The Beneficial SIDE EFFECTS of Blueberry Detox Water

Blueberry Detox Water Beneficial SIDE EFFECTS

Green Plus ArrowBlueberries help with weight loss.

Green Plus ArrowThey have anti-aging properties.

Green Plus ArrowBlueberries promote the health of the brain.

Green Plus ArrowThey have potential anti-cancer properties.

Green Plus ArrowBlueberries prevent urinary tract infections.

Green Plus ArrowThey help promote cardiovascular health.

Green Plus ArrowBlueberries have antidiabetic properties.

Green Plus ArrowThey help with digestion.

Green Plus ArrowBlueberries help to increase immunity.

Green Plus ArrowThey can help to lower blood pressure.

Blueberry detox water, why not increase the nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins in your diet with blueberries?

This wonderful little fruit is the perfect complement to your water detox diet. In addition, the influx of detox water with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients will really help you to detox.

Since antiquity, blueberries have been used by the Greeks and Romans to treat and prevent disease. Now you can use it to improve your health.

In order to understand that full benefits of blueberry detox water we first have to understand blueberry benefits. In fact blueberries are so good for the body that some people consider to be a “super food”.

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons for incorporating these powerful nutritional fruits into your detox water diet:

Green Plus Arrow1. Blueberries help with weight loss.

Blueberries are a great addition to add to your weight loss detox program, and the fact that they are readily available really helps. You can find them in almost every grocery store, fresh or frozen.

Low calories, low glycemic index (GI) and high fiber, blueberries can actually fill you up longer. According to the Mayo Clinic, foods with a low GI tend to be digested and absorbed relatively slowly. Foods like blueberries can help control your appetite and delay hunger signals that can help you lose weight.

They are also satisfying and sweet!

The fiber in blueberries is insoluble and helps the digestive process by moving food through the intestine. The faster removal of waste helps you to avoid constipation and your overall weight loss will increase. Cranberries also contain tannins, which act as a natural astringent. Tannins reduce the inflammation of the digestive tract and reduce the possibility of diarrhea

Green Plus Arrow2. Blueberries have anti-aging properties.

Blueberries are a great fruit to counteract the physical and mental effects that accompany aging. They contain a variety of antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals associated with illness and aging.

These free radicals damage cell membranes and DNA through a process known as oxidative stress; Antioxidants basically cleanse the harmful free radicals that migrate through your blood. 

Inflammation is the main cause of skin aging and wrinkles. Blueberries contain polyphenolic compounds that help protect the cells from aging and help you look and feel younger.

Blueberries also contain resveratrol, which has been shown to reduce the effects of sun damage, giving you a healthier and younger look.

I have previously mentioned proanthocyanidin. This antioxidant is especially useful against aging. It is found in cranberries, blueberries and green tea, helps to strengthen capillaries and reduces inflammation, which is the most prevalent chronic disease in the world.

Green Plus Arrow3. Blueberries promote the health of the brain.

Because blueberries contain such a large amount of phenols, especially gallic acid, they are known as “neuroprotective” agents. This effect is due to the interaction between polyphenols and aged neurons.

Studies have shown that by eating more blueberries, the subject’s memory and motor function improves. Studies have also shown that the antioxidants in blueberries tend to accumulate in the parts of the brain that are essential to intelligence. Therefore, the daily consumption of blueberries can have a positive effect on your memory.

It has also been shown that the intake of foods rich in flavonoids such as blueberries is associated with the delay of the onset of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, ischemic diseases and other effects of aging.

Green Plus Arrow4. Blueberries have potential anti-cancer properties.

Every day our DNA is attacked by the free radicals that occur in our environment. Since DNA plays an important role in the development of cancer, it is important that we take preventive measures to repair the damage. Because blueberries are rich in antioxidants, they can help neutralize some of the free radicals that contribute to our DNA damage.

Studies have shown that daily consumption of blueberries reduces the risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, esophagus, breast and lungs. A 2012 study by J. Surgical Research found an antioxidant in blueberries called pterostilbene that inhibits cancer growth and reduces pre-cancerous growth by 57%. 

There is also gallic acid. A study showed that gallic acid slowed and even destroyed breast cancer cells.

Green Plus Arrow5. Blueberries prevent urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections are common in women and it is well known that cranberry juice can help prevent this type of infection. Blueberries can help too.

Urinary tract infections are caused by the formation of bacterial colonies, such as E. coli, along the bladder inner walls. blueberries contain many of the active ingredients contained in cranberries. These substances are known as antiadhesion and help to prevent E. coli from attaching to the bladder wall.

In a study with seven juices, only blueberries and cranberries contain active anti-adhesive agents to prevent urinary tract infections.

Green Plus Arrow6. Blueberries help promote cardiovascular health.

Blueberries are a powerful source of antioxidants needed to fight heart disease. The antioxidants in blueberries work to reduce the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in the walls of the arteries. In addition, rich in vitamins and phytochemicals such as flavonoids to reduce heart disease.

The journal Circulation published a study in January 2013 that shows that eating blueberries and strawberries together has a great effect, and even decreases, which reduces the risk of heart attack by 33%. This could be because blueberries naturally lower LDL (bad cholesterol). The oxidation of LDL is a crucial step in the prevention of heart disease. 

