Systems that soften and condition water also filter water that your family drinks or use. There are many benefits to installing RainSoft water softener systems, including:

  • Reducing minerals that cause hard water.
  • Extension of the life of kitchen equipment and appliances.
  • Save money in soaps and detergents.
  • Remove contaminants that a faucet-mounted filter can not handle.
  • Convenience of bottled quality water at no additional cost or waste of bottles.
  • Cleaner and softer laundry.

If you are thinking about getting a RainSoft water system, read this article to help you through the decision making process.

About Rainsoft Water Softener

Since 1953, their mission is to eliminate water problems and help customers eliminate air pollutants in their homes. Crystal Quest Standard Softener

They provide home water softening systems, drinking water filtration systems, whole-house air purification systems, water filtration systems and many other premium products.

You can not buy them on places like Amazon but instead need to go to the company direct or use an authorized RainSoft dealer.

RainSoft Water Softener Service

Basically, water softeners eliminate the high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water. The softening system removes the “hard” ions and this stops the ugly spots and white scales from the water destroying your kitchen and bathroom appliances.

There are many different types of water softeners and RainSoft is one of them. The following sections will help you decide if RainSoft is worth it.

RainSoft Water Softener Price

It is reported that the EC4 unit costs around $4888. This is according to “Lazy Man And The Money” and probably includes the cost of installation. Crystal Quest ValveThe lowest price that I’ve ever seen for the EC4 is $2750.

However, the general cost for a generic water softener is typically upwards of $1000. Of course, getting a higher-capacity model or one with more features will cost you a lot more.

In addition to this, you need to consider the potential cost of installation, especially if a professional plumber is not included in the price. It also does not include things like the maintenance and repair costs. For example, there will be extra costs for your water softener salt and on-going machine maintenance.

RainSoft Filters

RainSoft provide a number of products that include; softening systems, whole-house air purification systems, water filtration systems, drinking water filtration systems, and other water treatment products. Here is a list of their most popular products.

Water Conditioner Systems:

  • EC4
  • EC5
  • TC Series

Drinking Water Systems:

  • Ultrefiner II
  • Hydrefiner Water Filtration

Rainsoft Water Softener Manual

Here are links to the most popular RainSoft water softener models. If these manuals are not suitable for your model, you can try calling the RainSoft customer number 1-800-860-7638. If this is not possible, then try sending an e-mail to customer services via

EC4 Water Treatment System

Gold Series Water Conditioning Equipment

Computer “Q2” Valve Water Treatment System

RainSoft Water Softener Maintenance / RrainSoft Problems

RainSoft water softeners are prone to salt problems. This is mainly because they are grouped together in a single container. The result is that the salt and resin containers can be easily stacked. Crystal Quest Whole House Softener Filter Combo

If you have salt problems, your salt storage tank can absorb all the moisture from both tanks. This leads to something called “salt bridge”. The end result of salt bridge formation is that it leads to salt accumulation. If the solidified salt does not dissolve properly, it will seriously affect the softening process. This will not only affect the water quality, but also damage the machine in the long term.

How can one avoid these problems of the RainSoft water softener?

To avoid the problems I just mentioned, you should always check your RainSoft water tank regularly. When checking, you should look for traces of salt formations. Remove them all as soon as you find them. This should prevent larger formations that could damage the system and cause a costly service call or, worse, a damaged machine.

RainSoft vs Culligan

RainSoft and Culligan both provide good water softener systems and are very popular.

They also operate on a similar business model i.e. you need to call out a service person to come to your home to “demonstrate” and sell you the product.

This means that they don’t provide prices upfront.

It’s also a another possible reason why they are both among the most expensive water softener systems available today. Expect to pay thousands of dollars if you use either brand.

However, the biggest difference is that Culligan do not have good customer reviews. I have written about this extensively in my article.

READ: Culligan Water Softener Review: Here is Why People Hate Culligan So Much.

RainSoft Customer ReviewsRainSoft, on the other hand have significantly better reviews. So if my only choice is RainSoft vs Culligan, I would choose RainSoft every time. But keep reading to the end of this article because Fleck is my water softener of choice. And I will make the case for why this should be the one you choose.

RainSoft Water Softener Installation

It is always best to get a professional plumber to install your softener. Installing water softeners can be straightforward and there are lots of good water softener installation guides online.

However, a professional plumber is needed when/if things go wrong with plumbing. Alternatively, you can contact the company directly for RainSoft water softener troubleshooting. You will also need to contact the company direct for a Rainsoft water softener filter replacement.

