Here is How to Clean a Jacuzzi The QUICK and EASY Way

Do you know how to clean a Jacuzzi? Is the water in your hot tub dull and dirty every time you turn it on?

Do you miss sinking into your hot tub. All because you can see dirty rings around your jets or around the bathtub?

Are dirt particles and other debris in the water of your spa, even though you keep it covered when not in use?

If any of these apply to your spa bath tub, it may be time to clean your filter.

Cleaning with a Jacuzzi filter may look like a big and difficult task, but it does not have to be that way. This article will tell you everything you need to know to completely clean your filter and tub when needed.

The best way for you to understand how to clean the filter component of the Jacuzzi tub and the rest of your tub is to first know the different parts that make up the tub. From there, you can tell when it’s time to clean the filter and bathtub so you do not have to do this task when it’s unnecessary.

Then you will learn how to clean a tub filter and the rest of the bath. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for each one, so you never have to ask yourself which is the best cleaning method. At the end of the article you will find tips and tricks on how to properly clean the filter parts and your Jacuzzi tub in the quickest and easiest way.

What is a Jacuzzi Tub?

Before you begin to understand how to clean a Jacuzzi tub and filter, it is a good idea to know what to do with a hot tub. There are a few differences that you should keep in mind when looking for information on a Jacuzzi tub. 

  • “Jacuzzi” is the most popular and well-known hot tub brand that exists and is a long standing, highly recognizable brand. It’s just a brand that’s so attached to the product that some people no longer distinguish between the two.
  • A “hot tub” is simply a bath tub with a wooded base. However, as with the word “Jacuzzi”, over the years this term is now interchangeable with other words for these type of products.
  • A “spa” is the same as a Jacuzzi. This word helps us to distinguish between wooden whirlpools and plastic or fiberglass spas. Currently, the word spa is as popular as Jacuzzi or hot tub to describe the different types of similar products.
  • All these words refer to dip tanks that come with nozzles to create a whirlpool effect. These products are also present with built-in heaters to keep the water very hot. Again, these three words are interchangeable.

Hot Tub Parts

Your Jacuzzi tub consists of several different work pieces that combine to form a spa with a Jacuzzi that you know and love. This section provides a list of the most important parts of your spa and where you can find them on most models. However, remember to look elsewhere in your product if you do not find any specific parts in the areas listed here:

  • The main part of the hot tub is known as “Carapax”. This is a section of hard plastic (or sometimes other material) of the Jacuzzi with seats and a foot bath. It is usually the most colorful part of the hot tub, and that’s the part where you sit and relax when the hot tub works properly. 
  • Looking inside the Jacuzzi bowl reveals jets, a drain and lights. These parts of the spa are the ones that interact most often. Remember to periodically clean the nozzles and rub around the task lights to remove accumulated bacteria. Clean the drain when the spa completes.
  • The wooden (or sometimes stone) part of the Jacuzzi whirlpool that carries the frame is known as a base, housing or housing. The base of the spa is important as it supports the rest of the Jacuzzi system. Although you are unlikely to perform regular base cleaning and maintenance, you should periodically review it to help you identify any damage that may be caused by weather or pests.
  • You will also find the pump in the access door. Some older models of Jacuzzi’s have pumps outside the spa itself. But that is rare in modern versions. The different types of Jaccuzi’s have different types of pumps, but they all do the same thing. I.e. they help to move the water through the Jacuzzi system. The pump must be attached to the pipes leading to the nozzles and filter system.
  • Near the pump you should find the spa controller and the heating system. This should be attached to the control buttons on the spa shell. The control unit and the heating system are responsible for the regulation of the jets and the hot water in the Jacuzzi. These can have their own access panels so you can not see many of them. An authorized electrician should take care of repairs to this part of the spa.
  • You can not see it without going deep into your hot tub, but there is also insulation in the base between it and the shell. This keeps the water nice and warm and also protects the base and the tank from bad weather.
  • The base has an access door on one side that facilitates access to the interior of the spa. The door can be well hidden, and could be a panel instead of a hinged door, depending on the type of tub you have.
  • In the Jacuzzi you will find sanitary facilities. These pipes connect the pump and the water supply to the nozzles inside the spa. If you have many jets around the hot tub, you can have many pipes. These are an important part of your spa, allowing the water to move through the system properly.

Finally, you should be able to detect the filter when you look into the shell. The filter housing unit is the filter section, which is covered by a hinged lid or grid to pass water. The filter itself should be located exactly in this part or outside the spa, depending on your model. You can also have a separate skimmer accessory in your hot tub.

What You Need To Know About Hot Tub Filter

A Jacuzzi filter has its own parts that you need to recognize when replacing or cleaning the cartridge. Almost all types of hot tub bath filters work in the same way. So, if you use cartridge types, you can expect your filter to contain most, if not all, of these parts. Although you never have to worry about cleaning or replacing every single piece, it is a good step to better understand your spa.

