Water Softener COST To Install

You have your base in a hard water area. There are many reasons to install a water softener in the house.

Is Hard Water Bad For You

Through the ion exchange process, the water softener extracts the magnesium and calcium ions, thus the mineral content that makes it “hard”.

If you let soft water flow through your home, the accumulation of limescale buildup will stop.

You will also notice that the water on your skin feels different, soft and silky and offers much more effective rinses when combined with soaps and detergents. These are the benefits to your home, the things you will notice right away. Gradually you also save a lot less money.

Water Softener Cost To Install?

How much does it cost to install a water softener, and is it worth the price?

If you don’t have any plumbing experience you should get an expert plumber and expect to pay upwards of $550 for basic installation.

To get a professional plumber with top customer reviews and detailed expertise you can expect to pay more.

How Much Do Water Softeners Cost?

The price of the average water softener cost start at $475 and go up to $2,591 for domestic units.
Commercial water softeners tend to be larger and have to manage a larger water capacity, so prices start at $998 and go up to $5027 and above.
However, the price range of water softeners varies and depends on various factors, including capacity, manufacturer and duration of the warranty.

What Is The Cost of Running a Water Softener?

As with different models and brands, the operating costs also vary. Most water softeners are designed so that they do not require regular maintenance. Some water softeners are not electric, so your electricity bill will not increase.

However, even models that use electricity require only about 10-15 cents per day.

The use of salt also depends on the amount of water that passes through the system. Also, this depends on the type of salt used and the hardness of the original water that enters the water softener.

Effects of Hard WaterThe cost of salt for using a water softener is typically between $80 and $120 for an average sized family for a year.

Despite these additional costs, water softeners pay off in a few years thanks to savings on toiletries, improved thermal efficiency and improved water systems.

Many households report that they spend up to 50% less on toiletries and cleaning products. While other costs, such as limescale removers and descalers, are completely eliminated.

What Are The Cost Savings of Running a Water Softener?

Soft water is a solvent, which means that other chemicals can be easily dissolved.

What Is Hard Water?

Due to the mineral content of hard water, it is inert or less reactive. This means that when hard water meets soap, it does not form enough foam that helps with effective cleaning.

However, with soft water, on the other hand, you can use a fraction of the amount and still get better cleaning, which protects the fabrics of your clothes.

I calculated the following savings based on the average household of a family of 4.

Item Percentage Saving
Washing up liquid 50%
Powder detergent 75%
Washing Machine Descaler 100%
Toilet Cleaner 75%
Shower Shine 100%
Shower Gel 50%
Shaving Soap 50%
Shampoo 50%
Razor Blades 50%
Liquid Soap 50%
Kettle Descaler 100%
Hand Cream 75%
Hair Conditioner 75%
General Scale Removers 100%
Floor Cleaner 50%
Fabric Conditioners 75%
Dishwasher Salt 75%
Dish washer Powder 75%
Dishwasher Cleaner 50%
Bubble Bath 50%
Body Lotion 75%
Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner 50%
Bars of Soap 50%


As you can see getting a water softener can greatly reduce your shopping bills. But the savings don’t just stop there. You can save in other areas of the home and on things like energy bills.

Water Softeners Help Reduce Energy Bills and Increase Appliance Life

An average household in a hard water area will be built with at least 1.5 mm in internal piping within one year. The scale is an isolator and transfers the heat from your system less efficiently. An accumulation of only 1.5 mm is enough to reduce your heat output by at least 12%. See below to get an idea of what this can mean in actual costs and savings.The following numbers again refer to an average family home of two adults and two children.

Item Cost Saved
Fuel Saving $7.69
Capital Depreciation $12.48

This represents a saving of at least $240 on your heating bill over one year. In addition, softened water is expected to preserve your boiler’s life span to the standard 15 years.

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Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Installation Tutorial | Video by ABCwaters

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So, How Much Does it Take Water Softener Cost To Install?

Mr Water Geek ThinkingYou can expect to pay upwards of $550 for a basic uncomplicated water softener installation.

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Installing a water softener is a long term investment that can save you more money over the years.

However, the popular, non-electrical water softener system contains no moving parts,

See customer reviewsworks automatically and is able to cope with the increasing water needs in the household of the family.

All you have to do is add salt, in the form of block salt, which costs only $5.58 a month for a small to medium sized family.


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