RainSoft Water Softener Dealers

You can go straight to RainSoft to see if there is an authorized dealer in your location. Alternatively, you can search on places like eBay to see if there is a second hand or refurbished machine available.

However, it is not the easiest water softener to find and there are many other options that you can consider.

Is Rainsoft WORTH It?

Buying a RainSoft home water treatment and purification plant has many advantages.

Green Plus ArrowMany of their products are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association or NSF International for their ability to reduce pollutants. This is a guarantee that their systems will work exactly as you were promised.

Green Plus ArrowSecondly, all RainSoft water softeners, water filters, under-sink drinking water systems, and air purifiers are made in the US with sturdy, high quality, durable components. Aquasana SimplySoft Results

Green Plus ArrowThird, each authorized RainSoft dealer is able to provide you with installation and on-going customer service.

Green Plus ArrowRainSoft also provide you with limited lifetime warranty, which applies to all products.

Why Rainsoft Might NOT Be Worth It

Red CrossThe biggest issue is the price. RainSoft prices are in the range of thousands of dollars. However, it’s possible to get a good quality softener for a couple hundred bucks. I will talk about this more later in the article.

Red CrossAlso, prices are not shown upfront and you need to schedule a professional (salesperson?) to come and give you a “demonstration”. This might make some people feel uncomfortable and means you can pay more since the prices are not fixed. Meanwhile you can go on Crystal Quest today and pickup a water softener for a fixed price.

RainSoft vs Crystal Quest Softener?

The short answer is yes, if you can afford to get it Rainsoft is worth it. But that is if you can find it as it’s not widely available.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingRainSoft water softener systems are not as easy to find when compared to other popular water systems from Aquasana or Crystal Quest.

Although Rainsoft is generally a good water softener, it has better competitors.

Competitors like Crystal Quest, which is top rated because it offers better water softening capacity at a lower cost.

Why is Aquasana Better? (Salt FREE Softener + Whole House Filter Solution)

Green Plus ArrowIt effectively treats hard water up to 24 parts per million (which is very mrwatergeek winner badgehard) WITHOUT needing salt.

Green Plus ArrowComes with a powerful whole house filter that effectively treats herbicides, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s), heavy metals like lead and mercury. Aquasana Whole House UV Filter

Green Plus ArrowMore energy and water efficient which means lower operating costs.

Green Plus ArrowAdding the UV filter will effectively treat chlorine resistant cysts, viruses and bacteria.

Green Plus ArrowComes with a professional self installation kit, this saves you the costs of hiring a plumber.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsGreen Plus ArrowHighest rated products with numerous third party external accreditations including NSF certifications.

Green Plus ArrowBuy direct for a 90-Day “Pure Satisfaction” Guarantee.

Dashed Line

Why Is Crystal Quest Better? (Salt Based Softener Solution)

Customers love the low cost (when compared to RainSoft), low to no maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that it’s very effective at dealing with hard water.

Unlike many other water softeners, the Crystal Quest is super easy to install for non-experts. You need to consider this machine because:

Comes with traditional salt based softener AND filter.

Green Plus ArrowThe filter has 3 stages and comes with NSF certifications. Crystal Quest Standard Softener

Green Plus ArrowIt can take care of itself – almost no need to configure or maintain it.

Green Plus ArrowHas a good capacity that can provide enough soft water for 1 to 3 people (check out the Dual Tank Softener and Filter System for larger households).

Green Plus ArrowThe fact that it’s top rated means that it is much easier to get answers online, manuals, information without needing a specifically trained RainSoft expert that will come at a higher cost.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsGreen Plus Arrow Can effectively treat extremely hard water because it uses salt/sodium unlike some salt free options.

Green Plus ArrowComes with a satisfaction guarantee!

Dashed Line

Aquasana Salt Free Softener and Filter SystemCrystal Quest Softener with Pre/Post Filters
Aquasana Whole House Filter
Crystal Quest Softener with Pre/Post Filters
- 1,000,000 one million gallon capacity.
- Aquasana Rhino exceeds NSF standards.
- Treats hard water WITHOUT salt.
- Removes chlorine, bacteria, iron, sulfide, manganese, mercury, lead etc.
- Includes pre-filter, copper-zinc and carbon filtration stages with standard fittings.
- 90-Day "Pure Satisfaction" Guarantee.
mrwatergeek winner badge
- Powerful salt-based water softener.
- Also includes a 3 stage filter.
- Comes with digital metered, on demand valve.
- 60,000-grain capacity.
- NSF certified.
- Made in the USA.
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I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


  1. Thank you so much for all of the info! Purchased a complete house (1850 sq ft; 2 bath) Rainsoft H2O treatment system installed for $5000.00 in 1999. Live just south of Minneapolis, MN.

