Autotrol Water Softener

You may need an Autotrol softener if you suffer from hard water.

Is the water in your home “hard”?

If you don’t know, go look inside your kettle. If you find white or cream colored stains and flakes then you have hard water. This also goes for all those difficult to remove white stains on your sink and around your tap faucets.

The only way to treat and remove the hard minerals in your water is a water softener.

Getting a water softener from a brand like Autotrol will help turn all of your hard water soft. The installation of an Autotrol water softener system in your home offers many benefits, including:

  • The complete elimination of minerals that cause hard water.
  • Save money on soaps and detergents because soft water helps them lather easier.
  • Extend the life of appliances because they will no longer be affected by limescale.
  • Remove any contamination that a filter attached to the faucet can not handle.
  • Convenience of quality bottled water at no extra cost or bottle waste.
  • Cleaner and softer laundry because hard water is very very bad for clothes

If you’re thinking about getting a Autotrol water system, read this article to help you make decide if it is right for you.

Autotrol Water Softener

Autotrol is a vertical manufacturer of things like water softeners.They also produce a wide range of custom AC magnet synchronous geared motors and DC geared motors.

The company was founded in 1964. It is well known for its wide range of applications and its knowledge about geared motors. They claim that their rapid change in assembly lines can easily meet low and high volume requirements. Also their vertical integration will support rapid changes in customer requirements.

You can not buy Autotrol Softener in places like Amazon so you may have to go directly to the company or use an authorized Autotrol dealer.


Autotrol Valves

Did you know that there are only a few companies that make almost all the parts for water softeners?

They include Fleck, Clack and Autotrol (owned by GE). Autotrol make a number of 48 000 grain capacity water softeners that use a meter.

They come with meter heads that allow you to control and set the the softener program that enable high efficiency regeneration that minimizes how much salt you use.


Autotrol Water Softener Price

Autotrol water softener prices fit in with the general cost of water softeners as prices typically start upwards of $514. This is of course for a lower spec and capacity model. A higher-capacity softener or one that has more features will be more expensive.

You should also consider the potential cost of installation if you are not able to do this yourself. Especially as the cost of professional installation is not included in the overall price.

So, Is Autotrol Worth It?

The short answer is yes, if you can afford to get it, Autotrol is worth it. Their water softeners are similar to the Fleck SXT range which is a very good brand of water softener.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingMy only complaint is that their water softeners are pretty generic and standard.

However, this may be a good thing when you consider things like finding Autotrol parts and manuals online. mrwatergeek winner badge

You can easily get an Autotrol softener online with next day delivery unlike some other branded softeners.

Competitors like Amazon, are the most popular and best selling because they offers similar water softening capacity at very affordable prices 

However, Autotrol prices seem to match and sometimes undercut, so thumbs up from me.


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