A-Plus Water Review

A+ water or A-Plus Water Solutions Inc is an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer.

A-Plus Water Solutions are the people that you can call if you have problems with your Kinetico water softener and are based in North Florida or South Georgia.

They have been solving Kinetico water softener problems for over a decade. Their marketing literature claims that they specialize in removing mineral hardness, chlorine, iron, sulfur and tannins. Presumably, this is because of the removable capabilities of Kinetico and not because they physically remove it themselves.

This A-Plus water review will take a look at the company profile and let you know if they are any good.

A+ Water = Independent Kinetico Dealer

As the title suggests A-Plus Water Solutions Inc is an authorized deal of Kinetico water softener systems. They also treat Kinetico water softener problems for residential and commercial customers. Specifically those customers located in South Georgia and North Florida. 

They are similar to other Kinetico authorized distributors. This means that they are not owned directly by Kinetico but owned and operated by professionals who live and work in local communities.

You want to choose an authorized Kinetico water professional because they are typically factory trained and independent. This means that they can both recommend and install water treatment solutions that fit your home and lifestyle.

If you choose to buy a Kinetico water softener then it’s good to know that you have access to authorized Kinetico technicians.

A-Plus Water Solutions, Inc.
19981 US Highway 84 East
Boston, Georgia 31626

Phone: (229) 498-2042
Toll Free: (888) 432-1118

A-Plus Water: Are They Any Good?

Based on their customer reviews, yes.

A-Plus have been in business for over 10 years and they have collected a bunch of loyal and happy customers. This is according to the online reviews left by their customers.

A-Plus Water Customer Reviews

There might be an issue however, but it probably has nothing to do with A-Plus and more to do with Kinetico.

I have previously written a 2K word in-depth review of Kinetico looking at it’s poor customer ratings.

But let’s be fair and start by looking at why Kinetico might be worth it.

What Are The Best Things About Kinetico?

Lots of high tech specifications.
Kinetico offer a lot of water products that come with the latest technologies. This is especially true for the newer models that can go toe to toe with models from other brands.

Not electric.
We all know that water and electricity do not mix. So it’s good that Kinetico systems are powered by the power of moving water, not electricity.

Professional PLUMBING OfferA non-electric water system also means lower running costs and you don’t have to worry about higher bills.

Direct from the manufacturer.
It’s very difficult to buy Kinetico from Amazon. This is because their business model requires you to book a consultant to come and see what your needs are. The benefits of this is that (at least in theory) you will get the right model that meets your specific needs. This can be a lot better than trying to figure things out yourself and end up buying a softener model that you’re not sure is right.

However, the fact you can’t buy it without a “sales person” coming to your home can also be it’s biggest problem.

What Are The Worst Things About Kinetico?

First and foremost, there are no verified customer reviews on the official Kinetico website. Unlike almost all other water softener brands, their products are not listed on places like Amazon, so reviews can not be shown there.

Second, where customers have found ways to write customer reviews, what they say is not good. Kinetico customers on forums complain a lot about the costs and fees.

Red CrossPeople primarily complain about not being able to see Kinetico prices in advance.

Red CrossThis is by far one of the biggest problems for most people. Kinetico has the reputation for forcing you to see a representative who comes to your home.

Red CrossThis can lead then to up-sell you on something that might be too advanced for your needs.

Red CrossKinetico prices are among the most expensive in the industry and so are their parts.

For example, a verified Kinetico customer in the state of Arizona reports needing to replace the float tank for a cost of about $250. He also had to further pay for a qualified plumber to install it because not doing this voids your warranty.

Read: Why Kinetico Might NOT Be Worth It

Best Kinetico Alternative? Fleck SXT

A more popular and better selling water softener on Amazon is the Fleck SXT. It has the best customer reviews of any softener model.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThis is because the best selling Fleck models like the Fleck 5600SXT is very effective at treating large amounts of hard water and does this very effectively.

When reading through the customer reviews, they all talk about it’s best features such as:

Green Plus ArrowHaving a good capacity. This means that it can provide enough soft water for the average household of 1 to 4 people. (Models with higher specifications such as the 7000SXT and the 9100SXT can supply soft water for larger homes.)

Green Plus ArrowCustomers also appreciate the very low prices, ease of installation and the low requirement for on-going maintenance.mrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowAlthough it’s always best to get a professional plumber, it’s possible for an average person with basic DIY skills to install this model by themselves.

Green Plus ArrowHas on-demand regeneration capabilities. This means that you can configure it once at the start and don’t need to keep changing the settings.

Green Plus ArrowLower water consumption means lower operating costs.

Green Plus ArrowFleck is by far the best selling and most popular water softener model. This means that it’s easy to troubleshoot, download manuals and get answers to technical problems online.


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