Here is Why A Floating Spa Cover Makes The BEST Solar Hot Tub Cover

Getting a solar hot tub cover is perfect if you are looking for a good way to charge your Jacuzzi

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills, but still keep your hot tub running?

If so, you need a solar hot tub cover.

Using a floating solar Jacuzzi and a spa cover means that you can use solar energy to heat the water in your spa. Whether you choose a floating spa blanket or opt for a spa cover, you will find everything you need to know in this article.

In this article, I will tell you how to choose the correct solar hot tub cover for all your Jacuzzi needs. You will also find information on solar spa panels if you prefer this route.

What is a Hot Tub Cover?

A spa cover is simply a cover that keeps your spa protected. However, there are many different types of spa covers that you should keep in mind when making your purchases. Take a look at this list to understand the three most important types of spa covers you’ll find when searching for the perfect cover for your spa. 

Thermal Hot Tub Blanket Cover: They are very thin plastic sheets covered with small bubbles that help them to float on the water surface of your spa. They use the heat of the sun to heat the water and keep it as hot as possible. They are a great option if your hot tub is placed in direct sunlight or direct in your garden.

Traditional Hot Tub Cover: These are the large and bulky plastic covers you’ve probably seen before. They are usually very thick and can be folded and placed on the side of the spa when not in use. Although they are a little outdated, they are still an excellent way to heat your spa and remove dirt and grime when you are not using it.

Whirlpool Solar Covers: You can use solar collectors not only to heat your spa, but also to run your entire spa system if you have enough power. Install a solar panel system for your spa and you can do it all from the network. Which helps the environment and saves you a lot of money in the long term.

Why Does My Hot Tub Need a Cover?

You may think that you understand a lot about why your spa needs a cover, but you will be surprised. Take a look at this short list to understand how important it is to have a spa cover ready when you use your hot tub frequently.

  • Hot tub covers keep your water safe. 
  • They keep large debris, such as twigs and leaves, that enter the water of your spa, your filter, pipes and pumps.
  • This can avoid a lot of damage from potential problems like these.
  • Decks can heat the water without the hot tub.
  • This reduces the number of cycles that run in a day, which can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.
  • If you use solar panel covers, you can run your full spa with one of these simple covers.
  • If you are looking for an excellent way to save a lot of money in general, this is an excellent opportunity for you.
  • Hot tub covers also prevent children from falling into the spa, which can be a safety hazard. For this purpose, it is better to choose traditional plastic covers, but other styles may also work depending on your situation.

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Solar Hot Tub Cover Reviews

Natural Current NC30WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable)

Choose the natural energy spa cover NC30WSPACOV Savior with natural current to get 25W of solar energy to help you start your spa experience out of the network. With these custom panels, you can choose the right amount of solar energy for your needs by purchasing the minimum or the necessary amount to get the right power for your spa.

Take some and place them directly on the sides of your hot tub to ensure the best possible sun exposure in your garden. These panels allow you to filter, heat and operate the jets in your spa as often as necessary.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This plate is not strong enough to operate a larger hot tub.
  • It can be very expensive to buy enough plates to work properly.
  • The panel is large and can be difficult to assemble in your spa.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • Easy to install and easy to use, even without previous experience with solar panels.
  • Durable with prolonged use around water and in direct weather conditions.
  • It can be combined with other Natural Current products to obtain better results.

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Natural Current NC120WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable)  
Choose the Natural Current Energy Spa Cover NC120WSPACOV Savior for a lower energy alternative to some of the higher voltage solar panels on this list. These solar panels are designed to join the sides of your spa, but you can also buy a floating base that will allow you to place them directly on the surface of the water. Use them to provide a lot of energy for a smaller spa that is filtered, blown and heated, just like traditional electricity.

