Here is Why The BWT Softener Might NOT Be Worth It

Why BWT Might NOT Be Worth it

Red CrossBWT water softener systems are not as easy to find when compared to other popular water systems for a person in the US.

Red CrossThis also means that it can be difficulty accessing customer service and a qualified technician if you’re not in the European market.

Why BWT Might Be Worth it

BWT water softeners are systems that soften the water in your home. The installation of a BWT water softener system in your home has many advantages, including:

Green Plus ArrowReduces the minerals that cause hard water in your home.

Green Plus ArrowIdeal for anyone looking for small domestic water softeners.

Green Plus ArrowHelps to create a longer useful life of kitchen appliances and equipment because water is less likely to cause hard water deposits or corrosion..

Green Plus ArrowSave money on soaps and detergents because you won’t need to use so much for the soap to lather.

Green Plus ArrowBrighter and softer laundry because soft water is better at maintaining fabric quality.

About BWT Water Softener

BWT stands for “Best Water Technology” and their tag line is “BWT – For You and Planet Blue”. BWT Softener

This states the company’s position as one that tries to uphold strong environmental principles. So, they are positioned in the market as a company that provides the best equipment that’s also good for the planet.

BWT AG is based in Austria and primarily services the European market including the UK.

Apart from water softeners, the company produces a number of other water treatment technologies. However, this review will primarily look at their water softener systems.

What About BWT Customer Service?

Looking at the company’s online reputation and customer reviews, they seem to have reasonably good customer service.

Engineers as Customer Service Reps

Water2Buy SoftenerThis might be due to their dedicated service technicians especially as BWT engineers are trained and hired directly by the company.

Unlike some other companies the engineers actually help with customer service instead of only dealing with on-demand routine services and emergencies.

Generous Product Warranty

BWT products are to provide satisfactory service for many years. And this comes with a guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.

In selected premium products, such as the BWT WS Series there is 2 years on site labor and 5 years parts warranty.

You can also opt to extend the standard warranty periods.

Commissioning service

BWT offers on-site or home commissioning service. This is available for free or at a competitive price (depending on the model). Your BWT technician will review and adjust the operation of the new device.

For more information about any of these services call 01494 838100.

BWT Water Softener Review

This is a water softener brand that is based in Europe. They produce products that are appropriate for the European and UK market. BWT Softener

They a known for producing family sized water softeners that can fit in a kitchen cupboard.

The unit is easy to install and come with installation kits. And the products are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved

They typically come with guarantees and warranties. This is usually in the form of 5 years parts and 2 years labor at home warranty.

Some of the popular BWT Products include:

BWT Softener Price?

The average price of a BWT softener is anywhere between £350 to £600 depending on what type of model you choose.

The usual cost of getting a generic water softener is generally upwards of £500. Of course, if you get a a higher-spec model then you can expect to pay more.

Also, you will need to think about the cost of things like installation. Especially since hiring a professional plumber is not included in the price. See Customer Reviews Button

Also note that these prices do not include on-going maintenance and repair costs. For instance, you will need to buy water softener salt for the softening regeneration process.

BWT Water Softener Installation

Monarch Midi Water SoftenerIt is always best to hire a specialist for the installation of your softener.

The installation of water softeners can be easy if you already have DIY skills.

You can read about the softener installation process here.

However, a professional plumber is required if / when problems with installations occur.

Also note that not using a professional plumber can sometimes void your warranty. So unless you’re a qualified professional plumber then it’s worth the investment to make sure you don’t void your warranty.

BWT Water Softener Salt

Diamond Crystal Softener SaltBWT salt tablets are specially formulated for the regeneration of domestic, commercial and industrial water softeners in hard water areas.

The softened water offers cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers.

Soft water improves the efficiency of hot water and heating systems and reduces soiling and stains in the bathroom and kitchen.

BWT Stockists

You can go straight to BWT and buy online through their website. This is also an opportunity to see if there is an authorized dealer in your location.

Alternatively, you can search on places like eBay to read customer reviews before you buy.

Why BWT Might Be WORTH It?

Buying a BWT home water softener system has many advantages.

Green Plus ArrowThey come in smaller and compact sizes that can usually fit in your kitchen cupboard. So this is a great option if you’re looking for a small water softener.BWT Measurements

Green Plus ArrowWRAS approved products.

Green Plus ArrowMuch easier to get if you’re based in the UK.

Green Plus Arrow Tablet or block salt options.

Green Plus ArrowBWT softener package come with full installation Kit.

Green Plus ArrowGetting BWT also means you’re provided with limited warranty on all products.

Why Is BWT Good For UK Customers

BWT is one of the best selling UK water softeners on places like Amazon.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingIf you look through the customer reviews you will see them talking about a number of things.

This includes things like the low cost, low to no maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that it’s very effective at dealing with hard water.mrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowIt is possible for non-experts to install.

Green Plus ArrowBWT softener models can usually take care of themselves with almost no need to maintain or configure.BWT Softener

Green Plus ArrowComes with a very good capacity. These softener models can provide enough soft water for a family of 1 – 4.

Green Plus ArrowBWT softeners are good at handling very hard water.

Green Plus ArrowThey are more water and energy efficient which will mean lower on-going operating costs.

Green Plus ArrowThe fact that it is popular means that it is much easier to get free help.This is in form of free online manuals, troubleshooting documents and answers without needing a specifically trained BWT technician that may come out at a higher cost.See Customer Reviews Button

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