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Last Updated on August 24, 2021

This S well bottle review will go over its key features and identify the biggest flaw that you must know before you buy.

The S’well water bottle is not only ideal for traveling, but also in the office, in the classroom, in the gym and elsewhere.

On warm, humid days, the water stays cold like ice in your S’well water bottle. On cold winter days, your coffee, tea or hot chocolate will stay warm in this vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle.

As the holidays approach, you can buy a bottle of S’Well water for the traveler (or travelers) in your life.

A powerful and lasting bottle of water is needed for each adventure, whether on the mountain, in the city or somewhere in between.

However, S’Well water bottles offer more than just water and water for travelers.

S’well designed their environmentally-friendly water bottles by making them BPA-free. The company also works with UNICEF USA to provide clean and safe drinking water to the most vulnerable populations in the world.

S Well Bottle Review

The S’well Bottle range is well made, equipped with some of the best insulation and has a high density, portability factor.

It also has a head spinning amount of diversity in terms of different types of colors etc.

Few bottles of water manage to look as good as the simplest options in the S’well Bottle line. And even less manage to work as well as these high-quality bottles.

Although the bottle is a bit more expensive than some of S’well’s lower-priced competitors. The bottle compensates for the price increase with exceptional manufacturing quality.

S’well bottles are also very good at representing their price above average with elegant styles that very few other water bottles really offer.

When it comes to design, there are S’well water bottles in different sizes, styles, colors and patterns. And the company continues to introduce new types of S’Well water bottles.

The similarities between all S’well products, regardless of size and color is “Therma S’well Technology” with three walls.

Between this and the vacuum-insulated stainless steel of the bottle, the drinks remain cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. In addition, S’well products have a non-condensing exterior. So say goodbye to the uncomfortable sweat that falls through the water bottle.

Above all, S’Well water bottles are elegant, portable and do the job.

Red CrossS’well Biggest Flaw You Must Consider

My only real complaint or thing that I would like to see from S’well would be to add a wide neck option.

The current narrow neck works well enough for things like medium ice cubes.

But I somehow have the impression that the lack of a wide opening limits the potential of the S’well triple wall insulation.

It also makes it difficult for those who want to add things like fruit to their water.

S’well Bottle Warranty

There is very limited information about S’Well bottle warranty. However, the website provides information about refunds and returns.

It says that returns will be accepted within 30 days of the original purchase.

Wish to return a bottle for a refund?

Then send a request with your original order number in the subject line to You can NOT get a refund for used bottles. However, S’well will cover the shipping costs to return an item with a quality problem.

S’well Water Bottle Retailers

You can either buy direct from the site or through online stores like eBay or Amazon. It is highly unlikely to be available by going to your high street.

If you do find it in your local hardware store by looking online, call ahead first. Make sure it is in stock before you make the journey to the store.

S’Well Water Bottle Sale

The S’well bottle is not regularly on sale. But there are heavy discounts offered on places like Amazon from time to time. You may also be able to get discount prices on swell water bottle accessories like the s’well bottle strap.

Key S’well Water Bottle Facts

  • Keeps water hot for 12 hours.
  • Cold for 24 hours.
  • Do not place your S’well in a dishwasher, clean with warm soapy water and let it dry naturally.
  • Made from double walled non-toxic stainless steel.
  • Don’t place it it the microwave or put it in the freezer.

Dashed Line

Are S’well Bottles Worth It?

Short answer, yes.

It is a well built water bottle. It’s good quality, looks great and works perfectly fine as I’ve pointed out throughout this S Well bottle review.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

One of the best things about S’well is that it is 25-oz. This means that it can carry a whole bottle of wine. Ahem, of course other healthier beverage options are available. But it means that if you’re out of town and you need a cold drink, then this is perfect.

In addition, the bottle does not condense. And when the water is very cold, there is no sweating on the outside. The same is the case when it is hot.

The S’well bottle is great and very useful for those who constantly drink water or need a drink to stay warm throughout the day.

To see what other customers have to say, check current prices, explore the great selection of S’well bottles or get more detailed information, visit the S’well Amazon page.


    1. You’re not alone. I’ve always had this problem since the day I got it and I kept trying thinking it was my problem. Eventually I wrote back to ask for a replacement but it was past the refund/replacement time. S’well sent me a replacement O-ring instead which to my surprise, my bottle never had one to begin with! The stuck lid problem was never solved though. I use my bottle mostly to hold hot water. It’s fine when you open the lid while the liquid is still piping hot. Once it cools down and the pressure changes, it’s a horrible experience. I keep a broad rubber band on my lid to help me out cos i’ve hurt my wrist several times because of S’well. It’s a great bottle…but it’s a horrible experience with the lid. I refuse to buy another one fearing i’ll get the same problem, and I’ve even asked for a trade in option. Why would i need 2 bottles? I don’t want to create more trash in the environment and wishing S’well would share the same value. Guess they don’t.

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