Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Products The Good And BAD You MUST To Know

Fighting with dirty hot tub water?

Do you find that your water is never the best quality you want?

Got problems with frequent spots and other deposits in your hot tub?

If so, it’s time to clean up!

In this article, you will learn how to determine when it is time to clean your hot tub bath filter. There will also be  other aspects of hot tub ownership that you should consider when treating and disinfecting your water. In addition, you will be presented with several options to select hot tub filter cleaning products and other products that will help you make the most of your cleaning day.

When you have finished reading this article, you will be better informed about getting the most appropriate hot tub filter for your needs. You will also know how to stock up on other things like thermometers, nozzle cleaners and more.

Now it’s time to start writing your shopping list for the hot tub filter cleaning products that you need!

How to Know It’s Time to Clean Your Filter

You probably already know that cleaning your hot tub’s filter is very important, but did you know there are ways to know when it’s time to keep it clean? You may already have a cleanup plan, but it can be hard to remember to keep your filter clean. Especially if you don’t remember the last time you washed or rinsed it well.  

Follow these tips and you will see when it is time to easily clean your hot tub filter.

  • Do you feel itching or dryness after immersing yourself in your hot tub? Many times, when you need to clean your filter, you will see that the water is no longer smooth and pleasant to soak. If you feel unwell after leaving your hot tub, it may be time to clean the filter.
  • Has it been more than three months since your last clean? If so, remove your filter and immerse it in a cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly before reinstalling.
  • Has it been more than a year since you changed your filter? If so, it is probably time for a new one. Most filters can not be used for more than a year without having to replace them. Usually, they begin to get dirty after a year or they may be weakened by excessive use.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Cleaning and water sanitation are among the most important aspects of the maintenance of the hot tub. You must take into account some things to have a safe and comfortable hot tub at all times. Remember these tips and you should not have problems improving the quality of your hot tub water. This will allow you to have many excellent hot tub experiences in the future.

  • pH. Treating your water with regular pH treatments can reduce nitrates, which can accumulate in the water over time.  This can also make water much more comfortable to use. It can even reduce the allergic reactions you may experience from frequent exposure to unbalanced water. Regularly test the pH of your water with test strips from your pool.
  • Alkalinity. Water with a certain pH is too alkaline and can damage the lines of your bath tub. Treat your water regularly for alkalinity if this is the case.
  • Water hardness. Hardness is when the water contains too much calcium. If this happens, your pipes can easily accumulate and you may feel discomfort when using your hot tub. Water hardness treatment can be difficult. But you should be able to control it with the correct chemicals.
  • Bacteria. You should always pay attention to the potential of bacteria in your hot tub water. The water temperature of the hot tub has a lot to do with bacteria. So you should control this temperature regularly with a hot tub thermometer. Also, be sure to use chlorine to keep the water as bacteria-free as possible.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Products

Oilinator Pool & Spa Saver

Are you looking for a good way to absorb unwanted chemicals in the water of your hot tub?Do you find it difficult to remove oils, lotions and foam from your hot tub without having to empty the entire tub and refill each time? Then you need the Oilinator Pool & Spa Saver right away in your hot tub. This product is easy to use in your hot tub or in your pool and is not only filled with foam that becomes heavy and too wet to do anything. Use with other cleaning products for fresh and bubbly water.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • The product is only attached to the filter basket with a tensioner, which can easily break over time.
  • Due to the cute design of this product, some children may consider it a toy.
  • The product is not washable and can not be reused after a single use.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good 

  • This product is covered with a durable plastic fabric that can withstand chemicals such as chlorine in water.
  • The product itself does not contain chemicals.
  • This product can be easily installed and replaced as needed.

Dashed Line

Ahh-Some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

Choose the Ahh Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner if you need a product that helps you easily clean your filter cartridge without resorting to harsh chemicals. This simple cleaner can be mixed with water in a large bucket to create the perfect solution for your filter cartridge. It can be used on all types of filter media, from polyester to paper and ceramics, and anything else that can be imagined. Best of all, there is enough in this pack of powdered cleansers to clean your hot tub filter two or three times before you need to replace it.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • For only two or three applications, this may be a more expensive product than some of the others listed here.
  • This cleaner works best when used in conjunction with a complete hot tub cleanser.
  • It is known that the cleaner has a strong chemical odor that could be too strong for some users.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • This cleaner only needs 15 minutes and is much faster than many other solutions available.
  • It is designed to prevent your filter cartridge from getting damaged too much in frequent applications.
  • This cleaner can even be used on swimming pool sand filters if you follow the instructions.

