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Kangen water benefits exist because alkaline water has real health benefits. Even though I don’t support the Kangen by Enagic brand (see my article: Kangen Water Review: Pyramid Schemes SCAM and RIP OFF?).WaterDrop RO Black

But I can’t deny that drinking alkaline water has many benefits that can improve your overall health.

The benefits of alkaline water are not just things like health maintenance, but there are cases where it may be able to help with on-going chronic illnesses too.

Several studies have shown that alkaline water has a positive effect on the body. Here are the main Kangen water benefits because of the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

What is Alkaline Water?

The pH (potential hydrogen) of a substance is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions water contains.

The pH scale varies from 0 to 14. This is based on the concentration of hydrogen ions in pure water that is neutral. A pH of 7. A pH below 7 is considered an acid and a pH greater than 7 is called alkaline. UCE 11The more hydrogen ions present, the more acidic the solution and the lower the pH. On the other hand, a lower hydrogen concentration means that the water solution is more basic and therefore has a higher pH.

Now the term “alkaline” is used interchangeably with “basic”, even though they are not exactly the same. Alkaline compounds are things (for example, salts, metals) that, when added to water, make it more basic.

Water always contains a certain amount of dissolved solids (for example, inorganic salts such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium,) that affect the pH.

The higher the dissolved solids, the more alkaline the water. The pH of the tap water is close to 7. While the water with more alkaline compounds has a pH of 8 or 9.

The notion is that alkaline water is sometimes medicinal. This makes it suitable for optimal health seems to be based on the conviction that acidic properties in the body and in the blood are the cause of diseases and should be neutralized. If this is true then it makes sense to believe that a more alkaline body leads to better health.

Kangen Water Benefits?

While there is still a lack of proven scientific research, some advocates of alkaline water believe in the following benefits of alkaline water:

Green Plus ArrowAlkaline water has extremely moisturizing properties compared to normal water. This can be a beneficial beverage for people who exercise daily and need more water in their body. IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer Faucet

Green Plus ArrowScientifically, the water molecules in alkaline water (as with water in general) are smaller and more easily absorbed by your cells, which helps your body regenerate quickly.

Green Plus ArrowAlkaline water contains many powerful antioxidants that can help prevent the growth of free radicals that damage cells in the body, which can accelerate the aging process.

Green Plus ArrowSome people say that alkaline water contains several minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, which are important for maintaining healthy bones.

Green Plus ArrowThe benefits of alkaline water include increasing immunity. Your immune system can help neutralize the acidity in your body caused by stress, poor diet and environmental toxins.

Green Plus ArrowOne of the key benefits of alkaline water is that it can help neutralize the acidity in our body by reducing the excess acidity in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

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Red CrossKangen Water Review: The PROBLEMS You Must Know

I don’t recommend using Kangen as way to get your alkaline water. This is because the outrageous price they request is essentially you paying extra for their business model. IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer SinkIt can be said that the model looks like a pyramid scheme. Enagic hires multiple layers of network marketers who receive part of the commission.

It operates similar to a pyramid scheme and this business model inflates the price that you pay.

This means that salespeople are also encouraged to recruit other salespeople and get a cut of their commission. The chain of sales never ends and every “referee” gets a cut, which makes the product ridiculously expensive.

There are also many reports of false claims of health benefits and terrible customer service when things go wrong.

Tyent vs Kangen?

Tyent UCE-11 Faucet

Tyent ACE-13 Contertop

IonPlus Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE 11

ACE 13 Touch Screen

IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer Faucet
Includes hydrogen boost technology.Includes hydrogen boost technology.Does NOT include hydrogen boost technology.
11 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates.13 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates.7 Platinum-Titanium Plates.
1.7-12.0 pH1.7-12.0 pH3.5 to 10 pH
Up to -1050Up to -1050Unspecified.
2 Filter System: active-carbon with EM ceramics filter and UF membrane filter.Dual Ultra .01 micron filters that remove over 200 contaminants including drugs and heavy metals like lead.11 Stage Advanced Filtration System.
5.6kg5kg21 lbs
Ionizer: 14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)
Dispenser: 11.5in (H) x 2in (D)
18 x 14.1 x 7.6" (inches).
Package dimensions.
18 × 18 × 12" (inches).
FOREVER No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.FOREVER No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.5 years parts and labor.
Shipping warranty.
60-day money back guarantee.
Special offer:
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Special offer:
(Free Gifts & Upgrades with Coupon Code: WaterGeek)
NO special offer.

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Tyent Coupon TemplateFREE Tyent Checkout Offer
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The Best Alternative To The Kangen Water Machine

The benefits of alkaline water are numerous. Considering all the ways in which drinking alkaline water can improve your health, it is a wonder that more people have not made the change.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingIf you want to try alkaline water go to Amazon and buy a better alkaline water machine then the one on offer by Kangen.

