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Diamond crystal water softener salt is completely water-soluble. They consist of compact granules specifically formulated to prevent mushing and bridging. Hence, everything you would want from water softener salt.

Pelican Whole House Softener Filter ComboUsing soft water in your home makes your shower and your appliances run smoothly because you are no longer using hard water.

This is the best water to prevent hard water limescale from appearing in your kettle and around your plumbing. It also protects the pipes in your home from hard water corrosion.

The result of this is that it extends the life of equipment, pipes and accessories throughout your home. Soft water can help keep clothes and hair bright and full of color.

Diamond crystal water softener salt contains up to 99.8 percent pure salt and this is it’s biggest selling point.

Also you can get them in a patented two-handle bag, this allows you to easily lift and transport them.

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt

Founded in 1886 diamond crystal water softener salt is primarily for use in regenerating soft water. Optimh20 Whol House Filter

This means that it’s for use in a water softener ion exchange resin. And this brand of softener salt is one of the most effective to use with most water softening systems.

However, because it’s still salt (the same salt that you put in your food) you can use it for a number of other things.

For example you can use Diamond crystal water softener salt to process meat and poultry. Especially if you are doing this for a large amount of products or on an industrial scale.

It is in this same vein that you can use Diamond crystal water softener salt to wash certain vegetables as well as to harden olives and pickles. Some people also find they can apply it to scrubs for skin.Water Softener Valve

Finally you can use it to remove snow and ice.

Different types Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt:

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt Features

  • Helps extend the life of equipment, pipes and accessories when you use it to create soft water through a water softening machineAquasana Whole House Features List
  • It is softener salt of the highest quality.
  • Diamond salt balls consist of up to 99.8% pure salt.
  • Practically 100% water-soluble.
  • Pellets compacted, specially formulated to prevent the formation of cracks and bridges.
  • The patented sacks with two hands facilitate lifting and transport.
  • Recommended for most water softener models.
  • Packed in polyethylene bags and multi-layered 40kg, 50kg and 80kg bags with polyethylene film inserts for better moisture protection.

Crystal Water Softener Salt

The Crystal water softener salt comes with the slogan: Made Naturally with Sun, Wind and Time®”

Hence, this is a great option if you’re looking for something that is natural. It’s also a great option if you want to avoid chemicals and bleach that is sometimes used to produce white salt.

Diamond Crystal Softener SaltCrystal water softener salt are opaque white in appearance but completely natural unlike regular table salt that is sometimes bleached.

The fact that it’s made with “wind, sun and time” leaves you with a product that is 99.6% pure and a natural option for treating hard water.

They are recommended for use in all water softener models.

  • Crystal softener salt is up to 99.6% pure salt.
  • Solar salt crystals are naturally white and opaque.
  • Low insoluble content.
  • Recommended for use in all water softener brands and models.
  • Made naturally with wind, sun and time.
  • Minimizes sink waste.

Availability of sizes:

  • 25 pound bag
  • 40 pound bag
  • 50 pound bag
  • 20 kg bag

Crystal Water Softener?

There is no “Crystal Water Softener” as such because this company doesn’t make softeners only salt.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingHowever, there is another unrelated “Crystal Water” company that produces softeners called a “Denali Whole Home Water Refining System”.

So this is technically a “Crystal Water Softener”. But there is not a lot of information on this brand and it’s not clear if they are still in production.

None of this should be mistaken for Crystal Quest which is its own water softener brand.

If you are looking for a water softener, my recommendation is to buy [easyazon_link keywords="Fleck SXT" locale="US" tag="easyazon061-20"]Fleck SXT.

Why is Fleck The Best Selling Water Softener?

Fleck 5600SXT is one of the best selling water softeners on Amazon. As you will see from the comments and reviews from customers there is a lot to like. Customers rave about aspects like low prices, low maintenance, ease of installation and the fact that it is effective at treating hard water. Here are some of its best features.Pelican Whole House Softener Filter Combo

Green Plus ArrowIt is possible for non-experts to install (but if you’re not confident at DIY then get a professional plumber to install it for you).

Green Plus ArrowFleck softener models can usually be set up so that there is almost no on-going maintenance or configuration.

Green Plus ArrowIt comes with a very good capacity. This softening model can provide enough soft water for a family of 1 to 4 (see items 7000SXT and 9100SXT if there are more people in your family).

Green Plus ArrowFleck softeners are good for handling very hard water.

Green Plus ArrowThey are more efficient in water and energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs. Check Prices & Read Customer Reviews

Green Plus ArrowThe fact that it’s popular means it’s much easier to get free help. This is in the form of free online manuals and problem-solving documents.

Aquasana Salt Free Softener and Filter System

Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt Softener

Aquasana Whole House Filter
Pelican Softener with Filters
- Powerful salt-FREE water softener.
- 1,000,000 one million gallon capacity.
- Aquasana Rhino exceeds NSF standards.
- Treats hard water WITHOUT salt.
- Removes chlorine, bacteria, iron, sulfide, manganese, mercury, lead etc.
- Includes pre-filter, copper-zinc and carbon filtration stages with standard fittings.
- 90-Day "Pure Satisfaction" Guarantee.
mrwatergeek winner badge
- Powerful salt-based water softener.
- Also includes a multi-stage filter.
- Easy installation (inside or outside)
- No waste water, requires NO electricity or drainage.
- 90-day satisfaction, 5 year performance guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.
- Sufficient for 1-3 bathrooms.
Ships to US and CA.
Ships to US, CA and Worldwide.
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  1. there is a brand of softener – Pellican – which claims to be salt free. How do these softeners stack up? I have read that they are good at decontaminating the water but do not soften the water. Is this true? The Pellican cost is up there with Rainsfot.

    Also, do you know about – RC Series Water Softener Model 1054?

    Thank you for an informative site. The water softener market is a nightmare. I have used Culligan and my experience was pretty much what you described – great system but expensive to replace parts or have the unit serviced.



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