Green Plus Arrow7. Blueberries have antidiabetic properties.

Several studies have shown that blueberries, while having a sweet taste, have anti-diabetic effects and help to improve insulin sensitivity and low blood glucose problems.

blueberries are low in sugar compared to other fruits, and research has shown that blueberries are beneficial for people with insulin instability and glucose metabolism problems. These effects have been demonstrated in both cranberries and blueberry extract.

Green Plus Arrow8. Blueberries help with digestion.

Blueberries are high in fiber and can work wonders for your digestive system. Vitamins, copper, sodium and acids also help improve digestion by stimulating proper digestive and gastric juices to move food efficiently and safely through your GI system.

In a 2016 study, 18 healthy men consumed wild blueberries for 30 days and showed a significant positive change in the gut microbiota. These researchers concluded that blueberry antioxidants were “absorbed and extensively metabolized.”

Not only can you drink blueberry detox water to lose weight and cleanse your body of toxins, but you will be adding the added vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to your body.

Green Plus Arrow9. Blueberries help to increase immunity.

Blueberries are rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E and vitamin A. They also contain minerals like copper, selenium and zinc, and blueberries are especially rich in bioflavonoids, all of which are necessary to help increase your immune system and prevent infections. 

A study from the state of Oregon found two compounds (out of a total of 446!) That appeared in the increase in immune function: the resveratrol in red grapes and the pterostilbene in blueberries. Both compounds worked in synergy with vitamin D to significantly influence a vital gene for a properly functioning immune system.

Green Plus Arrow10. Blueberries lower blood pressure.

It has been shown that blueberries benefit people with high blood pressure. Every third adult has high blood pressure. Another 59 million have a pre-hypertension.

A 2014 study looked at postmenopausal women who had particularly high blood pressure. For eight weeks, the women in the study received lyophilized blueberry powder equivalent to a cup of fresh blueberry or a placebo.

At the end of the study, systolic blood pressure dropped 5 percent and diastolic blood pressure in the true blueberry group dropped more than 6 percent. No significant changes were observed in the placebo-receiving group.

Nitric oxide also rose significantly among those who had genuine blueberries. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels to maintain elasticity and dilates the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure.

Blueberry Detox Smoothie

Blueberry detox water or smoothie is delicious, tasty and crunchy smoothie drink. It is bursting full of healthy vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. You can buy it pre-made but it is super easy to make at home by yourself.
Preparation time is approximately
The instruction below serves: 1
Things you need:
  • 1 1/2 cup mixed frozen blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.
  • 1-Table spoon of raw honey
  • 1 Tbsp fresh grated ginger
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • One cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds (stir in after blending).
Instructions for making very detox smoothie.
  1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend.

Raspberry Infused Water Recipe

If for some reason you don’t like blueberries but still want to get all the health benefits then why not try raspberries? They are from the same fruit family and share a lot of the same nutrients. This means you can gain a lot of the health benefits above. Try a raspberry water recipe:

  • Slice the strawberries, keep the raspberries, blackberries and blueberries whole.
  • Separate the leaves of mint.
  • Place all berries and mint in glass or detox water bottle.
  • Press on fruit lightly with a spoon to release some of the flavors.
  • Add water and cover it up.
  • Place in fridge and let sit for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Infused Water Nutrition Facts

Some of the benefits of infused water are the potential for nutrients, colors and flavors that are naturally contained in the ingredients that are used to infuse. Water-soluble vitamins, such as B vitamins and vitamin C can enter the infusion process so they end up in your water. 

One cup of raw blueberries contains approximately:

  • 0.5 gram fat
  • 1.1 grams protein
  • 21.4 grams carbohydrates
  • 3.6 grams dietary fiber
  • 84 calories
  • 0.5 milligram manganese (25 percent DV)
  • 14.4 milligrams vitamin C (24 percent DV)
  • 28.6 micrograms vitamin K (36 percent DV)
  • 0.1 milligram copper (4 percent DV)
  • 0.8 milligram vitamin E (4 percent DV)
  • 0.1(ml) milligram thiamine (4 percent DV)
  • 0.1 milligram vitamin B6 (4 percent DV)
  • Finally, 0.1 milligram riboflavin (4 percent DV)

Benefits Of Blackberry Infused Water

If you don’t like blueberries then try its close relative which is blackberry. Do this to enjoy many of the benefits that blueberries give you.

Blackberries are a nutritious and delicious berry that can be used in a variety of foods.

Mr Water Geek Thinking

A type of flavonoid called anthocyanin gives blackberries many of its health benefits. Flavonoids are plant compounds that often have a strong antioxidant effect.

The anthocyanin is responsible for the characteristic dark color of the blackberry. It also contributes to the numerous benefits of blackberries.

Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables for a long time has been associated with a reduced risk of many health-related living conditions. 

Why is blackberry infused water just as good as blueberry detox water?

Many studies suggest that increased intake of plant foods such as blackberries reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mortality. Herbal foods can also promote skin and hair health, increase energy and generally reduce weight.

It’s an easy way to add extra antioxidants into your body.

Blackberry detox water will keep you hydrated, refreshed, active and fit throughout the day.

Try each of these recipes or experiment with some of them. You will be on your way to detoxification, hydration and increase your antioxidants and vitamins all at the same time.

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