The Best Water Softener and UK-Specific Softener PROBLEMS

Problems With Water Softeners (Unique To The UK)

UK water softener buyers often face a unique challenge due to the limited space in British homes, higher levels of hard water and the fact that most UK softeners don’t include a water filter.

Red CrossUK homes are on average smaller than homes in North America. However, most British softeners are also small and compact as a result.

Red CrossMost water softeners in the UK market don’t include a water filter. This can pose a problem for buyers seeking comprehensive water purification solutions.

Red CrossThe final issue to consider is the potential impact of water pressure as many UK homes suffer from low water pressure.

Considering these distinctive challenges, this article reviews the best softener models that go some way to address all these issues.

Best Water Softener UK: Top 3 Models Compared

Tapworks AD11

Monarch FreeFlow

Water2Buy W2B200

Tapworks SoftenerMonarch Midi Water SoftenerWater2Buy Softener
1-7 (household)1-7 (household)1-4 (household)
2266L per day.1120L per day.1250L per day.
Kitchen Cabinet or Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet or Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet or Under Sink
37Kg (Salt Capacity)20Kg (Salt Capacity)11Kg (Salt Capacity)
15mm and 22mm (Connection)15mm (Connection)22mm(Connection)
49.6 x 29.6 x 64.8cm575 x 275 x 46552 x 22 x 65cm
2 Years (Warranty)5-year parts and 2-year labour guarantee. (Warranty)"7-year promise" (Warranty)
4.5 out of 5 (average customer review).4 out of 5 (average customer review).4.5 out of 5 (average customer review).
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mrwatergeek winner badgemrwatergeek winner badgemrwatergeek winner badge

The next sections will review and discuss the best water softener UK options available today. I will only be looking at the most popular models so will not be looking at less known softener models. For instance, I will not be reviewing models like the Calmag CALSOFT MINI Meter UK or a screwfix water softener.

1. W2B200 by Water2Buy Review

The W2B200, sometimes called the Water2Buy water softener, is one of the cheapest and best selling softeners in the UK.

Despite being a very low priced softener it is a sturdy machine and very good at dealing with hard water.Water2Buy Softener

It is an efficient and durable water softener designed to remove limescale and completely soften your water supply without causing excessive noise. This water softener has an extremely quiet meter that guarantees a noiseless and quiet operation.

The water softener is small enough to fit under the sink in your kitchen, so it does not take up too much space. This is an important factor to consider when space is a problem or when you do not want your water softener to occupy one of your kitchen counters.

This Water2Buy softener is very easy to use and contains a manual that contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the unit. They also provide you with a dedicated customer service team who can help with further questions.

This product is suitable for a house of 1-4 people.

It can deliver an average of 1250 liters of soft water each day.

One of the best features is that you can use any kind of softener salt with Water2Buy.

This softener only takes about 30 minutes to turn hard water into soft. So, if you start the process before going to sleep, you will have soft water when you wake up.See Customer Reviews Button

Summary selling points: Compact – Efficient – Easy to Use – Quiet – 1250 Litres Per Day.

7 year guarantee.

30 day warranty.

Free returns (within a 7 year time period).

Pricing: ££

Dashed Line

2. Tapworks AD11 Review

The AD11 from Tapworks is the second best selling softener online when you look at places like Amazon.

Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than the Water2Buy but it’s also a higher spec appliance.Tapworks Softener

However, it’s goal is to help you save money in the long term while providing soft water every day.

For instance, the manufacturers of AD11 claim that this water softener is 32% cheaper than alternative products to run.

This water softener promises high flow rates and can soften up to 2266 liters of hard water each day.

Tapworks AD11 comes with flexible valves and ports so you do not have to worry about buying them elsewhere.

This water filter is easy to use, easy to install and program.mrwatergeek winner badge

AD11 runs a remote diagnostics service that can help troubleshoot your water softener.

Summary selling points: 32% cheaper than other water softeners to run – Easy to use – Remote diagnostics – Treats a maximum of 2266 liters – Includes flexi valves and connections.See Customer Reviews Button

10-year warranty on the resin container.

Pricing: £££

Dashed Line

3. Monarch Midi Review

The Monarch Midi water softener claims to be the best and most economical water softener you can buy today. Monarch Midi Water Softener

Yes, it is more expensive then all the other water softeners on this list but also has the largest capacity. The capacity can serve 4-7 people in heavy water areas. Or 4-5 people in extremely hard water areas and can soften an average of 35 liters of water per person.

Apart from the large capacity, it is also one of the most advanced systems too. The Monarch water softener has a self-protection program that detects problems in your system, stores data in case of an electrical failure and stores your personal water usage to reduce water consumption.

This water softener is small and very easy to install. In most cases it can fit under your kitchen sink.

This water softener features free-wheel valve technology and a 15mm kit.

This Monarch Midi has a high flow rate of 83 LPM which is the highest flow rate of any softener in the UK. See Customer Reviews Button

Summary selling points: Compact – Suitable for up to 7 people – Free-flow valve technology – Easy to install – Flow rate of 83 l / min.

7 year partial warranty and a 2-year factory warranty.

Repairs within 2 years.

Pricing: ££££

Which Is The Best Water Softener UK?

Mr Water Geek Thinking

Every water softener reviewed in this consumer report are all good quality and have excellent verified customer reviews.

They serve as good options for anyone that suffers with hard water and needs to resolve this once and for all.

BWT SoftenerThe Water2Buy W2B200 is the cheapest and therefore ideal for those on a budget.

However, if you need a larger capacity (up to 7 people) and a more advanced system then the best option is the Tapworks AD11 water softener.

It is compact, easy to use, quiet, can soften a lot of water very quickly and has a long list of happy verified customers talking about how it’s worked well for them.

This product also comes with a 7-year resin container warranty.

Finally buying it from Amazon means that you benefit from Amazon’s reliable customer service.Check the Price Now

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