Alkaline Water Brands You MUST Always AVOID

Like with anything in life, there are alkaline water brands that you must always avoid. But before we get into that let’s talk about what alkaline water is.

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than the water that is available from the tap.

ACE 13 counter topEven though there is not very strong scientific evidence, many people say that drinking alkaline water can help neutralize acidity in your body and boost your metabolism.

In fact, many people claim that alkaline water helps your body absorb nutrients better.

If you want to put this to the test, here are some of the best alkaline water brands on the market available today.

Because there are different ways to consume alkaline water, the alkaline water brands listed below come in the form of bottles, machines and alkaline water filter pitchers.

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Which Alkaline Water Brands You MUST Always AVOID: Kangen Water

I have previously written about Kangen water by Enagic and concluded that it operates similar to a pyramid scheme.

Kangen Water AdvertThe machine itself might actually be good but it comes at an over inflated price to cover the cost of all the people that take a commission from the sale.

Kangen Alkaline Water Brands Review

Read: Kangen Alkaline Water – Real or SCAM??

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The BEST Alkaline Water Brands

Here are some of the best alkaline water brands on the market today that are actually alkaline water (or capable of producing alkaline water) and are available to purchase.

Hyzen Hydrogen Water Generator Pitcher

If you want to become green by making your own alkaline water and say goodbye to water bottles then this is the perfect water pitcher.

The Hyzen Hydrogen water generator pitcher can hold up to 1.5 litres of liquid. It is also made with “Tritan™ plastic” which is both eco-friendly and a certified BPA free material. Green Plus Arrow

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Alkaline88 Alkaline Water

This is the perfect way to get litres upon litres of great tasting alkaline water. But the best thing about buying 88 Alkaline water is the 84 minerals that are added so that it better balances your body.

The bottle looks great and other customers (myself included) think it tastes great. Green Plus Arrow


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Essentia Enhanced 9.5 pH Water

This is one of my personal favourite bottled water brands because of it’s ridiculously high 9.5 water pH level. And it is what I consider to be the best alkaline bottled water.

It has been carefully filtered so that it contains no chlorine (or fluoride), which makes it better than drinking water from the tap or other public water sources.
Green Plus ArrowBesides, it tastes delicious, very refreshing and at 34 ounces it is a good way to stay hydrated all day.


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EHM Electronic “H-Pitcher” Hydrogen Alkaline Water Ionizer Generator Flask

Instead of learning how to make alkaline water, let this bottle make it for you. The EHM alkaline mineral water ionizer bottle will make any water you pour into it alkaline. Green Plus Arrow

But there’s more…

  • EHM was voted number 1 by Alkaline Water Machine Reviews.
  • It provides you with good tasting hydrogen alkaline water.
  • Made with 304 food grade stainless steel, therefore it is both safe to use and high quality
  • Portable and ver easy to use.
  • It has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable. This means that you can charge it with your cell phone or computer making it super convenient to use.

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Alkaline Water Pitcher with 6 Filters No BPA

This is an easy to use alkaline water filter pitcher. You simply need to fill this pitcher up and it will raise the pH level of your water.

The best part is that it doesn’t just eliminate acidity it also eliminates any metals in your water too. The Wellblue Ionizer pitcher also has a timer option as well. Green Plus Arrow

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Tynet UCE-13 PLUS Water Ionizer Alkaline Machine

Tyent UCE 11If you only ever want to drink alkaline water from now on then this alkaline water machine is a good long term investment.

But guess what?

Even if you don’t want to only drink alkaline water then this is still a good investment because you can move between alkaline and non-alkaline water.


Green Plus Arrow Green Plus ArrowAlkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Drinking Water Filtration System With 11 Plates – BEST Features:

  • The Tyent UCE-13 Plus comes with different healthy water options. These options include: alkaline, ionized acidic, regular drinking wateretc.
  • It filters your water too with its built-in filters that will purify several gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.
  • Oh and did I mention that it’s easy to install for non-expert plumbers?See customer reviews
  • Easy to set up and install, all you have to do is connect the machine to your sink and start taking your water from its spout (instead of the tap).
  • Currently comes with a discount and lots of free upgrades by using coupon code: WaterGeek. This gives you 7 FREE extras + FREE US Shipping.

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Which Alkaline Water Brands You MUST Always AVOID: Kangen Water

I have previously written about Kangen Water by Enagic and concluded that it operates similar to a pyramid scheme.

Kangen Water Advert

The machine itself might actually be good but it comes at an over inflated price to cover the cost of all the people that take a commission from the sale.Kangen Alkaline Water Brands ReviewRed Cross

> Read: Kangen Water: Pyramid Schemes and Consumer Rip Offs

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Natural Alkaline Water Brands?

There are a few natural alkaline water brands like Heart Water.

Heart WaterThis is one of the more upmarket alkaline water brands available today. A six-pack that you would be proud to take to the office and no, I’m not talking about beer. It is one of the best natural alkaline water brands you can buy. I’m talking about an artesian rainwater that has an amazing pH level of pH.

However, if you want 100% natural alkaline water then make it your self. Seriously, alkaline water is easy to make at home using the things that are already in your kitchen cupboard.

You can probably create it in less then 1 minute, depending on which type of method you use.

Interested, read the steps in my related article. Read: How To Make Alkaline Water (For FREE & In Less Than 1 Minute)

The Best Alkaline Water Brand?

When it comes to home under counter machines that connect directly to your faucet, Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is better than my previous favorite ACE-13.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThis is because it’s a lot more convenient to place the large machine under the sink and use the touch screen to select your alkaline water options.

Yes, like all alkaline machine’s this system is not cheap.

mrwatergeek winner badgeHowever, there is currently a special offer on a bundle package upgrade for FREE.

The best thing about this machine is that the filters are almost as powerful as the alkaline processors.

Tyent UCE 11Its filters are capable of dealing with heavy metals like lead and mercury so you really get high quality clean filtered water. This is ideal if you don’t want to drink alkaline water all the time.

As I said, this system is not cheap. So if you do decide to buy make sure you get the best value by going WaterGeek. Doing this means that you will enjoy the full warranty and guarantee as well as a bunch of other free gifts by using the Tyent promocode: WaterGeek.

**UPDATE: Tyent will END this offer SOON** Coupon Code: WaterGeek gives you $1600 worth of FREE extras (including pH Test & Hydrogen Tablets) + FREE US Shipping.

Green Plus ArrowThe most powerful home alkaline machine ever. It has 11 plates and producing alkaline water of between 1.7-12.0.Tyent Coupon Template

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Comes with multiple filters that kill up to 99% of most bacteria or parasites in your water.

Green Plus ArrowEasy to install and set up without a professional plumber.

Green Plus ArrowConnects directly to your tap faucets.

Green Plus ArrowCurrently comes with a special offer that will add lots of free gifts and upgrades to your order, just use coupon code: WaterGeek.See customer reviews

Green Plus ArrowIt comes with a ‘FOREVER LIFETIME WARRANTY’!

Tyent Promo code: WaterGeek

FREE Tyent Checkout Offer

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