Do NOT Buy!! Here Is Why I Don’t Think Kangen Is Worth It

Why Getting A Kangen Machine Is NOT Worth It

Poor customer service with a low ranking from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), subpar features when compared to similar products in the same price range and a pathetic warranty period of only 5 years when the standard is lifetime warranty. Also, it does not heal any illnesses or help you lose weight and anyone telling you this is a liar. 

I’ll go into more detail while listing key negative points for you to consider before you buy from Enagic:

Red CrossBy far my biggest issue with Kangen is the outrageous cost. They costs $1,000s more than other machines in the same category with the same performance, functionality etc.

Red CrossAt the time of writing this, Kangen only score 3.5 out of 5 with customers on the BBB. This is pretty low and the Internet is littered with complaints about the company especially the MLM side of things.Tyent UCE-13 Plus

Red CrossKangen machines only have a single filter that often leads to more calcium building up in the machine. This is why Kangen suggests that you buy a separate citric acid cleansing cartridge as a way to help you deal with this buildup.

The truth is that it’s normal for some ionizer machines to need citric acid cleaning after a long period of use.

However, the Kangen machines seem to need this much early and frequently than other machines due to their filters. Also, it turns out that you will definitely need some type of pre-filter with a Kangen.Tyent ACE 13 profile

Red CrossKangen machines only have a single-filter which makes it less powerful than competing machines despite being in a price category that normally comes with dual-filters.

Red CrossThe warranty period is pathetic. Seriously. For the thousands that they demand, they should be able to guarantee their product for more than 5 years. Similar priced products come with a FOREVER lifetime warranty.

Red CrossThere are no under-counter ionizer options either. This sucks because Kangen machines are pretty ugly when compared to other ionizers. They also eat up all the counter space that is next to your sink and there is no way around this.Dashed Line

Why Are Kangen Water Machines So Expensive?

Kangen water machines are so expensive because of their MLM (multi-level marketing) sales system. About 7-9 people will get a commission from your purchase, which inflates the price of each machine. In some cases you can be paying more than double or triple the actual product cost.

This is why the truth behind why they are so expensive might have less to do with their luxury brand credentials and more to do with their business model.

Tyent UCE 11Enagic, the company who owns and distributes Kangen water, use multi level marketing to sell their products.

Multi level marketing or network marketing, if you’re not aware of this it is the same model that is used to sell Avon cosmetics.

Kangen Water Pyramid Scheme?

Some people consider it to be a pyramid scheme.

Kangen water employs people who basically sell the products to people they know, in parties and members of their network.

Hence, why it’s called “network marketing”. It is similar to Tupperware parties that were popular in the 1990’s.

UCE 11Kangen distributors typically come to your house, offices and offer you a free sample of the machine in the hope that you make a purchase.

When a Kangen water distributor makes a sale they get a large commission.

But not just the salesperson, some of the people in their sales team ALSO get a commission on each sale. This is another reason why the price tag is so high.

Kangen Water Business Model

Kangen water machines are usually sold through in person meetings. It’s not something that you can go to the supermarket and pick up. Instead you can expect an in home demonstration.

ACE 11 Countertop Water IonizerSome of these demonstrations tempt you in buy offering you free “supremely cleansed water”, machine demonstration and even a free 30 day / 1 month trial if you so wish.

Along with providing commissions to the individual sales person, a cut of the sale is also given to the person who introduced the salesman to the company.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

This means that sales people are also encouraged to recruit other sales people and get a cut of their sales.

The sales introduction chain is never ending and every ‘referee’ gets a cut all of which makes it very expensive.Tyent ACE 11 ReviewHere’s the deal.

The fact that so many people have to get a cut of the “pie” is the real reason why Kangen water ionizers cost so much. The price needs to cover all costs including the commission of 7-9 people. Check out this video to get an idea of the compensation plan.

Still Don’t Understand Why It’s So Expensive? Watch This…

Enagic’s Compensation Plan

As you can see in the video above, a lot of money goes to paying the network marketers for every sale of the SD501. Imagine a minimum of $2,280.00 each just in commissions out so you can see why the machine costs almost $4000.00.

What About Kangen Water Reviews From Past Customers?

If the high price wasn’t bad enough there are also complaints.

The “Business Consumer Alliance” has received multiple complaints against Enagic. For instance, on 11/13/2012 a customer complained that they never got their $2689.67 refund.

ACE 13 Touch ScreenThis is after almost 1 year of contacting the company directly and trying to get a rebate from their credit card company.

This is also despite returning their Super SD501 water ionizer. In the end they were only able to get $413.23 of their money.

It gets worse.

There is also another complaint on the Business Consumer Alliance against Enagic. This time it’s from a consumer that claimed to be owed $19,500 after paying for 5 Kangen water machines.

He demanded a refund from Enagic after a rep reportedly claimed the machine can cure diabetes.

Which Is The Best Kangen Water Machine?

The best Kangen water machine is Leveluk K8 because it is currently the most advanced machine with the highest spec. It has 8 platinum coated plates, which is the highest number they offer and it’s capable of making the highest level of negative ORP water. However, there are products on the market in a similar price range that provide almost double these values. 

Tyent-ACE-13Kangen K8

Tyent Countertop ACE 11
Kangen K8 Review
13 (Electrode Plates).8 (Electrode Plates).
-1150 Negative ORP (mV)-850 Negative ORP (mV)
1.7 - 12.5 (pH Range)2.5 – 11.5 (pH Range)
Over 99 presets that are fully adjustable.5 water types
10 Ampere230 Wattage
5 kg5 kg
300 x 135 x 350345 x 279 x 147
LIFETIME warranty.5 Year Warranty
Special offer:
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Coupon Offer No Special Offer
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Yes, Alkaline Water IS Good For You

None of this is to say there is anything wrong with alkaline water itself. If you want to read more about this click this link.

Kangen Water Review> Read this article to learn why alkaline water might be worth the investment.

Kangen Water Review: Is It Worth It?

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThe short answer is “no” Kangen water is not worth it. This is because you are paying an outrageously high price for their MLM business model and there are many far superior machines on the market at a similar price point.

mrwatergeek winner badgeIt is fair to say the model resembles a pyramid scheme.

Enagic recruits multiple layers of network marketers who all get a cut of the commission.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE health benefits of alkaline water.

So long as it’s not the only water you drink 24/7 because our body needs some of the nutrients in regular water.

Tyent UCE 11From what I can see, the real controversy around Kangen is the extortionate price, spurious claims and poor customer service.

******** UPDATE********

In terms of alkaline water machines my favourite used to be the ACE-13.

It is the most durable, has the best features and comes with the best customer reviews of any product I’ve seen.

However, Tyent have just produced a new more powerful Alkaline water machine, the UCE-13 PLUS.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsIt’s better than the platinum because this one is under-counter with the most options for both alkaline and acidity levels.

>> Read more: about the Tyent UCE-13 PLUS.

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