On Demand Water Softener

Why do you need to get an on demand water softener?

Well, no matter what kind of softener you choose, the benefits of removing hard water from a home’s water supply are countless.

Salt-based softener systems are necessary for removing hard water.

It means you can have clean and flawless glassware as well as crockery. Soft water also results in soft skin and hair, the removal of soap and limescale deposits. Not to mention the preservation of household appliances. This can in turn lead to lower energy costs.

Water softeners are very easy to install. But for inexperienced owners or for those who do not feel like taking on a big plumbing project, use a professional. This guarantees proper installation as well as optimal performance. It also helps you avoid future warranty issues.

This article will explain to you why you need to choose an on demand water softener. I will go through all the benefits as well as any issues you might need to consider before your purchase.

How Do On Demand Water Softeners Work?

An on demand water softener regenerates at a predetermined time regardless of the amount of water you use.

The size of a water softener is measured in gallons or grain capacity. It is important to determine the right water softener capacity for a house before installation. This is all the more true for on-demand systems, which are based on an estimate of the average water consumption per person.

Red CrossThe Problem with Manual Water Softeners:

  • As it is almost impossible to use exactly the same amount of water every day, softeners can rarely regenerate when needed. 
  • So owners have no choice but to use hard water. Or if the water consumption is overestimated, these softeners unnecessarily regenerate and waste a lot of water and energy.
  • The economic performance of a softener depends on a delicate balance between the continuous production of softened water and the overall use of the resin. Only on demand water softener systems can provide high efficiency.
  • Using a manual water softener as needed can be complicated and often leads to greater waste disposal in the environment than necessary.

The average American consumes 80 gallons of water per day. But the water consumption of a home varies throughout the year and some regions have very hard water.

This means that it can sometimes be difficult to know how much water to program.

And this is why getting a metered or on demand water softener is a MUST.

The system will assess how much soft water you need, the level of water hardness and generate accordingly. To further help you save money it typically regenerates in the middle of the night. This helps you save money on energy bills and makes sure there is soft water 24-7.

Metered Water Softeners

Metered water softeners with dispensers are the most economical softeners when it comes to salt and regeneration water.

A dosed water softener regenerates only when you use a preset amount of softened water, regardless of the number of days it takes.

This prevents inadequate or excessive softener regeneration when water demand varies. The amount of softened water is again calculated based on the water hardness, the capacity of the water softener and the number of people on the property.

Benefits of an On Demand Water Softener

An on demand water softener works on an as-needed basis. The latest models pretty much guarantee an uninterrupted flow of soft water. Equipment such as the Fleck SXT range will actively monitor your water consumption and regenerate when needed. This is typically when the resin is filled with hard water minerals.

Here are specific benefits for using an on demand water softener system:

Green Plus ArrowOn demand water softeners are the most efficient systems for removing hard water.

Green Plus ArrowRegardless of the time required to consume a preset amount of water, the on demand water softener regenerates only when that amount is used. This prevents excessive or insufficient regeneration of the water softener even if the water requirement increases or decreases.

Green Plus ArrowIdeally, a water softener regenerates immediately before reaching its capacity and this makes on demand water softeners the most efficient.

Green Plus ArrowThe meter configuration measures water flow to determine the regeneration cycle but does not regenerate every night. Only when soft water is needed.

Green Plus ArrowOn-demand softener technology is the most advanced solution to hard water problems.

Green Plus ArrowThese systems are reliable, easy to install and offer the best value for money. Automated softeners that work on demand are best for those who want clean and softened water anytime or in any amount.

Green Plus ArrowPeople who own on demand softeners do not have to remember to turn it off when they are away from home for a long time. This is because on demand softeners do all the calculations for you. These systems eliminate all assumptions about supply and demand of soft water.

Best on Demand Water Softener

ABCwaters Built Fleck On Demand 5600SXT

Fleck on demand water softeners are the most popular and best selling softeners online. 

People like buying Fleck SXT softeners because of the high quality of soft water they can produce no matter how hard the water is.

Flecks are known for low annual energy consumption and ease of use.

But by far the biggest selling point is its digital valve system that automates the whole process, which means you can set it and forget it.

Some of the models have 2 pre-installed tanks that come with a 10-year warranty as well as a bunch of additional items.

There are also significant added value items like the support resources. Fleck SXT units come with installation videos and a kit and simplified installation instructions.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter

If you have iron and hard water issues then this is the softener for you. This problem is more common then you might think and you should get a water test kit to check your iron levels. 

Aside from being an iron filter this Fleck on demand water softener comes with a variety of capabilities.

This variation is a unit of 64,000 grains, but you can also get a unit of 80,000, which is the highest on the market.

Despite its iron filtration capabilities, it doesn’t demand a lot from you in terms of energy. This means that you won’t have very high annual energy bills. 

With the exception of iron, magnesium and calcium, this machine must be configured to regenerate at about 75% of its capacity for better performance.

Another big selling point is that it’s easy to use and install.


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Best Water Softener

On demand water softening technologies are the most advanced solutions to hard water problems. These systems are reliable, easy to install and offer the best value for money.Mr Water Geek Thinking

Automated softener machines are ideal for those who want clean and softened water anytime or in any amount.

The best thing about these machines is that owners do not have to remember to turn off the machine.

On demand water softeners self-regulate and turn themselves off when not in use.

mrwatergeek winner badge

This means that these systems eliminate all guess work about how much soft water you need to generate.

Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener

The Fleck 9100SXT comes with 2 tanks with a capacity of 96,000 grains. That gives you powerful water softening capacities. There is a control valve that helps you set up and automate the machine. The resin is pre-filled, which is an advantage. 

Green Plus ArrowThe brine tank is of course equipped with a brine line for easy connection to the main tank. It not only eliminates all the ions that cause hard water, but also the accumulation of tartar. Even though this is not explicitly design to deal with iron, this machine is so powerful that it will actually help a bit with the removal of iron.

Green Plus ArrowThe flow rate is strong (up to 20gpm).

Green Plus ArrowThe digital measuring head Fleck offers you a remarkable advantage in terms of control and efficiency.

Green Plus ArrowThe Fleck 9100SXT 96,000 grain dual tank water softener has a huge capacity and ideal for homes with extremely hard water. It is also good for larger households where there are lots of people using water everyday.

Green Plus ArrowFinally, both tanks have a 10-year warranty and you get 3 cubic feet of resin in each tank.


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