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The ZeroWater filter container range is sold as the only water filter that removes more than 99% of dissolved solids from your water with a 5-stage filtration system.

The amount of solids dissolved in tap water varies throughout the United Kingdom. However, each Zero filter removes 18,000 milligrams of dissolved solids, making the water purer.

This article will take an in depth look at Zero Water filter jug to decide if it’s worth it?

ZeroWater Review

The biggest selling point of the Zero Water filter jug is its many layers of filtration. This means that it is able to remove a lot more than other filter jugs like Brita.

ZeroWater’s first filtration state is a layer of oxidation-reduction alloy and activated carbon filtration that removes the taste of chlorine that comes with tap water.

The ion exchange stage removes almost all dissolved contaminants and heavy metals. Especially those that might still appear after public water system treatments. This includes traces of lead, nitrate, aluminum, zinc and lead.

There are three extra stages that remove other bacteria. These stages are to make sure that your water is fully treated so that it produces a “000” reading on your water test kit (i.e. the (TDS meter).

There are third party tests and certifications to prove that it can reduce things like chloride, fluoride, chlorine as well as other inorganic compounds. Also, the makers claim that it is the only filter to reach the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirement to have a TDS content of 000 to 01 ppm.

Q: What Does ZeroWater Remove?

A: Everything you want it to!

This is sold and promoted as the only water filter jug that can remove almost all dissolved solids from your water. It has an impressive 5-stage water filtration that is certified to reduce both chrome and lead.

The filters are also capable of removing total dissolved solids (TDS). This refers to the amount of salt minerals, metals. For instance, Zero is able to remove TDS’s like fluoride and lead.

You should consider this to be important because dissolved solids enter the water supply through old pipelines. These can be full of heavy metals, hormones, hard minerals (like calcium and magnesium, fertilizers and pesticides.

Green Plus ArrowZeroWater is equivalent to purified bottled water because it can filter TDS by 99%. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Dolids and refers to the total level of contaminants in your water.

Green Plus ArrowIt has a certificate for the reduction of lead and chromium by up to 99%

Green Plus ArrowCertified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 abd certified BPA-free by LG Chem (2016).

ZeroWater Tests and Certifications

ZeroWater is certified to reduce lead. This is to standards set by UK water service providers. According to other independent tests, ZeroWater filters are capable of reducing the level of pharmaceutical products that’s in your tap water.

  • An EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) certified Fluoride Reduction Lab tested Zero filters to show that it reduces fluoride by 99%.
  • They are NSF certified to reduce Chromium 6 by 99.7%.
  • Tested for arsenic reduction. An independent EPA-certified laboratory says they are able to do this with a total reduction rate of 99%.

How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last?

They last on average for around 3-5 months. 

A small feature of ZeroWater is that the acidity of the water changes slightly when the filter is about to expire. This is to alert you that it is time to replace the filter.

You should replace the water filters immediately when your water test meter (included for FREE) reads above “006”.

Especially if the water has a sour taste, a fishy odor, or your water quality meter displays more than “006”. This is all necessary to continue to enjoy the positive health benefits of ZeroWater.

ZeroWater VS. Brita

There is almost no comparison between the filtration capacity in the case of ZeroWater VS. Brita. But if I must here it goes.

Yes, Brita is cheaper but ZeroWater eliminates far more than Brita.

ZeroWater eliminates 99.6% of the total dissolved solids compared to Brita, removing only 49.6%. The table below gives a clear indication of how much more Zero is able to remove when compared to Brita.

 ZeroWater 5-Stage FilterBrita Maxtra Filter
TDS Removed99%50%
Price Range$$$$
mrwatergeek winner badge

*Based on unfiltered tap water with a TDS level of 220

** Compared to Brita Maxtra Filter

Is ZeroWater WORTH It? YES!

Yes, when compared to Brita, the ZeroWater pitcher jug wins hands down.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingAnd yes, this is one of the best water filter jugs on the market today.

However, if you have serious concerns about water contamination then you may want to choose the Clean Water Machine from Aquasana.

The BEST ZeroWater Alternative? The Aquasana Clean Water Machine.

The system has a thin profile to maximize cargo space. The 16-cup dispenser delivers filtered water on request at the touch of a button. The thin decanter with 8 cups fits easily in your fridge door.Aquasana Clean Machine

Activated Carbon Reduces pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether).

Filters water through a catalyst carbon to remove both chlorine and chloroamines.

Has an extra layer of ion exchange filters heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Get Up to 50% OFF listed prices by using Aquasana code: AQGEEK50.