    Worked great for a number of years but now seems to be limping along and requires a number of service calls.
    Place called me in 2017 offering me a “great deal” on a refurbished model installed for $13,000.00.
    Is this a reasonable cost?
    Your input would be greatly appreciated!



  2. Hi,
    We had a consultation with RainSoft yesterday. The man who came to our house was great and did an excellent job. We were not going to spend $7 k on a system though. My question is about the Fleck system. From what I understand the RainSoft has 2 parts, the reverse osmosis and the softener. It’s my understanding that the reverse osmosis is what really cleans the water. Does the Fleck system have that part? I don’t have an issue with the taste of my water I just want it to be clean. Thanks for any info you can provide!

  3. You mentioned the ABCwaters Triple combo Whole House for the water softener and reverse osmosis. I looked up the unit on the link you provided, thank you by the way, and it showed one for well water. I live in a rural area with well water. Would I want to purchase the well water unit or stick with the standard ABCwaters triple combo whole house unit. Does not say what the difference is other than the name and no significant price difference.

    • Hi Sharon

      Yes that seems strange.

      I’ve carefully gone through both the “well water” and “non-well water” options and there doesn’t seem to be any difference between them except from the price and the fact that one says it’s specifically for well water.

      Personally, I would just go with something that is specifically designed for well water with lots of good customer reviews.

      Because it’s for well water it will treat all the common well water related issues like iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide but also things like lead and mercury.

      Stay hydrated,

  4. I have had a RainSoft system for several years and, up until recently, it has been working fine. I recently had a new A/C – Heat system installed. The installers disconnected the UV light originally installed by the RainSoft dealer. Now the system won’t go into regeneration on it’s own, I have to manually put it into regeneration. The wires that were disconnected also had a monitor in the line that had indicator lights to let me know if the bulb needed replacement. All that is disconnected and just hanging from the rafter now. Can the computer be re-programmed to operate without the UV device? The new A/C has it’s own U/V device.

    • Hi James
      I’m really sorry but this is a little complicated for me to respond without actually seeing it in person. If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working then you may have to get a professional plumber to reconnect the UV light or install new ones and get it back working the way it used to. Sometimes trying to fix things yourself makes it worse and more expensive to fix later on (trust me I learned this the hard way!).
      You can also try getting back into contact with the original RainSoft plumber that connected everything in the first place.
      Best of luck,

  5. We had a water well dug and it’s hardness level is 94 grains. Is there a Fleck water softener that would work for this level of hardness. Rainsoft checked our water, that is how I knew the hardness level. There is just 2 in our household. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Hi Barbara

      Yes, that is extremely hard water (assuming you mean 94ppm parts per million, which I calculate to be 5.48GPG). Your best bet is to go for a powerful softener like Crystal Quest that can effectively treat that level of hardness). This also comes with a powerful multi-stage whole house filter.

      Stay hydrated

  6. Such a incredibly informative article thanks so much for putting good content out on the net like this very helpful. I like most people cam because of a rain soft demo the really interesting thing they have done recently to really sweeten the deal is partnered with home depot at least in my area and they pay for 5 years of cleaners along with the life time warranty price is $7k or $8k. Reviews are good too as you say so looks like I don’t have any reason to say no to the wife lol.

  7. Informative. Can I replace a rainsoft EC4 valve and control assembly with a Fleck 5000 series unit and keep my salt / brine tank and resin tank and bypass valve assemble? We currently have a rainsoft EC4 bought in 2013. It’s been good, but now for the 2nd time the turbine meter flow is seized up (same meter as on Fleck 5000 series so no difference there). The system is also clogged somewhere because water pressure is very low compared to when the system is bypassed. If rs dealer will not replace it under their lifetime warranty, then I’ll look to getting al fleck subsystem to replace the rainsoft valve and control assembly.

    • Hi Mike

      I don’t know if it’s possible to mix and match different softener systems in that way. I would have recommended you call the manufacturer direct but Rainsoft are unlikely to want to help you buy from a different brand (even if it’s possible). Fleck is usually made by Pentair and ABCwaters.

      As you suggested, you can try checking your warranty to see if the issues can be fixed for free or very cheap. If not Rainsoft may be able to advise on the most cost-effective way to proceed.

      Best wishes,

  8. I looked into the fleck systems you mentioned but they don’t have alot of product removal certifications, so how is it better?

