Is Rainsoft Water Softener WORTH IT?

Systems that soften and condition water also filter water that your family drinks or use. There are many benefits to installing RainSoft water softener systems, including:

  • Reducing minerals that cause hard water.
  • Extension of the life of kitchen equipment and appliances.
  • Save money in soaps and detergents.
  • Remove contaminants that a faucet-mounted filter can not handle.
  • Convenience of bottled quality water at no additional cost or waste of bottles.
  • Cleaner and softer laundry.

If you are thinking about getting a RainSoft water system, read this article to help you through the decision making process.

About Rainsoft Water Softener

Since 1953, their mission is to eliminate water problems and help customers eliminate air pollutants in their homes.

They provide home water softening systems, drinking water filtration systems, whole-house air purification systems, water filtration systems and many other premium products.

You can not buy them on places like Amazon but instead need to go to the company direct or use an authorized RainSoft dealer.


RainSoft Water Softener Service

Basically, water softeners eliminate the high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water. The softening system removes the “hard” ions and this stops the ugly spots and white scales from the water destroying your kitchen and bathroom appliances.

There are many different types of water softeners and RainSoft is one of them. The following sections will help you decide if RainSoft is worth it.

Is Rainsoft Worth It?

Buying a RainSoft home water treatment and purification plant has many advantages.

Green Plus ArrowMany of their products are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association or NSF International for their ability to reduce pollutants. This is a guarantee that their systems will work exactly as you were promised.

Green Plus ArrowSecondly, all RainSoft water softeners, water filters, under-sink drinking water systems, and air purifiers are made in the US with sturdy, high quality, durable components. 

Green Plus ArrowThird, each authorized RainSoft dealer is able to provide you with installation and on-going customer service.

Green Plus ArrowRainSoft also provide you with limited lifetime warranty, which applies to all products.

Why Rainsoft Might NOT Be Worth It

Red CrossThe biggest issue is the price. RainSoft prices are in the range of thousands of dollars. However, it’s possible to get a good quality softener for a couple hundred bucks. I will talk about this more later in the article.

Red CrossAlso, prices are not shown upfront and you need to schedule a professional (salesperson?) to come and give you a “demonstration”. This might make some people feel uncomfortable and means you can pay more since the prices are not fixed. Meanwhile you can go on Amazon today and pickup a Fleck Water Softener for a fixed price.

RainSoft Water Softener Price

It is reported that the EC4 unit costs around $4888. This is according to “Lazy Man And The Money” and probably includes the cost of installation. The lowest price that I’ve ever seen for the EC4 is $2750.

However, the general cost for a generic water softener is typically upwards of $600. Of course, getting a higher-capacity model or one with more features will cost you a lot more.

In addition to this, you need to consider the potential cost of installation, especially if a professional plumber is not included in the price. It also does not include things like the maintenance and repair costs. For example, there will be extra costs for your water softener salt and on-going machine maintenance.

RainSoft Filters

RainSoft provide a number of products that include; softening systems, whole-house air purification systems, water filtration systems, drinking water filtration systems, and other water treatment products. Here is a list of their most popular products. 

Water Conditioner Systems:

  • EC4
  • EC5
  • TC Series

Drinking Water Systems:

  • Ultrefiner II
  • Hydrefiner Water Filtration

Rainsoft Water Softener Manual

Here are links to the most popular RainSoft water softener models. If these manuals are not suitable for your model, you can try calling the RainSoft customer number 1-800-860-7638. If this is not possible, then try sending an e-mail to customer services via

EC4 Water Treatment System

Gold Series Water Conditioning Equipment

Computer “Q2” Valve Water Treatment System


RainSoft Water Softener Maintenance / RrainSoft Problems

RainSoft water softeners are prone to salt problems. This is mainly because they are grouped together in a single container. The result is that the salt and resin containers can be easily stacked. 

If you have salt problems, your salt storage tank can absorb all the moisture from both tanks. This leads to something called “salt bridge”. The end result of salt bridge formation is that it leads to salt accumulation. If the solidified salt does not dissolve properly, it will seriously affect the softening process. This will not only affect the water quality, but also damage the machine in the long term.

