Do NOT Buy! Read These Kangen Water Machine Reviews First

Last Updated on December 24, 2020

Before getting to Kangen water machine reviews let’s quickly talk about Kangen.

The Kangen water models of ionized appliances are by far one of the most famous yet controversial ionized water machine manufacturers.

ACE 13 Touch ScreenWhen you search Google for “ionized water machine” Kangen will be the first one in the suggested search bar.

Their machines generally produce water up to the alkaline pH levels of 8.5 to 9.5. However, it doesn’t just provide you with alkaline water, there are settings for acidic and neutral water too.

Their machines are extremely expensive and this is part of their controversy.

The claim is that their prices are extortionately and ridiculously high due to their business practices.

Kangen water comes from a company called Enagic.

Enagic is an MLM company. MLM is short for multi level marketing and many people consider it to be a “pyramid scheme”.

In this article I’ll explain the implications of this before going through all the Kangen water machine reviews and explain to you why NONE of them are WORTH it.

Kangen K8SD501 PLATINUMKangen SD501
Kangen K8 ReviewKangen PlatinumKangen SD501 Review
Electrode plates: 8Electrode plates: 7Electrode plates: 7 
-850 (Negative ORP)-800 (Negative ORP)-800 (Negative ORP)
2.5 – 11.5 pH 2.5 – 11.5 pH 2.5 – 11.5 pH
Generates 5 water typesGenerates 5 water typesGenerates 5 water types
230 Wattage230 Wattage230 Wattage
345 x 279 x 147264 x 338 x 171264 x 338 x 171
5 year warranty.5 year warranty.5 year warranty.
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Kangen Water Japan

Before getting to the Kangen water machine reviews let’s look at the company and its history.

Enagic who own Kangen is a Japanese company. They produce water ionizer machines that they self-label as the “Gold Standard”.

However, When you look at the value of Kangen products in terms of what they actually do and their spec list, they should only be worth $1,000 maybe $1500 at most. But the best selling Kangen machines typically go for $4000-$5000. Some may argue that this inflated price is to cover the costs of paying all their distributors.Tyent ACE 13 profile

Distributers? Let me explain.

It is a business method that encourages distributors to recruit new distributors. Everyone is paid a small percentage of the sales of anyone they recruit or, as they would say, any one in their “downline”. However, distributers can also make money through selling directly to customers.

The problem is that all of these distributers getting their cut of the price inflates the final cost of the product.

According to the company, Kangen possesses alkaline, antioxidants, and hydrating capabilities. Which is technically true but other water ionizer machines also produce the same outcomes. And as you’ll see later in this article, there are other companies that do this at a higher quality and lower cost.

How Does Kangen Water Work?

The water that Kangen processes goes by the scientific name of “electrolyzed reduced water” or “alkaline ionized water”.

It works through a process of filtration and electrolysis.

IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer FaucetLike all water ionizer machines, Kangen ionizers filter your water first. Then they use plates to process water through electrolysis to change the pH of your water. The final result is water that is at the pH level that you selected.

The stats show that 1 in 6 homes in Japan have a water ionizer. Meanwhile the numbers are only 1 in 1000 homes in the US.

The selling point for getting one of these products is that illnesses struggle to survive in alkaline environments. The logic here is that introducing more alkaline substances into your diet improves overall health and well being.

Are you Acidic or Alkaline?

The current consensus is that illnesses and diseases thrive in acidic environments. Yet most of our common everyday foods and beverages are actually very acidic. This includes things like caffeine drinks, sport drinks and processed foods.

Meanwhile alkaline foods are typically good for you. Foods like avocados, almonds, beans, kale and greens are alkaline rich.

Of course your body naturally does a pretty good job of keeping your pH neutral, however, it can’t hurt to help it along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

ORP Anti Oxidant Rich Ionized Water

One of the best features of ionized water is that it comes with a lower ORP level. ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential, which is a way to measure the level of antioxidants in a substance.

People are seeking to get more anti oxidant rich substances in their diets because of all the health benefits they possess.

Green tea has an ORP level of -120 to -250, meanwhile Kangen K8 machines can produce an ORP level of up to -800. However, if you’re impressed with this number then consider that Tyent machines provide you with an ORP of -1050.

The 5 Types of Kangen Water

Kangan water ionizer has 5 presets of water. They all have different functions and purposes. For instance, certain pH levels are better for cleaning or disinfecting while others are ideal for beauty treatments.

1. Neutral Water

This is a pH neutral water level that is filtered and you can use it for everyday things such as taking medicines.

2. Water High in Acid

Use water at a lower pH to do things like disinfect your bathroom or kitchen. It can also be useful for treating skin issues. Skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, burns and even infections.

IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer Sink3. Strong Alkaline Water

Water that has a high pH (aka alkaline water) is great at emulsifying oils and removing contaminants like pesticides from your food. Use it to wash all your vegetables, fruits and salads so that they are free from harmful toxic pesticides.

4. Water For Beauty Treatments

Do you know that your skin has a ph level of 5.5? This can mean that using water at the same ph (i.e. 5.5) can be a great skin toner replacer.

5. Drinking Water

The best water for drinking is at a pH of between 7-9.5. Many people find that drinking alkaline water is much more refreshing, sweeter and crunchier than regular water. It also tastes amazing in teas, coffees and other hot beverages.

Kangen Water pH Levels and Respective Uses

In this section of my Kangen water machine reviews, I’ll be more specific about the best use for different pH levels and the best ways to use them:

​2.7 — This is an extremely low pH that is not ideal for drinking. However, strong acidic water is good for disinfecting. You can also use it to sanitize countertops and utensils, wash your hands and to prevent cross-contamination.Tyent UCE 11 Sink Top

4.0 to 6.0 — This is slightly less acidic water than the previous section and has uses for gentle cleaning. It is also the perfect water to use in your beauty regime. This includes things like hair care, face cleanses and even pet care.

7.0 — Filtered neutral water is great for cooking, making baby food, taking medicines and of course for drinking.

8.5 to 9.5 — Depending on your taste this level of pH water is also perfect for drinking and even for healthfully cooking certain meals. Teas, coffees, stews, and soups will taste better and lighter with this level of pH. You can also use this to water plants and use it in the garden.

11.0 — This is the strongest level of pH that you can get with most ionizer machines. You can use it for washing fresh foods and vegetables as it’s good at removing pesticides.

pH Scale

Kangen Water Benefits?

Simply put, ionized alkaline benefits are the same whether they are from Kangen or not.

One key Kangen water benefit is that it offers you lots of different levels of pH water to do different things as discussed in the previous section.

Tyent UCE 11 FaucetFor example, lower pH water is great for cleaning, disinfecting and washing. And high pH alkaline water is great for drinking, cooking and making beverages.

These types of machines filter your water before changing the pH so at the very least you will benefit from filtered water. It also means that you don’t need to purchase an extra filtration device for your kitchen faucet.

Water at a high pH generally tastes good and feels a lot more nourishing than regular tap water.

Enagic Comparison Table

The table below provides you an overview of my Kangen water machine reviews of all their models in-detail.

Kangen K8SD501 PLATINUMKangen SD501
Kangen K8 ReviewKangen PlatinumKangen SD501 Review
Electrode plates: 8Electrode plates: 7Electrode plates: 7 
-850 (Negative ORP)-800 (Negative ORP)-800 (Negative ORP)
2.5 – 11.5 pH 2.5 – 11.5 pH 2.5 – 11.5 pH
Generates 5 water typesGenerates 5 water typesGenerates 5 water types
230 Wattage230 Wattage230 Wattage
345 x 279 x 147264 x 338 x 171264 x 338 x 171
5 year warranty.5 year warranty.5 year warranty.
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What is the BIGGEST Problem With ALL Kangen Water Machines?

In this section, I’ll share a list of key points for you to consider before you buy from Enagic:

Red CrossBy far my biggest issue with Kangen is the outrageous cost. They costs $1,000s more than other machines in the same category with the same performance, functionality etc.

Red CrossAt the time of writing this, Kangen only score 3.5 out of 5 with customers on the BBB. This is pretty low and the Internet is littered with complaints about the company especially the MLM side of things.UCE 11 Fuacet with 11 Plates

Red CrossKangen machines only have a single filter that often leads to more calcium building up in the machine. This is why Kangen suggests that you buy a separate citric acid cleansing cartridge as a way to help you deal with this buildup.

The truth is that it’s normal for some ionizer machines to need citric acid cleaning after a long period of use.

However, the Kangen machines seem to need this much early and frequently than other machines due to their filters. Also, it turns out that you will definitely need some type of pre-filter with a Kangen.

Red CrossKangen machines only have a single-filter which makes it less powerful than competing machines despite being in a price category that normally comes with dual-filters.

Red CrossThe warranty period is pathetic. Seriously. For the thousands that they demand, they should be able to guarantee their product for more than 5 years. Similar priced products come with a FOREVER lifetime warranty.

Red CrossThere are no under-counter ionizer options either. This sucks because Kangen machines are pretty ugly when compared to other ionizers. They also eat up all the counter space that is next to your sink and there is no way around this.

Kangen Controversy: Why is Kangen So Expensive?

Why do Kangen machines cost about twice as much as similar 7-plate water ionizers of similar quality and specifications?

Well, Enagic sales reps claim the high cost is due to the number of platinum plates. However, other ionizers like Tyent have 13 plates and still manage to cost much less!