    • Hi Jamie

      Thank you for your question.

      Fleck doesn’t have any removal certifications because it’s not a water filter so it technically doesn’t remove anything.

      You only get Fleck if you have hard water (i.e. water that causes white limescale in your sink/faucets/kettle/shower head etc). It solves these type of hard water issues by regenerating the water to make it “soft” and therefore limescale free.

      If you want a machine that removes hard water AND filters it too check out something like Aquasana that is NSF and IAPMO certified to remove lots of things like mercury, giardia, pharmaceuticals, lead, bacteria, chlorine etc.

      Stay hydrated,

  9. Hi there! Do u know if ecowater is good? We found them through Costco n they came out to give us a quote for $5400 for their soft water system and RO system. And then we had Rainsoft come out by Home Depot and gave us a quote for $7300. We are having a hard time deciding because Rainsoft offers lifetime warranty! Which is tempting but do u know if they really stand by their words?

    • Hi David

      I honestly don’t know if Rainsoft stand by their warranty but the prices from both companies seem incredibly inflated to me.

      Almost all whole house softener / filters now come with extended guarantees and warranties. For instance, FilterSmart provide Lifetime Warranty and their products are much cheaper than RainSoft.

      Let me know if you have any further questions,

  10. We have recently got EC5 water softening system and would like to return in but RainSoft made a clever legal contract. We had only 3 days to try it and ran out of the cancellation period.

    Consider these before you purchase it.

    1) Water softeners remove not only bad stuff from a water but also a good stuff such as Magnesium and Calcium, which are crucial for human body. That brings to to the point when you have to buy a drinking water supply from PolandSprings or so. You will not be able to drink it, cook on it, use it for pets, water your plants/garden etc.

    2) If you have ill or pregnant members of the family, the lack of Magnesium will force them to buy additional food supplements, which is another additional cost.

    3) You will not be able to use other water filtration systems with the EC5 processed water. They will not replenish missing ingredients. So you will end up with installing another water line bypassing the EC5 or or other water softeners and this is going to be additional cost.

    The water softeners are needed in the areas with really hard water so if you are in New England you hardly need it. Unless you live on a volcano.

    Think before you get it…

    • Hi Alex

      Thank you so much for sharing. So sorry about your bad experience.

      I agree with almost everything you said except you can get a decent amount of magnesium and calcium from your diet and don’t need to rely on a (potentially) contaminated water supply full of excessively hard minerals.

      However, like you I think it’s always better to get a whole softener AND water filter combination so that everything gets treated at the same time.

      Aquasana seem to be the best at providing salt free softeners/filter combination machines at the moment while Crystal Quest do the best salt-based softener/filters.

      I also recommend people to purchase their softeners through a credit card. This way you get extra chargeback protection from the credit card company.

      Best wishes,

    • We have a Rainsoft. There is an included wrench that you stick in the dual inserts and turn to manually shut it off, so you could and full up some water, I’m pretty sure you won’t ever go back. Getting the free cleansers won us over. It took our water 30 drops of soap to 2 drops of soap and our suds still weren’t nearly as sudsy. Shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, dish soap, glass cleaner, kitchen/bath, but best is the dishwashing detergent, no more booster and Jet Dry. One teaspoon gets our dishes squeaky clean. You can get calcium from food and dairy and magnesium from MCT oil or supplements. It’s not worth drinking all the other stuff just to get that. We aren’t ever going back.

  11. Does Fleck remove as small a particle as Rain Soft? Also what about pharmaceuticals that Rain Soft is supposed to remove?

    • Hi Charles

      The standard water softeners like Fleck and RaindSoft do *NOT* filter anything.

      They only soften (unless RainSoft has offered you a specific filter package).

      If you need something that will both treat hard water AND filter it too then you should check out Aquasana Rhino (salt free) or Crystal Quest (salt based).

      They both remove pharmaceuticals and much more. However, Aquasana has the more powerful filters of the two.

      Stay hydrated.

  12. I just had a rainsoft sales pitch this evening. I have extremely hard water, high suspended solids, and sulfur water. Is there a cheaper system that will address all of these issues like the rainsoft system promised that also includes the UV filter?

    • Hi Harmon
      How much was your quote and how hard is your water? Without knowing the answer to these, here are some options that you can consider:

      Aquasana EQ-500 that will treat hard water and filter out things like: iron, suspended solids, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals like lead.

      Also, you can add a UV filter to any of their machines.