  • Most filters consist of a top, a body, and a base, many of which include these sections. The complete filter is usually located within the filter housing unit, which may or may not be in the spa. 
  • The upper part of the filter contains the vent valve and the safety ring. The lock ring holds the filter in place. And the vent valve helps water flow through the filter while maintaining air. This in turn means that your pipes and plumbing are safer and free of possible damage.
  • The filter body contains the cartridge, the cartridge seal and a bypass valve. The bypass valve allows water to flow through the filter cartridge for proper cleaning. The filter cartridge is the part of the filter that should interest you most. This is the part that cleans your water and is also referred to as a filter media. The cartridge seal is the part of the filter to which the cartridge is attached to hold it in place.
  • The base of the filter consists of a different locking system and a valve that is very similar to the upper part. This keeps the filter in place and allows the water to move through the filter as it should. There are also several other smaller parts that make up the filter. Including many screws and nuts as well as O-rings. These are important in holding the filter together. But they are parts that a repair technician is likely to check  on a regular basis.

Is it Time to Clean Your Jacuzzi?

If you can tell when it’s time to clean your Jacuzzi then you’re on your way to getting the healthiest of water and best Jacuzzi experience. Cleaning the entire Jacuzzi is not the same as just cleaning the filter. And you should not necessarily expect to clean both at the same time. However, it is always a good rule to check the filter after you have a clean tub. And the opposite is true i.e. it is a good idea to check the tub whenever you clean the filter.

Otherwise, clean your Jacuzzi within the time frames listed below for the best results.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathtub?

  • Every few days: Although it may seem like a little more work, get into this habit as soon as possible. The more often you maintain your spa, the more likely it is that you will pick up problem areas as they arise, rather than having an unpleasant surprise later on. Check for signs of film build-up in the water or in strange colors. Test the water quality with test strips to make sure you do not have to adjust your chemicals.
  • Once a month: Every month you will need to do a filter rinse. Drain all water from the tub to accomplish this task. It is a good time to at least clean the spa both inside and out. This is also a good time to clean the spa lid with a special cleaner to prevent it from deteriorating.
  • Every four months: Completely empty the spa every four months for thorough cleaning. Look at each beam as well as the filter and the drain to look for problems. Use a general Jacuzzi cleaner to scrub the inside of the case and around and in each jet. When you refill the spa, it’s time to re-treat the water with chemicals.
  • Once a Year: Perform a thorough maintenance test in your spa each year. This means that it is completely emptied, including the foot bath, and all parts and components are inspected for damage. If you are uncomfortable doing it alone, it is a good idea to call a technician once a year to make sure that everything continues to work properly.

When Should I Clean My Jacuzzi Filter?

  • Every two weeks: Check the filter every two weeks and inspect it for any visible signs of debris or damage. You do not have to rinse the spa completely. Just open the flap of the filter housing and look inside. If you find that a lot of dirt has accumulated on the filter or you see large debris such as leaves and sticks, remove the filter and rinse it off quickly. You can also remove large residues by hand at this point. 
  • Once a month: Every month you have to rinse the medium out of your filter cartridge. Remove it from the housing unit and set it aside. Get your water hose and spray the filter very well. Be sure to rinse any visible residue, dirt, debris or dirt. Let it dry before installing it in the spa.
  • Every three months: This is the moment to perform a deep cleaning of the filter. During this time, clean your filter with a special solution specially developed for Jacuzzi filters. This is your chance to remove bacteria from the filter, so choose a cleaning solution that can eliminate so many bacteria. The stronger your solution, the better you will be.
  • Once a Year: Every year you should replace your filter cartridges. For most hot tubs this is a good time to change the filter. However, some are designed to prolong the use of the filter. If you have one of these types of Jacuzzi’s, or if you often do not use them, you may be able to wait two years before changing the filter cartridge.

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How to Clean Your Jacuzzi Tub and Filter

Now that you know how to identify the parts of your hot tub and how often you should consider cleaning, it’s time to learn how to do it. The methods of cleaning your spa and your filter media are a little different. Especially as these are actually two separate tasks. The instructions below will help you find the information you are looking for. Remember to only clean the filter while the spa is empty.

How To Clean Jacuzzi TUB

  • To clean the tub itself, you will need a cleaner designed for flushing the tub and one for general day to day use of the hot tub.
  • Before emptying the Jacuzzi tub, add the rinse aid to the water by following the instructions provided with your specific detergent. 
  • Each brand works a little differently, so pay close attention to the amount of product you need to add to your water, depending on the size and depth of your spa.
  • The rinse cleaner should stay in the water for a certain amount of time. Each cleaner will tell you how long to leave it in the water.
  • Then turn off the Jacuzzi and turn off the water supply. Empty the spa completely.
  • When the Jacuzzi is completely empty, spray the interior very well with your Jacuzzi cleaner.
  • Dry it very well with a towel. Be careful not to leave any residue that may cause foam in the water of your bathtub.
  • Repeat the process on the cover of your spa and make sure you clean it with clean towels.
    Clean the filters at this time by following the instructions in the next section.

