The Biggest Drawback of Using A Hot Tub Cover

The Biggest Drawback of Using A Hot Tub Cover

Red CrossThe primary downside often revolves around the weight factor, making it somewhat cumbersome to lift. This can impact the overall convenience of using a hot tub cover.

To enhance ease of handling, one might explore options like cover lifters or materials that are lighter in weight.

What is a Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is simply a cover that keeps your hot tub protected. If it is the type of cover that has air pockets then it will capture energy from the sun and work just like a greenhouse.

They are sometimes called “tub covers” or “solar blankets”. A solar cover is environmentally friendly and a sustainable way to maintain your hot tub.

The Biggest Drawback of Using A Hot Tub Cover This is because it works off renewable solar energy, therefore reducing your need to use electricity.

The most popular solar hot tub covers look just like a plastic bubble wrap but don’t judge it by its basic looks.

The cover transfers heat to the water underneath during the day when the sun is out. And then it helps to keep the water warm at night.

In fact, some covers are able to increase the temperature of water by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help reduce the need to heat your tub before you get in.

Why Does My Hot Tub Need a Cover?

There are more reasons to get a hot tub spa cover than you might think. Here are some of the reasons why many hot tub owners find them invaluable:

  • Hot tub covers stop things from falling into your tub and potentially damaging it. This is especially necessary if your tub is located outside and exposed to the elements.Hot Tub Cover Opening
  • It also stops large debris, such as twigs and leaves from ending up in the filter, pipes, nozzles or pumps.
  • Using solar panel covers means that you can potentially run the entire system from this power source.
  • Even if you can only use the solar cover to power your hot tub some of the time, it will still lead to a reduction in electricity bills.
  • Hot tub covers are good for homes with children or pets. However, if this is your main reason for getting a hot tub cover then you should opt instead for traditional spa covers that are very sturdy.

Solar Hot Tub Cover Basics

Here are some basic terms associated with hot tubs and hot tub covers that will help you with your next purchase.


Micron is how the thickness of the cover is measured. A “micron” essentially means a very small unit of millimeters. 200 micron is the thinnest, lightest hot tub cover while 900 is the thickest and heaviest.

Air pocketsJacuzzi Bath Tub Spa Jets

The bubble wrap is not there to make it look nice.

It is what allows your solar cover to retain heat – just remember to make sure the bubbles always face down.


Choosing the color of your solar cover should not be an aesthetic choice. Different colors have different functions.

Silver/Gold/Blue/Black and other dark colors will help prevent the growth of algae. If you want lots of heat then consider getting silver or gold as they can better reflect the sun’s rays deeper into the water.

Opaque/clear/transparent is ideal for hot climates. This is because a clear cover will be better able to absorb and let in infrared or UVA light which will penetrate into the water thereby keeping it warm.

Electronic Solar Powered Spa Covers

Jacuzzi Spa PlugThe electronic versions of solar covers do everything the basic bubble wrap covers do but with 100% more intensity and effectiveness.

This is why I will only be reviewing electronic solar hot tub covers from this point onwards.

Solar Hot Tub Cover Reviews

Here are reviews of some of the top solar hot tub covers currently available online.

Natural Current NC30WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).

The Natural energy spa cover NC30WSPACOV Savior provides you with 25W of solar energy. This is a serious amount of wattage that is enough to heat water to whatever level you want.

The full list of what this solar panel cover can do is impressive. This includes filtering your water with a UV light for things like bacteria and it comes with ultrasonic sound waves.

The Bad

Red Cross The panel is large and may need two people to assemble.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowIt can be combined with other Natural Current products to get better results.

Green Plus ArrowCan be controlled via Wifi.

Green Plus ArrowMade in the USA.

Green Plus ArrowEasy to install and easy to use, even without previous experience with solar panels.

Green Plus Arrow25 watts of energy can keep your water very warm.

Dashed Line

Natural Current NC120WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).

The NC120WSPACOV is a higher energy alternative to some of the other lower voltage solar panels on this list. This solar panel will fit on top or on the sides of your hot tub.

The Bad

Red CrossThis option is one of the most expensive.

Red CrossSome Jacuzzi’s may not be strong enough to have both panels mounted on top at the same time.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowIt is easy to install.

