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This AquaTru water filter review is necessary because this brand of filter has exploded in popularity.

It’s popular because of impressive capabilities when it comes to removing harmful contaminants. This is based on its ultra-reverse osmosis technology that can eliminate 74 kinds of impurities. AquaTruAlso bear in mind that this is only part of the four-stage filtration process that Aquatru filter makes use of. However, the main filtration method is the ultra-reverse osmosis technology.

This “ultra-reverse osmosis” is based on a filtration method where water molecules are pushed through a semi-permeable membrane. The result is that no contaminants end up in your drinking water.

This technology is used by water bottling companies and this gives you an idea how powerful this technology is. The power of this water filter is why it’s recommended by health professionals like Dr Hyman.

This AquaTru review will let you know if you should really believe the hype and whether it’s worth buying.

AquaTru Review

The first thing to note is that AquaTru is not the cheapest water filter that you can buy today.

AquaTru SmallHowever, it is undoubtedly very popular and a powerful form of filtration that works off the “Ultra Reverse Osmosis” technology. This technology is capable of removing large amounts of contaminants.

The difference between the ultra reverse osmosis and regular reverse osmosis is that the former is more effective at eliminating impurities. For instance, AquaTru is able to remove more harmful chemicals. Chemicals that include lead, herbicides, drug residues, pharmaceuticals and chromium.

The ultra reverse osmosis works within 4 levels of filtration.

The first stage is the pre-filter. Stage 2 is activated carbon. And then the third stage is the ultra-reverse osmosis filter. The final stage is the activated carbon filter made of coconut shells.

Key Features:

  • A powerful 4-stage filtration process that removes many bacteria and harmful chemicals.
  • Very easy to install, set up and configure.
  • It uses ultra-filtration through reverse osmosis.
  • Compact design which means that it can fit under the kitchen counter.
  • NSF certified to eliminate a long list of pollutants.AquaTru Countertop

AquaTru’s Technical Specification

In general, the AquaTru filter is 14″ high x 14″ wide x 12″ wide and consists of the following parts:

  • A frontal water tank containing clean and filtered water. Both tanks are made of Tritan BPA and BPS-free plastic and dishwasher safe.
  • Power cable.
  • 4 different filtration levels (in 3 interchangeable filters).
  • Base unit housing electronics and filters.

How Does the AquaTru Work?

Stage 1: This stage is the mechanical pre-filter that removes sediment (rust, sand, stones, and dust) from water. It removes all the bits and pieces so that the other filter stages run smoother.

Stage 2: This is the activated carbon pre-filter that removes 99% of chloramines and chlorine. The water is already pretty safe to drink at this point but the stages don’t end here.

Stage 3: The third stage is the ultra-reverse osmosis filter. This stage eliminates toxic inorganic contaminants. This includes everything from chromium-6, trace pharmaceuticals and lead. In fact, this is really the stage that does all the “heavy lifting”.

Stage 4: COV filter coconut shell activated carbon. The final stage is responsible for eliminating toxic organic chemicals.AquaTru FiltersAll of these stages make it so powerful that it can become a “coke filter” as you can see in the video below:

AquaTru Set-Up

Before using this water filter system, the manufacturer say that you must clean each tank with warm and soapy water.

  • Once it’s clean, start by connecting your power cord to AquaTru.
  • After lifting the side cover of the base, screw the three filters into their specific, color-coded spots.
  • Replace the cover.
  • Then place the filtered water tank on the front of the base. Remove the water tank without a back filter, fill it with tap water and put it back in the base.
  • On the back of your AquaTru base, activate the red on / off switch.
  • At this point, the device begins to filter.Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews
  • The company notes that bubbles and opacities may occur at first power up, even though this is simply the trapped air leaking from all three filters.
  • The control panel indicates that each filter is performing its task while the water is circulating through it.
  • Finally, just place your glass under the front of the filtered water tank, press the blue button and the water comes out.

AquaTru Filter Replacement – How Often?

The device itself will tell you when to replace the filters. But the following gives you a rough idea:

How Much Does AquaTru Cost?

Currently, the price of AquaTru is a few hundred dollars – check the latest price here.AquaTru

These prices do not include the cost of replacement filters. However, remember it can save thousands of dollars over time.

This is because it will save you the on-going cost of having to buy bottled water.

Yes, it uses electricity but the AquaTru uses a 120-volt outlet. This means that it only consumes approximately $2.00 / year in electricity.

What’s AquaTru’s Refund Policy?

