Why The Magnetic Water Softener Is A WASTE Of Money

So, you’re thinking about buying a magnetic water softener because of hard water problems?

Chances are you’re experiencing mineral deposits and residue on your taps, shower head or in your kettle? Maybe you have serious pipe scale buildup?

Hard water wreaks havoc on your appliances and plumbing because it contains minerals called ions. Although hard water is not immediately life threatening in any way, it does have a negative impact on your hair and skin.

Effects of Hard Water - Why You Need A Magnetic Water Softener

If you are suffering with hard water then it’s time to get some form of water softening device. If you’re looking for a quick fix option, try a faucet filter. Or if you want a more sustainable long term solution then consider getting a whole house water softening system.

When you start comparing water softener device prices, you’ll see that magnetic water softeners are much cheaper. 

But do they work?

Are they a cost effective form of water softening when compared to the more traditional and more expensive options?

Or is it simply a waste of money and a wasteful way to delay the inevitability of buying something with a proven track record like a whole house water softener?

What Is A Magnetic Water Softener?

The magnetic water softener treatment is a fairly controversial method of passing hard water through a magnetic field in order to create a softening effect on the water.

The magnetic water softener is also known as Anti-scale Magnetic Treatment or AMT and is considered to be a “safer” alternative to water softening because it doesn’t use chemicals.


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How Do Magnetic Water Softeners Work?

The idea is that attaching powerful magnets to your pipe will draw out the hard water ions before that water enters your plumbing system.

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Red Cross Fatal Problems With Magnetic Water Softeners (& Why It’s A Waste Of Money)

Magnetism is a very complicated field.

It is difficult to know exactly how magnets will affect ions and this type of magnetic approach to water softening is completely unknown to most.

This means that it is almost impossible to work out on your own whether such a system would work for you before you buy.

To make matters worse, there is no standard form of magnetic water softener and they are sold independently.

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Red Cross

…Even More Problems with Magnetic Water Softeners

The place one would normally turn to for information in the absence of market data is scientific research. But even though there have been hundreds of studies looking at magnetic water softening, they are mostly inconclusive.

There are some studies showing that magnetic devices do have an effect on water. These studies show that magnetic water softeners produce electrical charges in calcium carbonate particles.

However, the studies that actually looked at the actual claims of magnetic softeners only found minimal effects on pipe scale.

Again, even though some promising trends can be seen, the results are inconclusive.

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Green Plus ArrowBETTER Alternatives to Magnetic Softeners?

While some studies show that using a magnetic water softener can have a marginal effect, it does not justify potentially spending hundreds of dollars to buy one.

Yes, they are significantly cheaper than other options but the fact they might not work means it’s not worth your time or money.

You should invest in a system that you know will 100% work if you have hard water.

Here are magnetic softener alternatives with a strong proven track record:

  1. The traditional, ion-exchange water softener that uses salt, which have proven themselves to completely eradicate hard water.
  2. Salt-free softeners, if you don’t want to use salt or chemicals. These are sometimes called descalers and also have a strong proven track record of preventing scale buildup in your pipes.

Any of these options will cost you more than a magnetic water softener, but at least you can rely on them to do the job.

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Magnetic Water Softeners: My HONEST Experience

After writing this post, I decided to try out the magnetic water softener for myself. I found one on Amazon that has (at the time of purchase) 5 out of 5 stars so I got that one.

Magnetic Water Instructions

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThey were basic but powerful magnets and easy to attach to the pipes.

I left them to work for a few days and monitored.

In fact I removed all the limescale around my taps and sink (with harsh chemicals) beforehand so that I could easily spot how well the magnets worked.

There was just one small problem: it didn’t work.

I literally saw no difference. “It was a total waste of money and time.”

This makes sense when you think about it.

If magnets were so successful, wouldn’t water softeners stop selling?

Magnetic Water Softener

Wouldn’t the secret get out about how effective they were and people would instead choose to buy the cheap, no installation required, chemical-free option?

The bottom line is that the only way to treat hard water problems is to get a water softener.

If you don’t want to use salt or to worry about constant regenerations then get a salt free water system.

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The Best Option That is GUARANTEED To Treat Hard Water?

The only way, I repeat the ONLY way to treat hard water in 100% of cases is to use a traditional water softener that uses sodium / salt.

There are lots of great options that you can buy online. The only issue is that they will need to be installed. Ideally by a professional plumber and connect directly to your water supply.

A bulky softener machine that needs a lot of work to set up is what puts people off getting a water softener in the first place.

I don’t blame them.

Getting a water softener is not the easy option but is still the only guaranteed way to get rid of all your hard water and limescale issues.

The good news is that places like Amazon have made this process easier. You can buy a water softener and read all the reviews beforehand to make sure it’s a good machine.

Amazon also provide a plumber service with the option to haul away your old water softener.

I always recommend going directly through Amazon because they have great customer service support to fall back on in case anything goes wrong.

If you don’t know where to start, do research on Fleck. It is by far the best selling and highly rated water softener in the US.


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The Best SALT FREE Softener Option?

If you are interested in getting a water softener that does not use salt then Aquasana make the best rated salt free systems available on the market today.

Their most salt free water softener and whole house filter combination is the Aquasana OptimH20 Whole House Filter + Salt Free Softener.

But there’s a problem.mrwatergeek winner badge

Whole house filter and salt free softener systems come at a much higher price then their magnetic counterparts.Aquasana Whole House Features List

If the high price is a big problem then you should consider using the coupon code: AQGEEK50 for 50% OFF.

The AQGEEK50 coupon code means up to 50% OFF. **ENDS SOON**.

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  1. So much information! What would you do? 2400 sq ft. And two people. Tons of calcium in the water. (Water heater which we replaced had about 18 inches of white crystalline sludge in the bottom!)
    I am definitely not a DIY guy for this. Would the Eddy salt-free system work for us? Looks less invasive/hassle.
    Vs Fleck. Not too expensive but ? Reliability ? Maintenance
    Kinetico–we’ve been quoted 4-5000 —or more

  2. In desperate need of your help. I had my water tested by the city and i also did my own testing. Its seems my water is within “normal range ” for chlorine, ph, alkaline, etc. so why does my skin feel sticky when drying off in the shower and my hair is dry frizzy and take forever to blow dry ( feels wet when maybe its not really) . sometimes my clothes after washing and drying has a “chemical” smell to them. I tried the aquabliss shower head filter to no avail still with the hair and skin problems. I moved from CT to SC and had no problems in CT (hair ,skin was fine). Everyone else in my family is fine with the water it seems that its only effecting me. my hair and skin thank you for any insight and recommendations you can provide


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