US Water Systems vs Aquasana: Whole Home Water Filtration COMPARISON

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US Water Systems and Aquasana are two well known brands in the business of water treatment. They both have unique features that make each suitable for making clean water which is necessary for good health available. However, today I hope to show how both brands measure up and see which of these two brands has the edge over the other. 

To be able to achieve this, we will look at both brands, their unique features, technologies, mechanisms, and verification credentials. Comparing both brands side-by-side helps to understand what you stand to gain with each product. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing one over the other.

With so many choices available, it helps to examine top brands side-by-side. That’s why today I’m dedicating this post to reviewing and comparing two leading companies – US Water Systems (my first choice!) and Aquasana. Both have developed loyal followings, but how do they truly stack up against one another? By exploring the filtration methods, features, testing practices and more of each system, my goal is to make your selection process easier. Let’s begin our comparison!

us water systems vs aquasana whole home water treatment comparison

US Water Systems vs Aquasana: How Do They Measure Up? 

For years, US Water Systems and Aquasana have dedicated craft to delivering pure water. But, which stands tallest? To discern this, we will need to take their technologies and verification through thorough review. Through exhaustive research both published and proprietorial, I seek to illuminate distinguished mechanisms, verify claims, benchmark longevity and flow. Only objective assessment ensures optimized protection for your home and health.

We will need to explore purification processes side-by-side. Comparing such filtration foundations fosters informed selection. Ultimately, it empowers households with verified knowledge and realizes my vision for accessible preventative wellness.

Key Considerations for Comparing US Water Systems and Aquasana

Water chemistry varies so widely across regions–it’s wise choosing a whole home solution tailored accordingly. When contrasting industry frontrunners US Water Systems and Aquasana, bear these factors in mind:

Contaminant Load

Harder sources requiring higher removal rates may find US Water’s industry-leading 99% capacity ideal. Aquasana excels for average city water. 

Flow Needs

Large families or numerous fixtures warrant US Water’s consistent 95% pressure retention. Aquasana still provides speed but loses steam over time.

Installation Complexity

Both partner nationwide dealers for streamlined setup. However, US Water enables personalized design for uniquely challenging lines.   

Potential Maintenance

Aquasana recommends filter swaps every 6-12 months. US Water’s components often last 12-18 with proper care as guidance evolves.

Budget Planning

Upfront costs favor Aquasana slightly. But factoring less frequent replacements long-run, US Water proves pennies wise with high performance pounds.

Water Testing

Whole home water filters that target chlorine are for people with city or municipal treated water (they use chlorine to treat water). Some city water also adds fluoride to the treated water which many (rightly) want to filter out as fluoride has been shown to cause issues with thyroid function. Well water has no chlorine. Checking your municipal water test reports to see if you need a drinking water filter and which product to choose.

The factors above are useful criteria for assessing the effectiveness and trustworthiness of these brands. A comparison table helps you see more clearly how both products measure up against each other.

CriteriaUS Water Systems – Bodyguard Whole Home Water Filter
Aquasana – Rhino Whole Home Water Filter
Years in OperationOver 21 yearsOver 27 years
Independent Testing – Average Contaminant Removal99% of 150+ contaminants90% of EPA CCL2 List
Filtration MethodsSediment filtration, activated carbon, KDF mediaSediment filtration, activated carbon, Chloramine Defender KDF cartridges
Flow Rates After InstallationVery fast – maintains 95%+ of initial pressureModerately fast – maintains 90-95% of initial pressure
Replaceable Filter Lifespan6-18 months depending on use and conditions6-12 months depending on use and conditions
Water Source SuitabilityBest for all sources, including very hard or problematic wells/city waterBest for average city water sources with moderate hardness or contaminants
Value for MoneyHigher upfront costs but excellent long-term value and longevityLower upfront cost but requires more frequent filter replacements long-term
Brand ReputationGold standard with decades of reviews and trustTop-tier brand rapidly gaining popularity and reviews

US Water Systems: A Trusted Brand For Over Two Decades

For over two decades, US Water Systems has been on the frontlines protecting homes from waterborne hazards. Based in Indianapolis, their research developed multi-stage strategies still setting the standard today. Their philosophy is to offer solutions to all water problems from big cities to rural towns. They offer everything from a single filter in a tiny home to a large-scale reverse osmosis system in a high-volume manufacturing plant. 

US Water Systems boasts industry-best average 99% removal of 150+ contaminants tested, far exceeding what many homeowners expect from a basic sink water filter or reverse osmosis system under the sink. Their kinetic KDF media and sediment pretreatment work together to eliminate toxins that could otherwise persist.