Red CrossThe Bad  

  • This option is quite expensive and may be higher than your spending budget.
  • Two panels may not be enough for some large eddies.
  • Some Jacuzzi’s may not be strong enough to be mounted on the sides.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • It comes in a set of two 60-watt panels for easy installation.
  • Easy to clean with a simple glass cleaner.
  • It goes well with other Natural Current products.

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Natural Current NC220WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable) 

The NC220WSPACOV Savior Natural Power Solar Power Case is a 240-watt solar panel experience that lets you illuminate the sides of your hot tub to get tons of sunlight when and where you need it most. Set up this set of four solar panels and let them take care of all your energy needs. These panels provide a lot of energy to heat your hot tub, and you can also connect and use them to power the entire tub.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This is a costly option that can be an excessive budget for many.
  • The panels offer little protection against breakage.
  • The plates can be too heavy for the sides of some eddies.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • Available in four 60-watt panels for a perfect location.
  • Easy to install and maintain, even without previous solar panel experience.
  • Designed to keep your spa functional for multiple applications without recharging.

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Natural Current NCTHRSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: 5’ x 5’ spas 

The current solar-powered cover screen of the NCTHRSPACOV Savior power generator is a great solution for anyone with a smaller Jacuzzi who might be looking for a way to harness the sun’s energy for heating purposes. Being a smaller heater for your spa, it can only be used with 5 ‘x 5’ Jacuzz’s. Even so, it is a good solution that can help you reduce the cost of running your spa many times.

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While providing additional heating along with other Natural Current products.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This is a very expensive heating system that should be used with equally costly solar cell products.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • This heater is designed to work well with other products of natural current.
  • The simple and slim design makes it easy to install and remove this solar heater as needed.
  • This heater does not get dirty easily and can be kept clean with a regular gentle rinse.

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Natural Current NCOZSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover 

Compatible with: all Natural Current Panel products 

The natural current NCOZSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover Breaker is a necessary component of your entire Natural Current Off-the-Grid system. This product is suitable for use with any solar-powered solar panel, and the panels fit directly into it. This converts the solar energy of your panels into electricity that you can use in your hot tub. Be sure to buy at least one of these important small boxes when the time comes to take your solar panels home.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This is a very expensive device. Especially when purchased with an expensive solar panel.
  • It does not have all the necessary characteristics to control the plates efficiently.
  • It is known that the outer casing breaks during prolonged use.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • It’s sturdy plastic case protects the interior even when exposed to water.
  • Designed for use with any natural current product.
  • Easy to install and even easier to maintain.

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Natural Current NCFBSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Natural current NCFBSAPCOV solar panels 

Choose the current solar-powered spa cover NCFBSPACOV Savior if you need something to make your solar panels float directly on the surface of your spa. This product does not contain the real solar panel, only the floating plastic base works correctly. It is compatible with the solar panel of the same company of 5 ‘x 5’ and offers you the unique opportunity to float your solar panel on the surface of your spa for optimal exposure to the sun.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This base can not support people, so it can be a danger to children.
  • The base does not provide protection for the solar panel glass.
  • This is a very expensive base.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • Durable plastic will last a long time, even with frequent use in chemically treated water.
  • The plastic housing adapts to most natural current products.
  • The base always stays afloat, even when used with dispensers.

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Which Is The Best Solar Hot Tub Cover?

There are some tips and tricks you can take into account to make your deck smoother. It’s hard to remember whether to put hot tub solar blankets up or down. The general consensus, however, is to put them down.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

When they are down, they can help the ceiling more easily and provide more space for warmth.

Do that and you will never wonder if you are going to raise or lower the bubbles on the solar cover again.

When using solar panels, keep in mind that you must know the installation. While they come with instructions, you may want to call a professional to take care of it, if you do not feel comfortable doing it alone. Handle the solar panels with care so they do not break.  mrwatergeek winner badge

Consider these tips and you will have a smoother operation of your solar heating, regardless of which solar hot tub cover you choose.

My favorite solar tub cover is the Natural Current NCTHRSPACOV. Happy soaking.


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