Clever Easy Ways To Drink More Water (When You HATE Water)

Clever Ways To Drink More Water

Water is one of the best things you can do for your body, but many of us ignore it all day. These are some great ways to deceive yourself into a healthy habit of drinking lots of water every day.

Green Plus Arrow1. Add Flavor To Your Water.

Drinking several glasses of water a day can seem like agony if every cup has no taste.

AquaTru SmallAdd a touch of flavor by adding fresh fruit (lemon, strawberries, grapefruit), sliced ​​vegetables (ginger, celery, cucumber) and herbs (mint, lavender, basil) to your jar.

This will help you stay hydrated. Read: Fruit Infuser Recipes (and Mistakes to AVOID).

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2. Drink Water Before Every Meal.

When the waiter comes and asks for drinks, always ask for water. If you drink a full cup before each meal, your calorie intake may decrease because you feel full.

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3. Drink A Glass Of Water After Each Bathroom Break.

Start a habit by combining water with some of your most common daily activities. Do you get up to go to the bathroom? Stop at the kitchen to drink a glass of water after leaving the bathroom. Fill up a cup with each bathroom break through the water cooler.

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4. Get a High-Tech Water Bottle.

With the HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle and its app, you can take your water tracking to the next level. This high-tech bottle registers every single amount while drinking and sends the information directly to your phone.

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6. Get an App.

The number of glasses you have completed can be easy to track (and not to mention entertaining) with a free mobile app. Download on the App StoreDownload a water tracker app on your phone to set daily reminders and alarms.

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7. Always Keep 1 Gallon Of Water Nearby.

It is easy to remember to fill up with water when a water dispenser is nearby.Keep a 1-gallon jug or a large glass on your desk, next to the bed in your house and on the kitchen counter. This will be a constant reminder to have a drink.

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8. Dilute Sugary Drinks.

If you drink juice, lemonade or iced tea daily, drink water with H2O and a healthy portion of ice (the goal is a one-to-one ratio). You still get the sweetness you long for with a healthy dose of water your body needs.

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9. Invest In A Water Filter.

Filtered water may taste better than the liquid coming from the tap or another public water source. Therefore, invest in a system for your sink and portable bottle. Try the Soma Water Filer for the home and the Bobble Classic for on the go.AquaTru Countertop

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10. Use The One-to-One Rule With Alcohol.

You have probably heard the rule of drinking: drink a glass of water for each cocktail. This is a great strategy to avoid a hangover the next day, but you can also use it to make sure you have enough H2O in your system to balance the mixers full of syrups and sugar.

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11. Choose Sparkling Water Over Soda.

Drinking this bubbly, calorie-free drink is just as good for your body as drinking water, except that it’s more dynamic. Add a dash of lime juice and it’s basically like drinking an elegant cocktail (without alcohol).

You can also make your own sparkling water at home with oxygen water maker.

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12. Eat your H2O

A stealthy way to increase the amount of water you consume daily is to eat water rich foods.

AquaTru FiltersAdd high water content fruits and vegetables to your grocery list.

The best are cucumbers (96% water), watermelons (92% water), zucchini (95% water) and grapefruit (91% water).

Here are some hydrating recipes to try: grilled salmon salad with grapefruit and cucumber salad or a zucchini with white beans and grilled chicken.

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13. Use A Marked Water Bottle

A bottle labeled in ounces or even hours of the day can help you reach your personal water objectives every day. You also know exactly how often you need to fill up.

Try the Water Absorption Tracker Bottle.

Use a “Drink More” Water Bottle

It is even easier to hydrate every day with the perfect amount of water. Do this by getting a high quality commemorative water bottle with handy hour markers to help you increase your daily water intake.

This will help you achieve your daily water goals in the following ways:

Tracker Water Bottle Reviews: Is it WORTH The Investment?

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1. Visual Memory. Seeing it all day is a constant reminder to stay on track with your hydration.

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2. Big enough for your daily water needs. This bottle is big enough to keep enough water for you throughout the day. This can be for when you are in the gym, practice, before and after exercise, bodybuilding, class, travel, exercise, yoga, hiking, camping, running, cycling outdoors and during other sports. It is also good for the home and in the office.

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3. 100% Food Grade: Always make sure you get a ‘drink more water bottle’ that is 100% BPA-free PETG. This means it is a safe and made from healthy materials for water bottles.

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4. It can keep water cool. This type of water bottle can be frozen in the refrigerator (-16 ℃ minimum), over 56 °, hydrothermally prohibited.

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5. Portable and easy to carry. The handle makes this bottle easy to carry on long hikes, camping trips, to the gym or for a day at the beach. Carry your hand comfortably, even portable in your car.

How To Drink Water Correctly

1. Sip slowly – Don’t Gulp.

According to Ayurveda, slurping is the right way to drink water. Our mouth has saliva, which we produce in abundance.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingIt’s also important to note that human saliva is alkaline, and we have hydrochloric acid in our stomach.

Our saliva stabilizes the acid in our stomach. If you drink water, especially if you drink from a plastic bottle, do not hold the water in your mouth.

You simply swallow it so that very little saliva reaches the stomach. Little sips work magic.

2. Wet Your Tongue

Have you noticed how birds, dogs and cats drink water? They just moisten mrwatergeek winner badgetheir tongues before they swallow.

3. Swish The Water Around In Your Mouth

If you plan to lose weight, this could be your favorite trick to lose those extra pounds.AquaTru

Sit in a pleasant environment to sip your water. Swish it in your mouth and then swallow it.

Swallowing instead of gulping it down fast facilitates the entire digestive process.

4. Drink It Warm

When the water, which is at room temperature or hotter, touches the lips, it gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsWhen you drink ice water, it hits the senses first, and in the stomach it just takes all the bacteria on a snow holiday. Drinking warm water is good for digestion.

It Turns Diet Coke, Monster and Red Bull Into Clean Drinking Water

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