      Stay hydrated,

  13. Had a consult with a sales rep from Rainsoft this evening. He discussed a whole house system that has 3 pieces who would soften the water, filter the water which he said would bring down my TDS level, and clean the system daily. Quote also include a RO system by my sink for drinking water. And they offered to throw in a ton of cleaning products yearly for 5 years. It seemed like a good deal but the guy was a bit too salesy and I’m not sure if I can find a better system for less. Total price was 7900 which I can pay in monthly installments of 100 per month. And if I can refer 6 people they pay me back the 7900. What do you think?

    • Hi Jordan

      That seems pretty expensive to me personally because you can probably get all of those things as standalone items much cheaper from Amazon and even get them to install it for you.

      In fact the most expensive whole house filter and softener combination from Aquasana is currently on sale for around $3000 and their filters can treat everything from pesticides to lead.

      However, you may have to pay for everything upfront (instead of the $100/month).

      So it really depends on your circumstances.

      Just know that if you go direct with RainSoft that you are paying almost double the market rate and I’m basing that on what you say the quote includes.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi Christy

      Yes, so long as you choose one that comes with an iron filter. For instance, if you select a model like “Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter”

      However, if you don’t like this model then simply make sure whatever softener you buy has an iron filter.

      Best wishes,

  14. Thank you Luke for responding back!!

    Sorry but I’m am clueless when it comes to water systems as this is the first time I’ve ever needed To purchase one .. What system would you recommend that would be self installed and maintained to remove extremely high levels of iron

  15. Hi,
    I see lots of questions on which systems to purchase and I also have questions but is there any kind of water testing kit sold that could help us determine what equipment we would need?

    • Hi Michael

      It depends on what your concern is because you can test for lots of different things. I would recommend a water test kit that tests for hard water, iron and general contaminants.

      Once you have your results then you can work out what you need a water system to do.

      For example, water hardness is typically measured in GPG (grains per gallons) so you can seek out softeners that treat your hardness level once you have got your test kit results.

      Hope this makes sense and if not, let me know and I’ll try to clarify further.
      Stay hydrated,

  16. We just moved to a house with well water and have had the water tested with the nitrates at 14.6 ppm. Also the water is very hard Rainsoft and Culligan said it was 15? Would you recommend us getting a fleck Softener for the hardness and a RO for the nitrates through Amazon? I am not interested in spending 5-7 grand through these other companies. I didn’t know that amazon did installation, hopefully Central California is an area that they service. Thanks great blog we have learned a lot from reading as we are new to this also. Have you ever heard of water tech reionator?

    • Hi Ted

      Yes, I think a Fleck softener and RO filter combination is a good choice for your situation especially as you now have your water test results so can purchase the right level of water treatment. But this means you will need to buy and install 2 separate products.

      This is why I am no longer recommending Fleck through Amazon because other companies like Crystal Quest offer better all-in-one solutions. This means the softener also has an integrated whole house multi-stage filter which treats lots of contaminants, chemicals and toxins (including nitrates).

      This single product will do everything you need.

      Never heard of Water Tech Reionator but a quick Google search doesn’t reveal much even though it seems to have been around for many years, which isn’t a good sign but I’ll be sure to investigate further.

      Stay hydrated,

  17. Hi! I had a Rainsoft rep come to my house and do the whole demo which showed the hardness was like at 135. The water test shows how dirty and contaminated it was. I was given the air filtration and the United for the washing machine plus 10 years of that soap supply. It was financed for $135/mo through YGrene but I wasn’t given the separate options. I just wanted her to leave and bought it for $13k. What would it roughly cost for all 3 products?
    They also said I wouldn’t need to replace the salt until like 8-9 months since there is Only two people living here. Now I can’t sleep feeling ripped off.

    • Hi Denise

      I know exactly how you feel, it’s so easy to feel under pressure in these situations and sign up to something that you regret later.

      How long ago was this? You might still be able to cancel your agreement using consumer protections legislations like the “cooling off period”.

      You can literally type the different products (and specifications) into Google and see their going rate but I don’t see it costing anywhere close to $13K even when you factor in the additional costs for plumbing.

      Soap is dirt cheap hence why they give it to you for nothing and the cost of salt is hardly an issue, even a large household will spend less than $1/day on salt.

      Let me know if there is anyway that I can help!
      Best wishes,

  18. Hello,

    Can we install the Aquasana whole house water filter and install the the fleck? Or is mixing the two a bad idea?

