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Fluoride free water has become a popular topic in recent years. This is because people are becoming aware of the government’s participation in our public water supply, many want to know more about its impact on our health.

WaterDrop RO BlackSome people praise fluoride for its ability to protect our teeth from decay.

However, others point out that too much could damage our teeth and adversely affect our nervous system.

Regardless of your opinion about fluoride, sometimes it seems almost impossible to do something as simple as drink a sip of water without also consuming it.

So this article will show you a list of all brands of mineral water that do not contain trace amounts of fluoride.

However, I will start by offering you a list of some health risks associated with fluoride exposure. I will also show you water filters that remove fluoride.

Fluoride Dangers

One of the most common (and somewhat ironic) side effects of fluoride exposure is fluorosis, which is the permanent deformation of the teeth. This is why it usually occurs in children during the first eight years of their life when their permanent teeth begin to form.

Red CrossFor physical deformities caused by fluorosis, include discoloration, ranging from yellow to dark brown, irregularities on the surface of the teeth, and large gaping holes can form holes in the teeth.Pelican Standard Softener

Red CrossAnother side effect of fluoride exposure is the negative impact on cognitive development in children. A study conducted in China, shows that children raised in areas with high concentrations of fluoride in drinking water, typically have an average in IQ. Especially when compared to children from areas with lower fluoride content.

Red CrossAccording to the study leader, Philippe Grandjean, this is due to the toxic effect that fluoride has on the developing brain. Some say the amount of fluoride that is necessary to cause extreme signs of fluoride toxicity is about 2 grams in adults but only 16 milligrams in children.

Red Cross“Fluoride seems to work with lead, mercury and other toxins that cause a chemical brain drain,” says Grandjean. “The effect of any toxin may seem small, but the combined damage at the population level can be serious, especially because the next generation of brain power is critical for all of us.”

Fluoride Free Water – Complete List

Here are some bottled water brands that contain little-to-no fluoride.

A Better Water
Agromas Natural Mineral Water
American Fare
American Star
Aqua Fresca
Aquarius Natural Mineral Water
Arbor Springs
Arlington Springs
Aquafina Water
Aqua Systems
Aqua Von
Artesian Wells
Augusta Medical – Daniels
Badger Water
Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water
BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water
Black Berry Farms
Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
Callaway Blue
Century Springs
Chippewa Spring Water
Citi Stop
Classic Selection
Clearly Arctic
Clear Mountain Spring
Clover Company Limited
Cold Country
Cohutta Mountain Spring Water
Cowboy Squeeze
Crowne Plaza Drinking Water
Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water
Cruel Jacks Spring Water
Crystal Mountain Spring Water
Crystal Point
Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water
Culligan Water
Dakota Splash
Deep Rock
DeepRock Crystal Drop
Deep Rock Fontenelle
Deja Blue
Desert Quench
East Phils
Eco Quest
Equatorial Natural Mineral Water
Essentia Water
E Water
Family Pantry
Famous Ramona Water
Flowing Springs
Food Club
Founders Square Bank
Fresh Brands Artesian
Fresh Market
Glacier Bay
Glen Summit Springs Water
Glen Summit Distilled Water
Glenwood Inglewood
Gordon Food Service
Great Bear
Great Value
Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
Hillcrest Distilled Water
Hilton PJ Natural Mineral Water
Hinckley Springs
Hi-Sprint Drinking Water
Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water
Hog Wash
Hon Less Natural Mineral Water
Ice Jam
Istana Natural Mineral Water
Joe Muggs
Joe Ragan’s Pure Water
Junior Johnson
Just Squeezed
KLGCC Natural Mineral Water
Kroger Bottled Water (Reverse Osmosis)
Krystal J Artesian Water
Leroy Jenkins Ministries
Logansport Savings Bank

Remove Fluoride From Water

Remember that in many locally supplied water, fluoride is added to your water, which means that the chemical is present in the water when it reaches the tap. However, it is possible to drink water without fluoride!

