Do NOT Buy Until You Read These Monarch Water Softener Reviews

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

Before getting into monarch water softener reviews, why would you need one in the first place?

Well, getting a monarch midi water softener is something that you will need to consider if you suffer from hard water.

These types of softener systems turn your hard water soft and this leads to many advantages that include:Tapworks Softener

  • Removing “hard minerals” calcium and magnesium that cause hard water that create limescale.
  • It eradicates limescale deposits in your kettle. This means that getting a softener can extend the useful life of kitchen appliances and equipment.
  • Save money on soaps and detergents because soft water makes soap lather much easier and faster.
  • Soft water is better for laundry because it keeps hard minerals away from your clothes.
  • Hard water is not good for people who suffer from dry skin and hair.

If you’re thinking about getting a Monarch water softener then read the monarch water softener reviews below to help you make that decision.

Do I Need A Water Softener?

The number 1 reason why you need a water softener is to stop “hard water” minerals leaving white limescale deposits in your pipes, plumbing, kettle and appliances. Other reasons include:

Green Plus ArrowSoap foams faster and lasts longer with soft water.

Green Plus ArrowThe cost of powder detergent, shampoos, soaps, etc is reduced by up to 50% and this saves you money.Pelican Whole House Softener Filter Combo

Green Plus ArrowYour glasses and dishes will dry without hard white stains and you will not have to add salt to your dishwasher.

Green Plus ArrowThe reduction and elimination of limescale deposits means less time cleaning your bathrooms, sinks, faucets and shower walls.

The most important benefit of soft water is probably for those that use a hot water system or hot water machine. This is because limescale deposits cause encrustation and possible corrosion that is bad for heating appliances.

Once a good quality water softener is installed, your heating systems will be upgraded and lifespans increased. This means you can immediately start saving up to 15% of the heating costs.

Monarch Water Softener Reviews

Monarch Midi Water Softener

The Monarch Midi water softener is a good option for families of 4-7 people that live in hard water areas. It can also be suitable for 4-5 people in very hard water areas. This is based on a standard calculation of 160 liters per person per day (35 gallons).Monarch Midi Water Softener

Getting this device means that you will be able to get luxury soft water from every faucet you open.

Here are some of the best features of the Monarch Midi water softener:

Green Plus ArrowEasy set up and press-button configuration.

Green Plus ArrowElectronic display.

Green Plus ArrowComes with professional installation kit.

Green Plus ArrowSpecifically designed for standard UK plumbing and fixtures.

Green Plus ArrowHigh flow rates with “free flowvalve” technology. See Customer Reviews Button

Green Plus Arrow7 year manufacturer guarantee (depending on which model you buy).

Height dimensions and specifications: – Height: 585 mm / Width: 275 mm / Depth 460 mm

So, Is Monarch Worth It?

The short answer is probably not.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingMonarch water softeners are pretty good but there are some other better options for UK customers. So you should really review all the more poplar alternatives like TapWorks AD11, BWT and Water2Buy and then decide if Monarch is best for you.

Red CrossThe biggest problem with Monarch is the lack of verified online customer reviews. This makes it difficult to determine it’s effectiveness.

Also note that Monarch is not widely available for US consumers.

Depending on your needs, I think you should consider other options before making your final purchase decision.

****2020 Update****

Red Cross A Monarch customer contacted me (see comment below) to inform me about how expensive it is to run when compared to other machines. He reports you are likely to need £200 worth of salt to run the Monarch PlumbSoft Ultra a year, while his previous electric unit only needed about £50/year.


The Cheapest Water Softener in the UK?

Water2Buy SoftenerApart from the expensive on-going running costs, the units are also more expensive than other comparable devices from different brands.

The cheapest alternative to Monarch, that also has plenty of good customer reviews, is Water2Buy.

See Customer Reviews ButtonPrices start around £350-£400 which is much cheaper than the £550-£650 standard prices from other brands.

Dashed Line

Why is BWT Better for Customers in the UK?

Competitors like BWT are more popular, because BWT is one of Amazon’s best-selling water softeners in the UK.BWT Softener

This model of softener has a a higher capacity and more technical specifications. There are also fewer reports of maintenance issues and technical failures when you read the customer reviews on places like Amazon.

Green Plus ArrowCustomers leave reviews talking about the reasonable cost, low or no maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that it is very effective at its primary objective of treating hard water.