  19. We recently had a Rainsoft demo and my husband was ready to sign on the dotted line. I asked him to let me do my research and I’m glad I did. Your site and the answers to other questions has saved us thousands of dollars. The quote we were given was $8k (to include something for the washing machine) but still costly. We have a lot of limestone in our area and our hard water was 9gpg (if I remember correctly). What whole home system would you recommend for a family of 3? Thank you

    • Hi Janel

      I’m so happy this blog has helped you.

      Are you looking for a stand-alone water softener OR do you want a whole house softener + filter combination?

      If you’re just looking for a regular softener with basic filters Crystal Quest is a good option that can treat very hard water of 60,000-grains.

      However, if you want a salt free softener + filter combination then Aquasana have the best rated machines (like the Rhino or OptimH20). Also, I believe their salt free softener add-ons can treat water with up to a 25 GPG hardness level (however, feel free to double check this with them before you purchase).

      Both of these would be suitable for a family of 3 and cost a fraction of what RainSoft are asking for.

      Let me know if you need any further help,

  20. Hey I had a Rainsoft rep test the water in my house yesterday in New Jersey the water was hard and full with a lot of chemicals I’m not going to lie I was very impressed with the results of their sys but the price was a little steep I have a large 2 family home and occupy the whole house there are 9 of us they offered up the the combo package for the home and filtration sys for both units kitchens for 10k but upon reading this article what do you recommend

    • Hi Jesse

      My issue with RainSoft has never been their products or performance, it’s always been their price.

      How hard is your water? What kind of chemicals did they find in your water and was this in a large quantity?

      If you need softening and filtration in equal measure than you might want to consider something like the Aquasana OptimH20, the water conditioner treats moderately hard water without salt, the UV filter treats bacteria/viruses and the actual filter is so powerful it can remove heavy metals like lead.

      It treats 8 gallons per minute so can cope with a large household of 9 people.

      Stay hydrated,

  21. Luke George have a question for you so you say that fleck system does it just like rainsoft but is way cheaper but my question to you is if I spend 500-2000 on a system like that and it breaks does it come with a warranty because rainsoft has a lifetime warranty on every single product piece they have and also does fleck move the system as well or do you have someone move it which would mean if I move then I would pay twice for it to be installed when rainsoft moves it for you for a small fee and at time of purchase they install for free, have a lot more reason why rainsoft is the best we all can find something that is cheaper I get it but a wise man once told me “cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap”.

    • Hi Gary

      Fleck machines usually come with 5-year warranty on the valves and 10-year warranty on the tanks. But the majority of customers find that they use it without any problems and it lasts much longer than their warranty.

      Most people are happy to spend $500-$1000 on a new softener. Let’s say they have to replace it every 15-20 years, it still works out cheaper (than RainSoft) over a life time. Especially as most people can’t afford to pay what can sometimes be as much as $10K upfront.

      Removal and relocation from RainSoft is not completely free and I don’t think their “small fees” justify their outrageous upfront costs which is x10 the industry average.

      Stay hydrated,

  22. Luke, great article and thank you so much for responding to everybody’s request. After reading everybody’s concerns and your responses, I decided to go with Aquasana rhino since it’s $400 less than OptimH20.
    My question to you is about bacteria growth. Since the system will remove chlorine, this will promote bacteria growth in the PVC pipes. What is your opinion on that?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Roman
      Sure, happy to help.
      Adding the UV light option will solve this problem for you because it will sterilize 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and chlorine resistant cysts.
      Stay hydrated,

  23. Hello Luke, I have been searching for water softener/filtration system for my house and it looks like Aquasana is a good choice and it’s salt free. If I also use their filtration system does it remove calcium and magnesium as well? If it is, maybe a softener with salt would be good also? I noticed you mentioned that Aquasana doesn’t work for water that is too hard? I have not tested my water yet (how do I do that?) But what is the upper limit for Aquasana? Thank you so much for answering everyone’s questions.

    • Hi Rachel

      Sure, happy to help.

      Yes, you are correct, Aquasana machines are not good for extremely hard water. “Moderately hard water” records at 3.5-7.0 GPG (Grains Per Gallons), so if your water records within this area then I would take a guess that Aquasana should be fine.

      However, if these minerals are a big concern for you then it’s worth getting a hardness test kit speaking to Aquasana before making a purchase. They are open everyday (even at the present time) and I know from experience that their customer service is very good.

      *** Update: I contacted Aquasana myself and can confirm that their machines CAN treat hardness up to 25 GPG ***

      Stay hydrated,

  24. Luke, I apologise for bothering you again. I been looking on Aquasana website and cannot find what level hardness does rhino max out at? Our water is at 117GPG. Do you think Aquasana rhino can handle it?

