Here Is The TRUTH About Hot Tub Filter Systems (All FAQ's Answered!)

Hot tub filter systems are absolutely essential if you want to keep your tub clean without fuss and hassel. Are you one of the many happy people that enjoys the benefits of owning a hot tub?

Do you love having a hot tub in your garden. But do you hate the problems that accompany it? Especially the problems that sometimes come with hot tub filter systems?

That’s very understandable. Although hot tubs are relaxing and fun, they can also be a challenge. It can be very difficult to keep a Jacuzzi at home, especially if something goes wrong.

Of course, the benefits of a hot tub far outweigh the disadvantages. If you have a Jacuzzi, you can enjoy a dip in bubbling water whenever you want.

Most garden hot tubs are installed on the floor. But some can be placed below ground for a truly incredible experience.

No matter what type of Jacuzzi hot tub you have, most work the same way. They are full of treated water and have several nozzles around the spa to make the water bubble and froth. There are also often seats in the hot tub that can provide a place to relax while soaking.

Although there are many good reasons to have a hot tub in your home, there are some problems that can also occur. In this article, I will inform you about general problems with hot tubs, frequently asked questions and how to solve the most common issues.

Hot Tub Filter Systems FAQ

Q: What is a Hot Tub Filter?

A: If you’ve seen an aquarium, you probably already know how a water filter works. The filter in your hot tub is not really different. But it works on a much larger scale. Hot tub filter systems process the water in your hot tub and remove dirt, sediment and even some unwanted minerals before the water touches your body. 

Q: Different Types of Hot Tub Filter Systems?

A: All hot tub filter systems are cartridge filters, sand filters or diatomaceous earth filters. Cartridge filters are very easy to clean and can usually be easily rinsed with a water hose. They are from durable materials such as polyester that allows water to pass.

The 3 main different types of hot tub filter systems are:

  • Cartridge Filters
  • Sand Filters
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are usually cheaper and much easier to maintain than other types of filters. They are the most common and are, by far, the most popular.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are usually large, round balls filled with sterile sand. Water is filtered through this sand so that unwanted particles can be captured by a very natural method. This version of a filter system does not work as well as other types and absorbs the least amount of dirt. However, it is very popular among hot tub owners looking for a completely natural way to keep the water filtered.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

The diatomaceous earth filters are made from the diatomaceous waste that is turned into a fine white powder. This is a very common form of filtration that is almost as popular as the cartridge filter. Some cartridge filters also contain this type of filter dust as part of their configuration.

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Q: How Long Do Hot Tub Filters Last?

A: Again, this all depends on the brand, make and model of your filter. But it can take between two and five years. However, the instruction manual of your filter should give you more detailed information. 

Replace the hot tub filters every two years if you discover that the filter turns brown or green. Or if it falls apart during regular cleaning.

If you have very hard water, you may have to change the hot tub filter more frequently. Hard water can build up lime on your filter, and even if you do not notice it in the water, it can damage the filter.

If you use your hot tub more often, for example, several times a week, the life span of your filter may not be as long. With regular use of the hot tub, the filter can be used in about half the usual time. This is normal, but remember to check your filter more frequently if you use your hot tub frequently.

Occasionally, the filter cartridge may break during prolonged use. You should replace it if that happens.

Q: Hot Tub Filter Replacement Frequency?

A: This depends on the type, make and model of the hot tub filter system that you have. Check the instruction booklet or ask the manufacture direct if you’re unsure.

One of the main causes of hot tub filter problems is forgetting to replace the filter at the right time. It is important to know how often the filter cartridges change and how often the filter should be replaced. Keeping up with these changes will keep your hot tub and filter much longer and you will enjoy better water quality with each bath.

Q: How Can I Change My Hot Tub Filter?

A: It is important to know how to change your tub components in the right time. And how often you take care of this important maintenance step. Keep in mind that each hot tub is different. The best way to discover how to remove the filter parts from the hot tub and change the filter on your specific model is in the manual. 

However, this may not always be a feasible solution. Especially if you have had your hot tub for a while and have lost the manual.

A hot tub filters should be changed in most cases every two years. This may be longer if you have a high-performance or shorter filter if you use frequently. Or forget to cover your hot tub frequently. Check it once a year to make sure it looks as clean as possible. But remember that you may not need to replace it as often.

Many owners of hot tubs change the filters in a way that you can soak and dry between hot tub applications without downtime. If you do, it’s a good idea to keep a note somewhere you will not lose to remember how many times you’ve used each filter.

Follow the steps below to change any hot tub filter at any time:

  • The first step to changing your hot tub filter is to find it.
  • Turn off the hot tub and turn off the switch if possible.
  • Drain the hot tub completely from the water before searching for the filter.
  • The filter piece looks like a small bucket or other support that should be visible without removing the other components or parts. Your manual can tell you exactly where to look. But it should not be hard to find.
  • Your filter cartridge can be removed as easily as a simple twist. However, some cartridges are screwed in. So you may need a screwdriver to remove them. You should be able to tell if you can remove your cartridge by hand. Regardless of how you want to eliminate it, remove it to complete the next step.
  • Use the same process that removed the previous filter and place the new filter in the container of your hot tub.
  • Read the instructions on the new filter to make sure you do not need to soak or rinse it first to prepare it for use or to remove unwanted parts from the filter media.
  • When the filter is completely installed, turn the hot tub back on and replace the drained water.
  • Turn on the hot tub and let it work for at least 4 hours.

