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Last Updated on March 15, 2021

Hague water is a maker of water softener products in the UK.

Water2Buy SoftenerThey propose to have a number of unique features that make their systems far superior than others.

For instance, the Hague WaterMax® comes with multi-compartment media tanks. This gives you total flexibility in media configuration and usable resin capacity.

It allows for on-demand regeneration that you can preset and pre-configure. The WaterMax also has a super quiet control valve as it only has a single internal moving part. And they profess that this helps them to make a guarantee of a long life that also provides you with reliable operation.

Hague Quality Water® comes with a Gold Seal from the WQA (Water Quality Association) on all of its products.

However, this review will quickly go through the company profile their products. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if Hague Water is worth it for you.

Hague Water Company Profile

Hague Water is not the same as the Hague Corporation or Hague Corp. They are different and separate companies from what I can work out.

Hague Water Systems has been around for several decades. Although it is mainly UK based the company seems to have been started by Bill Hague in the 1960’s in the United States.

Information from their site also suggests that all water treatment systems are still manufactured in the USA. They then go under a full test before being shipped over to Europe.

The result of this is Hague Water UK being able to offer various water treatment products and different models of water softeners. This also includes water filters and whole house water systems.

The company also owns patents. For instance, the Hague tanks come with patented valves and proprietary control, which they claim will help protect against power outages.

All systems from Hague come with a limited warranty of between 10 to 25 years.

Hague Water Softener Reviews UK

There seem to be 4 major models of water softeners that come under the Hague Water brand. They include:

The modern water softener is a system that contains a material called ion exchange resin to remove the minerals of hardness from the hard water supply. The removal of minerals eliminates encrustations in the hot water system, bath and shower accessories and slows down the formation of waste when soap is used in sinks, bathrooms and for washing laundry.

The water softener consists of three basic components:

1. the resin container containing the ion exchange resin.
2. The brine tank containing salt that dissolves from the brine.
3. The control head, which contains the mechanisms that determine when the regeneration takes place. This also controls the operation of the valves during regeneration.

In modern plants, the plastic tank is normally located inside the brine tank, and the brine tank is the “outer cabinet” of the softener. The dimensions of the cabinet may vary, but in general, the cabinet can be conveniently installed under the sink.

Hague Water Softener vs Kinetico

The big difference between them both is Hague water softener is more available in the UK and Kinetico is easier to get if you’re based in the US.

However, they both have mixed online reviews and slightly more expensive than similar products.

Why Is BWT Better For UK Customers?

Mr Water Geek ThinkingFleck 5600SXT is one of the best selling water softeners on Amazon in the US.

But the UK best sellers are Water2Buy, Tapworks AD11 and BWT.

And they all have very good Amazon customer reviews.mrwatergeek winner badge

However, I tend to recommend BWT for UK customers because this water softener is the most advanced, has the highest spec as well as a warranty of 5 years parts and 2 years labour.

Look at the comments of the customers and they will talk about different things. Customers appreciate the low cost, low or no maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that they treat hard water very effectively.BWT Softener

Unlike many other water softeners, BWT is relatively easy to install for non-professionals.

You should consider BWT because:

Green Plus ArrowEasy to set it up, configure and forget it.

Green Plus ArrowIt has a good capacity to provide enough soft water for 1 to 4 people.

Green Plus ArrowWRAS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers) approved product.See Customer Reviews Button

Green Plus ArrowYou can use everyday table salt with this and don’t need to buy expensive block salt. However, you can still use block salt if you choose.

Green Plus ArrowSmall enough to fit under your sink in the kitchen cupboard.

Green Plus ArrowMore energy and water efficiency, which means lower operating costs.


  1. Hi,
    You say “I tend to recommend BWT for UK customers because this water softener is the most advanced, has the highest spec”
    In what regard is it the most advanced and highest spec? Do you mean compared to all other water softeners?
    Apart from adding salt is there any other maintenance required?
    How does it compare to the Hague in terms of water efficiency/power efficiency/efficacy/maintenance and ease of use?

    1. Hi Scottie

      You’re right to pull me up on this.

      I haven’t done a direct comparison but I have reviewed the other UK based softeners e.g Hague, TwinTec, Monarch, Harvey’s, Water2Buy etc and I remember being impressed with BWT’s smart water monitoring and electronic control systems.

      I do believe that it’s more salt/water/power efficient than Hague softeners and all the verified customer reviews bear this out.

      Apart from salt and keeping a general eye on it, no other major on-going maintenance is necessary.

      Stay hydrated,

  2. I live in the US and trying to figure what system is the best for me as I have really hard water

    I have looked at the Kinetico and Hague along with a few others. What I am really confused with the Hague is they use walnut shells in their system. How would using the shells be effective in a water softener? Does it really work? I have been so confused and need some unbiased help with this.


    1. Hi Renee

      To my knowledge something like walnut shells are unlikely to be related to water softening but instead something that filters the water as is the case with coconut shells – which are effectively used to filter water. So perhaps the Hague model you’re looking at is a softener / filter combination or filter only machine?

      Kinetico is more of an established brand with good products but has some issues you need to consider before you buy.

      My favorite whole house softener is Fleck SXT for US customers (and BWT for UK customers). They are the highest rated by customers, easy to buy from places like Amazon (which means good customer support and easy refunds if anything goes wrong). Amazon also offer old softener removal and installation in the US.

      Let me know if you need any further clarification.


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