Absolute Mechanical Filtration of Submicrons Detects cysts that are resistant to asbestos and chlorine, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

* 90 day guarantee.mrwatergeek winner badge

* 1 year warranty.

Replacement cartridgeSee customer reviews

One Aquasana Claryum® filter gives you 8x the capacity of the next best leading gravity-based pitcher.

The result is that it will only cost you 9.4¢ per gallon if you get the “Water for Life” upgrade.

The filters last for around 3 months or 320 gallons (whichever comes first).

I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


  1. I would like to buy a water filtration pitcher for my classroom. Is the PUR or the Aquasana better for my classroom. I understand the Aquasana makes a little bit of noise bit I think the students will get used to it.
    I also plan to follow up with a hands on activity so the students can make a water filter and possibly take it home.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Michelle

      I personally think the kids will love the Aquasana, it is so interactive, fun and they’ll be able to see the water filtered in front of their eyes.
      All the excitement will probably encourage them to drink more water too!

      Best wishes,

  2. Hey Luke,
    Have you done any kind of review of “Propur Shower Filter ProMax Chrome Plus with Massage Head and 48″ Stainless Steel Flex Hose”? 75% of the reviews on Amazon are 5 Stars. I currently use the Aquasana shower filter but they say it or any of their other products except for Reverse Osmosis doesn’t remove fluoride which I’m really trying to avoid. I use to use the Aquasana Powered Water Filter system but switched to Zero Water because it claims to reduce fluoride by 99%. Plus, I like the little meter reader so you can check to see when the filter should be changed. But again, any knowledge about the shower filter listed above or have you done analysis of other shower filters that claim to remove fluoride?


    • Hey Todd
      No, I don’t think I’ve done a “Propur Shower Filter ProMax Chrome Plus” review and don’t have any personal experience with it. But you are right, it states that it can remove fluoride and there are lots of happy 5 star reviews.
      Your best bet is to buy it and get a fluoride water test kit. If it doesn’t effectively filter fluoride then simply return it. Amazon do an excellent jobs with hassle free returns.
      Please let me know how you get on with this.
      Best wishes,

      • Hey Luke,
        Thanks for the reply and your suggestions. I ordered the Pro Pur shower filter:

        I got it this morning, got it hooked up and it’s working great…no leaks anywhere. I’ll take my first shower with it tomorrow. I saw on the manufacturer’s website you can order water tests, although I haven’t noticed one for fluoride. I’ll call them tomorrow and if they don’t have one for that I’ll get the one you suggested in your reply above. Also, did you get the book I suggested to you a few months ago and was recommended by Dr. Mercola:

        If you haven’t yet it debunks a lot of long-time previously recommended ways to stay hydrated such as…”drink eight 8-oz glasses a day”, and…”divide your weight in half and that equals the number of ounces you should drink ever day”. It recommends we get most of our water intake from food the way Nomadic tribes — who live on the desert — stay hydrated.

  3. Hi Luke –
    thanks for posting thorough reviews! I am pondering a question nobody seems to have a clear answer to and was wondering what your thoughts on this subject are.
    I do have a Zero water filtering system and have been drinking the water. However, if all dissolved solids are removed, the water should be equal to distilled water in terms of purity. I know that the way of purification is different (I’m a chemist 🙂 but the end result is the same – water w/o any dissolved minerals. There are health concerns about drinking such demineralized water – it is supposed to slowly remove important minerals such as Ca and Mg from our body. Have you read anything inn your research to show this to be true?
    Should we NOT be drinking Zero (or distilled) water?
    Thanks for your input!

    • Hi Sabine
      Thanks for the question. It’s one that I’ve also struggled with because there is contradictory information out there.
      I personally believe that a lot of the confusion is because both things are true. Yes, 100% pure water is good for you BUT yes you are missing out on some healthy minerals too.
      I also use Zero at home because I like drinking totally contaminant free water and other filter jugs (like Brita) in the same price range are rubbish. However, I also have a good healthy diet so I’m confident that any minerals that I might miss from my water will be compensated for with the nutrient and mineral-rich foods I eat.
      Stay hydrated,

  4. I tried zero water, and i might be over cousious but after the filter i also distill my water.. And i am really happy i did because on the bodem of my distill divice i see blue water… I never had this with just tap water so i am really happy i distill this collour out aswell!! But this means that i would NEVER EVER drink only zero water again!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Back in 1960 when I was ten years old my dad had a water filter system put in the house. The salesman touted the advantages of soft water. About that time I developed a kidney infection, perhaps coincidentally but the doctor told dad that the soft water would be hard on my kidneys so dad took it out. My son has a propensity for kidney stones. I would appreciate any comments on those two issues.


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