Fleck Water Softener Reviews. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Fleck Water Softener Reviews

Fleck water softener reviews.

Fleck is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to water softening systems. 

It is owned by a company called Pentair Water Treatment who provide a 5 year warranty on their products.

Having looked at many genuine Fleck water softener reviews online, I will quickly discuss the pros and cons of all the top models. I will look at their different configurations and features.

However, I’ll start by explaining their benefits because you’re probably more concerned with why this brand is worth the cost, right? Let me explain.

Green Plus Arrow Benefits of Using a Fleck Water Softener

Why would you want to consider getting a Fleck water softener? Well here are the best features of using a Fleck water softener:

  • First things first, the parts are easy to find. A quick Internet search will bring up plenty of sellers selling Fleck parts, systems and replacement cartridges.
  • Very good customer service – Most of the customer feedback online report of good and helpful customer service provision.
  • Eco-friendly products – Fleck units are typically made from good quality materials that are designed for lower annual power consumption. The result of this is that they use less salt and are ultimately better for the environment.
  • Affordable – Fleck provide some of the most affordable products in the water filtration market. This includes providing lots of different configurations, which means you can almost always find something in your budget.
  • Easy to use – Every Fleck water softener comes with an electronic power head that has a button panel, which lets you program the unit.
  • WQA certified – This is one of the highest forms of certification and attests to the brands quality.
  • Easy to assemble – Fleck units typically arrive fully assembled and ready to be plumbed. It will also come with an instructional video guide that provides you with step by step directions throughout the whole installation process.

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Top Fleck Water Softeners

Finding the best water softener for you and your home depends on a number of different things. The first and perhaps most important is to determine how hard your water is.

Water hardness is when your water contains a high amount of hard dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Once you work out your water hardness, then you’ll get a better idea of which type of water softener model is best for you.

ALL the fleck models below treat a high level of water hardness. The key difference being their ability to deal with things like low pressures systems, high capacity etc.

1. Fleck 5600SXT = 2-4 person household + medium hard water
2. Fleck 7000SXT = 4-6 person household + medium to heavy hard water.
3. Fleck 9100SXT= 5+ person  household + very hard water.

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Fleck Water Softener Comparison Table

Fleck 5600SXT

Capacity: 48,000
Capacity: 64,000 Capacity: 48,000
Regeneration: meter based Regeneration: meter based Regeneration: on demand flow meter
Size: 10″ x 54″ tank, 14″ x 17″ x 33″ brine tank Size: 18″ x 33″ brine tank, 12″ x 55″ resin tank Size: 10″x54″ resin tank, 18″ x 35″ brine tank
Resin: 1.5 ft3 Resin: 2 ft3 Resin: 1.5 ft3 + 1.5 ft3
Water hardness treatment level: High Water hardness treatment level: High Water hardness treatment level: High
Why get it? It is the cheapest model, ideal for 3-6 person household. Why get it? Larger capacity than the 5600SXT Why get it? It has the LARGEST capacity with twin tank processing technology.
Price: $ Price: $$ Price: $$$

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Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

Good for: High hardness level and 3-6 family home capacity.

This is by far one of Flecks most popular water softener systems. The 5600 SXT comes with a 48,000 grain capacity that can treat flow rates with up to 12 gpm.

This option is good for…

…homes that have a medium to high hardness level. The capacity is good for homes that house three-six people.

When buying the Fleck 5600 water softener you will also get an electronic controller. The best part is that the controller has a backlit LCD display. Its very own touch pad control allows you to easily program the water softening unit.

When it comes to actual softening, the Fleck 5600 uses the ion exchange process. In English, this means that anything considered to be hard ions like calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water.

Because you can but the regeneration process on a meter, the Fleck 5600 SXT only creates soft water when it needs to.

The brine tank design means it can hold up to 250 pounds of pelleted salt. (Pelleted salt is a better choice if you’re thinking about costs. While potassium chloride pellets are for you if you prefer the eco-friendly option.)

This unit also comes with a safety float and overflow drain, which prevents overfilling.

Fleck 5600 SXT has not 1 but 2 separate warranties. It comes with a 5 year warranty on the head and a 10 year warranty for the tank. It has many positive customer reviews, which you can check on Amazon.

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Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

 This Fleck model is ideal for people who need a bigger capacity water softener. This is because it can handle 64,000 grains (which is a lot!).

This specific model uses the Fleck’s 7000 valve, which is one of the latest valve types. It is a 1.25 valve that allows a high pressure flow and works with 35 gpm.

The Fleck 7000 SXT water softener has got an integral microprocessor which controls the device.

However, you can program it to make sure it is highly efficient at creating new soft water but uses minimal salt consumption.

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Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener

The 9100SXT is a twin tank system. This means it is much more efficient and has a faster processing time. The tanks alternate which means you never run out of soft water. If you have a high level of hardness and need a larger capacity, this machine is right for you.

It is particularly good for a large family household or commercial setting. This is because the Fleck 9100SXT has something called an “On-Demand Flow meter”. The meter looks at how much water you use and then only produces more soft water when necessary.