As I’ve said, I suspect the crazy prices are down to the MLM business practices.

Let me explain.

Is Kangen WORTH It?

No, they are too expensive and do not represent value for money.

Kangen justifies its high prices because it presents itself as a high-end luxury brand. They say this is why it’s so much more expensive than its competitors and other products in the same category.

I don’t think this is the truth, in fact I believe the truth to be much simpler.

Kangen machines come through a business practice of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or, as it’s sometimes called, “Network Marketing”.

IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer SinkThis is a very old marketing technique of people earning commissions by inviting other people to sell the products too. It’s very similar to the old “Tupperware party” style of sales.

I think this is why their prices are so high, not “luxury”.

All the commissions of the people in the “downline” add up and the customer pays for it.

Fun Fact: Approximately 8 sales people are paid a commission from each sold machine.

This is what makes even the filters more expensive despite the quality not being as good as other brands. The bottom line is that the MLM “pyramid” scheme inflates the price too much.

There is no justifiable reason why a low-mid grade ionizer with out-dated technology should cost between $4,000 – $5000.

Specific Problems With Kangen Machines

Red CrossIt only has 5 water settings unlike the 99 fully adjustable presets that come from its competitors.

Red CrossCosts 1000s more than comparable models with a similar specification.

Red CrossYou can’t control the specific pH level to get precisely what you want.

Red CrossThey only provide you with a single-filter setup. This is nowhere near as effective as dual filter systems that come with other models in the same price range.

Red CrossNo under counter versions so you are forced to install a somewhat unattractive device that will eat up all the counter space next to your sink.

Red CrossThe warranty period is outrageously low. A 5 year warranty means that they’re only guaranteeing the device for this long. However, when you spend the best part of $5000, you should be able to expect it to work longer than 5 years, right? On the other hand, competitors who offer machines at a similar price point will provide you with a lifetime warranty.

Better Kangen Water Machine Options

Hopefully by now, I have convinced you that Kangen machines are not worth it. The biggest issue with Kangen is not their products but their prices. For the same cost as a Kangen you can get a more advanced machine from other brands.

Let me present you with some better alternatives.

Tyent vs Kangen Comparison Table

Tyent-ACE-13Kangen K8Kangen SD501

Tyent Countertop ACE 11
Kangen K8 ReviewKangen SD501 Review
Electrode plates:138
Negative ORP: (mV)-1050-850-800
pH Range:1.7 - 122.5 – 11.52.5 – 11.5
Generates:Over 99 presets that are fully adjustable.5 water types5 water types
Wattage: (W) or Amp (A)?10 Ampere230 Wattage230 Wattage
Total weight: (kg)555
Dimensions WHD: (mm)300 x 135 x 350345 x 279 x 147264 x 338 x 171
Warranty: (years)LIFETIME warranty.55
Special Offer Coupon Code?WaterGeek
Coupon Offer
mrwatergeek winner badge
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$
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Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer Review

If you’re considering buying a water ionizer in a similar price range to Kangen machines but one that actually justifies the high ticket price then you should consider the ACE-13.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingInstead of 7-8 plates, this machine comes with 13 solid/mesh plates made from titanium baked in platinum. This means that you get a better quality ionized water.

It also means that the plates will not crack or break.

It comes with 2 powerful filters (not just 1 like Kangen machines). These filter down to 0.1 micron which is more powerful than some of the best whole house filters.Tyent ACE 13 profile

It also has a wider pH range of between 1.7-12 and let’s you select the EXACT pH that you want.

If you don’t like this countertop model, there is an under counter version to choose from.


Green Plus ArrowEasy to use touchscreen interface to access the machines controls and set up.

Green Plus ArrowYou can choose from acid, alkaline, turbo settings. Or you can simply bypass all this and just go for neutral filtered water.

Green Plus ArrowComes with 13 mesh / solid titanium plates which is both the best quality and the highest number of any device.

Green Plus ArrowHas a flood prevention sensor.

Green Plus ArrowIt has 2 filters (instead of 1) that are powerful enough to treat things like heavy metals and lead without needing chemicals.

Green Plus ArrowThe machine is capable of automatic self cleaning.mrwatergeek winner badge

Green Plus ArrowThis machine also comes with a molecular hydrogen boost feature. This means that your water isn’t just alkaline it’s hydrogen water too.

Green Plus ArrowIt also has a “hands-free flow sensor”. This means you can operate this machine by motion i.e. you can start/stop it by waving your hand.Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews

Green Plus ArrowEnjoy the peace of mind that comes with the manufacturers 100% forever lifetime warranty.


Red CrossTyent Lifetime WarrantyThe forever lifetime warranty is mainly valid for customers within the USA.


Forever lifetime warranty.

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