Quick Jacuzzi Filter Clean Instructions

  • Fill hot tub with clean water. In most cases, the filter housing is filled with a normal garden hose. However, some hot tubs fill up differently, so be sure to check your operating instructions before driving to be sure.
  • Remove your water with chemicals that you normally add, such as chlorine or bromine.
  • Use a standard set of household detergents to treat your Jacuzzi tub. You should also use test strips so that you can regularly check the quality of your water.
  • When the water has been treated, it is time to turn on the water supply to the spa and turn it back on. Let the spa work for a few cycles, and do not use it for the next 24 hours until the chemical treatments have stabilized.
  • Check the water quality before using the spa. If it’s good, you’re ready to use it again.

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How To Clean Jacuzzi FILTER

Remember to clean the filter each time you perform a deep clean in your spa. However, depending on how often you use your spa, you will need to clean your filter more often. The steps in this section can be performed with or without a clean bathtub. $$$$

  • Turn off the spa to prevent the water pump from moving when the filter cartridge is removed.
  • Drain the Jacuzzi and leave some water in the bath.
  • Find the filter in your spa. In some hot tubs, you may need to remove the cover that covers the filter housing unit to access the filter cartridge. But this is not true for all models.
  • Remove the filter cartridge and place it in a large plastic bucket or similar container. Make sure that the container you choose is big enough to hold your filter cartridge without something protruding from the top of the bucket. Do not use materials other than plastics. They can react poorly with the chemicals you use to treat the filter.
  • Replace your new filter if you have one. However, some new filters’ still require a full flush to activate. So do this before placing it in the tub. See the filter’s user manual to see if this applies to you.

Steps To Clean Your Existing Jacuzzi Filter

  • Rinse the filter first to remove any residue that needs plain water. You can do this with a standard garden hose. If your filter is badly soiled, you may need to rinse it several times before you can begin the remainder of the cleaning process. If you have hard water, limescale in the filter can make it difficult to rinse before soaking.
  • From there, immerse the filter medium in a special filter cleaning solution. Let it soak for at least an hour and a maximum of three hours. This will thoroughly clean the filter without damaging it through exposure to harsh chemicals. The longer the filter remains in the cleaning solution, the more likely it is that the filter will be damaged quickly. To extend the life of your filter, you should not immerse it for long, unless you have a very mild cleaner available. 
  • Remove the filter and rinse the cleaning solution completely. Be sure to remove any trace of cleaning solution during this step, or you will be flushing chemical water into your tub.
  • Allow the filter cartridge to dry completely before installing it in your spa. To reinstall it, just put it in the same way as you removed it. If you need to remove the cover that covers the filter housing unit to reach it, replace it in its place.
  • Fill up the water in the Jacuzzi and make sure it goes through the filter. Treat the water in the normal way with your normal chemical treatment.
  • Turn it back on to allow the water pump to work properly again. Run the spa through a few cycles and let it rest for 24 hours before using it again. Be sure to check the water quality before using the spa after cleaning or replacing the filter cartridge.

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Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Tub and Filter as Clean as Possible

Now you know how to clean a Jacuzzi and understand a little more about how it works. But what if you need some additional suggestions to help you get the best possible cleaning experience? Take a look at these tips and tricks to get you to a perfectly clean spa at all times…

  • Buy two filter cartridges separately. This means you can switch between them while cleaning. While a cartridge is soaked, you can continue and insert the new cartridge and restart the Jacuzzi. This means you will not have downtime between cleaning the filter and charging your Jacuzzi.
  • Make your own filter cleaning solution. Especially if you find that those available in the market are too strong for your needs. Some filters only require gentle cleaning solutions, so do not be afraid to make your own homemade solution to solve this problem.
  • Always be very careful when rinsing and drying any part of your tube. Especially before turning it back on and refilling it after cleaning. If done in the wrong way, there is a risk that the foam will accumulate in the water and damage the nozzles and the filter.
  • Do not start the spa without its built-in filter. Although a cycle without the filter may be required to put the chemicals in your spa for the first time, it can be very bad for your pump to operate the bathtub without the filter. But check your operating instructions to see if a cycle without filters is recommended.

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How To Clean a Jacuzzi The Easy Way?

As you can see, cleaning your spa does not have to be a big challenge. There are many things that you can familiarize yourself with in advance to make sure you always get the best possible cleaning process for your bathtub when you need it.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingNow, after reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of your Jacuzzi. And the structure of the tub and filter. You should also know how to identify the different parts of the bathtub and filter. Which is a good place to start when trying to clean them properly.

Most importantly, you now know for sure when it’s time to clean your filter. And time to clean your entire Jacuzzi bath tub spa. You can create a regular cleaning schedule to make cleaning easier. Follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide above and remember the tips and tricks provided. You can rinse and clean the Jacuzzi tub and filter components at any time.

Cleaning your spa can be a great and intimidating work. But it is important to do it regularly. It can be very easy if you know a little more about how it works. The next time you need to clean your spa, there is no need to call a specialist. You can take care of yourself and save a lot of money.

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This guide to cleaning your Jacuzzi hot tub and filter is for informational purposes only. Please do not use it in the place of professional training, internships or courses.

Any part of this guide that appears confusing or is too difficult? Please hire a licensed and experienced professional.


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