Camping / Survival Filters

Camping / survival filters are essential for anyone that likes to be ready to survive an emergency. Or anyone that simply likes camping and trekking the outdoors. Water is one of the most critical aspects of emergency preparedness. This is because you can survive around 3 weeks without food but only last approximately 3 days without water. As you can imagine, it can be incredibly difficult to access clean water in any sort of disaster situation. You can not expect to be able to "run to the store" to buy any water that you might need. First of all, chances are the stores won't be open. Secondly, even if they are, water will be one of the first things to sell out. Simply finding water out and about might not be an option either because unsafe drinking water is the root cause of about 50% of hospital patients. It is also the cause of more than 2 million deaths every year. This is why the best solution is to have your own personal water filter. Modern technology has improved in leaps and bounds when it comes to water filters. Especially when it comes to water camping / survival filters. This is in terms of how lightweight they are, what they are capable of removing and portability. The articles below will help you get the best personal camping / survival filters for your needs. I review all the best non-electronic, survival water filters that are perfect for camping and emergency situations. This includes a look at personal portable water filters like the LifeStraw, Sawyer Bottle, Katadyn, SurvivorStill and MSR guardian Purifier.