US Water Systems offers a comprehensive line of products to treat water throughout the entire home, from shower filters to countertop filters and more. They have also become popular due to their focus on testing water filters and publishing independent verification of how effectively their systems reduce contaminants when installed properly.

How Does U.S. Water Systems Filters Work?

If there’s one thing US Water Systems understands inside and out, it’s the complex process required to filter water down to pristine purity. In its Bodyguard Whole Home Water Filter, a multi-stage system is employed to get rid of a wide range of contaminants that affect the purity of household water.

First up is a robust particulate catcher–a 5-micron sediment filter protects downline mechanisms from grit, rust particles and other detritus that municipal pipes can deposit. After the initial trap, water flows through activated carbon blocks containing ultra-absorbent coconut carbon. This workhorse portion of the process extracts a wide array of chemicals that could alter taste or pose long-term risks if regularly consumed, like pesticides, toxic disinfection byproducts and more.  

For the final polishing phase, many US Water Systems deploy KDF media in specialized filters. This kinetic degradation fluidization process transforms chlorine into a neutral salt that won’t irritate sensitive skin or escalate rusting inside home fixtures. Plus, traces of metals like lead that evade carbon can be further minimized here. Together, these filtration methods work synergistically and have been proven through testing to significantly reduce lead, VOCs and a long list of other potential water pollutants when treated to max flow rates.

Decade upon decade of research and development has gone into optimizing this multi-pronged approach. Independent laboratory analyses prove the brand consistently attains extremely high removal rates of regulated and unregulated compounds down to parts-per-million. The result? Water that goes down smooth, protects plumbing, and leaves you feeling refreshed with each glass!

us water systems features

U.S Water Systems Features Breakdown

US Water Systems hasn’t stood out in the industry in filtration for over two decades by accident. Let’s dive into what makes their systems scientifically engineered to treat even the toughest water sources.

Sediment Filtration  

Truly the unsung hero – this coarse 5-micron particulate screen sets the stage for downstream components. By catching rust particles and other large detritus absent from refined municipal supplies, it prevents clogs and extends the life of subsequent mechanisms. Replacements every 6-12 months based on use keeps everything flowing at peak efficiency.

Activated Carbon Blocks 

Packed with billions of adsorptive sites, premium coconut shell-based carbon strings together to create an organic labyrinth. As water percolates through this maze, pesticides, VOCs, toxic byproducts and other chemicals both man-made and naturally occurring become trapped inside the porous matrix. After 6 months to a year of service depending on conditions, replacement of these workhorses keeps systems running optimally.  

Kinetic Degradation Filters

This specialized media utilizes a chemical oxidation-reduction reaction driven by slight water movement to break down chlorine into its constituent salts. Furthermore, lead or other heavy metals passing prior elements find safe sequestration here. Lasting 12-18 months, consistent replacement maximizes reaping these health benefits every time you crack open a tap.

Independent Testing 

Rigorous third party analyses by certified labs prove US Water Systems consistently reduces over 150 contaminants from source water to parts-per-billion levels – demonstrating each component’s maximum efficacy when used as a synchronized system working in harmony.

Aquasana Water Filter System: Let’s Dig In

Aquasana has also made waves in the whole-home filtration field, earning high praise from thousands of households over the past 27 years. Right from the get-go, this upstart brand touted an “ESL” filtration formula proven to remove over 60 contaminants standing between customers and crystal clear, chemical-free H20. 

Aquasana is Latin for “Water to heal”, aligning product design with this concept. Whether it is modified to better suit market needs or further improve its purification effects, Aquasana has adapted itself to suit the requirements of different regions worldwide. Years of research and development results in transcendent filtration performance, with a broad spectrum of products to suit diverse needs. 

Aquasana systems reduce up to 97% of chlorine or chloramines from your water. These harsh chemicals, leftover from municipal water treatment, can wreak havoc on everything from your skin and clothing to your household appliances and pipes. Chlorine and Chloramine can even become chloroform in steam form while you’re taking a shower. And while the concentrate is very minimal, it can still have an impact on your body.

After over 20 years of consistent quality, Aquasana has won the trust of both households and enterprises, to become the leader in the American water filtration systems industry.

How Does Aquasana Water Filter Work?

Aquasana’s Rhino Whole Home Water Filter prides itself on the effectiveness of its ESL system–but just how does this multi-step formula conquer 60+ contaminants to very low levels in filtered water? 