Using a place like Amazon means that you get the chance to read other customer reviews before you buy. It also means that you benefit from Amazon’s reliable customer service if anything goes wrong.Tyent UCE 11

The alkaline water machine that has the best reviews and provides the best customer experience is the IonPlus Platinum Alkaline Water Machine.

However, the IonPlus was my previous favorite but my new favorite is the Tyent UCE-11. It works under the counter with a high tech faucet above the counter.

This saves a lot of space and looks better than other alkaline water machine’s because all you’re dealing with is a tap faucet.Tyent Lifetime Warranty

What could be more convenient than having it available directly from your tap water faucet?

Buying an alkaline water machine is the best way to gain easy access to alkaline water.Tyent Coupon Template

**UPDATE: This Offer ENDS SOON** When buying any Tyent water alkaline ionizer machines use the coupon code: WaterGeek to get lots of free equipment, kits, upgrades and LIFETIME GUARANTEE.FREE Tyent Checkout Offer
I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


  1. I heard to different systems to and prices. More than $5000. For household. It’s in health stores. I have salt rocks, softener and salt for clr. I buy bottles of alkaline from Walmart especially during coronovirus cause it helps with some bacteria etc, what the best, and prices?

    • Hi Lisa

      If you’re looking for the cheapest Alkaline machines then they will most likely have fewer plates, a lower spec and the filters will not be as good. However, I’ve seen reasonable ionizers from $1695 (this is the current sale price, it might go up).

      Personally I think if you’re going to spend that much money it’s worth saving up or using flexible payments to get something that is of better quality and comes with lifetime warranty like the Tyent offer mentioned in this article.

      Stay hydrated,

  2. The only reason why other companies TRY to compare themselves with Enagic and Kangen Water is because they know it’s the best and there’s no competition when you have the gold standart from the WQA and the water being recognized as a medical grade one… so… that pretty much says it all. Be really aware of what you ingest, water is really important.
    What is the composition of Tyen’s plates? you know those materials are expensive if they have the quality needed to keep the human health safe 🙂

    • Hi Jose

      Can you provide some evidence or facts to support your claims? If your evidence is convincing, I’m happy to change my mind and update this article.

      Tyent’s medical grade plates are from titanium dipped and baked in platinum. These are the highest quality on the market right now. WQA is impressive but Tyent has something like 20 different accreditations and awards from reputable names like: ANSI, CE and they are rated A+ on the BBB.

      Again, I’m happy to be proved wrong.

      Stay hydrated,

      • I’m looking at this article wondering why you act like having the possibility of earning a commission is a bad thing.. I’m a new owner and my LeVeLUK501PL Continuous Ionized Electrolysis Water Generator, having 3 ISO certifications and many other perks. It’s not a pyramid scheme because there’s nothing scheming about it. Enagic’s business plan that comes with any of their machines has principals that are deeply rooted in physical health, financial health, and spiritual health. Kangen provides a buyer access to achieving all three of these 3 possibilities. The whole point is to assist others in achieving vitality, and possibly of living a better life by clearing out that brain fog that most of us experience sometimes! The possibilities are truly endless and I’ve gotten more benefits than what I paid for.

        • Hi Drex

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning a commission from the work you do I just take issue with the fact that at least 50% of the price tag is paid out in comissions and Enagic make their own profit on top of that.

          Comparable machines with a similar tech specification only cost a couple hundred bucks.

          If people are aware of this and still happy to pay this extortionate price when they could get much better value then I have no problem with this – so long as it’s an informed choice.

          Stay hydrated,

        • Amazon pays him that’s why…It’s monopoly. Amazon wants the whole world. What they have is not enough! Why would anyone else deserve to work had and be profitable right? ONLY AMAZON lol.

          Love: Stay Hydrated!

          • Hi Mary

            I don’t understand what you mean.

            This article does NOT link to products on Amazon? The audiobook offers yes, but the smaller companies I link to e.g. Tyent, IonPlus, WaterForLifeUSA, WaterDrop etc.. have NOTHING to do with Amazon and are NOT monopolies??

            Stay hydrated,

  3. Luke, we live in a resort that has it’s own water system. It is a reverse osmosis system. Would a kanga type system work with RO? Thanks, Dan Koch. Please send me an email for an answer.

    • Hi Daniel

      Yes you can use both systems.

      It simply means the reverse osmosis system will filter your water first and then the ionizer machine will treat it again before turning it alkaline.

      I don’t recommend Kangen, their machines are way over-priced for what is essentially outdated technology.

      If you don’t like the Tyent offer mentioned in this article, then please seek other options. Almost anything is better than Kangen!

      Stay hydrated,


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