Is The Nuvo h2O Really WORTH The High Cost?

Last Updated on December 9, 2020

Salt free water softeners have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years.

Many people like the fact that they don’t use salt to soften their water like most softener systems.

AquaTruIt offers a more environmentally conscious solution because you’re not constantly buying and using softener salt.

If this sounds right for you, remember that water can NOT be fully softened without salt. This softener will instead give you water that is “less hard”.

Of all the salt free water softener machines the Nuvo H2O is one of the best out there. In this article, I will let you know everything you need to know before you buy the Nuvo H2O.

However, this won’t just be a praise-fest. I will also point out some issues that you need to consider before handing over your hard earned cash.

Nuvo H2O – Do Salt Free Water Softeners Work?

The Nuvo H2O works on the premise that it is possible to soften water without using softener salt.

However, this is not 100% accurate because (to date), the only way to produce truly softened water is by using sodium (salt). But the Nuvo machine uses other techniques to reduce the hardness of your water.

The water produced by the Nuvo H20 system is “conditioned” not softened.

Conditioning means that the alkalinity level is reduced and scale buildup is prevented. It does this with nanotechnology that changes the structure of water.

Because it doesn’t use salt, the makers can afford to make the design smaller and compact. This makes it ideal for people with smaller spaces or live in a small apartment.

Nuvo H2O also uses a process called chelation. This helps reduce limescale buildup caused by hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium over an extended period of time.

Your home appliances could be affected if the buildup caused by hard water is never addressed.

Nuvo H2O Features and Specifications

  • It’ss a salt-free water conditioning unit that makes use of nanotechnology.
  • Very compact in size (8” wide by 29” long).
  • This unit is suitable for homes of at least 2100 feet square.
  • Built-in by-pass valves and pressure release.
  • Filters will work for approximately 60,000 gallons before they need to be replaced.
  • The Nuvo comes with a lifetime warranty on the product as well as an initial 90 day money back guarantee.

Benefits of Nuvo h2OGreen Plus Arrow

  • Great tasting water. You can’t drink soft water but you can drink water that is conditioned and filtered! This is because traditional water softeners add potassium salt to the system making it undrinkable as I discuss in my article here. The Nuvo on the other hand doesn’t use this process therefore produces water that you can drink.
  • Removes existing scale buildup in your pipes while also preventing new buildup: A salt-free unit like the Nuvo uses advanced technology to change the structure of hard water. The outcome of this is that hard water scales stop building up in your pipes and new ones find it more difficult to form.
  • A generous lifetime warranty along with a 3 month money back guarantee. This makes it possible to return this item if you are not completely satisfied. The fact that you are given this option in the first place shows how much confidence its manufacturers have in this product and another reason why I love the Nuvo H2O
  • Very easy to use. It does not heed electricity, salts or magnets. This means there is almost no waste to run, no mess and it is super easy to use the filter / shut-off valve.

Issues With Nuvo H2O

Red Cross

  • The first issue has been mentioned several times already; it does not soften water because it does not use salt. Instead it descales your pipes and “conditions” your water to give you water that is “less hard”. If you have severe hard water issues consider getting a standard softener which is one of the best and most affordable salt based water softeners on the market.
  • The Nuvo H2O uses a filter that needs to be replaced. You will need to replace the cartridge about every six months (depending on your usage). A single cartridge costs around $50 – $100.

What I LOVE About Nuvo H2O Reasons to LOVE Berkey Water Filter

Easy to use (easier than a water softener) – The Nuvo is far easier to use than the everyday water softener. It is very easy to set up, maintain and use.

Why?Pelican Standard Softener

Because it makes use of no magnets, no softener salt, no waste and no electricity. The machine also has an idiot-proof shut-off valve and easy to replace filter.

Removes existing scale and prevents new ones from forming – Instead of using sodium to soften water, this unit “conditions” your water while also descaling.

The Nuvo H20 helps to keep your pipes scale-free thereby protecting your home appliances.

Great drinking water (with no added sodium) – This unit produces drinkable water since there is no softener salt added and it also filters your water. This means you get conditioned water that also tastes great.

Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee – Any product that is confident enough in its quality to offer you with a 90 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty is always good in my book.

Dashed Line

What To Consider Before Buying The Nuvo H2O

This system is right for you if you have a liking for salt-free water softening units. I have reviewed other salt free systems and this is by far my favourite. However, there are some things you should consider before making the commitment to buy:

Nuvo H2O is WRONG If…

  • Your household has a water hardness of over 10 GPG – Get a water hardness test and check the level of your water hardness. Although this salt free system can still work if over 10 GPG, it won’t be very effective. You are better off getting a salt based water softener.
  • Your home uses well water – This is because the sediments that you commonly find in well water will clog up this H20 system.MyTapScore Home Water Test

Nuvo H2O is GREAT if…

  • You want a simple solution – The Nuvo system is super easy to install, run and maintain. It is very much a ‘set and forget’ solution.
  • You want softer filtered water that tastes great – this system does not use sodium and also lightly filters your water. The result of this is great tasting water.
  • You don’t have a lot of space – this unit is much smaller and compact than a traditional water softener system.
  • Want to go green – the Nuvo is a far more environmentally friendly way to condition and filter hard water when compared to the other available methods.MyTapScore Inforgraphic

Nuvo H2O – My Verdict

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThis is by far my favourite salt-free water softener available on the market today.

The Nuvo H20 gets everything right and the issues it has are issues you would get with any saltless unit.

i.e. they only “condition” and descale rather than actually soften.mrwatergeek winner badge

If this is something that you’re both aware of, and happy with then you should consider getting the Nuvo.

Green Plus Arrow

Removes and prevents scale buildup in your pipes.

Green Plus Arrow

Has a generous 3 month guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Green Plus Arrow

Does not use salt so ideal if you’re on a sodium restricted diet.

Green Plus Arrow

Want an environmentally friendlier alternative to salt based softeners.

Green Plus Arrow

Need something that is compact and doesn’t take up too much space.

Green Plus Arrow

Easy to use and maintain so you can ‘set and forget’ it.


  1. In your review you state that the Nuvo system is wrong in conjunction with well water. Can you tell me if a so called community well is categorized as being the same as well water?

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