where to buy ionized water will always be direct. But before you direct here are some of the top brands to consider.

The Best Alkaline Ionized Water Brands

Tyent is an ionized water are brand that make ionized water machines.

Meanwhile alkaline brands like Heart Water, Alkaline88 and Essentia provide you with ready made alkaline water in a bottle.

Wondering where to buy ionized water? Simply go direct to the company’s website as its often cheaper to do it this way.

The Best Alkaline Water Machine?

1. Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer Review

ACE-13 stands for “Above Counter” with 13 plates. The machine weighs less than 6 kilograms and has a variable voltage that ranges from 100 to 240 volts.

This allows the machine to create a pH range of between 1.7 and 12.5, which is currently the largest range available from any water ionizer.

Tyent ACE 13 profileThe ionized water that it produces also has an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of -1150.

This refers to the level of antioxidants in your water. The lower the number the better so -1150 is amazing.

Combine the amount of negative ORP with the pH level and you’ve got a powerfully rich alkaline water.

Although the device looks very big it is actually only 385 square inches. This means that it will not take as much counter space as you might thing and its stylish design will fit into the decor of most modern kitchens.

If you don’t have enough kitchen counter space then you should consider the UCE-13 PLUS version. The UCE-13 PLUS is the under counter version that leaves you with a advanced faucet to control the device.

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Green Plus ArrowA high tech touchscreen interface that is easy to use and helps you with voice prompts.

Green Plus Arrow Powerful filters that remove 99.99% of contaminants and can even treat lead.

Green Plus ArrowThe machine provides you with a wide pH range between 1.7 and 12.0.ACE 13 Touch Screen

Green Plus ArrowYou can select from different preset modes of 3 acid, 3 alkaline or a turbo mode. However you can bypass all of this and go straight to neutral water.

Green Plus Arrow Its 13 titanium plates are baked and dipped in platinum. This is currently the highest number of plates to come with any water ionizer and the highest quality.

Green Plus ArrowThe machine has a flood prevention sensor.

Green Plus ArrowIt has powerful filters that treat your water without chemicals.

Green Plus ArrowAutomatic self cleaning. Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews

Green Plus ArrowHas a molecular hydrogen boost technology, this effectively gives you hydrogen water.

Green Plus Arrow If your hands are busy then all you need is to wave your hand to initiate its “hands-free flow sensor”.

Green Plus ArrowYou can get a forever lifetime warranty when you buy direct from the manufacturer, Tyent USA.


Red CrossIt is very expensive. ACE 13 Filter Change

Red CrossThe generous lifetime warranty is not valid outside the USA.


Tyent provide you with the most generous warranty available in the ionizer market today. It’s a simple straight forward “lifetime forever warranty”.

They offer it as a “hassle-free” no questions asked on-going customer support feature.

Several FREE Upgrades + Gifts + Lifetime Warranty Certificate + Free US Shipping.
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Dashed Line

2. Tyent UCE-13 PLUS Under Counter Water Ionizer

The Tyent UCE-13 is essentially the under counter version of the ACE-13 that has 13 titanium platinum plates.

Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Top Water IonizerThe 13 medical-grade titanium plates are also platinum-plated. This ensures both durability and high quality ionized water.

As it’s similar to the ACE it also has a pH range that goes from 1.7 to 12.5.

You can either select a specific pH number or choose from 99 different presets.

The presets include alkaline, acidic and a neutral pH setting. You can be very picky and choose the exact type of water that you want.

Tyent UCE 11 Sink TopLike the ACE, this machine has powerful filters capable of removing 99.9% of many contaminants. It does this through its two filters that are up to 0.1 microns. This actually equates to 1/10,000 of a millimeter – a level of detail that exceeds some whole house water filters.

One of the most impressive features is its touch-screen interface. Anyone that has ever used a smartphone will find this easy to use. You can control every aspect of the device and use it to monitor the machine.

Beyond this, the Tyent UCE-13 PLUS has features like automatic self-cleaning, an anti-flood sensor and filter replacement alerts.

UCE 11 Product Information


Green Plus Arrow Its dual ultra filters treat water down to .01 microns. This is higher than some whole house filters.

Green Plus ArrowSpace saving. It won’t take up any countertop space since the main unit goes under the sink.

Green Plus Arrow It has a flood prevention sensor.UCE 11 Fuacet with 11 Plates

Green Plus ArrowChemical, lead free and also comes with FDA approved plastics.

