Possible BRITA P1000 PROBLEMS To Know Before You Buy

Article Last Updated: November 2023

PROBLEMS With the Brita P1000

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The filter cartridges need to be replaced every 6 months (depending on usage).

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Brita’s replacement filters are slightly more expensive than other brands.

What is Brita P1000?

There are many ways to get your water filtered. The easy and cheap way is to use a water filter bottle or water filter jug. However, for less than £40 and a couple of minutes you can start enjoying perfectly filtered water with the BRITA P1000. It is a water filter cartridge designed for BRITA’s professional water filter systems. It helps reduce impurities and improve the taste of tap water by filtering out substances like chlorine and metals..lazy placeholder

What Does The Brita P1000 Water Filter Cartridge Do?

Green Plus ArrowThe Brita P1000 reduces limescale, chlorine and the taste of chlorine from your water. It also filters things like lead, copper that tend to occur in the average domestic plumbing system. The idea is that it removes anything that creates poor quality taste, odour as well as anything harmful.

Green Plus ArrowThe best thing is that all of this is done on demand. No more waiting for your water to filter, it comes out of the tap filtered and ready to drink. This also means that you have instant hot filtered water.

Green Plus ArrowIt is also good for domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers (if you can install the cartridge directly into its water source). This is because it will protect your devices against the build-up of limescale.

What Does The BRITA P1000 Remove From Your Tap Water?

Water Contaminant
Removal Percentage
TME’s, OCB’s, THM’s (trihalomethanes) and ECB’s
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
Industrial Solvents PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons),(halogenated hydrocarbons), PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
90% to 99%
95% plus
Silt, Rust Particles, Algae
Oil Residues, Petroleum Solvents, Benzene,

Key Benefits of The Brita P1000

The Brita P1000 water filter cartridge fits and works with ALL current Brita taps and this includes the Online Active Plus System.

Green Plus ArrowThe cartridge fits neatly under your sink. This could be horizontally or vertically.

Green Plus ArrowThe Brita P1000 filter reduces chlorine, limescale and many other impurities. This allows your food and drink to taste better.

Green Plus ArrowThe filter cartridge is designed to be super easy to replace.

Green Plus ArrowThe P 1000 is recyclable.

Green Plus ArrowIt comes with an audible buzzer which alerts you when the cartridge needs replacing.

Green Plus ArrowEach cartridge can filter up to 1200 Litre (this depends on how hard your water is).

Green Plus ArrowIt can be used from three to six months, depending on your water hardness.

Brita Tap Installation (DIY)

One of the best things about the brita tap filter is how easy it is to install. You can do it your self with a little bit of DIY knowledge and basic understanding of plumbing systems. There are lots of free videos online to get an easy step by step guide.

How To Replace Brita P1000

Your filter cartridge needs to be changed every 6 months. However, note that this is the average cartridge lifespan. But each cartridge comes with its own handy electronic device that tells you exactly when it’s replacement time.

This takes away all of the guess work and means you can just focus on making sure you have a replacement cartridge ready to go.

The Brtia A 1000 video below shows a similar process to how to replace the P 1000.

Brita A1000 vs P1000 Replacement Cartridge Filter

The A1000 only filters for taste and it does not soften the water whereas the P1000 does.

ProductBest FeaturesPrice Range
BRITA P1000 Replacement Cartridge
lazy placeholder
- Works with ALL current Brita taps.
- Filter cartridge is super easy to replace.
- It's recyclable.
- Electronic filter replacement indicator.
$$lazy placeholder
BRITA Talori WD3050 Water Filter Tap
lazy placeholder
- Brushed chrome plated water filter tap.
- Most convenient way to enjoy BRITA filtered water.
- Comes 1 x BRITA P1000 water filter cartridge.
$$$lazy placeholder
Brita On Tap Filtration System
lazy placeholder
- Easily fits on top of most standard taps.
- Comes with guarantee.
- Filters up to 100 gallons of filtered tap.
$$lazy placeholder


  1. Got a P1000. I change it every year. I don’t put a battery in the LED device as it comes ‘ON’ after 3 months but I don’t trust it to be working correctly. I
    don’t live in a hard water area and my filter water tastes fine after 9 months. Best buy is £100 for 4 filters. Anything more is far too expensive. Tap water is palatable so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to be without a filter system.

  2. I live in a hard water area and use P1000 filter,to tell the truth I can’t tell a lot of difference in the taste and it still furrs up my kettle.

  3. My problem is not with the filter or filtered water. The 3 way tap has an annoying problem: the normal water flow keeps going for a second or so after closing and then drips for a few more seconds. Yes, it is the residual water in the pipe but it should do that. Never had a tap which didn’t close immediately…

  4. Now I understand that the A1000 compared to the P1000 does exactly the same except for soften the water, assuming all other filtering features are included, the A1000 should be the right system if I have a BWT Aqa Smart delivering soft water (5-7 dH). But what about the BRITA Purity C (for example the C50)? Is there a comparison between the three different cartridge types?

  5. I use a brita tap filter P1000 and have to change it every 3 months so it get expensive over the year we have had it for 4years and it getting expensive at 160/ 180 a year is there any other system that’s as good and a bit cheaper yours sincerely

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      Yes, this is the recurring feedback I seem to be getting about the P1000… I’m going to look for a more cost effective alternative.
      Stay hydrated,

    2. I clean my electric kettel when I change my filter
      I wait until my kettle starts to “Fur-up” then thange the filter
      This is normally after 6 – 8 months (FAMILY OF 2)
      I also save money by not having to change the expensive filter on my coffee machine as regularly
      All in all, the £34 cost is not so bad value — the life of the filter will also depend on the ammount of filter water you use and the area you live in (London – very hard water)

  6. I live in a hard water area, with a Brita filter tap in the kitchen – used for drinking water, tea, coffee. Typically a filter will last a maximum of 3 months. So, its expensive but you can tell the difference

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