Q: Do I Really Need a Filter?

A: Short answer, yes.

So you may be wondering, “can I run my hot tub without hot tub filter systems?” It seems a lot of work to maintain a hot tub filter. But rest assured that it is really worth it. The filter is an important part of your hot tub, helping it to function properly. It also helps keep you, your friends and your family safe while you use it.

Do you need a tub

Consider the following when considering whether or not to operate your hot tub without a filter installed: 

  • First of all, remember that the hot tub filter fulfils an important task. It is designed to filter unwanted contaminants from the water that flows into your hot tub. And it can protect you and your family by removing rough deposits such as calcium from the water supply.
  • You can also catch larger items such as sticks and leaves that float in the hot tub and can cause damage or cut your skin.
  • The hot tub filter also prevents dirt from entering the pump. The more dirt that enters the pump, the more likely it is that the pump and its components will be damaged. This is a much more expensive problem than replacing a filter cartridge.
  • If you remove the filter from your hot tub, air can also enter the pump. When this happens, the results are approximately the same as when the dirt enters the pump. You could end up with a completely broken pump or heavily blocked pipes.
  • If you need to operate your hot tub without installed filters, you can do it for a very short time.
  • But it is not recommended to do this for more than one hot tub cycle, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Keep in mind that some pumps and filters require a cycle without the need for filter cartridges to fill them properly. Consult your instruction manual for more information if this applies to your hot tub.

Q: What Happens When My Filter Isn’t Working?

A: It is inevitable that you will one day experience some type of difficulty in the course of ownership of your hot tub. If you discover that your hot tub is leaking. The water is not getting hot enough? Or the jets are not working properly? The filter is always a good place to start troubleshooting. 

Tub Filter Troubleshooting.

The following tips will help you find out if the problem with your hot tub is really focused on your filter or not.

  • If the filter does not work, the flow of water may be limited. This is because something very large is blocking the filter and prevents water from entering the hot tub correctly. Clean the filter cup or replace the cartridge to correct this problem.
  • If your water does not heat up enough, it could still be related to your filter. There are many other problems that can cause the water in the hot tub to not heat up properly. But the filter is one of them.
  • Keep it clean and replace it as necessary to make sure the water goes the right way through the hot tub.
  • Your water may not leak when you get to your hot tub. It may contain a lot of dirt or it may be too hard for the skin while soaking. If this is the case, your filter will not work properly and should be replaced. In most cases, this only means replacing the filter cartridge. In exceptional cases, the entire filter basket must be replaced. You can request this piece from the retailer where you bought your hot tub or directly from the hot tub manufacturer.
  • One of the biggest problems you can have with your hot tub is that the filter does not work at all. This usually means that the pump is triggered. This may mean that you must carefully remove all air from the pump before using it, or that the dirt has caught on the pump lines.
  • It can also mean that the jets and other components of your hot tub must be cleaned to remove the clogs. In the worst case, parts of the pump may be damaged and may need to be replaced.

Hot Tub Troubleshooting

Hot tub owners must deal with a variety of different problems that may occur during the life of the hot tub. These are just some of the problems you may encounter:

Hot Tub Troubleshooting Heater

Heating water is a very important part of a hot tub. Without hot water, you simply have a cold bath. In some cases, the water in a Jacuzzi takes much longer than it should to heat up properly. 

It can be lukewarm at best and may even take a long time like 15 minutes or more to get to this lukewarm state.

In other cases, the water may not heat up and stay completely cold. No matter how long you try to heat it.

In both cases, the thermostat is the most likely culprit. If not, then check the filter or insulation in the Jacuzzi.

Hot Tub Troubleshooting Pump

A broken pump means that your hot tub does not work at all. You need the pump to direct the water to the hot tub. If it stops working, it will be expensive and difficult to replace. If you do not see obvious signs that a pump is defective, such as smoke coming out of the pump, try all other repair options first.

Hot Tub Troubleshooting Covered and Broken Frames

If items are missing, the cover and frame of your hot tub will become weaker and prone to cracking. In this case, the hot tub may not work properly. It is best to make sure you cover your hot tub when you are not using it.

Hot Tub Water Problems

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you can not do much about water quality. However, you can work to add the right hot tub filter systems to your hot tub water to work properly.

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The Best Hot Tub Filter Systems?

There is a lot to learn about how to troubleshoot hot tub filter systems. If you are a new hot tub owner, you may feel overwhelmed.

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But all you really need to remember about your filter is to keep it clean and replace it every 2 years or so.

This can extend the life of your tub and keep all the parts involved working as well as possible for a long time.

Do you have any other questions besides those that are addressed here? If so, be sure to leave a comment below.

Remember that if you have a question, it is likely that someone else also has the same question. So share your questions, comments or concerns to help

yourself and others learn more about taking care of hot tub filter systems.


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