Here is Why You Should NOT Buy The Eddy Descaler

Why You Should NOT Buy The Eddy Descaler

The Eddy electronic water descaler is a salt-free solution for hard water problems.

Now it is very important that we clarify something before proceeding.

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This is not a water softener.

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The chemical composition of your water will not change. Instead it changes the way your water reacts with pipes and equipment. This is achieved through the use of electromagnetism.

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Also, although the Eddy mimics the outcomes of a water softener it does not alter the total dissolved solids (TDS) of water.

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This means that everything in your water (both good and bad) will remain.

So Do Electronic Water Softeners Actually Work?

Technically no, they do not.

This is because they do not remove hard minerals (magnesium, calcium etc.) from water so the water is not actually “softened”.

These minerals are problems for pipes and plumbing fixtures because they produce limescale. The Eddy works by changing the chemical state of the water instead of just removing the hard minerals like a regular softener.

So yes  the water is still “hard” but Eddy claim to be able to reduce the negative effects of hard water by ‘reconditioning’ the water.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler: Pros & Cons


Green Plus ArrowIt uses a magnetic field. This is the main feature and helps to overcome all hard water problems.

Green Plus ArrowMuch cheaper than a regular water softener.

Green Plus ArrowYou don’t need to ever buy replacement filters or buy softener salt.

Green Plus ArrowAll minerals remain in the water but do not cause hard water issues.

Green Plus ArrowLow maintenance, just clean the dust.

Green Plus ArrowNo changes are required to the piping.

Green Plus ArrowBetter for the environment as it does not produce waste.

Green Plus ArrowLifetime Warranty.


Red CrossIt is not a true water softening system so does not make soft water.

Red CrossThis item can not be installed outdoors as it is not waterproof.

Red CrossIt does not filter your water or change its pH. The water stays EXACTLY the same after installing this device.

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There are mixed reviews on how effective it is on treating hard water. Meanwhile a basic regular water softener is 100% guaranteed to treat hard water.

How The Eddy Works

Although the Eddy water softener is advertised as a water softener, it has some important features.

What is unique here is the fact that it is indeed an electronic device and not a cassette (even though it looks like one).

The machine has spools that will wrap around your pipes and plumbings.

It creates an electromagnetic wave that interacts with water. This magnetic field passes through its inflowing water. Its main objective is to prevent lime from sticking in the pipes.

The system is fully electronic and works with a 110 volt power supply. The power consumption is minimal and works at only 5 watts. If you consider that the average light bulb has a power of 40 watts, you can see that the Eddy is very energy efficient.

This system is virtually maintenance free. There’s nothing to clean or change, and I would only recommend checking to see if the lights are on, especially after a power outage.

What Does The Eddy Eliminate?

The short answer is nothing.

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler doesn’t remove or add anything to your water.

In fact, the number or amount of TDS in your water will not change. The product never interacts directly with water, since everything happens in the electromagnetic field.

The water that results will mimic softened water, but essentially nothing is introduced into your taps and pipes. Also, nothing useful is taken out of the water. No salt added. For example, calcium and magnesium remain intact.

The Contents Of The Set

Well, the content of the set is quite simple here. You will receive the box with the Eddy water softener, 4 cables and a power supply is also included.

No plumber is required for the installation as no changes are made to the piping.

It comes with no tube is disconnected as you only connect the machine, place it on the wall or leave it to rest somewhere.

Be sure to wind the wires properly around the tube.

The set has no keys or nails.

You only need the mounting brackets to get started. This is an important note. Never mount the device outdoors. It is not waterproof and 100% electric. It not only works badly but also poses a fire hazard if it gets wet during operation.

Installation of Electronic Water Softener

One of the biggest advantages of this type of water softener is the repair / replacement guarantee is for life.

Yes, the company does not even bother giving you 5 or 10 year warranty as they expect this to be a life-long product.

In addition to this, you also receive a 12-month money-back guarantee.

The other big advantage of this system is how easy it is to maintain and install. Almost anyone can do it as shown in the video below.

