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Article Last Updated: December 2020

Getting good quality Jacuzzi filter cartridges is a great way to improve the water quality in your existing bath tub.

AquaCheckJacuzzi filter cartridges are an important part of the bath tub. They do a great deal to improve the overall quality of your water and they can also make your Jacuzzi last longer.

However, it can be very confusing and difficult for you to determine what type of replacement cartridge you want to buy. You may even be unsure how to install your new filter cartridge.

But don’t worry! This article is here to help.

I will provide you with all the information you need to install your next Jacuzzi pool filter cartridge and explain why it’s important to keep up with this step in maintaining your bath tub.

Cover Life ExtenderI will also review the best Jacuzzi filter cartridges available to buy today.

This will help make your purchase decision much easier.

Unlike other online Jacuzzi filter cartridge reviews mine will also talk about bad points and issues you may encounter.

Even if you don’t like any of the products that I review, this article will help you decide what features are important to you.

Thereby getting you that little bit closer to deciding which new product is right for your needs.

What is a Jacuzzi Filter Cartridge?

Jacuzzi filter cartridges are specialist filters that only work in bath tubs. It removes any bacteria, dirt, debris, contaminants and viruses before they enter into the bath water.

This is especially necessary if your bath tub is out side where it can be affected by the elements.

Pleatco FilterIt is more effective than simply washing your tub by hand because washing by hand means that you’re dealing with the dirt after it’s already reached your tub. While the filter will take care of it before it reaches your water.

Also remember that a lot of microorganisms are not visible to the naked eye. And this can become a serious issue if you’re sharing your hot tub with someone else.

It is very important to keep the filter cartridge clean and replace it as often as is necessary. Doing this will ensure that the filter will continue to keep your water clean and safe.

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Why Replace My Jacuzzi Filter Cartridge?

No filter cartridge lasts forever. Sooner or later it will wear out and stop working effectively.

A worn out filter is as good as having no filter because it won’t do anything.

In fact, it might be worse than having no filter because if it’s full of dirt then some of that dirt might escape into your bath water.

Here’s why you need to replace Jacuzzi filter cartridges:
  • Over time, your Jacuzzi filter cartridge will accumulate too much dirt. Buth Tub JacuzziThis is because it is not always possible to remove all the dirt that has built up even if you clean, rinse and wash the filters frequently. The filter cartridges can no longer be cleaned at a certain point and it will be time to replace it with a new one.
  • There will be lots of things that enter your tub without a properly functioning filter. And these things entering your tub can cause damage to your pump, nozzles and the pipes. The repair bill for fixing this will be much more expensive than simply buying a new filter in the first place.
  • The filter will wear out overtime the more you remove, clean, soak, rinse and replace it. Filter damage is inevitable. Cracks, breaks and eventual looseness will cause your filter cartridge to be less effective.

How Often Should I Replace My Filter Cartridge?

It depends on the type of filter you have but 1-2 years is the average.

As previously discussed, you should check the manufacturer instructions to know exactly how long your filter will last for.

Washing A Tub Spa FilterThere are some extremely high quality filters that can last for up to 5 years.

Also, remember that even though it might last for 1-2 years you will still need to clean and rinse it regularly.

This is the only way to keep the filter working effectively long term.

Regularly cleaning and replacing your Jacuzzi filter is an important maintenance step that you need to conduct to keep your hot tub healthy.

How To Install A Filter Cartridge

The hot tub filter cartridge looks like a large white cylinder so it is easy to recognize.

You will find it inside its housing unit that is part of the tub.

Change Bath Tub FilterIf you’re struggling to find it then check your user manual or look through online videos.

If neither of these help then try looking online for the user guide for your specific model.

Once you are able to locate where the filter is then follow the steps below:

  • Start by turning the power off at the service disconnect or breaker.
  • Take off the filter cover.
  • Open the bleeder valve and let the pressure release. This might take 10 seconds or so.
  • Once this has happened, tighten the bleeder valve back up. Don’t over tighten.
  • Then turn the lock ring and take that out.
  • Pull up on the handle section, take that out and put it to the side.
  • Now you can take out the filter.
  • Put your new filter in place of the old one.
  • Place the filter lid back on and press it down until it is air tight.
  • Take your locking ring and screw that back into place.
  • Turn the breaker back on.
  • Put the spa power back on.
  • Fill your spa through the filter and let it run for at least one cycle before using.

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Jacuzzi Filter Cartridges

Jacuzzi 2540-383 Filter Cartridge for J-400 Series

The J-400 Series Jacuzzi 2540-383 is for those who are looking for one of the best filter options for the Jacuzzi J 480. lazy placeholderThis filter cartridge is designed to run smoothly in Jacuzzi’s with the same model number.

It is a good quality product that is manufactured by the Whirlpool company. You can only buy this filter individually and not in bulk which could save you money.

