Here are all the CONS of Detox Water That You MUST Know

Detox water is ideal for losing weight, because if you want to lose weight, you have to drink water.

A lot of it.

But be careful otherwise you can end up drinking so much water that you start to develop gills!

In recent years, people have realized that they need to drink more water. Combine this with low calorie foods, exercise and start detoxing with detox water.

But what the hell is detox water?

The general idea behind detoxification water is that it helps your body eliminate toxins faster than plain water. Find healthy fruits, throw it in water and drink. Just because.

One thing about detoxing with water is that the water itself can be really boring.

I’ve had times when drinking pure water and just wanted to eat a chocolate bar to get a little taste in my mouth.

However detox water infused with fruit will usually give me the little bit of taste that I need and thus prevent me from slipping and eating something that I should not touch.

Water detoxification allows you to enjoy treats without sacrificing calories. Let’s see how it is done, possible benefits as well as issues.

Water Detox Diet

For the perfect water detox diet you need to add the following to water:

  • Cucumbers.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Mint leaves.

Now let me explain what each of these things do.

Heart WaterMany detox water diets start with cucumbers because it is ideal. The contained diuretic properties ensure that most of the moisture in your body is removed from your system as quickly as possible.

Add some grapefruit and it gives you a bit of a sour taste, which is also full of enzymes that burn fat.

This drink is also loaded with a ton of other citrus ingredients that help your digestive system heal.

The last touch comes in the form of mint leaves, which help relieve abdominal pain.

Just combine all the ingredients and let them rest for two hours before you consume them.

Detox Water With Lemon

Detoxing with lemon helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. To get even more benefits add:

I suggest you add peppermint because it helps digestion. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties and ginger is a natural analgesic and also helps with digestion.

  • Cut 1 organic lemon into thing slices (Meyer lemons are the best)
  • Use 2-1/2 cups boiling water.
  • Slice and peel one inch piece of fresh ginger.
  • Add 1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of honey (optional).

Detox Water For Skin

Detox water is perfect for skin. Water is generally a good thing for skin and I have written about this extensively here.

However, these benefits are multiplied when you add nutritious fruit into the mix. Here are some skin enhancing water detox recipes to get you started. AquaTru

1. Strawberry Spa Water

Add fresh strawberries to the water and get a dose of vitamin C and healthy antioxidants! Have for breakfast with a cup of coffee and quinoa.

2. Beautiful Skin Detox Water

This delicious combination of lemons, strawberries, apple, mint and cinnamon not only has an excellent taste, but can also give you a radiant complexion!

3. Detox Water of Cucumber, Lemon and Mint

Cucumber, lemon and mint are a classic spa-water combination. Lemon and mint can aid in digestion and the cucumber is rehydrating along with anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Citrus Cucumber Detox Water

Your body will love this delicious citrus water, cucumber, ginger and mint spa; It can help with swelling, detoxification of the kidneys and promotion of clear skin.

5. Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water

Every day drink a glass of warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar and your body can benefit from a detoxification of the liver.

6. Amniotic Fluid with Homemade Vitamins

Avoid the commercial water of fruits and vitamins that are loaded with sugar and chemicals and opt for this pure water full of fresh fruits and herbs.

7. Water Infused with Blackberry Mint

Blackberry and mint are an excellent combination to animate a glass of water. The blackberries are very nutritious and rich in antioxidants, so this infused water is essential for the summer!AquaTru Filters

8. Raspberry, Kiwi and Peach Water

This fruit-infused water is full of fresh raspberries, kiwis and peaches. Not only does it taste delicious, it also consumes fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants.

9. Strawberry, Cucumber and Basil Water

Turn mineral water into a light and refreshing treat with the simple addition of strawberries, cucumber slices and fresh basil.

10. Cranberry Orange Water

Blueberries and fresh tangerines make natural water a pleasure and an advantage: you get powerful antioxidants and vitamin C while you drink.

Detox Water (Pros & CONS)

AquaTru CountertopThe infusion of fruit into water not only gives you a wonderful boost in taste, but also provides the same health benefits of the ingredients you add.

Maybe you don’t have time or money to go for a week to a health farm or spiritual retreat for a full body cleanse?

Detox water is perfect for those who live a hectic lifestyle and are constantly on the move.

But before you throw yourself into this, consider some of the pros and cons outlined below so you can decide if it’s worth it.

Red CrossThe Cons of Detox Water

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1. The most complicated recipes still need some time to prepare.

Although one of the most convenient ways to get the health benefits of water, fruits, vegetables and herbs from a single source, it still takes some time to prepare. But it is still much faster than juicing or smoothies. Choose your recipe wisely, depending on how long you have. Clean Machine In Use

If we consider all the great benefits of water detoxification, a little more time to prepare a healthy detox drink is a small price to pay don’t you think?