How can one avoid these problems of the RainSoft water softener?

To avoid the problems I just mentioned, you should always check your RainSoft water tank regularly. When checking, you should look for traces of salt formations. Remove them all as soon as you find them. This should prevent larger formations that could damage the system and cause a costly service call or, worse, a damaged machine.

RainSoft vs Culligan

RainSoft and Culligan both provide good water softener systems and are very popular.

They also operate on a similar business model i.e. you need to call out a service person to come to your home to “demonstrate” and sell you the product.

This means that they don’t provide prices upfront.

It’s also a another possible reason why they are both among the most expensive water softener systems available today. Expect to pay thousands of dollars if you use either brand.

However, the biggest difference is that Culligan do not have good customer reviews. I have written about this extensively in my article.

READ: Culligan Water Softener Review: Here is Why People Hate Culligan So Much.

RainSoft Customer Reviews

RainSoft, on the other hand have significantly better reviews. So if my only choice is RainSoft vs Culligan, I would choose RainSoft every time. But keep reading to the end of this article because Fleck is my water softener of choice. And I will make the case for why this should be the one you choose.

RainSoft Water Softener Installation

It is always best to get a professional plumber to install your softener. Installing water softeners can be straightforward and there are lots of good water softener installation guides online.

However, a professional plumber is needed when/if things go wrong with plumbing. Alternatively, you can contact the company directly for RainSoft water softener troubleshooting. You will also need to contact the company direct for a Rainsoft water softener filter replacement.

RainSoft Water Softener Dealers

You can go straight to RainSoft to see if there is an authorized dealer in your location. Alternatively, you can search on places like eBay and Amazon to see if there is a second hand or refurbished machine available.

However, it is not the easiest water softener to find and there are many other options that you can consider.

So, Is RainSoft Worth It?

The short answer is yes, if you can afford to get it Rainsoft is worth it. But that is if you can find it as it’s not widely available.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

RainSoft water softener systems are not as easy to find when compared to other popular water systems from Aquasana, Pentair or ABC Waters.

Although Rainsoft is generally a good water softener, it has better competitors.

Competitors like Fleck 5600SXT, which is the most popular because it offers similar water softening capacity at a fraction of the cost.

Why Is Fleck Better?

Fleck 5600SXT is by far one of the best selling water softeners on Amazon.mrwatergeek winner badge

Look through the customer reviews and they will talk about a number of things. Customers love the low cost, low to no maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that it’s very effective at dealing with hard water.

Unlike many other water softeners, the 5600SXT is super easy to install for non-experts. You need to consider Fleck because:

Green Plus ArrowFleck can take care of itself – almost no need to configure or maintain it.

Green Plus ArrowHas a good capacity that can provide enough soft water for 1 to 3 people (check out the Fleck 7000SXT and 9100SXT for larger households)

Green Plus ArrowGood at handling very hard water. 

Green Plus ArrowMore energy and water efficient which means lower operating costs.

Green Plus ArrowThe fact that it’s popular means that it is much easier to get answers online, manuals, information without needing a specifically trained RainSoft expert that will come at a higher cost.


  1. Thank you so much for all of the info! Purchased a complete house (1850 sq ft; 2 bath) Rainsoft H2O treatment system installed for $5000.00 in 1999. Live just south of Minneapolis, MN.

    Worked great for a number of years but now seems to be limping along and requires a number of service calls.
    Place called me in 2017 offering me a “great deal” on a refurbished model installed for $13,000.00.
    Is this a reasonable cost?
    Your input would be greatly appreciated!



  2. Hi,
    We had a consultation with RainSoft yesterday. The man who came to our house was great and did an excellent job. We were not going to spend $7 k on a system though. My question is about the Fleck system. From what I understand the RainSoft has 2 parts, the reverse osmosis and the softener. It’s my understanding that the reverse osmosis is what really cleans the water. Does the Fleck system have that part? I don’t have an issue with the taste of my water I just want it to be clean. Thanks for any info you can provide!