    Thanks again


    • Hi Roman

      Wow that’s extremely hard, I don’t think Aquasana will be able to effectively treat that amount although the filters are powerful enough to make it drinkable etc.

      I would give them a quick call to double check if they have any solutions for your specific situation.

      Otherwise you’ll most likely need a regular salt based softener and perhaps get one with filtering capabilities. Though the filters will not be as powerful and comprehensive as the ones from Aquasana.

      Stay hydrated,

      • Hi again Roman

        I was very curious about this so I checked with Aquasana myself.

        When you say 117GPG, you most likely mean 117ppm (parts per million) which I calculate to be 6.82GPG and this makes more sense because I’ve never heard of 117GPG before, that’s crazy high.

        Aquasana machines like the Rhino can handle up to 25GPG so you’re good.

        Stay hydrated,

  25. We bought a Rain Soft system 5 years ago. When the salesman came to test out water he asked if we had any animals. We have two cats. He sat a dish of our regular water and a dish of filtered water down and they both went to the filtered water and lapped it up! He also told us not to use any soap in our clothes washer for the first load because you have lots of soap in your clothes already. As soon as the system was installed we put some laundry in and for sure it looked like there was soap in it! Our skin feels better and the water taste fantastic! The controller cracked and started malfunctioning and they came out and changed it to a new unit for free. I like the water and I like the service.

    • Hi Jerry

      I’m so glad you had a good experience with RainSoft.

      Thanks for sharing and thank you for adding some much needed balance to this post!

      Stay hydrated,

  26. Luke,

    Would much appreciate any guidance. We are doing a major remodel to a 7000 square ft home on Atlanta City water and are planning to add a whole home softener and filtration system. We are looking to get the water as clean as possible for us and our children. I know I want to silk feel of a salt system and was looking to the RainSoft due to longevity and reputation. Would appreciate any insight. I know we would pay a premium for the RainSoft but just looking to get the best system we can in the home. Thanks!

  27. my daughters bf just gave me a new system… well never used rainsoft ec4. Who can I get to install it?

  28. I just signed with Lifetime Solutions and reading all this information I’m not really sure if I want to continue with this, can I cancel before installing the filters in my House? I have the appointment by tomorrow morning

  29. Hi Luke,

    We just met with a salesperson from Rain Soft and we have until June 10th to cancel as we share with the rep we wanted to do research. He was cool and understood and agreed to wait to run our credit until we decided in a couple days. We are now reviewing whole house filtration and softener systems. Hardness was 7.2GPG. You mentioned you have more to share about Crystal Quest. Can you please tell us why you are so impressed with them right now. FYI, we do not need the financing Rain Soft offers through Home Depot, but obviously 1 year interest free is a nice option. Please help guide us. We are only a 2 adult household with family guests once or twice month.


    Cameron and Chris

    • Hi Cameron and Chris,

      In your situation I would take a look at SpringWell whole house filter softener combo. It treats up to 9 GPM, has a 4 stage filter, comes witha 6 month guarantee and lifetime warranty.


      If you prefer a salt free option and would like something with filters that are more powerful then Aquasana Rhino is still my personel favorite. It can treat hard water that’s up to 25 gpm without constantly needing salt and the filters can treat things like chlorine, lead, mercury, organic chemicals, pesticides and more.

      They are also currently on sale and will hook you up with a reliable local plumber in your area.

      Get back to me if neither of this works for you and I’ll try to see what else is out there.

      Stay hydrated,

  30. Thank you Luke. We will look into those and keep you posted. Are one of those affiliated with Crystal Quest? We saw your reply to the family near Atlanta and you seemed pretty impressed with Crystal Quest.

    Have a great Sunday. We appreciate your help.

    C & C

    • Hi Cameron

      No, neither of them are affiliated with Crystal Quest.

      The Crystal Quest machine I was talking about was this one. I was impressed with its value for money given that’s its almost 50% cheaper than all the others and treats up to 13 GPM so I guess another good option for you to consider.

      Hope I didn’t overwhelm you with too much choice!

      Stay hydrated,

  31. Had someone from Rainsoft come out last week. The demo “looked” good but I wasn’t really buying that our water was that contaminated. The entire process didn’t feel authentic. Told the guy I wasn’t going to make an impulse purchase of 9K without doing adequate research. He left the deal hurt, which was strange because he said be got no commission off the sale; I knew it was a lie from the beginning.

    Question: How accurate are the demos that door-to-door sales people demonstrate, or specifically RainSoft?

