Best Water Ionizer and Clever Uses For HIGH and LOW pH Water

Uses For The Low And High pH Water

Here are some ideas for using water this is high and low in alkalinity.

Low pH (from 3 to 5)

When you get an ionizer water purifier, it will typically give you the option of getting lower pH water (as well as alkaline and neutral).

It gives you very low pH settings because water at different pH levels can be used for different purposes. Here are some different ways that you can use lower pH water:

Green Plus ArrowWater for cleaning (pH range between 3 – 4).

Green Plus ArrowAn antibacterial mouthwash (pH range between 3 – 4).

Green Plus ArrowSanitizing or washing hands (pH range between 3 – 4).

Green Plus ArrowFor dealing with acne, eczema and psoriasis (pH range between 3 – 4).

Green Plus ArrowTo eliminate or reduce smells left behind by pets (pH range between 4 – 5).

Green Plus ArrowRemoving makeup (pH range between 4 – 5).

pH Scale

High pH (Between a pH of 7 and 9 ).

Most drinking water is at a neutral pH and it tastes very good when it’s anywhere from 7-10 (depending on your own personal taste of course). Regular tap water and filtered water is usually somewhere around 7.

However, many people love the smooth almost sweet, delicious crunchy taste of alkaline water and anywhere up to a pH of 10 is palatable.

Different Ways to Use High pH Water:

Green Plus ArrowIt is ideal for drinking.

Green Plus ArrowCooking.

Green Plus Arrow For making hot beverages including teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

Green Plus Arrow Other types of drinks including fruit infused water.

The Best Water Ionizer

The table below shows you the facts and details from my top water ionizers. These are the machines with the most advanced features and highest praises from customers.

The simple layout will help you compare the key features, including specification and warranty information.

Tyent UCE-13 (with Faucet)

Tyent ACE-13 Contertop

Tyent UCE 13
ACE 13 Touch Screen

13 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates.13 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates.
1.7 pH -12.5 pH 1.7 pH -12.5 pH
Up to -1150 ORPUp to -1150 ORP
2 Filter System: active-carbon with EM ceramics filter and UF membrane filter.Dual Ultra .01 micron filters that remove over 200 contaminants including drugs and heavy metals like lead.
Ionizer: 14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)
Dispenser: 11.5in (H) x 2in (D)
18 x 14.1 x 7.6" (inches).
Package dimensions.
FOREVER No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.FOREVER No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.
(Free Gifts & Upgrades with Coupon Code: WaterGeek)(Free Gifts & Upgrades with Coupon Code: WaterGeek)

mrwatergeek winner badge


What Is An Ionizer Water Purifier?

A ionizer water purifier is basically a machine that both filters and alkalizes your water.

A water ionizer purifier machine changes the pH of your water through the use of electrolysis. This means that it works by changing the structure of the water on a molecular level.

Tyent UCE 11 FaucetThe result of this is antioxidant-rich alkaline water that also has a low ORP (oxidation reduction potential).

A lower ORP means a higher amount of antioxidants, so less is a good thing. That is why you regularly see ORP levels of -800 and even – 1050.

This article will tell you everything you need to know before you buy your next ionizer water purifier.

By the end of reading this you will know if it’s worth it or not. And if it is worth it, how to get the right one for your needs.

What Is The History of Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers exist because of the mysteries we see in natives that live in secluded, harsh parts of the world. And despite their difficult living conditions they seem to have exceptional good health and longevity.Tyent ACE 13 profile

Researchers discovered that their exceptional health was down to the glacier water flowing into the areas where the natives lived.

Of course the glacier water is naturally alkaline.

This is one of the things that lead people to want to consume more alkaline water in their diet.

The history of water ionizer machines goes back to the early 1930’s Japan with research on electrolyzed water and becoming popular in 1950’s. Popular because of its “healing effects” and originally known as “synnohl liquid” or “shin’nooru solution”.

What Is Ionized Water?

In simple terms ionized water is alkaline water that comes out of an ionizer machine. It is not natural alkaline water because it’s artificial.ACE 13 Touch Screen

An ionizer water machine changes the pH of water through a process of electrolysis. Water that comes out of it that is above the pH level of 7 is technically alkaline water.

Alkaline and ionized water is popular because people believe it comes with many healing properties and health benefits.

But will get into this in just a minute.

How Do Water Ionizers Work?

The vast majority of water ionizers work in a fairly straightforward 2-step process.

Step 1: It filters your water.

It does this first because you don’t want to drink dirty contaminated alkaline water. Dirty gunky tasting tap water will not taste better by simply changing it’s pH.ACE 13 Filter Change

Meanwhile fresh tasting clean water will be even more delicious when put through the electrolysis process.

A good machine will filter out many of the harmful components that is common in tap water. This includes things like trihalomethanes, chlorine, phenols, sediment, organic waste, bacteria and odor.

Step 2: It uses electrolysis to change the pH level of the water.