  3. You mentioned the ABCwaters Triple combo Whole House for the water softener and reverse osmosis. I looked up the unit on the link you provided, thank you by the way, and it showed one for well water. I live in a rural area with well water. Would I want to purchase the well water unit or stick with the standard ABCwaters triple combo whole house unit. Does not say what the difference is other than the name and no significant price difference.

  4. I have had a RainSoft system for several years and, up until recently, it has been working fine. I recently had a new A/C – Heat system installed. The installers disconnected the UV light originally installed by the RainSoft dealer. Now the system won’t go into regeneration on it’s own, I have to manually put it into regeneration. The wires that were disconnected also had a monitor in the line that had indicator lights to let me know if the bulb needed replacement. All that is disconnected and just hanging from the rafter now. Can the computer be re-programmed to operate without the UV device? The new A/C has it’s own U/V device.

    • Hi James
      I’m really sorry but this is a little complicated for me to respond without actually seeing it in person. If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working then you may have to get a professional plumber to reconnect the UV light or install new ones and get it back working the way it used to. Sometimes trying to fix things yourself makes it worse and more expensive to fix later on (trust me I learned this the hard way!).
      You can also try getting back into contact with the original RainSoft plumber that connected everything in the first place.
      Best of luck,

  5. Thanks for responding; I was afraid you’d say that but was just hoping on the off chance that you might have seen something like this before. Contacting the original dealer/installer was my last resort as they did sloppy work and caused a leak that damaged my ceiling and the morn they sent to fix the damage did worse than what a five year old could do.
    I live in the 77386 zip code; will dealers outside my zip cross over into a competitor’s area? Any suggestions for finding one?
    Thanks again for your help.


  6. We had a water well dug and it’s hardness level is 94 grains. Is there a Fleck water softener that would work for this level of hardness. Rainsoft checked our water, that is how I knew the hardness level. There is just 2 in our household. Any information would be appreciated.

  7. Such a incredibly informative article thanks so much for putting good content out on the net like this very helpful. I like most people cam because of a rain soft demo the really interesting thing they have done recently to really sweeten the deal is partnered with home depot at least in my area and they pay for 5 years of cleaners along with the life time warranty price is $7k or $8k. Reviews are good too as you say so looks like I don’t have any reason to say no to the wife lol.

  8. Informative. Can I replace a rainsoft EC4 valve and control assembly with a Fleck 5000 series unit and keep my salt / brine tank and resin tank and bypass valve assemble? We currently have a rainsoft EC4 bought in 2013. It’s been good, but now for the 2nd time the turbine meter flow is seized up (same meter as on Fleck 5000 series so no difference there). The system is also clogged somewhere because water pressure is very low compared to when the system is bypassed. If rs dealer will not replace it under their lifetime warranty, then I’ll look to getting al fleck subsystem to replace the rainsoft valve and control assembly.

    • Hi Mike

      I don’t know if it’s possible to mix and match different softener systems in that way. I would have recommended you call the manufacturer direct but Rainsoft are unlikely to want to help you buy from a different brand (even if it’s possible). Fleck is usually made by Pentair and ABCwaters.

      As you suggested, you can try checking your warranty to see if the issues can be fixed for free or very cheap. If not Rainsoft may be able to advise on the most cost-effective way to proceed.

      Best wishes,

  9. I looked into the fleck systems you mentioned but they don’t have alot of product removal certifications, so how is it better?

    • Hi Jamie

      Thank you for your question.

      Fleck doesn’t have any removal certifications because it’s not a water filter so it technically doesn’t remove anything.

      You only get Fleck if you have hard water (i.e. water that causes white limescale in your sink/faucets/kettle/shower head etc). It solves these type of hard water issues by regenerating the water to make it “soft” and therefore limescale free.

      If you want a machine that removes hard water AND filters it too check out my article on water softener / filter combo machine’s.

      Otherwise, the best way to know if Fleck works as a reliable water softener is to read all the verified customer reviews before buying.

      Stay hydrated,


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