AquaTru offers a standard 30-day money back guarantee. There is also a full 1 year limited warranty (it states this directly on its website at the time of writing this review).

If you have any questions about the AquaTru warranty and guarantee then you should contact Customer Service via email at

AquaTru Water Filter vs. Berkey

AquaTru Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter

AquaTruBerkey Filter
Available in various sizes.Available in 1-size only.
Plastic materials.Metal & plastic materials.
Number of filters: 3Number of filters: 2 - 4
Filter methods: Mechanical, Reverse Osmosis & Activated Carbon filters.Filter methods: Black microporous-filters & white Fluoride Filters
4-stage filter process.2-stage filter process.
Holds a maximum water capacity of 3-quarts.2.25 Gallons
45.7 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm 19" High x 8.5" Diameter
System: 1 year limited warranty.Filters: 2 years; System: 1 year.
- Fluoride by 91.8%
- Lead 97.5%
- Benzene 99.9%
- Chlorine 96.6%
- Fluoride by 99.9%
- Lead 97.5%
- Benzene 99.8%
Full Performance Data Sheet (AquaTru).
mrwatergeek winner badge
mrwatergeek winner badgemrwatergeek winner badge

If you are seeking a similar high quality filtration on the market today then you will be confronted with the option of Berkey. But how do they compare? Berkey Water FiltersWhy might the Berkey be better?

Suitable for emergency situations because it doesn’t use or need electricity to work.

The Big Berkey can filter up to 6 gallons while the AquaTru can only do 3 liters. And it can do this in less than 15 minutes.

Berkey can be cheaper – depending on which option you take. At the time of writing this, the cheapest model of Berkey (1.5 gallons) costs $230+. However, compare this to the current listed price of $349 for the cheapest AquaTru.

The Berkey is a more established brand with lots of happy customer reviews.

AquaTru Water Filter Review: Is It WORTH It?

Maybe. I say this because it is a good water filter system that creates impressive results but I can’t ignore some customers highlighting potential issues with the quality of the materials.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingNow, it’s important to be clear that there are many happy customer reviews online from people who own the AquaTru.

Most comments and reviews seem to show that people are satisfied and happy with their purchase.

Particularly happy with the performance.mrwatergeek winner badge

So if you are trying to reduce the cost and effort of installing (and maintaining) an integrated reverse osmosis system, this may be a good option.AquaTru

You can get an equally powerful portable water filter for around $100 – $150 with the Aquasana Clean Water Machine.

If you want a machine that does not need electricity then consider a Berkey Water Filter which is also cheaper than AquaTru.

It is also a better machine for emergency situations because you can still use it in a power cut.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsThe bottom line is AquaTru’s level of filtration is seriously impressive and worth the investment.





Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews

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  1. I just have one question, how does this filter compares to Aquagear? From my understanding it filters the same impurities out. Thanks.

    • Hi Fernando

      I haven’t heard of Aquagear before but just quickly looked through it and I think you’re right, it is very similar to AquatTru.

      However, I would say that AquaTru is the more powerful of the two.

      Stay hydrated,

    • Hi Jane
      I personally have a carbon based filter jug in my home and the water tastes clean and fresh. Generally speaking you should not be able to taste anything from carbon filters and that’s why they are so popular.
      Stay hydrated,

  2. I want to know if it removes fluoride?
    How much do the filters cost to replace?
    If I purchase I would want a white one. When will they be back in stock?

    • Hi Laurie
      1) AquaTru removes 93.5% of fluoride.
      2) The replacement filters cost upwards of $19.95 depending on which one you choose and how many (but combo packs offer better value for money).
      3) I have no idea when the white one will be back in stock but these items seem to be selling out fast on Water and Wellness so I would take whatever color is currently available if you need it now.
      Stay hydrated,

    • Hi Danitza

      AquaTru and Aquasana’s Clean Machine are very similar but the difference (apart from the huge price gap) comes down to if you are looking to treat something specific.

      AquaTru can treat things such as lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine etc.

      While Aquasana Clean Machine treats asbestos, lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, etc

      If you’re worried about something specific then perhaps one machine might do a better job than the other. However, if you’re just looking for something that will do a powerful job of filtering everyday tap water then either machine will suffice in my opinion.

      Stay hydrated,

  3. I have a couple questions.

    1:Aqua tru is certified is your machine certified?

    2: Where are the filters made several companies claiming the same contaminant removal but the filters leak and are imported

    • Hi John

      Sure, glad to help.

