12 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water That Will Surprise You

You might be surprised to know that there are many benefits of drinking hot water. There is no doubt that water is essential to our survival.

Any visit to the doctor will have you reliving a lecture that we can all recite on how important water is to our body.AquaTru

This is true and if you want to know why water is so important then read this article here.

However, what you might not know is how good hot water could be for you as well.

These benefits are so temperature dependent that some of them won’t occur if you drink cold water.

Here are 12 unexpected benefits of drink hot water that most people don’t know about…

1. Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water To Lose Weight

Water in general is good for weight-loss. But hot water is particularly good at helping your body maintain a healthy metabolism.

A healthy metabolism (i.e. how quickly and efficiently your food is processed) is exactly what you need if you’re trying to lose weight.

So to take full advantage of this then why not kick start your metabolism at the start of the day by drinking hot water early in the morning?

2. Hot Water For Nasal and Throat Congestion

Another unexpected benefit of drinking hot water – it is very good at remedying a sore throat, colds and coughs. Heart Water

This is because hot water helps to dissolve phlegm.

Not only does it remove phlegm it can also help to remove it from your respiratory tract.

This means that hot water could single handedly provide relief from a sore throat and other symptoms of a cold.

It can also be very effective at clearing nasal congestion.

3. Hot Water For Menstrual Cramps

Ever wondered why a hot water bottle is so soothing for women during their menstrual cycle? Because hot water has a natural calming and soothing effect.

AquaTru CountertopThink about how you feel when you take a hot bath and why drinking a hot beverage is so relaxing?

Well it turns out that hot water has a soothing effect inside the body as it does on the outside.

When it comes to menstrual cramps, drinking hot water helps to relax abdominal muscles, which eventually reduce spasms and cramps.

4. Hot Water As Body Detox

Water is a fantastic body detox but hot water is even better.

This is because drinking hot water makes your body temperature increase, which results in sweat. Sweat is essentially a way for your body to naturally release toxins.

The more your body is able to do this, the more your body will detox and cleanse itself.

5. Drinking Hot Water For Hair Health and Vitality

If you want soft, shiny hair then drink more hot water. Clean Machine In Use

This is because hot water energizes the nerve endings in your hair roots and makes your hair more active.

Consequently, your hair will get back most of its natural vitality, along with its health and shine.

6. Drinking Hot Water Prevents Premature Ageing

If this doesn’t get you drinking more hot water from today, then nothing will. This follows on from the point in the last section. Toxins in your body make you age faster, so regularly and effectively releasing them will prevent premature ageing from happening.

7. Hot Water Reduces Pimples and Acne

Did you know that drinking hot water helps you repair skin cells, which ultimately helps you to increase the elasticity of your skin? The result of this is that your damaged skin becomes smoother.

AquaTru FiltersRegularly drinking hot water is like giving your body a deep cleanse and this helps to eliminate the root causes of acne-related infections.

8. Drinking Hot Water Makes Hair Grow Faster

This has to be one of the more surprising of the 12 benefits of drinking hot water.

Did you know that hot water is excellent at activating the roots of your hair? This means that hair growth will also be stimulated too.

The hot water you drink promotes regular activation of hair roots, which ultimately means accelerated hair growth.

9. Hot Water Remedy to Stop and Prevent Dandruff?

Hot water prevents dandruff because it helps to keep your scalp hydrated. A hydrated scalp means that it is difficult for dryness to occur. The absence of a dry scalp means that dandruff is less likely to occur.

10. Hot Water For A Healthy Nervous System and Blood Circulation

Another surprising yet welcomed benefit of drinking hot water is that it improves the blood circulation in your body. Aquasana Clean Machine

Good blood circulation is important for healthy functioning nerve and muscle activity.

This alone would be good enough but in addition to this a good blood circulation system also keeps your nervous system healthy by breaking down fat deposits.

11. Drinking Hot Water Can Help Digestion

Any temperature of water is good for your digestive system but hot water is particularly beneficial for digestion.

AquaTruStudies show that drinking cold water while eating a meal can cause any oil you’ve eaten to harden.

This means that hardened oil can create fat deposits in the inner wall of your intestine.

However, replacing cold water with hot water avoids this problem.

This is because hot water dissolves fat deposits.

12. Hot Water Can Cure Constipation

AquaTruThis is the last point in this article, ‘Benefits of Drinking Hot Water’.

Dehydration can result in difficulty with bowel movements and could lead to chronic constipation.

However, hot water can help keep you regular with bowel movements that are both healthy and pain free.

One way to really activate this is to drink a glass of hot or warm water every morning when you wake up and your stomach is empty.

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