The Best Water Features (And The WORST Things You Should Know)

Article Last Updated: January 2021

Water features are any interior or exterior decoration that use or contain water.

This can be everything From a small table feature or water container garden to a large commercial lake or pond… and everything in between. There are some basic categories that result from this set of options.

lazy placeholderFountainscapes. These are small decorative elements of water such as table fountains, water tank gardens, independent fountains, bubbling urns, spit and wells containing a deposit in the ground.

Ecosystem ponds. These are small or large ponds that have a balance of ventilation, fish, filtration, plants, gravel and rocks.

All components must be present to be considered an ecosystem, as all components work together to keep the pond naturally balanced, minimizing maintenance.

Pondless® Falls. Pondless water features are simply a waterfall and / or re-circulation flow without the presence of a pond. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond.

Waterscaping Advanced. Advanced ponds may take the form of a “Pondless® Waterfall or Ecosystem Pond”. These spectacular water features are often found in commercial applications such as an office complex, a residential subdivision, a shopping mall and more. Some water-loving owners have installed modern ponds on their property where space and budget permit.

The Best Water Features

Wall Mount Hanging Bubble Wall Aquarium 30″ LED Lighting Indoor Panel 300WM Water Fall Fountain Water Feature.

This imposing wall-mounted water feature will relax the mind and entertain the senses at a good price! Experience zen as you watch streams of lighted bubbles dancing through hidden LED lights in the closet through the water-filled chambers! Control the colors, brightness and pattern of lighting with the included remote. Here are some of the technical features:

  • Follow the quick setup instructions to complete the water source configuration in minutes.
  • Its innovative design provides owners and installers with aquatic features and benefits that prevent guesswork, enhance water circulation, improve access and guarantee lifelong enjoyment.
  • Designed to provide a smooth and easy-to-install flushing source for a variety of decorative water installations, including natural stone, brass and resin wells.
  • Bladder wall infield / water function / source.
  • LED lighting: Change color at the push of a button.
  • Low-profile unit, uses a remote air pump.
  • Comes with Aquascape AquaBasin 30 fountain and water feature basin for landscape and garden.**
  • Static platform cylinders enhance the strength of the pool and offer endless plumbing and lighting configurations.
  • High-density professional polyethylenes are durable and are backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • The large access panel for the corner pump facilitates access to the pump, adapts to larger pumps and sits elevated above the platform, preventing gravel from falling into the sink when the cover is removed.
  • Wall Mounted Bubble Wall Unit – 30 “(H) x 18” (W) x 2 “(D).
  • Handmade in the USA and made of high quality materials.

**The “Aquabasin” 30 and 45 are designed to provide a smooth and easy-to-install fountain sump for a variety of decorative water installations, including natural stone, brass and resin wells.

24″ Rock Waterfall Garden Fountain w/ LED Lights: Perfect Garden Water Feature, Patio Fountain, Outdoor Fountain. Features Elegant Waterfall Flow.

The Harmony Fountains’ 24 “Rock Waterfall Fountain is a great way to enhance the tranquility of any home or garden outdoors. It has a realistic layered rock design that flows like a relaxing natural stream over the three-step waterfall pools for a great night out and a night glow. Here are some of its features and benefits that you should be aware of: lazy placeholder

  • It includes a low-noise, high-performance and adjustable submersible motor pump, combined with the 2 cold LEDs that plug into any standard power outlet.
  • Simply connect the easy to install pump, fill the tank with water and connect to enjoy the tranquility of the falls.
  • The Harmony Fountains designs are based on elements of nature with realistic polyresin It reflects environments from wooded forests, low grasslands, deserts to high alpine peaks.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • The manufacturers promise send you new parts or, as stated in the product warranty, a replacement / refund if you are not absolutely excited about your purchase.
Useful Harmony tips for this water feature:
  • Use the pump regulator to adjust the flow to your liking.
  • Keep the water level so that the pump is always completely submerged. The driest climates can evaporate the water from the humid environments. lazy placeholder
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections in the configuration.
  • To ensure sufficient water flow through the function, adjust the horizontal level of the source as required (washers).
  • The submersible pump is designed to remove water from the sewage and to periodically inspect and clean it to ensure excellent performance.
  • To extend service life, cover / store (freeze) the source during winter.

Self Contained Water Features

Sunnydaze 3-Tier Cornucopia Outdoor Water Fountain, 61 Inch Tall

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and patio area with this voluminous three-level electric water source.

Let calm water flow from one to the other while you admire the modern style of this fountain.

In addition, the electric circulation pump means that you don’t need piping. All you have to do is connect it whenever you want it to work. 

Sunnydaze Decor is a popular manufacturer of high quality home and garden products.

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Benefits of Water Features

OK so why spend all this money to get a water feature? I used to think this way myself until I got one in my home office and now I totally get it. lazy placeholder

There is truly nothing more relaxing then the soft sound of water running in the background. I find that it reduces stress, increases productivity and helps you feel like you are in a more natural environment. In fact, there are lots of studies showing that being around nature has lots of benefits for well being.

This is why water features are now more popular than ever. It is also a great way to liven up a harshly modern décor.

Here are some reasons why I think everyone should (at least try) to get water features in their homes.

Green Plus ArrowWater features promote health and well being. It creates a relaxing environment to work and rest in. This is why you often find them in places like spas and treatment centers.

Green Plus ArrowThey generally improve the air quality in the room (so long as the water feature is full of clean healthy water to begin with).

Mr Water Geek ThinkingGreen Plus ArrowHaving a water feature in sight makes you drink more water. I promise you this is true, try it for yourself and see.

Green Plus ArrowThe soothing sounds can help your heart beat slower and generally relax the rhythm in your body.

Green Plus ArrowThey remind you to slow down.

Green Plus ArrowIt really helps people that want to be more mindful in their daily life.

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