      1: The clean machine is certified by NSF/ANSI standards to remove something like 60 different contaminants – check out details on the Performance Data Sheet.

      2: Aquasana products come with a 90-Day “Pure Satisfaction” Guarantee and warranty program. So you can take it back or get it fixed / replaced if you have any problems.

      I would also suggest purchasing any device like this with a credit card so you get extra protection from the card company as well.

      Stay hydrated,

  4. We use a Zero water pitcher and have never used a reverse osmosis device. The cost of a machine isn’t a huge issue but the on going cost for filters, complicated set up, and maintenance are.
    I like the idea of not being dependent on electricity, but am open to any recommendations.

    • Hi Carol
      If you’re looking for something that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require electricity then you should look up “gravity filters”.
      The highest rated machines are Berkey, Zen and Nikken.
      Stay hydrated,

    • Hi Paul

      A regular water softener will only treat hard water.

      It will not filter your water or remove any harmful contaminants so using an extra filter mechanism like Aquatru means you can remove anything missed by the softener and make the water safe to drink.

      Stay hydrated,

  5. My friends in Chicago have the Berkey. They since switched b/c Berkey didn’t remove lead, and they both found lead in their system via medical testing. I thought the water was delicious. I usually prefer natural spring water to purified water b/c of acidity. What is the PH in AquaTru?

    Also, what is your take on Kangen water? It’s very expensive, but supposedly provides quality PH and other nutrient benefits?

  6. Hi again!

    To clarify me previous question about Kangen & other alkaline water machines…I’m asking your opinion of whether alkaline water machines filter as effectively as AquaTru or Berkey. It was my understanding that water filtration systems don’t produce alkaline water, & that alkaline water machines don’t provide the best filtration.

    • Hi Sam

      AquaTru provides a pH close to 7.0 so it won’t provide you with alkaline water.

      Alkaline water is great and Kangen is OK my only issue is the price is extortionate because it’s an MLM company and you’re essentially paying for commission checks for multiple people in the “pyramid”. I don’t think the final product warrants the offer price.

      The costs of getting a Kangen could get you a better one from Tyent (single faucet & undercounter machine OR countertop) which has a lot more features and filters that are as powerful as anything from AquaTru.

      When it comes to filters, AquaTru removes 99.1% of lead, Aquasana Clean Machine removes 99% of lead and Tyent removes 99.9%. Kangen say they remove lead but I can’t find to what degree.

      Stay hydrated,

  7. Am I correct in my understanding that Aquatru does not filter out all chemicals and other contaminants from my faucet? If so where do I find out the total list of contaminants that Aquatru filters out so I can compare it with the contaminants in my local city water supply?

    • Hi John

      It is generally known that a multi-stage reverse osmosis device like AquaTru or the Clean Machine is effective at removing Glyphosate.

      However, Glyphosate is an unregulated chemical which means there is no standardized way to test for its removal.

      This is why you can not find any specific claims in relation to Glyphosate removal.

      Stay hydrated,

  8. In your comparison of the aqua tru versus the aqua sana, you list the things that each one filters out. Does the kangen filter all of those things on its own??

    • Hi Britain

      You mean where I talked about the lead filtration? Kangen does have filters but I couldn’t find specifics when it comes to things like lead. What I do know for sure is that Kangen filters are not as powerful as any of the other brands.

      Stay hydrated,

  9. I want filtration and alkaline – doesn’t sound like in the 3-400$ range this is an option. Is there a legitimate way to alkalize the water once filtered?

    • Hi Debra

      Most of the cheaper alkaline machines are Chinese imports and not worth the money.

      The best decent quality machine (10 stage filter + turns water alkaline) at the lowest price (that I’ve seen) is around $1695 (current sale price with promo code: steel1695).

      However, if you literally don’t want to spend any money then consider adding lemon to your water. That alkalizes it for free.

      Stay hydrated,

      • Thank you. You make a sound point with the lemon! I have been only using charcoal sticks in my glass jar and feel I need to ‘clean’ the water more. Alikalizing can be secondary.

  10. Hello,

    Do you have an opinion on the AquaTru vs the Waterdrop filter? I’m interested in the under sink filter that waterdrop has in comparison to the aquatru.

  11. Of all filters and purifiers, irrespective of cost, which is the ultimate and top rated unit that removes the most toxins, Viruses, chemical and contaminants? Thank you.