How To Install An Electronic Water Softener

Eddy Water Descaler – #ad,aps,234&ref=glow_cls&linkCode=sl2&tag=mrwatergeek0d-20&linkId=779067375375cefa6a7b3e00e7b087a3

** 2 Week Update (The ONLY follow up to this video so far) **

Eddy Water Descaler UPDATE

“2 Week Update (thanks for asking Tony) We cleaned up the water spots in our sinks and fixtures after the install and noticed pretty much right away that the water spots were much “softer” and seem to accumulate less as the water runs off of the side of the sinks better. However, we did have iron streaks reappear in the stool in a few days time. This is partially due to my toilet leaking through a tiny amount of water into the bowl between flushes but we were hoping that the iron would be prevented from sticking. Like I said though Eddy does not claim that this will prevent iron stains. I’ll give it some more time but due to the iron in our water we may need to still add a water softener at some point if we don’t find a solution to the iron in the toilet problem. I’ll update again in the future. Thanks guys.”

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Eddy Magnetic Water Descaler

The Eddy Electronic Descaler is a very attractive proposal for three main reasons:

1. It is much cheaper than a conventional water softener.
2. You don’t need to use salt for it to work.
3. Doesn’t need constant monitoring and it’s easier to set up.

First we deal with the money. The suggested retail price is small compared to what you could pay for a quality water softener. In addition, the regenerating water does not become waste water as is the case with a salt water softener. The result of this is lower water bills and you don’t need to spend money on expensive softener salt. Therefore, in terms of money, it easily surpasses traditional water softeners.

Not using salt means you get to save money, but there is another reason why you want to use an unsalted alternative.

Salt is actually considered a pollutant when it is released into the environment, and chloride (Cl-) is dangerous to aquatic life and crops.

When water softeners dispose of salt water from the drain during the regeneration process, they increase the pressure on the local environment. So, to be more ecological use salt-free alternatives.

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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler WORTH It?

Maybe. Mainly if you’re on a tight budget.

If you have medium to hard water then you need to get a water softener as the Eddy won’t make much difference. Or you can opt for a more POWERFUL sand EFFECTIVE salt free softener like Simplysoft Whole House From Aquasana.Mr Water Geek Thinking

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler uses electromagnetism to reduce the negative effects of certain elements in hard water.

Electromagnetic waves are transmitted by water directed to the salts of calcium, magnesium and manganese.

These elements form what we know as “cal.” Electromagnetic waves change the shape of these magnesium and calcium crystals and make them more soluble.Aquasana SimplySoft

This makes tubes, taps, boilers, and appliances in your home less likely to suffer from hard water.

Preventing these crystals from interacting with their environment reduces the risk of limescale.

Get a water softener if you have = hard water levels OVER 25 PPM

This water is very hard and you have a lot of problems with limescale in your kettle and hard white stains all over your pipes and plumbing.mrwatergeek winner badge

You can consider getting a water descaler/conditioner = hard water levels UP to 25 PPM

This means your hard water is low to medium. You don’t have too many or aggressive limescale but simply want to protect your appliances, plumbing and pipes.See customer reviews button

Is There A Better Salt Free “Softener” Option?

Yes, although they are slightly more expensive Aquasana provide a number of good salt free softener options.

  • SimplySoft Whole House (Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioner) = $$
  • Aquasana Rhino Gallon (Whole House Filter + Salt-Free Water Conditioner + UV Filter) = $$$
  • OptimH20 (Most Powerful Whole House Filter + Salt-Free Water Conditioner + UV Filter) = $$$$

Aquasana SimplySoft Water Conditioner and 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Filter

Aquasana SimplySoft Conditioner and OptimH20 Whole House Filter

Aquasana Whole House Features ListAquasana SimplySoft
Softens and filters
SimplySoft is a salt free"softener" only.
But you can choose OptimH2O + Salt Free Softener
- 97% chlorine.
- Cysts.
- UV upgrade removes 99% bacteria, e.coli, giardia and cryptosporidium
- Over 90% chlorine and chloramines.
- 99% of lead and cysts.
- 99% of lead.
- 98% of PFOA/PFOS
mrwatergeek winner badge
- 10 year warranty.
- 90 day guarantee.
- 6 year warranty.
- 90 day guarantee.
“50% “50%
Sale prices automatically applied by clicking this link.Sale prices automatically applied by clicking this link.
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If there is *no* sale try coupon code:

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