    Is there a DIY water testing kit you prefer?

    • Hi Cleveland

      Almost all the feedback and comments seem to tell the same story, well done for not letting the pressure get to you! Most people sign and then immediately regret it.

      There is no way to determine the accuracy of their demonstration so you’re right to do your own test.

      Honestly, I don’t have a favorite water test but you can’t really go wrong with getting the best selling / highest rated water test kit on Amazon.

      Stay hydrated,

  32. Hi Luke, thank you for providing all this great info! I was completely clueless about this topic but I’ve learned a great deal reading through this thread.

    I met with a Rain Soft rep today and he sold me on a water softener plus the reverse osmosis unit that’s scheduled to be installed in a day. After reading this thread I’m considering canceling the order and buying the Crystal Clear Whole House Water Softener with Pre/Post Filtration instead. My question is if this system will provide similar quality drinking water as a separate RO unit or if I would need to buy one for drinking water in addition to the whole house softener?

    • Hi Karina

      I would recommend that instead of buying an RO system you simply add on the “12 GPM UV Water Sterilizer” upgrade to your Crystal Quest Softener and Filter.

      This will add that extra layer of purification to make the water completely safe for drinking direct from the tap.

      The cost of the upgrade is also about the cost of the standard reverse osmosis machine e.g. (WaterDrop).

      However, when you bundle everything up through Crystal Quest it’s all done for you in a single device so less hassle, things to install etc.

      Stay hydrated,

  33. Hello Luke,

    I have a newly constructed home of 4 years, and after living here for 1 year my family having a lot of skin related issues.
    Rain Soft rep came days ago, performed their Demo, determined my Hardness was 13. Tap water TDS is 253. My ECOwater reverse osmosis TDS is 25.
    My City’s Annual Water Report 2019, Hardness ppb is 236; Copper ppb 0.350 90th percentile level; Lead 5.4; PCE 0.011; TDS ppb 346.
    Rain Soft 2-1 Whole House Filter system cost for household of 3 without the salt, $4050 for 5 Years; $5040 for 10 Years or $6050 for Lifetime warranty. It includes the laundry/dishwasher/body soap part of the package that would be shipped to my home. Also, special financing options if needed.
    I asked if this filter system was transferrable, in case I move to different home. Rep said yes.

    What do you advise? Concerned about the health of my family’s skin, premature aging which was never an issue before moving to this are.


    • Hi Maryse

      If you’re happy with the RainSoft offer then it seems like it will treat everything that you mentioned.

      However, if you’re looking for an alternative to compare then I would look at the Aquasana Optimh20. I say this because you have lead in your water (which is extremely dangerous and toxic) and this machine treats lead to something like 99.9%. This along with the UV filter will treat the other things on your list.

      Aquasana’s salt free softener can treat hard water up to 25ppm (parts per million) so I take your reading of 236ppb (parts per billion) and calculate that to be 0.236ppm so you’re covered here too. And yes, it does this WITHOUT salt.

      I don’t know if they have finance options but it is cheaper than the RainSoft prices and the warranty is FREE.

      I’ve also heard from other customers that the “transferable device home move re-installation” is not completely free and you will still need to pay some service charges.

      Anyway, this should at least give you an alternative to compare your RainSoft offer and help you decide.

      Stay hydrated,

  34. I had a Rain Soft demo recently. I live in a hard water area (Hardin Co, KY) now and wasnt used to the water coming from the East coast. That demo made it look like I needed to buy; however I wanted to research and glad I found your page. 7k is a lot of money.
    What do you recommend for a 2 person household who wants the benefit of good tasting, safe water? I read about the salt being not good for you but also about how the salt is needed to do the best job. We only drink bottled water now and it would sure be nice to drink from the fridge filter (Filter doesnt work like the rainsoft one apparently).
    The Rainsoft Rep told me bottled water that used the reverse osmosis process was the best to buy if you have to buy,,,,better than spring water. I wonder how true that is also. Appreciate any advice, just want good water for us and out guests and pets.

    • Hi Lisa

      It really depends on the type of contaminants that you have in your water. I’m sure they did a water test and gave you the results? Well this water report will help you find what product will be most effective at treating your water.

      I agree with the RainSoft rep that RO (reverse osmosis) is one of the best filter methods for drinking water.

      If you want to treat ALL the water in your home and make the water from your faucet to be drinkable then consider one of the Aquasana devices.

      However, if you ONLY want drinking water from your kitchen faucet than a regular RO system or WaterDrop is worth considering.

      Stay hydrated,


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