    • Hi Jay

      Difficult to answer because all the products mentioned in this article pretty much do the same thing (roughly speaking). But perhaps one might treat a specific contaminant 0.6% better than another but is 0.013% worse when it comes to a different contaminant.

      If you don’t have a specific contaminant that concerns you then I would choose anyone of them that fits in to your home and lifestyle.

      For example, some people prefer the Berkey because it doesn’t require electricity while others prefer WaterDrop because it directly connects to your faucet and doesn’t eat up any counter space.

      However, if you don’t care about costs and want a serious filter that treats everything (including the highest levels of lead, mercury, toxins, chemicals, viruses, contaminants etc.) then consider a whole house filter like the OptimH20.

      Stay hydrated,

  12. Hi Luke,
    It seems most are referring to municipal water that they are filtering. How is this on well water? Does it remove bacterial contaminants?

    • Hi Tally

      Yes you are correct, all the devices in this article are designed to treat everyday regular municipal water.

      However, well water has very specific issues like manganese, arsenic, radon, iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and other heavy metals. So you really need to consider a device that specifically treats well water like this or this.

      Stay hydrated,

  13. I want this company to give me back my money because their product did not work from day one. Please do the right thing

    • Hi Karen
      If a product has not worked you should be able to get a refund on this basis. If they refuse, speak to your credit card company and ask for a chargeback.
      Stay hydrated,

  14. Doesn’t RO require significant pressure to pass the water through the membrane? So how do units like the Aquatru accomplish this on the countertop?

    • Hi John
      Not necessarily, most modern RO devices don’t need much pressure. AquTru pushes water through the filters / membranes – hence the need for electricity.
      Stay hydrated,

  15. Hi Luke,

    I just bought an AquaTru and, after a comment from a friend, I began to research whether RO-filtered water is safe to drink. It seems such filtration removes the good and the bad, leaving you with an acidic, demineralized water that’s harmful to the human body. AquaTru, in their FAQ, states that RO water is safe to drink and that people obtain minerals from their food. But the online research I’ve done contradicts this assurance. What’s your take on it? I’m considering returning the unit and sticking with Poland Spring.

    • Hi Brian

      It’s true that RO removes everything from your water (good and bad).

      However, almost all modern RO devices will “re-mineralise” the water i.e. add healthy minerals back into the water. This will leave you with mineral-rich, fresh tasting water.

      Stay hydrated,

  16. The AquaTru, to my knowledge, does not remineralize the purified water.

    I think consumers should be wary of purchasing this device without appreciating the potential health risks of drinking stripped-down water with low TDS.

    There are RO devices on the market, as you said, that remineralize and alkalize the water. But this isn’t one of them, unfortunately.

    • Hi Brian

      Yes you are correct, not every RO system remineralizes although almost all the modern devices will.

      I don’t think the health risks are that dramatic since you will still get any “missing” minerals and nutrients from your diet.

      Stay hydrated,

  17. I just wanna say that I had an Aqua tru and I switched to the Berkey. I had trouble with aqua-tru Tank leaking all over my countertop. I believe it was A design flaw. Aqua tru does not alter out arsenic. It may have been fixed since I bought mine, just not sure. Berkey will filter out arsenic and lead, besides fluoride. You just need to purchase the tandem filtration for arsenic and Fluoride. There’s a carbon filter and then underneath that you tandem a special filter for removing arsenic and I believe it’s fluoride- it’s two different contaminants

  18. Does the AquaTru help offset some of the issues that arise from using sodium based water softener (ie remove excess sodium, help to add back removed calcium and magnesium)? If not, are there any countertop water systems that would have RO capabilities and help to remineralize softened water? Thank you!

  19. one thing to note is aquatru has horrible customer service and technical support. if anything happens to the unit after the 30 day money back gaurentee you’re pretty much SOL
    I had a Berkley before I purchased the aquatru and I’m going to switch back to it since my aquatru will filter one tank of water and completely power off until the next day.

    • Hi Kirk

      Where did you buy your AquaTru system from? Be aware that there are many different AquaTru re-sellers and many of them are not great companies.

      I only ever recommend people purchase AquaTru through Water and Wellness.

      This is because I personally know the CEO of the company and know that they have good customer service from first hand experience.
      There is no way I would link to their products otherwise!

      Stay hydrated,

  20. I have a aquatru with which I was happy but started using the water in a humidifier and when the water ran out, there is sediment on the heat plate. When I buy distilled water and put in humidifier, It does not leave residue. What do you think is the cause?


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