Here is some technical information for those that need it. The maximum flow rate for this unit is 12 gpm. While the resin for each tank has a 1.5 cubic feet capacity.

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Fleck Water Softener Installation

One of the best things about fleck is that you don’t need a professional plumber to install it for you. This is unlike many other water softeners that are more expensive. YouTube is full of tuns of videos that take you through the installation process step-by-step. Below is one example of an official video by ABCwaters (the makers of Fleck) showing you how to install a Fleck water softener.

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Fleck Water Softener Price

Fleck whole house waster softening systems tend to cost upwards of $500, with units that provide a higher capacity of water softening being more expensive.

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Fleck Water Softener Reviews – Conclusion

Mr Water Geek ThinkingIf you go through the many customer fleck water softener reviews online a common remark is how easy it is to use the units. Others comment on how efficient Flecks machines are and most people seem to be very happy with the water softening results.

The long warranty provided by Fleck is a big bonus.

If you’re on a tight budget Fleck has more affordable offerings that still deliver good water softening capabilities.

I hope that this Fleck water softener review has been helpful to you. If you have any questions them leave me a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Need an alternative to Fleck? Then you can read my full comprehensive review for APEC water softening systems.

How to Pick the RIGHT Fleck for your Household…

Finally if installing a whole house water system is too much trouble then you can try portable softening systems.

1. Fleck 5600SXT = 1-4 person household + medium to hard water
2. Fleck 7000SXT = 4-6 person household + medium to heavy hard water.
3. Fleck 9100SXT= 5+ person  household + very hard water.


  1. I’m struggling with what system to put it, need a full home water filtration system to clean and soften the water. And perhaps purified system under the sink. Culligan came out and did their thing, I’ve been researching online and reading a lot about Fleck and APEC, and I have someone coming out from a local company tomorrow TB water. After testing our water is measuring 230 for hardness and on the high side for chlorine for 4m something.. help.

  2. Hey Conrad, Fleck have the better reputation between Fleck and APEC brands, and is good at dealing with very hard water. It is also the most affordable on the market… I’ve just written a new article taking a deeper a look at Fleck 5600SXT water softener, check it out here – https://www.mrwatergeek.com/fleck-5600sxt/
    Let me know if I can help in any other way.
    Best of luck!!!

  3. Looks good, I’ll probably need the 9100. What about a filter for the entire home to remove chlorine and ammonia? Could you offer a recommendation? In my continued research sounds like the coconut based filter is the best way to go? No? Thanks!!

  4. From what I know about coconut based filters, they are more eco-friendly but not as effective as traditional water filters. If you’re worried about chlorine and ammonia then you’ll need something that removes “chloramines”. You should consider getting Aquasana’s Whole House Water Systems… I reviewed whole house systems and Aquasana was my favourite when comparing all top models… https://www.mrwatergeek.com/best-whole-house-water-filtration-system/

  5. I have a fleck, the smaller black one. I live in NW Fl. I have sediment build up on my faucets and am wondering if the Softner
    Is defective. I do have soft water but everything in my house has water spots in clouding drinking glasses washed in the dishwasher . Any ideas how to fix this problem?

    • Hi Marie
      A sediment build up on the faucet and cloudy spots on drinking glasses suggests the water softener is not working well. You can try regenerating so that it reboots. If the problem persists, get a professional plumber in to check it out or get it fixed for free if it’s still under warranty.
      Good luck and hope this helps,

  6. I’m thinking about getting the Fleck 9100 STX. I live in San Diego and have 5 members in my home average 70-80 gallon per person. Would you recommend the 9100 or a different model and what grain size should I consider? Thanks.

    • Hi Pat
      Yes, the Fleck 9100STX twin tank model will be able to provide enough soft water for a home of 5 people, especially the higher grain capacity versions. For instance, the 96k grain version can treat 20 gallons per minute so your 80 gallon per person will not be an issue.
      Hope this helps.

  7. We purchased an EcoWater ECR3700R70 in January for around $8k. It has not worked since day 1. They even swapped it out with a new one last month and same results. At best, we have soft water 1-2 days per week. I’m seeking a refund. Our raw well water is 80-100+ gpg in hardness!! We use an average of 150 gallons/day, as metered by the unit. Which Flex 9100sxt model would be the best option for us? Can it stand up to our extremely, ridiculously hard water?

    • So sorry to hear you had problems with your EcoWater system.

      All Fleck models will tell you how much gpg (grains per gallons) they can deal with. For example if you’re looking for 80-100 gpg capacity then you could opt for a 91 gpg model like the Fleck 9100SXT dual tank.

      The Fleck 9100SXT model can process extremely hard water at the rate of 20 gallons per minute – so you’re 150 gallons / day will not be a challenge.

      They also come with up to 10 year warranty on the tank, Amazon’s A-Z customer service guarantee and for extra security make sure to buy with your credit card so you can do a chargeback in the worst case scenario.

      Let me know if you have any more questions,


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