First up, a durable 5-micron sediment filter acts as a catch-all for rust particles, sand or other large debris that could prematurely clog expensive downstream mechanisms. Once the stream is this clarified, water flows to a Dirt Defender cartridge where billions of adsorptive sites on coconut shell-based carbon go to work trapping chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and other dissolved pollutants into its matrix. 

From here, final phase purification is achieved using specialized Chloramine Defender KDF cartridges. Within this media’s microscopic pores lie transition metals poised to break chemical bonds–causing ingested chloramines to split safely into their constituent parts rather than persist in treated tap water. Any additional lead, mercury or aluminum salts are immobilized too before water is deemed Potable A-OK!

Independent laboratory analyses prove Aquasana consistently attains 90-99% removal of the EPA’s Contaminant Candidate List 2, from the now-regulated manmade perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) down to low levels of natural deposits like arsenic. When maintained properly through scheduled filter swaps, the entire household enjoys this pristine liquid livelihood!

aquasana water filter systems features

Aquasana Water Filter System Features

A filtration formula is only as good as its individual components–so let’s break down Aquasana’s secret weapons at the microscopic level:

Sediment Filtration

This hero of the preprocessing team prevents clogging downstream by catching rust flakes and sand grains that municipal pipes can deposit. Aquasana recommends biannual replacement based on gallons treated to keep scales tipping in water’s favor.

Dirt Defender Cartridges  

Packed with over a pound of coconut carbon, this workhorse excels at binding a profoundly broad spectrum of contaminants within its hexagonal matrix. Replace every 6-12 months to continuously restore maximum adsorption capacity. 

Chloramine Defender Media

Specialized KDF formulations leverage galvanic reactions to dissolve chloramines before they reach your glass. Replace annually for optimal heavy metal sequestration too.

Independent Verification

Rigorous third party analytics prove consistent 90-99% removal of the EPA’s Contaminant Candidate List 2 – demonstrating the system’s ability to reach purified status when each component is synchronized in habitual maintenance.

Whole Home Coverage

Large centralized units ensure everyone enjoys pristine H2O no matter where it’s consumed within walls – lasting financial investment in family health and wellness.

US Water Systems vs Aquasana Water Filtration System: Which Is Better?

When comparing these two whole home filtration options, they seem quite similar at first glance. Both earn high marks for using multi-stage filtration strategies relying on sediment filtration, activated carbon and KDF media. They also publish independent test results showing the efficacy of their systems at reducing regulated and unregulated contaminants.

Aquasana has a longer history of producing filtration and its commitment to achieving NSF certification for its systems must be identified as a plus. NSF certification is a respected standard for ensuring a product meets chosen criteria for safety and performance. US Water Systems products are tested by a third-party laboratory but having NSF certification is better because high fees also need to be paid for this certification. 

However, US Water Systems’ commitment to exceptional customer service sets it apart from its competitors. The company boasts a highly responsive and knowledgeable customer support team, dedicated to providing prompt and accurate assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and product information. This level of personalized support ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.

In conclusion, US Water Systems’ exceptional customer service alongside its rigorous third-party testing procedures, and dedication to innovation make it the clear choice for homeowners seeking the best possible whole house water filtration system. By choosing US Water Systems, you can rest assured that you are investing in a system that will provide your family with safe, clean, and healthy water for years to come.

The Bottom Line on US Water Systems vs Aquasana Whole Home Water Treatments

Both brands are excellent whole home solutions from reputable manufacturers. For serious treatment needs or harder water, US Water Systems edges it with exceptional customer service, faster flows and replacing fewer filters long-term. So you can always trust Bodyguard Whole Home Water Filter to give you your desired results. But for average conditions, either will deliver clean, safe water for years to come. Maintaining filters is key to maximizing each system’s full lifecycle value.

In summary, investing in a high-performance whole home water filtration system like US Water Systems or Aquasana allows you to make clean, pure drinking water accessible from any faucet or shower in your house. Such an investment protects your family from potentially harmful contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, lead and more that may be present even in treated municipal water. Just be sure to properly maintain your system through regular filter replacements to ensure optimized performance. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions; I am always happy to recommend the best whole-home filtration products to improve your wellness through optimal hydration. You can also check out some of my other reviews like Softpro vs Springwell and water conditioner vs water softener

Please reach out if you need any other advice in selecting the ideal system or products for your needs!

Stay hydrated, 

Shashank Varma (Mr Water Geek)

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