Dashed Line

Oh Yuk Healthy Whirlpool Cleaner 

Oh Yuk Healthy Jacuzz Cleaner is one of the best and most affordable cleaner available on the market today.This cleaner is intended for use throughout your hot tub. But is not designed to work through pipes or jets. However, you can use it on any surface of your bathtub and even use it for some types of filters. It depends on what you have. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle to make sure you can use it on your filter.
Red CrossThe Bad

  • It is not for your filter, only the Jacuzzi bath tub.
  • This is a harder chemical than many of the others listed here.
  • It can not be used on certain types of hot tub surfaces, such as stone.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • Easy to use on almost any surface of your hot tub.
  • It is designed to reduce the risk of dirt in your hot tub and solve existing problems. 
  • Presents a formula of low foam formation that does not obstruct the nozzles or the pipes.

Dashed Line

Ahh-A bathtub Jet Cleaner / Whirlpool Jet

The Ahh-Some Whirlpool / Jet Bath plumbing and cleaner is a great solution for those who want to clean their hot tub and all their internal work with a high quality liquid solution. This product can be used in a hot tub or in a jet bath. But it is not designed to be used for your swimming pool. If you use it in your hot tub, you’ll be surprised how clean your entire system is with just one clean. Use it with a filter cartridge cleaner for regular hot tub cleansing several times a year and you will have crystal clear water.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This is an expensive product that could be over budget for some hot tub owners.
  • Doesn’t work well with hard water.
  • The chemical smell of this product is too strong for some people.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • Includes enough solution to clean your entire hot tub system nine times.
  • It can safely contaminate soil, plants or groundwater, rinse in the lawn or drain.
  • Works on the nozzles, pipes and pipes for a deep clean.

Dashed Line

AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care Kit

Get a box of this AquaFinesse Hot Tub water care kit and get everything you need to start cleaning and disinfecting your hot tub water immediately. This kit comes with a cleaning solution and disinfectant, as well as a measuring cup and tips for more efficient use.

It only takes a minute a week to perform this water treatment in the water of your hot tub, but you will immediately notice a big difference in cleanliness.

Keep in mind that this product can not be used with a swimming pool and is formulated only for use in the hot tub.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This is a much less affordable product in general than many other cleaning products on the market today.

mrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • This product will not leave a strong chemical odor even after a few minutes of use.
  • You will not find any chemicals in your water that could damage your skin when using this product.
  • It does all the work for you and will only take a minute of your time.
  • The kit includes everything you need to get started straight away.

Dashed Line

Aqua Finesse Filter Cleaner

Take a pack of these Aqua Finesse Filter Cleaner pads to make your hot tub cleaning day so much easier than ever! These tablets are specifically designed for use in your hot tub, which means they are not the same type of tablet cleaner you need for a pool. However, if you are looking for something affordable to keep the water in your hot tub clean and tingly, this is a great option for you. These tablets do not contain aggressive chemicals, so you should not worry about damaging your existing filter cartridge or other parts of the hot tub.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • In some hot tubs, you may have to break the tablets in half before placing them in the water to dissolve them well.
  • These tablets should be used in conjunction with other filter cleaners for maximum effectiveness.
  • Some very dirty filter cartridges should be soaked more than once with these tablets.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • This economical tablet pack comes with many uses to keep your water clean for months.
  • Each tablet is individually packaged so you can open it and insert it easily without touching it.
  • These tablets can be used with any type of hot tub filter.
  • They do not contain aggressive chemicals.

Dashed Line

Sparoma Citrus Spa Treatment

Get a Sparoma Citrus Spa Treatment package to improve the quality and smell of your hot tub water. Each package comes with three capsules so you can enjoy aromatherapy in your hot tub every time you’re in the right mood. Best of all, it’s more than just a capsule so your hot tub smells good. It can also help improve the general hygiene of your hot tub’s water, especially for frequent applications. Reduce the amount of cleaning you need for your filter if you perform this treatment regularly.

Red CrossThe Bad

  • This product should be used with other filter cleaners for optimum effectiveness.
  • This product may not work with certain types of filters, such as sand filters.

Green Plus ArrowThe Good

  • It smells good and can be used for aromatherapy and cleansing.
  • It comes with more than one use, so it can be cost effective in the long run.
  • Available in many different scents so you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

Dashed Line

The Best Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Products?

Now that you know a little more about hot tub filter cleaning products, you should be able to make the right call and select the ones that are best for you.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

Whether you are looking for something that will help you improve the overall quality, clean the nozzles and pipes or soak your filter cartridges, you will find the perfect product on this list.

Keep in mind that it is not too difficult to clean your hot tub from top to bottom and that regular quick cleans are even easier to do. mrwatergeek winner badgeIf you learn to clean your hot tub and filter cartridges yourself, you can save a lot of money without having to call a technician to do the work for you. 

Best of all, taking care of DIY cleaning is a great way to make sure your hot tub is always as clean and impeccable as you want.

So, get the cleaning products you need to get started. Happy scrubbing!


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