Do NOT Buy A Portable Water Softener Until You Read This

When water contains high levels of mineral ions like calcium and magnesium, it becomes “hard”.

Hard water is the reason for limescale around your taps, sink and could be the very thing ruining your home appliances.

Hard water can also increase the waters’ incompatibility with soap. The result of this is dry hair, skin and a negative impact on your pipes as well as other plumbing fixtures.

Stopping these negative effects means softening your water and the most effective way to do this is a water softener.

However, what happens if you’re travelling or spend a lot of time on the road? Especially if you are an RV traveller who constantly has to deal with hard water.

Do you know that the water in most campsites are usually hard?

This is why getting a portable water softener makes so much sense. The last thing you want are the pipes and appliances in your RV getting hard water damage.

If this is a concern for you then a portable water softener is a good investment.

What Is a Portable Water Softener?

A portable water softener is a compact portable machine that softens hard water.

It does this by using salt and removes hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium to make your water “soft”. This water softening process was only possible through a fixed machine unit up until very recently.

This is because the water softener had to be installed into the water supply line of your home.

However, it is now possible to buy a water softener machine that is portable. These machines are designed to be easy to set up, install and maintain. They typically come with all the accessories you need to set it up. For instance, you can expect the package to include essentials like valves, water inlets, valves, caps, even hose adapters with outlets and inlets.

Want to know the best bit?

Most portable softening systems do NOT need electricity to work.

This means you can get easy access to soft water for washing your car. Doing this will help prevent the mineral buildup and residue. If left unchecked, residual mineral buildup on your car’s surface can dull its appearance or eventually cause damage like a crack in the paint work.

A Portable Water Softener Is Ideal For….

  • The owner of an RV motor vehicle.
  • Automotive owners, especially those who own large vehicles like vans or minibuses.
  • Boat owners.
  • Those who like to use soft water to wash their car, RV, minibus or van.
  • People who rent apartments and don’t have landlord permission to install a water softener.
  • Those who are going camping, trekking or generally intend to spend time in the great outdoors.

Advantages of Portable Softening Systems

  • These machines are compact and make it easy to use anywhere you go.
  • You will benefit from the increasing lifespan of appliances and plumbing facilities on your boat, RV, boat etc.
  • Using soft water to wash your RV, car, or boat – leaving them spot-free.
  • Soft water also helps improve issues with dry skin and hair.
  • Soft water increases soap lathering thereby allowing you to use less soap.
  • It prevents buildup of scale on your pipes, appliances and plumbing systems.

Here is How The Portable Water Green Plus ArrowSoftener Saves You Money

  • Using a portable water softener will eliminate the appearance of limescale thereby maintaining the car, RV, or boat’s appearance. This also means it has a better chance of retaining its resale value.
  • Soft water is much better at increasing the lifespan of your appliances, cars, and other machines, thereby preventing expensive repairs.
  • Did you know that using soft water on your laundry can also increase the lifespan of your clothes? The result of this is you maintain the quality and appearance of your clothes meaning you don’t have to buy new ones as much.
  • You will also find that you save on things like soap and other cleaning aids. This is because soap lathers better with soft water and this results in you using less soap.
  • Soft water is also good for you if you suffer from dry hair and skin. This will mean you can spend a lot less money on lotions and creams.
  • You don’t have to buy specialist water softener salt to use machines like the Watts RV Pro-100! It will work with everyday regular table salt, which is very cheap to buy and available everywhere!
  • Some portable water softeners also have water purification capabilities thereby serving 2 purposes of filtering and softening water which means you can drink it too. This can save money on getting an additional water filter or buying bottled water.
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Best Portable Water Softener Reviews

Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002

Watts PRO-1000 is by far one of the best rated water softeners for RV’s. It is the ideal solution for travellers and campers. One of the biggest benefits of the Watts PRO-1000 over other portable water softeners is its ease of installation and ease of use.

Here are some of its other key benefits:

  • It is very portable and designed to be compact at only 8 x 22 inches. Yes, this will take up some space but it’s no where near as bulky as a full water softener machine.
  • You don’t have to buy expensive softener salt, this portable softener works on regular table salt! so you don’t need to buy the water softener salt.
  • Even though it is a small compact portable machine, it still has a capacity of 10,000 grains.

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DI-120 CR Spotless Water System

DI-120 CR spotless system has this name because it is designed specifically for protecting the finish of your car while you wash it. The DI-120 removes all the hard minerals through a process of de-ionization. The end result is a scale and residue-free car finish after it has been washed.

This works for your car, boat, RV, motorcycle or even your house windows. Here are some key benefits and features of the spotless water system:

  • A very light weight and compact, which makes it both affordable and portable.
  • This system can produce around 75-1000 gallons of soft water from just a single resin cartridge. However, this also depends on how hard your water is (use a water hardness test kit to find out).
  • The DI-120 features a battery operated TDS meter. This allows you to measure the quality of water produced by the machine.

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On The Go OTG4-StdSoft-Portable Water Softener

The Go OTG4-StdSoft-Portable water softener is another highly rated portable softener. A big part of its popularity is the fact it’s tank style water softener is very easy to carry. Here are some of its other key specifications:

  • The unit comes with a handle that lets you easily transport and lift it.
  • It features a large opening, which allows you to quickly replenish the salt as and when needed.mrwatergeek winner badge
  • You only need REGULAR table salt (not expensive specialist softener salt) to regenerate water. This is great because it is super easy to get hold of regular salt anywhere in the world and it’s usually cheap too!
  • The machine is both lightweight and compact, making it a great space-saving solution that you can use in your home if space is an issue.
  • It regenerates in 15 minutes.
  • This water softener is ideal for longer trips because it can provide soft water for up to 20 days before the system requires regeneration.
  • Installation only takes a few minutes.
  • It is easy to connect this softener system to your water appliances in an RV using the standard hose pipe connections that come with it.

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Best Portable Water Softeners Comparison Chart

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Portable Water Softener – My Top Pick

Mr Water Geek ThinkingWhen it comes to features, value for money, ease of installation my top pick is On The Go OTG4-StdSoft. mrwatergeek winner badge

It has amazing customer reviews and great features, which makes it ideal for both travel and your home.

If space is an issue e.g. you live in an apartment or renting so can’t install anything permanent – get a portable water softener!

Portable water softeners are just as reliable and efficient as the ones that are plumbed in.

But so much cheaper, the only issue is the portable softeners won’t be able to supply the whole home with soft water. Just the outlet where they have been installed.

This means that you can not use this in the place of a whole house softener.

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  1. We are using On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable and am very happy with it. I couldn’t believe how much better the clothes came out of the washing machine, no marks on the shower glass and no build-up on the faucet. My wife’s skin is also much improved, smoother.

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