Water Softener Filter Reviews UK

This section is dedicated to water softener filter reviews UK. The UK is one area of the world that suffers from a lot of hard water. Hard water is what causes horrible white limescale stains in your bathtub, sink, around your tap and the cause of all the white flaked at the bottom of your kettle. The only guaranteed way to treat hard water is to use a water softener. Another issue facing UK households is the routine fluorination of public water. In other words, local authorities in the UK adding fluoride to tap water. They do this because they believe that this helps with the dental health of the population. However, there are some concerns about this having negative health effects. It is also annoying for people that don't want to consume excess fluoride. Especially if they are already in control of their oral and dental hygiene. These unique issues are why I have a section dedicated to water softeners and filters that specifically address the problems in the UK. The articles below will provide the best water softener reviews UK and water filter reviews UK.