Also, get a detox water bottle to help you speed things up.

Detox water bottles, also known as infusion water bottles, have been specially designed to add fruits, vegetables or herbs to water to enhance their flavor.

2. Your detox water can become rotten more easily.

Since it is very easy to prepare several days in advance detoxification water and place them in your refrigerator, you run the risk of some of the detox water contents becoming rotten.AquaTru Filters

Nobody is perfect and we all tend to forget things from time to time. It is strongly recommended that the detox water be kept for a maximum of three days.

It is easy to leave previously prepared detox water in the refrigerator a little too long, especially when you are busy and always on the move.

However, this is definitely a small problem in the big picture of things, if you look at all the possible health benefits that you can get while drinking detoxifying water.

3. Glass detox water bottles are easy to break.

There are many good reasons to choose a glass bottle, for example, more environmentally friendly and BPA-free. However, along with the aforementioned advantages, one of the disadvantages associated with glass detox bottles is that they are quite susceptible to breakage. AquaTru Small

Accidents happen from time to time, no matter how careful you are.

Unfortunately, because it’s made of glass, it’s very easy to break when it hits the ground. Be careful if you decide to buy glass detox bottles.

4. You will pee… A LOT

Drinking lots of detoxification water will mean very regular visits to the toilet. This can be annoying if you are on the move and maybe don’t have access to a clean bathroom. Therefor it is best to do these detoxes when you’re likely to be at home the whole day.


Green Plus ArrowThe Pros of Detox WaterDashed Line

1. Keeps you healthier and better hydrated

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you. Unfortunately, most people do not drink enough water daily and are always dehydrated without realizing it.

One reason is that most people simply find the taste of plain water extremely tasteless. A bottle of detox water is one of the best ways to add flavor to your water, along with extra nutrients that may be missing in your regular diet. ProPur Berkey Looking Water Filter System

A glass of detoxifying lemon or strawberry water is much tastier than a glass of normal and boring water. This could help to encourage you to increase your daily water intake and keep you sufficiently hydrated.

2. Multiple health benefits for your body + sleep and disease prevention.

Drinking detox water has been shown to offer some incredible benefits to your health and well-being. Ask a doctor and they will tell you that increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables can help prevent so many diseases. Detox water helps with the same goal.

By drinking more purified water, it can improve digestion, lighten the skin, support the liver and even help you sleep better at night.

Drinking detox water is also a fantastic tool to use with weight loss efforts.

With a bottle of detox water you can get all these benefits and more in an extremely convenient way. No matter how hectic your schedule is on a particular day, just bring the water bottle with you and you’re ready to stay hydrated while improving your health.


3. Sneak extra vitamins and nutrients into your diet, naturally (throwaway your supplements!)

It is a healthy alternative to loading up with dietary supplements that may or may not work.

When you consider your fruit and vegetable juice needs, simply add them to your water. It’s better than making a smoothie because you don’t need to worry about the extra preparation and cleaning time.

If your doctor tells you what vitamins and nutrients are missing in your diet, figure out a way to add them to your detox water drink rather than buying unnatural supplements.

Luckily, detox water bottles can be relatively inexpensive and save you a lot of time, so it’s convenient to do it this way. With reusable detox water bottles you can cut your favorite fruits, vegetables or herbs and add them to the water.

Depending on the amount of detox water you prepare, they are ready and available for a few days. Water enriched with fruits stays well in the fridge for several days before spoiling.

Detox Water Benefits

There are many health statements about detox water. A lot of these claims are backed by research studies and anecdotal evidence. It is said that detox water has many health benefits, including:

  • Weight loss. Tyent ACE-13 Motion Sensor
  • Improved complexion.
  • Elimination of toxins or detoxification.
  • Balances the pH of your body.
  • Improves your mood
  • Better digestive health.
  • Rising energy levels.
  • Strengthening the immune function.

The exact properties of detox water depend on the ingredients used and the strength of the infusion.

Many health claims on water detoxification can also be attributed to the water as well as the ingredients with which it was flavored.

The key point is to make sure you choose the highest quality and most nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs you can find.

Detox Water – Conclusion

Mr Water Geek ThinkingFlushing toxins from your body sounds like a great idea.

Who does not want to free their body of contaminants and pollutants?mrwatergeek winner badge

Today, many people turn to the purification of “masters” to detoxify the body.

AquaTruOne of the most popular methods is to fast for several days while drinking nothing but a lemon water preparation.

The belief is that the combination will “cleanse” the organs and internal systems of the body.

There is no doubt that water is an important part of a healthy diet so start your detox today and leave me a comment below to let me know how you get on.

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