Red CrossThe Bad
  • Very expensive filter cartridge replacement.
  • This filter set can not be used for products other than the Jacuzzi brand. lazy placeholder
  • It is intended for use with a specific series of hot tubs only and is not otherwise interchangeable.
Green Plus ArrowThe Good
  • Manufactured by Whirlpool, which is a reputable and well established brand.
  • This is a durable filter that fits in to branded Jacuzzi hot tubs.
  • The sturdy plastic housing that surrounds this filter will not bend or break even after prolonged use.
  • The filter cartridge itself is attached to the case to prevent it from breaking.

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Replacement filter for Jacuzzi J-480, J-470 and J-465

This is a replaceable J 470 filter to use with the J-480 and J-465 models. However, it is also a durable product that can be used with a variety of Jacuzzi’s. lazy placeholder

It can also be used with other filter products, making it generally more useful. It’s “no-brand” status is what makes it a bit cheaper than some of the other products listed here.

Red CrossThe Bad
  • Although this filter is a bit more affordable than Jacuzzi products, it is still more expensive than other unbranded products.
  • This filter is not available in bulk and can only be purchased separately.
Green Plus ArrowThe Good
  • This filter is strong enough to withstand being cleaned many times as well as frequent applications over the long term. lazy placeholder
  • It is a powerful filter with fine wrinkles that make it more effective at filtering dirt and grime.
  • The filter is equipped with a handle to facilitate easy installation and replacement.

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Unicel 120 Square Foot Jacuzzi Filter Cartridge

This is a set of two 120-square-foot Unicel Jacuzzi filter cartridges. It provides you with just the right amount of filtration for twice as much time at a fraction of the cost of some of the other products on this list. lazy placeholderThese filters are from Unicel.

Unicel is a brand specializing in universal filters that work with almost every hot tub on the market. These filters are a great solution for Jacuzzis like the Jacuzzi 400 series. But they can also be used with a variety of other brands and some swimming pools.

Red CrossThe Bad
  • This filter might not be able to withstand very harsh treatments and chemical cleaners.
Green Plus ArrowThe Good
  • This filter has many wrinkles, which can better trap dirt and debris.
  • Provides you with the most powerful water filtration, even more than branded products like Jacuzzi. lazy placeholder
  • Easy to clean by separating the wrinkles by hand and rinsing them with a garden hose.
  • Since this filter is available on Amazon, you can bundle it with other products when buying.

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Pleatco PJ100-4 Replacement Cartridge for Jacuzzi

This is an affordable replacement filter for your spa that will not break the bank. It serves as a cheaper “non-branded” product that is compatible with many of the major hot tub brands. Tub Pool Filter

The Pleatco PJ100-4 replacement spa filter cartridge is an excellent option for anyone looking for a durable filter that is not brand specific and costs less money.

Red CrossThe Bad
  • It is known that the housing of the plastic cartridge of this filter can sometimes break and peel off into the water.
  • As this is not a Jacuzzi product, it may not fit perfectly in your Jacuzzi hot tub.mrwatergeek winner badge
  • This filter does not have as many folds and wrinkles as some of the other products listed here. More folds usually mean high filtration capacity. See Customer Reviews Button
Green Plus ArrowThe Good
  • This is a very affordable filter cartridge replacement that is well below budget for many spa owners.
  • It is very easy to rinse this filter by simply spreading the wrinkles by hand and using the hose from your garden.

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Pleatco PJ120-4 Replacement Cartridge

One of the best selling points about the Pleatco PJ120-4 is that it’s slightly more affordable than similar branded products.Pleatco Filter

It is compatible with many brands of hot tubs that include Jacuzzi and Whirlpool.

This durable filter is also large enough to provide adequate filtration for larger hot tubs.

Red CrossThe Bad
  • Since this filter is not reinforced, the folds can start to loosen very easily after lots of uses.
  • The plastic housing around this filter can form holes and breaks off after a while.
  • For some customers, these filters may be too expensive for a branded product that is not Jacuzzi.
  • See Customer Reviews Button
Green Plus ArrowThe Good
  • This filter is easy to install and replace with a handy integrated handle.
  • Works well alone or with a secondary filter or micro filter (depending on the type of ht tub that you have).

Dashed LineWhich Is The Best Out Of All Jacuzzi Filter Cartridges?

There are so many different Jacuzzi filter cartridges available on the market today that it can be overwhelming.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingHowever, this article has listed a bunch of good options to choose from.

If none of them are suitable then you will at least get an idea of what is out there.

This article can also be the starting point for your research and help you make an initial shortlist.

Tub Pool FilterThe most important thing about buying a Jacuzzi filter cartridges is that you get one that fits.

So make sure you have the right measurements and make sure what ever you buy is compatible with your device.

Once you know that it fits, the other important thing is to get one that is of good quality and very effective.

When it comes to the “best”, my personal favorite is Pleatco, it has very few serious negatives. It is super powerful, effective and lasts very long.

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