Green Plus ArrowHas the standard three alkaline, three acidic, one turbo (for both acidic and alkaline settings) and one neutral mode. However, this is also fully adjustable and comes with 99 presets for each level.

Green Plus ArrowNegative ORP levels up to -1150.

Green Plus Arrow13 powerful medical grade titanium plates that are reinforced with platinum. This makes them very durable and they wont break or get cracks.

Green Plus ArrowThe system will alert you when the filters need replacing.

Green Plus ArrowRelatively easy to install under your kitchen sink.

Green Plus ArrowAutomatic self-cleaning.

Green Plus ArrowThe manufacturer (Tyent USA) is a trusted company as it comes with an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Green Plus ArrowISO 14001 and 9001 certified.


Red Cross You may need an extra hole in your sink but this usually comes as standard with most sinks.

Tyent Lifetime WarrantyOR

You may want to consider replacing your existing faucet.


Like the ACE-13, all Tyent products comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the most a company can provide and will give you peace of mind. Especially given that the upfront investment is so high.

Use the coupon code below to get a lifetime warranty certificate.

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Tyent ACE-13 vs UCE-13 PLUS Water Ionizers

(Above the Counter) Alkaline & Hydrogen Water Machine
UCE-13 PLUS (Under the Counter) Alkaline Water & Hydrogen Machine with Faucet Above Counter
Tyent Countertop ACE 13Tyent UCE 11
Counter top machine connected to tap faucet ONLY.Under counter unit WITH counter top touchscreen faucet.
3 Acidic, 4 Alkaline, 1 Turbo (for both alkaline and acidic output) 1 Neutral. Fully adjustable with 99 presets per level.3 Acidic, 3 Alkaline, 1 Turbo (for both alkaline and acidic output) 1 Neutral. Fully adjustable with 99 presets per level.
1.7 - 12.5 pH Range.1.7 - 12.5 pH Range.
Up to negative -1150Up to negative -1150
x2 with .01 micronx2 with .01 micron
Tyent YT ACE 13 also works with a double membrane 0.01 micron active carbon / EM ceramics filter combined with a 10 Stage UltraFilter (UF) Membrane Filter.Tyent Rettin UCE-13 Turbo works with a double Membrane 0.01 micron active carbon / EM ceramics filter combined with a 10 Stage UltraFilter (UF) Membrane Filter.
Filters last 9 months or 3600 litres (approximately).Filters last 9 months or 3600 litres (approximately).
Hydrogen Boost Technology? YESHydrogen Boost Technology? YES
x13 mesh/solid hybrid plates baked and dipped.x13 mesh/solid hybrid plates baked and dipped.
100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz
Voice operation system with MP3 sound quality.Voice operation system with MP3 sound quality.
Counter top ionizer: 14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)Under counter ionizer: 14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)

Counter top faucet dispenser: 11.5in (H) x 2in (D)
Weight: 5.5 kgUndersink body: 6.9 kg

Tap faucet: 0.5 kg
1 - 5 bar (water pressure).1 - 5 bar (water pressure).
Flood prevention safety sensor.Flood prevention safety sensor.
LIFETIME warranty when you buy direct and use code: WaterGeekLIFETIME warranty when you buy direct and use code: WaterGeek
Special offer:
Free Gifts & Upgrades with Coupon Code
Special offer:
Free Gifts & Upgrades with Coupon Code
Coupon Code:
Coupon Code:
mrwatergeek winner badge
Tyent Coupon TemplateTyent Coupon Template
Check Price ButtonCheck Price Button

Which Is The Best Ionizer Machine?

I personally prefer the ACE-13 because it’s much easier to install.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingIt has the highest specs and the most platinum plates of any ionizer model available right now.mrwatergeek winner badge

The ACE-13 requires a little confidence and basic understanding of your plumbing system (e.g. knowing how to turn off the water from the mains).

Tyent ACE 13 profileHowever, the ACE-13 has a fairly easy installation process.

The touchscreen interface allows you full control over machine.

This along with the quality of the ionized water makes it great value for money.

However, if you do find yourself with any problems, you have a very generous lifetime FOREVER warranty to fall back on.

Tyent Lifetime WarrantyWhere To Buy The Tyent Ionizer Machine?

Direct from Tyent is the best way to go as this will insure you get the lifetime warranty.

**UPDATE: The offer ENDS SOON**
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