Green Plus ArrowMore energy and water efficiency, which means lower operating costs.

Green Plus ArrowIncludes full professional installation kit.mrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowIt comes with 2 years on labour and 5 years parts.

Green Plus ArrowYou can use either block salt or regular table salt.

Green Plus Arrow

Space saving. Small enough to fit under your kitchen sink cupboard.See Customer Reviews Button

Green Plus ArrowIt is a WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certified and approved product.


  1. I wish I had read this post before purchasing a monarch water softener!
    I am disabled and all my worktops in my kitchen had to be lowered for easy access. I ordered a non electric water softener (as it helps with my skin condition) with block salt because I suffer with Psoriatic arthritis and find it easier to use block salt rather than the chunky tablet salt as it’s extremely painful for my hands. Unfortunately, I didn’t check the height of the unit (wouldn’t fit under my reduced worktop) and had to return it back to the retailers (thankfully, still in box).
    I checked the Monarch website and found the MiniAqua HE. The advert had a picture of the mini water softener and on the right hand side had some information regarding “block salt with non electric model” on the same page. I assumed this was referring to the picture of the mini model.
    When it arrived, my plumber unpacked the appliance and installed the appliance but did not start it. It was only when I returned home that I realised it was not the same as the one advertised and thought the retailer had ordered the wrong one!
    We soon realised that the advert was very confusing as it transpired the MiniAqua did not take block salt and was not non electric.
    I sent Monarch an email explaining the confusion and although I felt the advert was misleading, a mistake had been made on my part. I explained about my disability and pleaded with them to take the water softener back without the packaging as the plumber had thrown it away.
    I have had three very distressing telephone conversations with Trevor, at Monarch, who must have a heart of ice! Absolutely no empathy, emotion, sympathy or understanding what it’s like to be disabled; he didn’t care one bit. He doesn’t care by refusing to take back the water softener I will not only be out of pocket by the sum of £700 but I will not be able to have the benefit of soft water for my skin condition.
    What an awful cruel man.
    If there is anyone who could give me some advice, I would be truly grateful.


  2. As water softe4ner installer i can honestly say Monarch units are among the least reliable. The HE units probably have a 50% failure rate within 10 years which given the cost i find unacceptable. Of the 3 Scaleout units i have fitted 2 have had issues out of the box.
    The customer service dept is hard work to deal with and reluctant to help. Please feel free to contact me Monarch

    1. Hi Stu

      I’ve recently started working for Monarch and so have only just seen your post, but we’d love to speak to you about your experience as we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products.

      If you could please email your details to and Trevor will contact you to address any concerns you may have.



  3. Hi Luke

    We have installed a monarch water softener and when we run the bath, there is a huge explosion that comes from it. Any advice?



    1. Hi Rob

      If you have just installed a new system you should be able to get support from the manufacturer / supplier as it should still be under warranty?

      Stay hydrated,

  4. The only softener to buy if you want soft water 365 days a year and cheap too run is a Harvey. A bit more to start with but cheaper and better in every way than anything else on the market.

  5. Hi luke I appreciate you getting back to me just really want to pick your brain. I was very much in favour of getting a plimbsoft ultra until I read your review and also another users comment of the sal usage. Do you know anything about this?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Ankur

      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the salt usage but I wouldn’t let that put you off because salt is extremely cheap especially when you buy in a large quantity.

      Stay hydrated,

  6. So what twin tank water softener do you recommend as I have not power source for an electric softener??

      1. Hi Luke,

        Could you please explain why you have gone from not recommending a Monarch system in Feb 2020 to now a few months later recommending me one in October, since Kevin Johnson MD of Monarch has been in touch. I hope you appreciate this is a one off purchase and I want to make sure I make the right one, so look to a non bias reviewer (and water geek) like yourself to get honest advice.


  7. Hi Luke
    I am the MD at Monarch and am sorry to see your issue. If u can ring me personally on the main number, I will get this sorted for you
    Regards Kevin Johnson

  8. Have just had a monarch plumbsoft ultra fitted. It is using two blocks of salt on less than 10 days which is excessive. My old electric one used about £50 a year for salt. This will use getting on for £200 per year. I can’t recommend it.

    1. Hi Andrew

      I’ve recently started working for Monarch and so have only just seen your post, but if you believe your salt consumption is still high it would be great if you could please email your details to and Trevor will contact you to discuss this.



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