The BIGGEST Reason Why PUR Might NOT Be Worth It

Article Last Updated: December 2023

The Biggest Reason Why Pur Might NOT Be Worth It

Red CrossPur tap water filters do not fit every type of faucet so be careful to make sure it is suitable for your faucet type before you purchase.

Red CrossThis is especially the case if you are in the UK as this is an American product and designed for American style faucets so make sure the one you purchase is tailored for the UK if you are UK-based.

Is Pur Even The Best Option For You?

This kind of tap water filtration system provides an affordable and effective way to drink healthy water. They are an environmentally friendly way to obtain drinking water. This is in contrast to other type of water filter technologies.

Green Plus ArrowIt helps you to save money on bottle water or save time from having to boil water in the kettle.

Green Plus ArrowPur water filters are easy to install and can effectively remove pollutants from water.

Green Plus ArrowThese types of tap filter models do not create waste water and they don’t use electricity.

Pur Water Filter Faucet

This is by far one of the most popular type of faucet water filters in its category.

It is also currently the best selling model on places like Amazon. Using this water filter ensures that you end up with a pleasant and constant water flow and has an affordable price.

Red CrossUnfortunately, according to customer reviews, the plastic housing can sometimes break so be careful when handling this filter.lazy placeholder

Green Plus ArrowThe main advantage of using this water filter is its effectiveness.

Green Plus ArrowThe filter can remove more than 70 different impurities and is reasonably priced when you take this into consideration. This Pur water filter faucet model is certified to remove up to 92% pesticides, 99% lead and 96% mercury.

Green Plus ArrowAnother advantage is the ease of installation.

Green Plus ArrowIt is pretty easy to attach the filter to your tap faucet in minutes.

Green Plus ArrowThey are also easy to remove if necessary.

Green Plus ArrowThe filter is made of high quality materials and is therefore durable.

Green Plus ArrowGreat value: This product produces clean and fresh water and thus helps you benefit from the health effects of purified water at a low purchase price.

Green Plus ArrowThe price-performance ratio is very good for this model.

Pur Water – Pur 3 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount FM3700

The Pur 3 stage vertical faucet mount FM3700 is a another model option that you can select from this brand. This model has a few more attributes than the standard Pur faucet filter that you should know about.

  • Comes with a three-stage filter. lazy placeholder
  • Compact space-saving design.
  • Removes 99.99% of microbial cysts.
  • Three-stage filtration technology for a fresh and refreshing taste.
  • You will benefit from Amazon’s return policy (if you buy through them), which usually offers free returns within 30 days of receipt.

Pur Water Filter Review: Is It WORTH It?

Yes, it is worth it for those worried about the quality of tap water.

Faucet water filters today are very effective in blocking and eliminating various pollutants from your water source.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThe Pur water filter models are more technologically advanced than faucet filters of the past.

This is because they are capable of removing well over 70 different types of contaminants.

Unlike other filtration systems, Pur water filters produce no wastewater.

This makes them much cheaper to use and more environmentally friendly than some other models.

lazy placeholderTheir good filtration capacity and favorable prices are what make them very popular units.

The value for money also comes from the fact that you’re saving money from buying bottled water.

Once you install Pur, you only need to replace the filter cartridge every few months or so.


  1. I bought the unit for the pump house. There were no instructions as how to install. No information about the warranty. The unit is PPW10BB-SZ.
    How do I go about getting what was not in the box.

  2. I am using the PUF system on the faucets at both my houses, one city water the other well water. I was able to hook them up in less than a minute after removing from the box. The second one I put on at my cabin with well water had two washers in it. I did not understand at first. It only took a few seconds to realize the washers were flush and to remove one and it immediately was attached to my faucet. Love mine. Would recommend to anyone. The water is completely different since adding on. Coffee and tea taste so much better and the tea last longer in the fridge, gets drank before souring. I can’t say enough how much I love mine. Thank you PUR!!

  3. The water does not flow through the new filter that I replaced in my pitcher even after I took it out and shacked it for 30 sec.

  4. All of my faucets are very modern and I cant seem to attach any of the filters etc. to them. I bought the PUR listed above and could not attach it to my kitchen faucet which detaches and can be used as a spray so I tried the bathroom sink but that facet too was wider and did not have any extension part with those grooves its flush so I wasted my money and really want to get a counter unit but know I can’t even attach those on my own. Any suggestions.?

  5. Three items of interest: I have used Pur Water Filters for years but there are a few things one might need to know:

    1. Fitting the filter to the faucet. The filter came with an adapter (s?) that did not work with my faucet threads. At the time, I was using a Delta faucet. I contacted Delta and they sent an assortment of plastic adapters, one of which I used to fit the threads on the faucet at one end, and the threads on the filter at the other end.

    2. A red light appears when it’s time to change the filter. Even after the change, the light continued to glow red. Deep inside the plastic housing, there is a T-shaped button. Sometimes, after removing the used filter, the button will remain depressed. Before inserting the new filter, make sure the button is popped out. If not, I use a pointed knife to press/pry the button until it pops out. Then the light will progress through the normal green-yellow-red cycle.

    3. Because of the shiny slippery surface, it is difficult to fully tighten the housing cap, leaving a small gap between the housing and the cap. If there is a gap, high pressure inside the filter will cause a blowout and spray water afar. I used a thin coating of Vaseline to coat the ring gasket, allowing me to fully tighten the cap until there was no gap and no leak.

    1. When I first installed the PUR faucet attachment it worked great,the water was flowing fine and then over a two week period the flow turned into a trickle. I bought three replacement filters and just like the last one they all petered out after about two weeks. Also after installing a new filter the water coming out contained some kind of clear greasy substance. After running hot water through it for a couple of hours
      it seemed to disperse.

      1. Oh noooo. You can’t run hot or even warm water through the filter, That will ruin the the filter. Only the cold tap water should be used. It says on the instructions to run the Cold water through a new filter for about 5 minutes to remove the initial residue that feels as you described. Then it is good to go. Never use the warm/hot water.

  6. I have another con for ya. The app won’t recognize when you install another NEW filter EVEN if the app IS Bluetooth connected. It just keeps saying I haven’t changed the filter in 90 days. I’ll just have to keep up with it old school style, I guess else keep trying to get it to work at the cost of running tons of water down th’ drain. Put that in your report.

  7. Were can I get the washer that snaps the unit in place. Mine has a small leak between the base and the filter unit? Thank You for your time!!!

  8. I have been using the Pur water filter for a number of years out of their number that I have used there has been three out of probably 50 that has I turn the water on they were red I should have returned them but I just throw them away I really like the taste of the water and as I have said I don’t know how many years I have been using this right now I have been having to buy bottled water but that is going to stop soon because my wife is going to have it to clean the kitchen I especially am going to get back into my pure system because of the mess the world is in right now if anybody wants to get clean water they definitely need to to go to the pure system where tell everybody hello Linny!!!

    1. A red light appears when it’s time to change the filter. Even after the change, the light continued to glow red. Deep inside the plastic housing, there is a T-shaped button. Sometimes, after removing the used filter, the button will remain depressed. Before inserting the new filter, make sure the button is popped out. If not, I use a pointed knife to press/pry the button until it pops out. Then the light will progress through the normal green-yellow-red cycle.

      1. I accidentally placed the old used filter back in the casing and the light turned green and stayed green for about three months…. What????

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