Green Plus ArrowComes in a set of two 60-watt (120-watt in total) panels which allows for extremely powerful heating.

Green Plus ArrowEasy to clean with a simple glass cleaner.

Green Plus ArrowIt goes well with other Natural Current products.

Green Plus ArrowMade in the USA.

Dashed Line

Natural Current NC220WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).

The NC220WSPACOV Savior Natural Power Solar Power Case is a 240-watt solar panel package that provides you with lots of solar energy when you need it most.

Set this up as a pack of 4 solar panels or only use 1 or 2 if you feel that is sufficient. However, using all 4 will provide you with all the solar energy that you will ever need.

The Bad

Red CrossThis is a costly option.

Red CrossThe panels offer little protection against breakage.

Red CrossThe plates can be too heavy for the sides of some tubs.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowAvailable in four 60-watt panels (240-watts in total).

Green Plus ArrowEasy to install and maintain, even without previous solar panel experience.

Green Plus ArrowDesigned to keep your spa working for multiple applications without needing to recharge.

Green Plus ArrowExtremely powerful heating is possible with 240 watts of energy.

Dashed Line

Natural Current NCTHRSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: smaller spas.

The current solar-powered cover screen of the NCTHRSPACOV Savior power generator is a great solution for anyone with a smaller Jacuzzi who might be looking for a way to harness the sun’s energy for heating purposes.

Being a smaller heater for your spa means that it works best with 5 ‘x 5’ Jacuzzi’s. Even so, it is a good solution that can help you reduce the cost of frequently running your hot tub.

The Bad

Red CrossOnly suitable for smaller Jacuzzi’s, otherwise it will only cover part of a larger Jacuzzi.

The Goodmrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowThis heater is designed to work well with other products from Natural Current.

Green Plus ArrowThe simple and slim design makes it easy to install and remove as needed.

Green Plus ArrowThis heater does not get dirty easily. It can be kept clean with a regular gentle rinse or wipe-down.

Dashed Line

Natural Current NCOZSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: all Natural Current Panel products.

This product is suitable for use with any solar-powered solar panel. It converts the solar energy from your panels into electricity that you can use in your hot tub.

This includes heating up the water so that you use less electricity. And it works for both pools and hot tubs.

The Bad

Red CrossIt does not have all the necessary settings to control the plates efficiently.

Red CrossMany users have stated that the outer casing can break during prolonged use.

The Good

Green Plus ArrowIts sturdy plastic case protects the interior even when exposed to water.

Green Plus ArrowDesigned for use with any Natural Current product.

Green Plus ArrowYou can use this with either a hot tub or swimming pool.

Green Plus ArrowEasy to install and even easier to maintain.

Green Plus ArrowMade in the USA.

Dashed Line

Natural Current NCFBSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Natural current NCFBSAPCOV solar panels

The current solar-powered spa cover NCFBSPACOV Savior is a good option if you want a solar panel that floats on the surface of your spa. It has a wide and large surface area to capture the maximum amount of solar energy.

The Bad

Red CrossIts base does not support people so it can be a danger to children who might be tempted to get on top of it.

Red CrossThe base also doesn’t provide protection for the solar panel glass.

Red Cross**2024 UPDATE** recent customer reviews report this to be a product that is prone to breaking down. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

The Good

Green Plus ArrowMade in the USA.

Which Is The Best Solar Hot Tub Cover?

Solar hot tub covers do more than just keep your hot tub covered so that it doesn’t get damaged by the elements. They can function as a power source too.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingCovers are completely necessary if your hot tub is outside.

Otherwise, twigs, stones, debris, leaves, insects and even some animals will find their way into your hot tub.

And there is no telling how much damage these things can do once they enter your tub system.

mrwatergeek winner badgeGetting a tub cover is also a good idea if you have young children or pets in the home.

But why settle for a standard, boring cover when you can have a modern hot tub cover that can also heat your tub water.

Hot Tub CoverIf you’re going to be making this type of investment, it’s worth considering the electronic ones instead of the basic bubble wrap versions.

They are more effective and pay for themselves in the long rung with all the money you save on electricity bills.

My favorite solar tub cover is the Prestige range. It is a great product that works very well and offers great value for money.

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