Once the water is clean and contaminate free, it is ready to become alkaline. The machine does this by passing the water over the ‘plates”. During this process a very specific low voltage electric current causes the soluble minerals to separate into either an alkaline and acid stream.

This is why a water ionizer can provide you with a specific level of pH that is either acid, alkaline or neutral.

Do Water Ionizers Really Work?


Water ionizers are effective at purifying and changing the pH of the water that you put into it.

This home appliance is able to raise the pH of drinking water through electrolysis. It separates your water stream into alkaline and acidic components during this process. A good quality ionizer machine enables you to select between acid, alkaline or neutral water at the push of a button.

Are Water Ionizer Filters Any Good?

Yes – but it depends on the machine.

Tyent Faucet Sink InstallationNot all water ionizer machines are equal and therefore neither are their filters.

However, you should always check the quality of the filters before purchasing. Better quality filters will result in better tasting ionized water.

For instance, Tyent water ionizers come with dual filters that work down to 0.1 microns. This means that it will effectively treat 99% of contaminants and this includes a number of things such as lead. This level of filtration is better than some whole house filters that cost much more.

However, there are many cheap water ionizer filters that have terrible and totally useless filters. You should always avoid these water ionizers.

Anti Oxidizing Water?

Even more important than pH is the level of rich antioxidants that ionized water provides you with.

I mean of course pH is important, it is the reason why you buy an ionizer water purifier in the first place. However, the potential antioxidant benefit is simply amazing.

Tyent InstallationWhen I say antioxidants, I’m specifically referring to ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), which is how antioxidants are present in ionized water. Ionized water typically comes out anywhere between -50 and -350 and above.

It is important to note here that the higher the negative number the better quality of ionized water you will get. That’s why Tyent’s negative ORP -1050 is a huge selling point.

To put all of this into context here are some typical ORP values:

Positive ORP

– tap water +300
– bottled water +350
– reverse osmosis water +200
– distilled water +200Tyent UCE 11 Sink
– soda +400

Negative ORP
– alkaline ionized water -350 (up to -1050)
– juice (cranberry) -120
– tea (green) -180
– juice (orange) -50

You can see from the list above that the average ionized water of -350 means it has more antioxidants than green tea. This means that you can get more antioxidants in a single glass of ionized water than you can by drinking green tea.

Q: What Is The Best Water Ionizer Machine?

A: Tyent UCE-13

Tyent’s new ACE-13 model of water ionizers is an “Above The Counter” alkaline water home appliance.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThe ACE refers to the countertop part while the “13” refers to the 13 medical-grade solid/mesh hybrid plates.

These plates are pretty much un-breakable and crack proof because they are made from titanium that’s been dipped in platinum multiple times.mrwatergeek winner badge

These are the thickest and longest ionizer plates in the industry today. The reason why this is so important is that the size, quality of these plates determines the electrolysis distribution.Tyent ACE 13 profile

And thus determines the quality of your ionized water.

The other key features of this unit are the filters. The ACE-13 comes with 2 separate filters that can remove 99% of contaminants.

You will find the touch screen easy to use if you have ever used a smartphone. The touchscreen interface allows you to control, set up and manage the device.Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews

My favorite thing about this machine (and why I’ve selected it over the other models) is that it’s easy to install. It sits on your countertop and accesses water from your kitchen faucet.

You don’t need a huge amount of plumbing experience to install it yourself and the machine will come with a detailed installation manual.

The Best Features of The Tyent UCE-13

Tyent ACE 13 profileExtremely low ORP of -1050 which means your resulting water is packed with antioxidants.

Tyent ACE 13 profileEasy to install directly to your kitchen faucet.

Tyent ACE 13 profileHigh tech touchscreen controller that allows you to control, manage and use the machine.

Tyent ACE 13 profileHas useful features like an automatic self clean function, flood prevention sensors and 99 adjustable presets of alkaline and acidic water.

Tyent ACE 13 profileComes with 2 powerful 0.1 micron filters that can remove 99% of common contaminants from your water.

Tyent ACE 13 profileBuy direct to get a FOREVER LIFETIME Warranty, which is the longest warranty of any ionizer product.

Tyent UCE-13 Specifications

pH range: 1.7-12.5.Tyent Lifetime Warranty
Display: 4 Inch TFT LCD.
Negative ORP: Up to -1150.
Cleaning: Automatic self-cleaning.
Completely adjustable with 99 presets per level.
Filtration: Two ultra filters down to .01 Micron.
Plates: 13 solid/mesh Hybrid plates strengthened titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum.
Plate Material: Medical grade titanium dipped in platinum.
pH settings: 3 Acidic, 4 Alkaline, 1 Neutral and 1 Turbo (you can use this for both acidic and alkaline).Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews
Prevention Devices: Flood prevention sensor
Weight: 5kg
Plate Size: 7″ × 4 ¾”
Dimensions (mm): 300W x 135D x 350H

Coupon Code: WaterGeek

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