Your options include:Berkey Water Filters

Water filters are available in all shapes and sizes! You can find jugs that filter water, machines that are installed under your sink or even small tablets that clean drinking water. All these filters are designed to remove contaminants, but NOT all are effective in removing fluoride.

There are a few types of filters that can remove fluoride from your drinking water:

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Reverse osmosis filtration system can remove up to 95% of the fluoride in your drinking water.

  • RO (Reverse osmosis) systems push water through semi-permeable membranes in a filter and effectively remove impurities.WaterDrop Small White
  • However, these systems are usually very expensive (up to $2,000 for a one-touch system).
  • Between 2 and 4 gallons of normal water is needed to produce 1 gallon of filtered water.
  • The more impurities and fluoride the water contains, the less water is produced.
  • Another advantage is that reverse osmosis adds healthy minerals back to your water. Thereby increasing the health benefits of the drinking water.

Activated Alumina

The activated alumina method is highly effective in eliminating not only fluoride, but also heavy metals and toxins.

This type of filtration system is commonly used for highly fluorinated water supplies.

ClearlyFiltered Reverse OsmosisFiltering out fluoride with activated alumina is easy to obtain, another method of water purification that removes fluoride.

With activated alumina, the water passes through a bed of aluminum granules. The granules absorb impurities and leave the water clean.

  • On the other hand, your water must have a very specific pH (less than 8.5) for the activated alumina systems to work.
  • The flow of water is also very slow, which means that it takes longer to filter 1 gallon of clean water than other systems.
  • Filtration cartridges should be replaced regularly to keep systems running.


Tyent UCE 11Deionization is a process similar to distillation. Essentially, all the ionic particles are removed in the water.

This removes many contaminants and toxins, including fluoride.

Deionization treats ionic particles in water but the added benefit is that it also helps to balance the pH level of your water.

Most tap water is acidic in nature but a good deionizer water machine will produce water that is alkaline.

Dashed Line

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

If you want to remove all the fluoride from your drinking water, here are some of the best water filtration systems you should consider for your home:

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

WaterDrop RO WhiteThis reverse osmosis filtration system is designed for use in all homes. It produces several gallons per day, which is enough for the average household. It will also produce enough drinking water for you and for your family.

In terms of fluoride free water, this machine eliminates up to 99% of fluoride, as well as impurities, heavy metals, pesticides and toxins.

The product is manufactured in the USA and it only uses FDA approved food grade materials. It is easy to install under the sink, and is a great option for those who just want clean water.

Home Master TMJRF2 Countertop Water Filter System.

A compact and efficient water filtration system designed to fit in your sink / countertop and filter the water when necessary.

According to the specifications of the product, it is able to eliminate up to 93% of fluoride and other impurities.

It is a very easy-to-use device that you can install and set up in minutes. The best part is that it is easy to transport. You can move to the sink without calling a plumber.

It is also the cheapest water filtration system on this list.

Big Berkey (That Come With Fluoride Filters)

Big Berkey Product FeaturesThis is a dripping water filter, which means that much more time is needed to purify small amounts of water.

It can contain up to 2¼ gallons of water at a time but it filters up to 3.5 gallons per hour.mrwatergeek winner badge

It is a good solution for those who want to remove most of the particles, impurities and fluoride from their drinking water.

However, if you have a large family, you may not be able to produce enough drinking water

ProPur Big Steel Water Treatment System.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingAnother dripping water filter capable of holding a little more water at a time – 2 ¾ gallons.

It is suitable for a 2-4 person home and is full of solid stainless steel.

With the new ProOne G 2.0.7″ filters you can remove more fluoride and impurities than ever before.Berkey Water Filters

The best filters last longer and you only need to change them once every 12 months.

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I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


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      It would be far more cost effective to get a reverse osmosis unit or filter like Berkey in your home which are both guaranteed to treat fluoride.

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